Saturday, November 2, 2013

Some of the worst experiences turn into the best memories!

Okay Heather, Richard, Tanner, Logan, Conner, Parker and Macey…. LISTEN UP

This weeks email, I again don’t have too much time but I will make it worth your time. I had a good week. Now, why was it a good week you ask? Because every week is good with me and I love being a missionary.
For all you tweeters out there here's a good quote to quote me “some of the worst experiences turn into some of the best memories” – Thee Dallin A. Ingalls.
Anyway, what experiences am I talking about? Well, let’s start with the baptism I was blessed to perform on Saturday. We went to their house to make sure everything was good and they were up in Jenrok, which is the next village up the road… oh great, we thought… we went back 2 more times, and they were still gone!!! We went back at 5:30pm and checked… gone… so we started walking back but for some reason Elder Duiriba said "wait" and we just chilled for a couple of minutes and low and behold they came walking down the street!!! They didn’t have taxi money and there was a problem with her family in Jenrok!!! So we were able to get to the baptism by 7pm. Then the other people getting baptized didn’t have white clothing for it… so we had to drive to 5 people's houses and try and find clothing…. It ended up starting at like 8, then when the speakers got done giving their talks about baptism and the holy ghost, THE POWER WENT OUT!!! I’m talking pitch black…. Like I could even see my hand in front of me…. Great.. luckly a couple of months ago, president gave cell phones to each companionship and we were able to use our phone lights and find our way around… there was one more flashlight in the church that we were able to use too and we ending up having the baptism!!! They were baptized in the complete darkness with nothing but 6 phones shining their light down on us…. Crazy experience!! One that I will never forget!! Nothing stops the Lord's work!! Man, walking home without power was unreal. Very, very dark that night!!! But like I said, some of the worst experiences turn into the best memories.
Anyway… lets see, ah yes, general conference. Wow. That was some legit stuff. I took so much out of it and it just deepend and strengthend my testimony so much. I loved Dallin H. Oaks talk!!! Way good!!! I got to share it with my investigators and we get to watch it in Marshallese this Sunday. They use some really hard to understand Marshallese, but challenge accepted. We got to watch it Tuesday and Wednesday at the President's house!! They made us food too!! Man it was good!!! Its good cuz I don’t have any money. Haha Elder Duiriba and I stink at budgeting…. But we eat well regardless!! I got him pumped up to go to the gym, do his studies and just try harder. And its really shown an improvement. Normally when he would talk the investigators would just look at me waiting for him to finish so I could explain to them what he just tried to say… but its better than that now!! He is making sense and people are starting to get to know him more!! As opposed to being the shy elder that never talks… haha well, I guess any elder with me would kinda be that way cuz I don’t shut up… [True!]
Oh yeah, Happy Halloween :) this year what will I be? Probably a missionary? Idk yet maybe I will buy a mask or make something up…. We'll see.
I'm past the point of not fitting in. I will always be white… (or red) but it is crazy how much less I notice it now…. I speak their language, I do their stuff, I chill with them. I'm not Marshallese, but maybe half? Haha and I love how my 5’8 self is a giant here… haha I love it! Really the hard parts of my mish are over (for now). I feel like I'm just on cruise control now. Haha for the most part. Except for the part where I have to train in 3 ½ weeks… idk what that’s all about…. I wanna be junior comp again and just ride it out!! Haha its crazy to think that in the next couple of month some of my best friends on the mish are going to be going home… wow. I'm starting to be the older one in the mission.. dang. Timeflies. The whitewashing of Uliga North is going well. We find and street contact all day… its hard. Some days we will plan to have like 8 lessons and we will get them all, then the next day we have a blank planner…. That’s where the work gets fun… more like impossible. But I'm not dead… yet.
So for Macey: props on making the dance team. Its expected, but still way awesome!! I look and the new pics I get of you and I'm like what the heck???? Who's this cutie pie? And then I'm like.. dang…. That’s my sister… hahaha :) but on the real, you are growing up so much its unbelievable! I barely recognize you…  so slow down.

For Conner: what's up goon?? Dude I hope you are doing well. I heard that you got a job at some place that makes food…. Hook a brother up. Haha but on the real man get out and do some longboarding, hang with Logan while he's still around.. harass Tanner about his girl problems, listen to some new music and have a good time for me man :) I'm having a good time out here for you :)just think, if you go on your mission and get called to the Marshalls and I train you!! Haha that would be dope man!! Aight I'm out peace

Logan: heyyy boy heyyy thanks for your email man I will get to it asap when I finish with Mommy’s.. haha afterall she likes me and sends me stuff and I owe her my life… haha dude you keep so busy man its tight!! I wish I had the motivation like you!! I always wanna do big things but just never get around to making that stuff reality. But you, you got that glow man and I feel it. Keep being the best. School is coming up soon!! Gotta get ready for that too!!! Get that education, get some money, date some likatu’s (babes) and just live a bit
Tanner….. What…. I’m straight up impressed. Bro. I didn’t think you had it in you to be with a cute girl like Brianna. But let's be honest, you have some Dallin in your blood… haha so I guess you did have it in you all along. I credit myself for you dating Brianna. If it weren’t for my amazing pointers and my advice, you would be nothing… lets be honest ;) haha jk man you are a stud and you do work. Sounds like hockey is still going good with you. I am counting the days until I get to hang at BYU with you :) marriage… slow down man. I could win the bet, but $100 is cheap man…. You don’t gotta get married just for me to get a Benjamin… haha (but it would be nice) I still expect an email from Brianna explaining who she is….. cuz lets be honest, she needs to fall in love with me for anything to happen between you two… hah aim out

And Dad :) the man. You are the best. You created me. So you gotta be good. Haha thanks for your email today!! I'm gonna hit you up to but I gotta give you a shout out on the main email that millions and millions of people read, or will read someday. I miss just talking about anything with you. Manly cars and how I'm going to be famous someday. And how spiritual you are. My personality on my mission is changed, but mostly the same. I try to be better. But I'm inappropriate sometimes, say things I shouldn’t and do things I shouldn’t, but my spirituality on my mission regardless has soared. I really look up to you because of your personality, but mostly your spirituality. Every email, no matter what, I feel the spirit and I'm happier and feel uplifted by what you have to say. That’s something I want for my kids. But first I gotta obtain it for myself. You are the man, and set such a great example for me. So thank you

And Mommy!! <3 babe. Where to even begin? Probably with you being my mom. Going through 9 months of hardship to produce your favorite son… haha I am in the same boat as you as I will be receiving a son to train just over 9 months being out here in the islands… my way is a less painful way, but just think you didn’t have to teach me English in my first 12 weeks on earth. Let's see how much I like this…. Haha but anyway you are the best. I love you and everything that you do for me!! You are a great example to me and all my mission buds think you are the best, ohhh yeah I tell them stories!!! Haha love you
Friends: see you all in 14 months. You guys just keep being awesome. Write me a letter everyone once and awhile I miss you nerds. I pray for you guys like no other. I’m thinking about you all constantly. We’ll be together again soon so save the tears for the airport and work on your tans…. Cuz I'm bronzeeeee! Peace out homies
Well Mom, this is the closing of my letter, usually where I ask for junk, and recipes and such. Elder Duiriba has never had Sour Patch Kids, Mike and Ikes, Starbursts or Smarties…. So if you wanna throw some in the next package you guys send me that would be pretty chill. But no worries if you don’t, I told him to just take a spoonful of sugar, put it in his mouth and call it Smarties - it's about the same thing!  He has yet to do it… I'll keep you updated.. This week was good. I feel like every other day is p-day…. Its going so fast. I'm trying to start just emailing you and focusing on the family! But I'm not perfect yet!! Love you babe have a good week!!!

Love your favorite elder,

Dallin Austin Ingalls <3 <3 <3