Monday, June 16, 2014

Team Ebeye 6-15-2014

Dallin is flying to Majuro because he lost a filling in one of his front teeth and needs to get it repaired. It is causing him a lot of pain so it needs to be taken care of right away. He is not sure what will happen after it's fixed - either he will go back to Ebeye or he will stay in Majuro. I guess we will see. He was not able to send a very long email because he had to get to his flight and by the time he gets to Majuro, his pday will be over! I guess we will have to wait to hear from him until next week! He was able to write a quick email to Dad for Father's Day so that was nice!    --Dallin's Mom

The people here are amazing with a firm faith in God 6-9-2014

Hi mom! 
Well my tooth needs work and I am flying to Majuro next week to get it fixed and if I can't get it fixed there, looks like I might be seeing you guys in Hawaii this summer haha. I'm like super bummed out because I might not come back to Ebeye though. I really love this place! I've almost been here 3 months! I wish I could have another 3... Haha we'll see. So yeah that's the big news for the week. Other than that everything is legit and I'm doing fine. My tooth isn't too painful but I definitely need it fixed cuz I can't go my whole mission taking pills or having headaches from it so I will keep you informed. 
Anyway... We had District Conference on Sunday and it was awesome. Both President Weir and Elder Hamula from the Seventy came to speak and train us. It was awesome!!!!! They are great and I learned so much. I had to translate for the Saturday adult session of the conference and that could be in the top 5 scariest things I had to do in my life. All the white people came over from the military base so there were a lot there that I had to translate for! I felt like I did alright tho! All the members came up and told me how awesome I did but then again, they would even if I didn't know anything. 
I just love my mission. I scares me to death thinking that I got 7 months left... I wanna come home... But no rush! I wanna finish strong. It's hard because I just love what I'm doing, the people, the language. Everything. It's getting to the point where I love what I'm doing here more than I miss what's at home. Well see what happens I guess! I do miss my mommy a lot... Like a lot....
So what all is new at home? All the brothers and Macey need to email me... Ask them and tell them please cuz I really wanna hear from my siblings! I always wonder how they are doing. So yeah I'm still working out a ton.. I feel like I'm losing a bit of weight just because hot and cold foods hurt my tooth so just makes me not as hungry... I'm running a bit still haha running gets tiring and kinda boring! Still working hard though and getting built! Haha Conner's got nothing on me!
It's weird when you ask me about feeling the spirit to be honest. I feel like I just always feel the spirit when I teach so it's hard to really say. These people are very polite and a little shy so I feel like when they start to open up and ask questions and really participate for themselves, that's when I know they have felt the spirit and they are beginning to know that these things are true. It's different for everything. It was so cool because all four of the guys that were baptized first came up to us and asked us to study. They just fell in our hands and us just being there was enough for them. Our investigators now are a little bit more difficult with different sorts of trials and struggles. It's such a beautiful thing to be able to understand them and discern their needs wants and desires. 
Crazy how much more a mission has taught me other than a language and the gospel. It's taught me to just love people. To just desire their happiness solely for them to be happy. I don't get paid for the people I teach or the baptisms I get. I get something much greater and that's the fact that the new friends I have made, that I love, are now candidates for eternal salvation and they can receive the happiness I have everyday. Having an eternal perspective makes every trial easier. My mission has turned me into a person that is a firm believer in the potential of everyone. 
The people here are amazing with a firm faith in God. They just need to be taught more. They are wonderful and they love us and we love them. They are very conservative and spiritual. It's amazing and so fun to teach them. They are really respectful and a little bit shy. And yeah looking at the ocean sometimes gets me anxious to just think how big the world is just like you said!
Okay I gotta bounce I love you mom!
Elder Ingalls

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nothing major but one of my fillings came out - 6-2-2014

Okay, so yeah nothing major but one of my fillings came out in my front teeth.. So we're seeing what they can do here later today.. I'm like freaking out that I'm gonna have a gold tooth or something....It hurts soooo bad. Worst case scenario is I have it done in Hawaii. But idk, that's a pretty small chance. Depends if I need another root canal and other work done. Idk don't worry about it, it'll be fine. Maybe I'll see you guys in Hawaii in a month... Haha so yeah that's the big news for the week! Nothing to be nervous about. I'm in a good place to get it take care of. Haha  I'll take some pix for ya. 
Thanks for updating my blog! Some friends have asked so I thought I would hit ya up. I forgot I even had one.. Haha so do I have a lot of followers on it or hits or whatever? But anyways you are awesome thanks love. Sometimes I feel like I just wanna go home already... Haha but it's good I just gotta work hard and go find some new best friends. It's hard sometimes. Really hard, but I'll finish strong don't you worry! that's awesome that the blog is being seen by people everywhere! Elder Boaden is the man! We got pretty close when we worked in Rita right before I came to Ebeye! And it's so easy to compliment people when they deserve it. You and Dad are awesome. I love you guys so much. Sometimes I feel like I stink at showing it and my emails are garbage but I hope you guys know I try hard. I'm gonna be excited for the day I can just talk to you guys and not worry about the email barrier! I don't think anyone but missionaries can ever understand that. 
So yeah I email the brothers each week and I send Macey emails but rarely do I get replies. I'm not worried though I was horrible at writing Tanner and Logan... Probably because I didn't have a phone with internet... Not blaming you but.... It would have been nice. haha so...
Tanner: you are the man. Thanks for keeping me updated with hockey and everything and definitely also thanks for you making bank right now to find all of our double dates we're gonna go on when I get home! I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying your time off of school! I miss school... Haha I miss the tests... I know right?! Who am I?! But yeah man keep being awesome. Hope everything is well and you are doing well. Lemme know if you need anything. 
Logan: what's Gucci bro??? So you're the only brother to send me anything as of right now, and this piece of art has been extremely fun for me! I hope you are enjoying summer and having a good time in the promised land. You keep being the man! I can't wait to come home and get motorcycles and all that good stuff! Keep trying to get girls until I come home and show you how it's done! Love you man take care
Conner: my bro. How are you man? I miss you so freaking much you don't even know. The bear cubs gotta get back together and tear some stuff apart! Hope you are enjoying Utah, stay there long enough so I can get there and we can party it up together! We gotta get longboards and cycles and all that good stuff! Haha see you in a couple months. Stay outta trouble little man. And remember I'm getting huge...  love u man
Macey: hey little princess. I miss you so much. You'll always be that little cutie pie that wore those princess dresses everywhere! I can't wait to come home and take you on dates and just show off how pretty my little baby sister is!  I'm slowing taking in the fact that your gonna drive my car. I can swallow the pain though and get over it... Haha I love you little girl you are awesome. See you soon baby!
Richard!!!!! You are the best father in the world! I might have to print off an award and hook it up for ya when I get home! I hope I grow up to be like you someday, if  I ever grow up... Haha but for real I love that you are awesome and just have such a good family especially your 3rd son. You created greatness with that one I'm not gonna lie! Hope I have a son as good as him aha I heard you are taking good care of that ranchero! I hope it's jet black when I get home!! I love emailing with you and asking you questions. It's been really sweet to have those conversations. I have told some of the elders how I get the answers to my questions and they are so impressed that I hit up my dad. And I say it's natural because he's the smartest and wisest guy I can think of! I love you daddy you keep being awesome and don't worry because your favorite missionary will be home shortly to school you in pingpong! Take care daddy!
Parker: [His little brother who is in heaven already] hey man! I guess we don't talk much, but for some reason I know you are always listening. I bet you would be my favorite brother if you were here right now. (Sorry other bros, but let's be honest he would be all o    f our favorites). I wish you where here to show us how amazing you are. I always say I'm the best child in the family which might be true haha but you are just the next level. Love you little bro! see you again someday. 
Mom: last but not least, my lovely momma, you are the best. I love getting your emails and just being able to tell you what I'm feeling. All week long I do stuff and I think dang i can't wait to tell my mom about this!! You are my best friend and I love it! You have been with me since day one, can't say that about really anyone else!! Okay you and dad! I owe you everything. You are so perfect for me as my mom. I don't really think I could think of anything to change or do differently! Except a boat and a phone with internet but, even then I'm willing to look past those minor flaws, haha I love you mom. I have a lame way of showing it but I really do. You are my mom, enough said. Love you!!!
Okay I hit everyone up! Lastly the friends! Maybe you can put it up in fb if you still use that. So friends: hey guys it's me Elder Ingalls. Crazy to think I haven't seen some of you guys since I graduated. Miss you guys a lot. The letters and emails are slowing down but no worries I'm gonna be back in a couple of months. So everyone hold your breath!! I hope you all are doing well and making the most out of life. Never waste a minute and remember unchartered territories are where new discoveries are made. Be right back fam. 
Okay mom. Well all is well and I hope you liked this email, only like 25 something more! Haha love you a ton and hope you have a good week! I love you thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss (catch my breath)ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much babe!
Love Elder Ingalls 
Ps you are awesome