Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm not Lae-ing!

Ps note to my friends on facebook:

 See you guys all in 4 weeks. Try not to get too excited and focus in on all your finals... Haha What a pain. Love you all and hope you guys don't make fun of my accent or my English too much... Time flies that's for sure. Told you all I would be right back! Start the preparations.  - Elder Ingalls

Never thought that would have been said about me! 11-16-2014

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I actually had a great birthday dinner with the elders a guy that worked in the mission office! It's been a good week and we have been so busy. But I have loved it all and I really enjoy being busy like this. No signs of slowing down. As I told dad we have two investigators that are going to be getting interviewed this week and hopefully baptized in the next week or two! Way excited and we have only taught them for like 3 weeks now! This is easily the hardest working I have working my whole mission. I just understand my potential and know I can work at a higher capacity than what I have been doing before. It's been great but definitely exhausted!!
Training as kept me working hard and more obedient. It's cool that president told me last week I was a model for hard working and obedience in the mission right now! Never thought that would have been said about me! I work hard and try but I always feel like there was better. Some elder this week told me how I was their role model in the mission. That's so crazy that I remember the missionaries that I wanted to be like and how awesome they were, but now I'm being looked up to and I used to look up to those people. Way cool. Just makes me wanna go hard and finish strong. I'm so happy right now and so motivated to improve on everything. I'm trying my hardest to learn 15 new words a day, to read hard everyday and to lift hard everyday. I'm accomplishing a lot. My son, Elder Lesser is the man. He is th exact same type of elder as my trainer Elder Watkins. It's weird how alike they are. Starting and ending the same. He acts like he knows how to do missionary work and sometimes tells me what to do but I try my best to accept what he says and value his input. He's a goal guy and sometimes I feel like he's really frustrated with me speaking Marshallese half the time and just expecting him to speak it. In lessons he will teach then look at me but I just tell him to keep teaching which I know he hates but it pushes him. I know that he's gonna be a good elder, or at least I will have give him all the right tools and help to be a good elder. 
I'm so scared to come home. Doesn't really feel like coming home but more like starting everything over again. I'm so comfortable with missionary work and the islands. I feel like I'm gonna be weird when I get home. More than Tanner and Logan because they went to white people places and it wasn't 180 degrees different and they probably never had to sleep on the ground on their missions or literally fish to have food. Haha their missions are still amazing tho! It'll be fun to talk to then about it in the position that I am in right now! I emailed grandma and said we all need to bear our testimonies at Christmas in our mission languages! Dad, Tanner, Logan and me. And Conner in English :) I'll get him going don't worry. I think that will be a really cool idea! I think I am going to go crazy not being able to speak it as much as I want. But there are tons of people here that I can skype all the time and keep things going with and texting Elders in Marshallese and what not. I want to get even better at Marshallese after the mission. I'll be able to do it no worries. 
Sorry I don't have heaps of time to email this week but between yours a Dad's emails it's a good is amount so please read his as well! I love you so much I will write more next week! If there is any souvenirs you want me to get let me know! Love you so much mommy! Tell everyone yokwe for me
Love Elder Ingalls "La Tiemlo"

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I know this church is true 11-9-2014

Thanks for the great email! That's awesome that you woke up at 5 just to make sure I am written! Not being able to talk much these last couple of months has been difficult but just made me love you and appreciate you so much more. It's kinda therapeutic to get your emails and just see what's going on! Yes it will be weird to go home. I can't even handle 24 degrees Celsius with the air conditioning at night. I don't know what that is in Fahrenheit but I assume maybe mid 70s and that's death for me!! I have a sweat shirt and I just snuggle up with all my laundry covering me as a blanket! Doesn't help my companion wants to sleep it absolutely freezing temps!! And not having the water is going to be really weird! I have heard the ocean waves 24/7 for 2 years now and it'll just be so quiet without them!! And our lakes are good but... They might possibly be frozen! Haha I can't really imagine that. It's weird to think I grew up and moved away for 2 years and my previous 19 years are a blur! It will be hard to transition back too! 
And congrats for Dalton going on a mission. His family needs that. I know he will do great! Hopefully I see him before he goes so I can pump him up and tell him how awesome mission life is! Good for him. Glad our ward has more people wanting to serve! Is there anyone else that's coming up? I don't know the youth in our ward at all haha
Don't worry about Conner. When I get home were gonna be best friends again and I'm gonna be stronger than he is being right now and I'm gonna make the best example for him ever. I pray hard for him and pray mostly to know why God wants him to have these trials. He needs a stronger testimony and the only way I see him doing that is for him to see both sides. It's too bad but I know one day he's gonna come back with a stronger testimony than any of us!
Glad you liked my pic of me shirtless :) [Only MY son would send me a shirtless picture of himself while serving on a mission! He wanted us to see how muscular he's become since living on the islands and eating healthier and exercising more. It really has made a huge difference! I hope he can keep it up when he gets home!]  haha I will send some more out to you hopefully today if I can get it working again!! I'm getting into shape and everything is great. Definitely in the best shape of my life and eating well and just feel good. I'm gonna be your personal trainer when I get home so be prepared for that!! [Good luck with that!]
This week we have done a ton of finding and just trying to get new investigators. I've been doing pretty well with it and it's basically just me and the spirit because my companion doesn't really do much. Well, can't do much haha it's good tho. I have really had to pray and rely on the spirit to help me find people to teach. Almost everyone we talk to we have had positive contact with.  I haven't had too much of a problem finding people and keeping busy. Life is good and I'm happy to walk out of the house each day. Not just happy but excited and pumped up!! 
I've considered going back out to school in January but I think I'm gonna work. I really want to work for dad's company and make bank for awhile and save money for school. I don't have money for school right now and I need to not use you guys. I owe you guys too much money as it is! I definitely don't think I'll last long in Minnesota but I would like to try and get good jobs in Minnesota and if not go to Utah and be there. Still trying to come up with a plan. And school 3 weeks after being home would be so overwhelming and idk if I could transition that fast. I'm definitely still thinking about it though. 
I know I got about a month left but this is honestly the hardest I have worked my entire mission and easily the most obedience I have ever been it's been great and I love it. No signs of slowing down until I'm on the plane home. Just so excited about missionary work right now and just the chance to do this great work. I love my language capacity and I love how outgoing I have become with these people. These are some of the best people in the world and I'm gonna miss this place so much. Words can't even begin to describe that. 
Just so happy right now. Lae really changed me and I have really let myself become the man that God wants me to be. I'm still the same semi-immature Dallin but I think you all will notice a difference. Especially when it comes to church things. 
Just now wanna say how much I love you and I am getting the best Christmas present ever by getting to come home and spend it will you!! You are my mommy :) I love being around you and just having the best parents in the world. Can't wait to come home and getting ripped at the gym with you and dad!! Change begins the moment you think about it. I know this church is true and I'm happy to be in the Marshall's right now. I don't really think there is a better thing I could be doing with my life and being a missionary right now! I'm not perfect, even though most of the time I think I am.. I'm trying my best and trying to be like out savior Jesus Christ. Only a couple more weeks! I promise to work as absolutely hard as I can and come home exhausted! Love you mommy :)
Love Elder Ingalls 
Ps you're pretty :)

I love teaching people about prayer 11-2-2014

Mother dear :)
How are we this fine morning? Sorry last week was short! I didn't have any money! But we're good now. Just want to start my letter and tell you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. I know you and dad need blessings and that's why I'm working so hard. Even when my mission is ending. I'm working like I'm getting paid a thousand bucks a day to do it! So happy to be a missionary right now. I told dad how much I missed Lae and how much I learned and grew there. I gained the most knowledge and the most gain in my Christ like attributes. I'm far from perfect, but closer than I was. And these last two months I'm gonna try to be even better. Lae helped me gain the knowledge, here in Delap training Elder Lesser is my application. I want to be known as a rock star here. And to do that we just have to work hard and try our best. Our best along with preach my gospel and the spirit, there is nothing that can stop us. Lae changed me so much and so many people have noticed it. It's great. I feel like a new person. I'm so happy and motivated. I've prayed so hard to have that motivation and Heavenly Father has definitely answered my prayers. I know that prayers are definitely answered and helpful. I love teaching people about prayer. It's my favorite thing. Just because I know it works. I makes more sense than 2+2. Definitely know more about the gospel and have such a deeper testimony than before. My testimony was wet concrete before but it's hardened now. But still be adding too. 
So yeah this week was pretty good. Weird having to do so much and my comp is new so everything is on me. It's hard to start over in an area but it's a good challenge and I like it. Really gets me out of my comfort zone and helps me just improve on everything. I really push Elder Lesser to learn the language and work hard. Hopefully he doesn't hate me too much right now because it'll only help him later. I wish I had companions when I was young in the mission to push me really hard. Never really have. We were always evenly motivated or me being motivated more. I think he gets frustrated when I talk to people and don't really include him. It's hard trying to involve him in finding but I just take it away. I have high expectations though. It's good. I'm happy to train. Lae gave me knowledge, and Delap is giving me application. 
(Elder Hix says hi heather and he can't wait to meet you when he comes to stay with us in Minnesota! And stay sweet!)
I'm so excited for you to get my letters I wrote to you in Lae! I'm gonna send them off to you this week! Basically everything I did out there! I can't stop talking about it with all the elders! To be honest Majuro is very different and I still haven't got used to the air conditioning or white people or the English yet... Don't know if I will. I'm so cold at night and my companion says how hot he is so yeah, I basically freeze!
It's crazy how much I have grown in the mission and how different I am now. I even notice the change in myself. My studies are so different. They used to be so general now they are extremely specific and I get so much out of them. I'm following the rules in the best way I can. I'm not perfect but I know that I'm doing a good job. I feel good at the end of the day and completely exhausted from a hard days work. I'm so excited about missionary work and I hope to help the elders out a bit when I go home! 
Well, I will write more next week when I have a bit more time and hopefully more stories to be told! I love you mommy and I'll be right back!!
Love your son
Ps I'm so excited to just tell you everything in person and just hug you. I'm focusing way hard on the work. All the missionaries are shocked by it and I really think I'm setting a good example. 
Pss I realllllly love you and you're going to love your Christmas present
Psss hope I'm not annoying with will how much I talk about my mission... Haha love you babe

The Other, Other Side of Heaven 10-26-2014

Well I'm finally back on Majuro and boy it's it just a shock to have air conditioning, see cars and drink cold water! It's been so weird I can only imagine what it's like when it is an even bigger shock coming home! The mission should have given you my flight plans looks like I'm flying in at 10pm at night which is a bummer!! But whatever it's alright. 
Boy do I miss Lae. Never realized how much I learned out there and how many stories and experiences I had there! I'm a little weird but I'll be normal soon. My language is fine but I used so much Marshallese words and usually just speak to the elders in Marshallese. My son is great. His name is Elder Lesser. He's the man. He lived in Singapore for 5 years before his mission. I'm gonna work him like crazy. I'm so stoked about missionary work and just gonna finish absolutely drained!! I reached ultimate nerd status in Lae and never realized how much of the gospel I know and how great I've become at the scriptures. It's because of hard work and the spirit. I have an absolutely incredible amount if motivation to lift, study and teach right now. It's been great and I don't have any time to waste!!
Lae was an amazing experience for me and I feel like I gotta have a separate journal for all the stories. Maybe a "the other other side of heaven" book coming out. I never realized how patient I have become and just loving people. I am so talkative and can't shut up because I really didn't have anyone for 4 months to talk to! Lesser is probably hating me but it's funny. 
The mission is coming to a close and I'm just so happy about everything. Gonna be exhausted when I get home and that's how it needs to be. I love you and I will write more next week because I have to pay for email now and I have no money :( but I love you. Take care and I'll be right back!
Love Elder ingalls

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Talk to you soon from Majuro! - 10-14-2014 (Lae)

Responding to you first before the internet shuts off random!! You are
awesome and the first thing I want you to know is that I'm not hungry!! I
have food enough to eat and be satisfied! It's no chipotle or steak,
but don't you worry about me physically. I am fine!! Second I'd like to
thank Heavenly Father for answering our prayers and being with us
every day of our lives and how much he has blessed you for the service
us missionaries are doing. I love being a missionary and I am working
my hardest right now. I'm excited to go home, and I am working hard to
be the best missionary I can until the end. I thought I would get
progressively lazier as time went on but I am unusually motivated to
work hard and study hard and just finish strong!!

Sorry to hear life is boring compared to Hawaii!!! haha I wish I got
to spend more time there!! You guys had a fun trip and I hope you can
bring that energy home to the wastelands of Minnesota!! haha I'm going
to bring my island happiness back with me that's for sure!! How is
Macey with tennis? and congrats to Matt for looking into our church.
Treat his interest as something precious and pray for the Spirit to
be with him in every missionary opportunity. If he honestly searches
he will truly find. Boy, do I wish all my friends in Minnesota were
down to study and learn more. I hate to distance myself from them but my
mission is changing me so much. I like who I am becoming and want to
continue to grow. Pretty cool I read Jesus the Christ in 2 weeks!! Shows
how much time I have out here to read and study!! It's been awesome.

So for the news... I'm going back to Majuro to train my last transfer!
I should be there in the next 2-3 weeks depending on the plane and the
boat... if there is not a plane I will get on the boat that President is
coming on on the 25th. He is coming to meet with the branch and train
some people and visit. I'm so excited. I don't want the plane to come,
I want to wait and be here when he is here!!! We had another baptism
this last week!! Tom!! He is the son of two formlery less active
members. They are all coming to church and I'm super excited with the
work we have done here!! It's fun to see the success.

We're getting all of our investigators ready to receive the new elders
and plan for the transition to be good. I feel like some of them are
gonna stop studying and it just makes me so sad, I want them to be
strong and they have come so far, I have to just keep hoping that they
will continue with what they are learning. I completely forgot that General
Conference was recently!!! haha I haven't emailed or talked to Majuro
for a couple weeks because the internet is down and  the phone is no
good because it has rained so much... if only you knew how hard it is
to talk to you guys!! and especially how small this island is... haha
its soo tiny but every day I swear that is gets bigger and bigger..

Conner is my problem when I get home. I hate to say it but I wasn't a
good example really to him but we have a strong relationship and I
think I will be able to talk some sense into him. I really wanna take
him on a road trip or something to get him out of everything and just
have it be me and him... I think I can really help him and I think my
coming home will be a spiritual experience for him and he will be able
to catch some of the fire I come with. I think he will be fine. please
have more faith and love in him. I know you absolutely love him, but
channel that love and show it more. You can be firm, but do it lovingly.
I'm coming to the rescue soon!!! [Dallin and Conner were very close
growing up and it's been hard for Conner since Dallin left. They were
more like twins than just brothers. I am excited for the day when they
are reunited! MOM]

So yeah I am doing fine!! No worries!! Stressed about having to leave
Lae, especially with the progress I have made and the relationships I
have. They are all just family to me and we all help each other out
and care for each other.. so that's been kinda sad to hear but its
going to be okay. I'm glad to have the opportunity and challenge of
training my last transfer in the mission. I think it is just what I
need. I'm so excited to go home and everyday is closer and closer. I'm
super nervous and I don't know what to expect... especially being on
this island I hope I haven't gotten weird or anything. I will be a
little funny when I get home, especially with the language problems
and my extreme love and drive for missionary work. It'll be good though,
as long as you give me a hug and a thick coat when I get home!! I'm
happy. Sometimes annoyed and frustrated but I'm generally happy and I
love to do what I am doing.

Love you babe and talk to you soon from Majuro!!
Elder Ingalls!

I thought I was gonna die - 9-26-2014 (Lae)

Good email thanks for all the updates and I'm so glad that you were
able to meet Fesolai!! Still one of my best buds I made on the
mission. I always talked about you guys and he loved hearing about the
Richard and Heather stories so him meeting you was awesome. I always
told him he had to meet my family!! Hopefully it was all good and you
got to take  picture or something with him!

Skydiving?? haha I haven't been in anything higher than a 2 story
building for the last two years I think I might come home and be
scared of heights!! That's so cool hopefully you all got some cool
pictures and stories for me to hear about!! I'm sure getting a lot of
them here that's for sure!!! Did you guys go to the temple while you
guys were there?? Everyone here when I told them you were in Hawaii
they all wanted me to have you guys meet their families! haha There's a
Marshallese ward there!! Did you have Fes speak Marshallese to you
guys? haha he probably forgot it!!

So yeah our cute little investigator Carter got baptized on
Thursday!! Way exciting and he is the man!! He is only 9 years old but
we completed the family and he was sooo happy to be baptized!! He
was walking with us and his friend was drinking coffee and he told his
friend "you drink coffee obviously you don't believe in God" hahahaha
it was the cutest, funniest thing I have ever heard in my life!!! So

This morning we just got back from our "campout" on one of the outer
islands. It was a good time. Funny, this is the same as camping to me,
but their camping is extreme!!!! hahaha I don't have time to explain
it all but its like wilderness survival... crazy stuff and what's
crazier is we went on fishing in the 2nd counselors boat which is
maybe 12 feet long with a 40hp engine in the ocean fishing sharks and
tuna... we got caught up in a storm with 10-15 foot waves and that was
probably the scariest thing ever... we were holding on for dear life
and we couldn't see land and we had no idea where we were going...
Tentau and I both had impressions to go in a certain direction and we
eventually found one of the outer islands and we made it back into the
lagoon... I thought I was gonna die... Brother langbata even said he
was super surprise the waves didn't flip us... insane... this typing
it story doesn't explain it as intense as it was!!!

Also this week I've been asking members about their conversion stories
and I wanna write them all down. Still many more to be made! We're
teaching a good amount right now. Completing a lot of families and
teaching the kids of less active members. It's been a good time. I'm
happy with the work I am doing. I'm not eating that well but I'm getting
enough to eat. Working out hard to keep in shape and feel good and
not get sick. The Word of Wisdom isn't just what we should take in our
bodies its also basically God's plans for us to get in shape and lets just
say I have a good amount of the island working out now because of it!!

This week has been fun and I'm glad that you guys had a good trip!!!
Probably didn't sleep on the ground on rocks with a piece of
cardboard, but I'm sure it was a good experience for you guys!! I love
you Mommy and hope to see you soon for Christmas!! Me coming home will
be a good gift! haha we need to take a family picture too!! haha while
I'm tan... okay I love you sugar hope you are well have a good week!!

Elder Ingalls

Lama Fesolai 9-18-2014 (Lae)

Hey if you are still in Hawaii you should go an meet Lama Fesolai at
BYU Hawaii!!! One of my best friends on the mission!!! look him up on
facebook or something! You have to meet him!!! the coolest kid ever!!!!
I gave him your email. Make it happen!!!

[We actually did meet him! It was purely by accident! We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the dinner and show and afterwards, Logan wanted to get his picture taken with one of the ladies (or a bunch of the ladies!) We went around looking for some, but there weren't too many around since it was raining. Finally he found one who was talking to two guys. Logan asked her for a picture with her and this guy asked us where we were from. We told him, "Minnesota" then he asked us what our last name was, "Ingalls" we said. Then he said, "Dallin!" we were shocked!!! It turned out that he had just returned home from his mission in the Marshall Islands and that he loved having Dallin as a companion! I asked him if Dallin was behaving and he smugly replied that, of course he was, but the smirk on his face let me know that Dallin is still Dallin wherever he goes! Then he made sure to tell me that he was, indeed, being obedient and that he's a really great missionary too! Whew! Then he looked at my husband and said, "Richard!!!! I have heard stories about you!" It was the coolest experience and so heart warming. We were on the other side of the world and far from Dallin too and yet, in the middle of it all we meet the one guy that knows my son personally and can give us a report of his happiness and well-being. I have hardly heard from him myself in the last few months so the reassurance from this young man was definitely a gift from Heaven. Heavenly Father knows us and loves us and is aware of us daily, this I know. He gives us the strength to continue on if we seek Him. He comforts us and calms us and gives us peace when we need it, sometimes even when we do not think to ask. I am grateful for this small miracle to remind me of His love and to the young man that thought to ask us where we were from. MOM]

We eat shark and ramens - 9-12-2014 (Lae)

hey mom!!                 (Unedited)
sounds like you guys are pretty close to me right now in the hawaii!!
thats so cool hopefully you guys are getting a good glimpse of the
island life!! haha hawaii is nothing like this right now here in the
marshalll islands.. its a pretty humbling experience and i know we are
blessing for it. this week has been awesome. i thought you would write
a little bit more to my email but you dont so i dont have much to say
other that to let you know that i am alive and doing well and love the
islands here. crazy to think that i just got like 3 months left and
then im done... kinda ready some days and not ready on alot of days.

news: we are catching alot of sharks and we eat shark and ramens for
alot of meals... a boat came with food so we should be set for food
for awhile... well that is, we shouldnt be starving for awhile... i
know how much you hate this word so you will know how serious i am when
i use it haha pretty good the culture here. i was annoyed when one
meeting that should have taken 20 minutes took 2 and a half hours... i
ask our president why and he said why rush things? do you have
something else you need to do? pretty true cause i didnt... i really
do get an incredible amount of reading and thinking time... sometimes
too much... its a completely different kidna of work than on majuro or
ebeye... this missionary work is really fun but its is really
stressful too because you want people to work harder than they do or
just do anything at all!!! haha its gonna be hard for me to not gain
50 pounds when i get home.. i drank a soda and had some chocolate from
the ship... and idk if i could physically stop myself... haha [I knew that when
Dallin decided to go on a mission that the spiritual side would not be a
challenge for him, but that he would need to learn patience. He is very driven
and works hard for the things that he wants, but there are some things you
just don't get just because you want it bad enough and work hard enough
for it. It's called the Lord's timetable and that is something that only move
 the way He wants it too and we just need to be willing to wait! Dallin is
learning to wait for the things he prays for and to wait for answers to his
prayers. I am excited to see this new Dallin when he comes home! MOM]

catching alot of sharks here... learning tons and tons about the
gospel!!! life is good. i will talk to you later when when the sun is
out!! i hope to see you in a couple of months looking well!!! hopefully
not too stick and bones like... haha i really wanna know if my accent
is there and if i sound funny... haha i havent really spoke english in
weeks so idk.... love you babe write me a longer email next time
telling me whats up

elder ingalls ej yokwe eok

I love you a million sharks - 9-4-2014 (Lae)

Mom!!!                    (Unedited)
how are we doing? I am getting to email just for a little while today
because it was sunny but now its cloudy and the internet is going to
shut off so I'm writing this is a word document that hopefully i will be
able to copy and paste  with you and you read it. life is going great
about the work out here. It's weird to think about going home some day
but it'll come fast.. I dont really know if i am ready to go home
yet!! I still have so much i would like to get done and accomplish. its
difficult on this little island tht doent have too many people. its
hard to teach anyone out here because they are all so busy making
coconuts for the boat that is hopefully coming soon... idk how that
will work out. i know alot of people are getting on the boat to go to
ebeye andsome people are gettingoff to come here. we will see what
happens. we are really struggling for food out here!! no boats have
came for the last 9 weeks so everyone here is basically out of food
and living solely on the stuff we can get here... fish and ma and a
little bit of rice... so yeah that boat should be coming here in the
next couple of days... its been so delayed because there wasnt any
funding for it to come out here from the government... aha if you
think our government is useless there... youhave no idea until you come
here!!! but its all good no worries. heavenly father wont let hard
working missionaries go hungry! (...or too hungry...) hahaha we are
really cared for out here by the people. they love us so much. still crazy
how when we had a fireside a couple days ago they talked about fasting
and fast offerings for "the people that are poor and dont have food...
like people in africa..." I couldnt believe how much these people
are suffering but they still dont consider themselves poor or in need
of serious help... unreal. [I can see that he is being humbled a lot and
that his mission is really helping him to see his life in a different
perspective! MOM]

im still working hard with these people alot with just strengthening
the members and working with the less actives.. there arent too many
people who havent sided with religions so its difficult to find
investigators and such... thats the thing tho the missionary work is
way different out here... we dont just go from lessons to lessons and
just teach all day. we serve and build and strengthen all people out
here and if we are blessed to have the opportunity to teach them, of
course we do. its cool speaking only marshallese here.. so my english\
is going be a little rusty if im here for the next 3 months then go straight
 home. i think my engish sounds worse on a computer because
im slowly forgetting how to use this thing, i easy mix things up.
my speaking of english is better so dont worry... haha hopefully
you guys dont speak too fast for me that would be a pain... haha
i havent even heard fluent english for like 2 months now... i couldnt
imagine going a solid two years like that... see tanner and logan
probably spoke there language, but also had companions that
may have known english o just some people in general living where
they were taht they could communication with... me.... no
one.... hahah

so right now i am writing this in the dark... its pouring rain out
right now and the ceiling in this little shack is leaking... haha
luckily i have a flash light so i can see the keyboard and a little of
whats going on. haha this room is tiny... not even three people can
sit in here!! haha i took pictures of it so you will see it soon. its
cool typing on a laptop! this one kinda stinks but its all good i dont
mind... at least i will get to tell you a little of what i am doing! i
still am writing letters to you guys on pdays trying to explain the
cool things that i have done out here! im keeping my journal pretty
nicely managed so you will be able to get some stuff out of that... the
free time i have out here is incredible. since the people are so busy
working, we are able to work with them which we usually do
then we chill and read and write and just komaate iien... haha its
good i am getting some serious reading done and making up for wasted
study time... i also am writing essays just for fun... on all sorts of
topics on my mission and anything else that comes to mind.. its going
pretty well and its pretty fun to reflect on things... who knows maybe
i would be able to use some of them in some classes i take some day or
in a talk or just to have general knowledge and practice... the shark
fishing has been awesome!!! i wish the internet here was better so i
could send you guys some pictures and some stuff... but i guess you
guys will see them all in a couple months!!

lets see... what else... basic knowledge.. the island is tiny!!!!!!!
the other side of heaven book which i read in a day... groberg
explains that his "tiny" island was like 14 miles but 3 miles or
something and it had a mountain.... LOL to him... my island is maybe a
mile across the lagoon with like 10 islands on the edges and nothing in
the middle... the islands are long and skinny... maybe about 2-3
football fields and the widest part... i can get from one end to the
other in maybe 25 minutes walking... marshallese speed which is as
slow as humanly possible while still getting some where... there are
probably close to 200 people on the island... i dont know everyone
yet... but everyone here has known me since day one... its hard to not
be shy or intimidated... haha!! there are an average of 65ish members
attending church and maybe half or them are kids.. its all good though
i absolutely love the kids here they are like my best friends! so awesome
and innocent and just dont know much about the world.everything is
going well here. i talked to the assistants and my release date has been
moved along with my whole intake to the 17th of december so start
making the party plans because ill be home for Christmas!

well until next time... i love you a million sharks. take care and see
you soon!!
elder ingalls

I am keeping a stellar journal - 8-22-2014 (Lae)

yokwe mommy im back in business!! you woud not believe how extremely
difficult it is to email out here... the laptop is always broken
according to the guy thatr uns the little shack that i am and does
the email. so yeah life is good. you wouldnt believe how my english is
sounds... like i think i sound fine but the thing is i get mix up what
language to speak so itjust makes me look like i have no idea what i
am talking about haha but yeah the island here is amazing and i am
learning so much and i cant believe tht i have basically been here for
a one month now!! just like 4 more months to go. i think that i will
be coming home in december i havent heard anything yeet, but at 90
days is when i get my flight plans and that is the craziest thing in
world. so yeah i have caught 5 sharks so far!! none of them are too
big except for one that was over 6 feet long!!! it was so hard trying
to pull taht thing in shore!!! it was like the middle of the night
when we caught it!!

so yeah with not alot of work out here i get a crazy amount of time for reading
... like i am basically finished with the old testament, pounding
through some church manuals and reading a psychology textbook taht i
found in the house!! its been pretty awesome and i have really enjoy
all the time i am getting to do that. there is a ship coming that is
gonna pick up coconuts to make coconut oil and its difficult because
literally everyone on the island is spending there time doing that.
and the diet... basically straight fish and rice and kool aid packings
that you sent to me!! thank you so much for those!!! there are worth
more than gold here!!! i also learned how to make tortillas!!! my
companion doesn't talk much... its difficult because of
the language barrier... again i am so thankful for my experience here it
is really teach me alot of love and patience for these people haha
especially now that im here they think i can do all their callings and
teach all there classes... so it is a good learning opportunity for me
and they are all growing because of it. we have a few investigators
but they are all busy doing the coconut right now so we aren't really
getting anywhere.

im collecting a ton of shells and crafts for you guys!!! there is not
such thing as the nativity in marshallese... sorry... idk what to tell
you aobut that.. maybe i can draw faces witha  sharpie on some shells
or something for you...

i got only a couple months left to just get lost!!! i hope you let me
go grocery shopping when i get home and i can buy the food i would
want to eat. i dont mind fish and i would actually like to eat it, but
i never want rice to eat.... hahaha ever again. well, except in
chipotle :)

i am keeping a stellar journal for you and writing you a letter every
pday that i might be able to mail home, but most likely i will just
bring it home... so yeah... ummm i love out here. im safe. my healthy
body is slowing leaving me  because i have no food to eat... but i
still work out like crazy to fight it!!! enjoy life, enjoy good food,
enjoy cold, enjoy cars, enjoy those stinking jetskis you bought AFTER
I LEAVE!!! its okay, you can buy the boat when i get hom :) love you
so much. take care

love elder ingalls the 4/5

Monday, August 18, 2014

im alive

[First email from the small island of Lae. I left it just the way he sent it to me! MOM]

im alive here on lae atoll!! took me forever to get to email!!
i will probably be able to email to you every other
week or so.. just like a paragraph or soo.. sorry i dont really have
that much time to email. i am writing you a lettter every week psaying
all the stuff that i have done. idk when i will be able to send it to
you but youll have a good idea of what i have ben doing here...

so yeah lae atoll is the coolest place in world. it remind me alot of
manypoint camp to be honest!! we live right on the beach. we fish for
our food everyday. the money dad give me really helps i bought alot of
canned meat and such with it. its hard life out here. my companion is
a kiribati elder so he knows how to live like this and really helps me
out. he doesnt know english so i speak with him marshallese only...
its crazy i really havent spoken english at all out here.. if im here
my whole rest of the mission... my english is going to be so bad....
seriously... i spek maybe 95% marshallese all day... and the only
english i hear is some music a member has!! haha

everything is apwesome out here. sorry i am in a huge rush because idk
when the internet is gonna stop working!! haha it took me like 20
minutes to just get to this page!! i hope it sends.

on my way here i flew to kwajalein, then wotho, then ujae and saw the
elders there!! then flew to lae!! it has been legit!! learning alot.
its hard being completely surounded by marshallese people 24/7 but its
good. i have learning alot. im glad to be an eagle scout and use a
little bit of what i learned with that here... i never thought the
knots, of the sailing, or the stuff like that would ever come in handy
but it has.

im happy to be a missionary. i love it here. i have so much time to
read and chat with people. my marshallese is getting preptty good!!
some people here say they want me to translate for conference beause i
sound pretty good with my accent... haha so i guess that is a

i hope everyone is doing alright at home!!! not talking to you guys
sucks... it was a pain having to email every week but now that i
cant... boy do i miss you guys... okay i gotta go. i love you a ton.
you take are and be sure to email back!!! talk to you when i can!!

love your son elder ingalls

I wanna be like you if I ever grow up. 7-25-2014

[This is Dad's handwritten letter sent with mine! MOM]

What’s Gucci?  I thought I would write you a smaller letter and say Yokwe!  I’m going to Lae!  I told Mom everything so read hers!  I hope life is going well as you are happy and looking good as ever!  Are you ready for Hawaii?!  Hope you are ready for the program I’m gonna put you on!  I’m jealous I can’t go with you guys, but I will be there soon as I’m coming home.  According to the transfer it looks like I will be going home before Christmas!  That will be a good present for Mom!  I think the whole fam will be together for the first time.  That will be awesome.  I think that will be a sweet time!
I can’t tell you how excited I am about missionary work right now.  I don’t want it to end.  I wish I had this effect my whole mission.  I took time to get to where I am now.  I wanna share a little about faith with you that President Hamula (Area President) talked with us about.  I enjoyed it and thought that you would like to hear about it.  So first we need to hear a truth from some sort of person who has heard or seen and that gives us a hope for those things and if we have that hope we can act and as/if that thing is true, we will receive that confirming witness.  It’s kind of like a light switch.  We were taught that it will turn on a light.  And we have had cycles and cycles of hope, action, and the confirming witness of that light turning on.  As we continue in that cycle, hope turns to assurance, and that assurance turns in to certainty.  We all are at certainty with the light switches (assuming you’re in a place with electricity!)  It’s so cool that we can do this test for anything.  Insert something false and we will never get that confirming witness, especially with disobedience.  I absolutely loved that training!  Hopefully, you understood and that all made sense.  Hamula said the difference between us and the prophets is that they have had that confirming witness so much to create certainty.  They’ve just cycled around that chart more than us.

I love working hard.  I like getting people to work hard and see their potential.  I wish I could have had such a confirming witness earlier in my mission.  I love being a missionary.  I wish I could do this stuff forever, but may not all the rules! J  I wouldn’t mind swimming and sleeping in!  But, yeah, I have an unusual drive for obedience and hard work right now.  I know that this spark will be what Lae needs for right now. (Sorry for my bad handwriting.)  I’m just pumped and wanna write my thoughts all out before I forget them.  Life is going!  I’m amped for that last five months.  Pulli jerbal then celly Christmas.  Such a blessing that we can all be together.  This Gospel is power and strength.  Keep being awesome.  I’m going to absolutely miss the talks and emails we have shared.  I have loved that experience with you and can’t wait to have those discussions all the time.  Especially the fact that I know some stuff now!  Especially after my outer island, I’m gonna be a wiz at the scriptures.  That’s what all elders say and definitely what President said!  A LOT of reading!  Gonna get all those manuals down!  I love being smart and just knowing a lot of facts.  It’ll be fun studying together and learning together.  I’m really excited to read the scriptures with you guys and actually care about it!  Hope you guys are still going hard.

Anyways, I hope work is well with you and you’re happy.  I hope your trip is absolutely everything you want it to be.  Do every righteous thing us kids want you to and you’ll find so much happiness as we continue to follow you.  You are my absolute role model and I still wanna be like you if I ever grow up. J  You are the man, Richard!  Love that you are my father and that you are so strong.  Strong enough for us kids, especially me, to lean on you.  I love how you pump me up to work and to be better.  I enjoyed writing this letter and I loved my experience writing with you.  You are a great man, Richard!  Your giving me answers and advice has been great!  Thanks!  Love you!
Love, Elder Ingalls 4.0
P.S.  Five months to ping pong!

You’re welcome for the letter! 7-25-2014

[We received a handwritten letter in the mail and were so excited! It's been months since we've received any of those! Also, in the same day he was able to email us! Yippee! Here is the snail mail! MOM]

So yeah I don’t write letters, but I guess I promised you.  Words are nothing if you don’t mean them.  Ok, new pen because mine’s garbage.  Sorry my handwriting is pretty junky now.  It would be awesome if I keep up with the letter writing!  So yeah, I’m going to Lae Atoll!  That’s going to be one of the most exciting adventures of my life.  I know these next couple of months are going to absolutely change me and how I view a lot of things.  I’m excited to "die" on an outer island!

I will be the maximum amount of weird when I go home!  At about 18 months out I’ve learned a lot and have enjoyed my mission.  I talked to President before I left and because of the transfers I think my release date will be before Christmas.  I think the 17th or the 22nd.  President brought it all up and said that’s what he’s thinking.  You guys will probably get a letter or email about it before I officially know.  That would be such a great present to go home and be with you guys and everyone for Christmas before we all go out to school.  Still five or six months away!  These last weeks I’ve had absolute desire to study really hard and work really hard.  Life has been busy but I feel pretty accomplished.  Missionary work is hard, but it gets easier as I continue to learn the language and accept the rules.
My investigators in Ebeye were awesome and I know that they will all one day receive the Gospel.  I can’t tell you about my investigators in Lae because I’m not there yet!  I actually flew back to Majuro last week and have been working with the ZLs in Uliga!  I should be flying to Lae tomorrow if the plane flies!  So no boat… for now…  I could still take one, and coming back from Lae I still could take one!  I’m so scared to take the tiny little plane and land on a field of grass.  I’ve seen a video of it landing.  I’ll be sure you get a ton of pictures about it!
I’ve taken a lot of pictures!  And I’m doing my journal pretty well.  I wanna write a separate memories journal/book out there.  I’m not sure what I will do but something to keep me sane!  Lae Atoll is one of the smallest atolls in the Marshall Islands, only being about one and a half miles across!  And there are about 300 people there!  There is a branch there, too!  It’s one of the strongest outer islands where the Church is at!  I really wanna build it so it can eventually be a ward in the future Ebeye/Kwajalein Stake!  I know what I’m doing matters and I know that I’m not out here to waste time!  I’m the most lethal and effective as a missionary right now!  I wish I would have got to this point sooner!  It all comes down to preparation.  It’s difficult to mold to missionary work and the schedule.  But it’s good.  It’s cool being one of the oldest elders in the mission, and having people look up to me for whatever reason.
I want to be a good example to them and I want to be a good role model.  I don’t want you guys to worry about me in Lae.  I’m going to work hard and be obedient.  This place is like any other area; full of people who need this Gospel and need to see me being obedient to it.  It’s a lot more fellowshipping and just living and strengthening people.   I’ll be doing a lot of service and being of whatever assistance I can be to these people.  I’m so lost in what I’m doing.  I really just love it.  I went to a grocery store here and stuck my head in a freezer and literally couldn’t breathe…  Checked the temp and it was at 20 degrees!  I’m so in trouble!  I’m going to freeze when I go home!  Hope you guys are ready to take care of me and put up with my complaints about being on the verge of death!  FYI, 72 degrees is wayyy too cold to live in… So turn up the house to like 84 degrees before you guys get to the airport) so then I will be used to it!  PLEASE!            So yeah, that’s basically it.
I wouldn’t buy too many clothes or anything, because I have no idea what size I’m gonna be when I get home.  And hold off on the Challenger until I can come pick what one I want! J  On a serious note, I can’t wait to see you guys and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.  You guys take care and be strong.  Five-ish months more and the boss will return!  Keep being strong in your prayers and studies.  I love you, Mommy!  Sorry I’m so sucky at writing and my handwriting is bad.  You’re welcome for the letter!  This was hard for me to do!  Okay, babe, I will see you guys in a couple months!
I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!  - Elder Ingalls 4.0

Thursday, July 10, 2014

You are my mommy! 7-6-2014

I checked my email copied all the emails over to a word document and replied to all of them!! Yours wasn’t in there so I didn’t think you were going to email me today so I wrote everything out to Dad! But I still got a bit of time to write you a final email before I leave for the next couple of months!! I have heard of people having email out there but I wouldn’t count on hearing from me for the whole time that I am out there.
I really wrote everything I wanted to tell you in Dads email so I really hope you enjoy that and don’t mind that this is short. I'm really crunched for time today! I have to buy food and some supplies today so I'm pretty busy! And of course get Subway for the last time! I am really going to miss Ebeye and everything its taught me. I really enjoyed being the district leader out here and giving trainings that forced me to learn a ton, especially from preach my gospel. I get so much study time on my mission. I completely understand why they have classes at BYU for the return missionaries… haha I would just dominate the discussion because I know so much more that a pre mish cat. [What other missionary talks this way? He is still just the same old weird Dallin as when he left!] Its way nice how much I learn. The faith I build from it just helps me live and be the best missionary I can be. I'm so far from perfect, but I'm definitely on the right path to perfect.
I'm grateful you're my Mom, because you’re my Mom! I don’t think many other ladies could handle me! Maybe Grandma… haha who knows!! But thank you for raising me up properly with goals in mind and a love for Heavenly Father!! You definitely succeeded in that!!
Please read Dads email for my story about the Book of Mormon. You are awesome mom and I feel absolutely horrible that I can't write you more.. you are my mommy! I love you and I will see you in a few months!! Take care and I will be right back!
Elder Ingalls
ps enjoy Utah!! Say hi to everyone for me!! love you baby!

Outer Island Needs 6-18-2014

[This is out of order and I'm not sure how to get it in the right place, but I saw this in my email box from Dad and thought it would be fun to add it to the blog! MOM]

Daddy!! Hey dad I'm in Majuro and today I should be getting my teeth fixed just fine. President told me I will be going back to Ebeye, then going to Lae!! An outer island!! Hopefully I go this time! But while I'm in Majuro I was wondering if I could get some personal money to buy supplies here for when I go out. Ebeye is wayyy to expensive so if I could get it here that would be wonderful. Whatever you can help me out with would be great, if money is tight, no worries! Please keep me in your prayers for my teeth and the ability to just continue on it the work. I love you and Mom so much! I pray for you guys everyday! Love you Dad you take care!!! Dallin

Read Dad's email!! Love you! 6-30-2014

Hey Mom!
Just was able to see that you emailed me! I will be able to write you a nice email next week! I wrote most of everything to Dad because I didn't think you were going to email! This week and next could be some of the last times I email you guys in my mission! I bet I will be in Lae for 4-5 months. I think that it's going to be some if the best times of my mission! 
I'm way excited to hear you guys and working out and getting into shape! Just like what I said to Dad I am gonna get you guys into shape when I get home! I am way jealous you guys get to go to Hawaii! That will be way fun! What all are you going to do there?? I wanna go with you guys! I love it here but I wouldn't mind a resort in Hawaii with my family! 
So Macey getting her license?.. Haha that's crazy to think about. [Well, he better start thinking about it because it happened and she is driving herself everywhere in the green 300C, which Dallin nicknamed Thundershock (from the Transformers movie) when we first bought the car and he started thinking that it was his! He is going to be in for a big shock when he gets home and finds out that all the kids need to share the car!]  But that's sweet to think that she can drive me around when I get home! I'm gonna need that for when I need to get my license renewed! Haha it's fun to show people my license when I had longer hair and look like a little bit of a thug! Sometimes I wish I could show them all the cool pictures on my facebook! Idk if you are adding anyone or not! Whatever doesn't matter I can do it when I get home! I told some to say "Hi" when they see you in my facebook! [I rarely go on it since I have been trying really hard to keep up with his blog entries - sorry Dallin!]Probably Marshallese tho.. Haha
Okay I gotta bounce! Read Dad's email!! Love you!
Elder Ingalls 

Me n Hix

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All I am is a messenger 6-23-2014

Hi!!! Okay I'm back on Ebeye. I flew out Monday and they did my teeth Wednesday and then they flew me back Thursday morning! That was a fun little vacation!! Got to see old families, elders that I probably won't see again on the mission, and got to get my teeth fixed! Haha all good things! It's hard to pick the work back up after being gone, but it's going well! 
I found out that President wants me to serve on the outer island paradise of Lae!! I will probably be going in the next month and there is a good chance of me ending my mission there! So I will come home ultra weird! Haha it's like 90 miles from Kwajalein and it's about a 9 hour boat ride! Idk what size boat in gonna take, but it's not gonna be too big I believe! Haha in a way I'm sad to leave Ebeye though I have a lot of friends here!! But a lot of them are from Lae and I hope to be able to meet their friends and family there! I'm way excited for this adventure. It should happen in the next month or so! More details when I figure them out!
So yeah this last week was a fun time spent on Majuro!! Then coming back was fun! I never realized how much I liked Ebeye until I left it .It's just so different and I feel like the people here are so respectful and like missionaries so much. Everywhere I go I just seem to love really. I will love getting transferred home too! That might be the best area! Some weeks it's hard but most weeks they are good and I love being out here. I guess it's the same for anything. I wish I could do this my whole life! Well, maybe be able to talk to you guys a bit more and sleep in every once and while! Haha but this is just such fun work. I wish I could do it forever! I never thought I would wanna serve a senior couples mission, but I think that would be pretty fun! Have you and Dad ever thought about doing that? You guy would be the most popular ones in the mission that's for sure! 
Oh yeah since I'm going to Lae some stuff that would be sweet if you guys could send me in a package to Ebeye ASAP would be: those drink packets!! Like alotttt. Way nice!!, maybe some of those instant potato bag things, add water gravy packets, any kind of just add water foods, the infinite atonement book, etc did you ever send those new scriptures to me or those new pants? Because I never got them on Ebeye and when I went to Majuro there was no package.. Just checking hopefully you just didn't send it! Hope it's not lost in the mail...[I did send him a new set of scriptures and case and two new pairs of pants and so far, that package hasn't arrived. So disappointing that the boxes of food and candy always make it, but a package like this is the one that never arrives. MOM]
Also sorry for not being able to email last week I was just able to write Dad before I had to leave in the plane! I hope you aren't too upset! I remembered it was Father's Day so I thought I would write him just a quick note! 
I heard a cool story this week. This not so popular kid had a crush on his girl classmate in high school and he always wanted to go up to her and ask her on a date but he knew he wasn't that cool and scared as to what she would say so he never got the confidence to do it. One day a football player came up to him and asked him if he would go give this girl a note asking her out for the football player. He instantly gained the confidence to go talk to her and he did, walked up to her, talked for a minute, then handed her the note for the football player! The moral of the story is, yes, he was afraid to ask her out, but when he had someone else's message and realized if she said no, she wouldn't be rejecting him, but someone else. That's what is it with me. I sure would be scared trying to walk up to people and try and be friends with them. I'm way too scared of rejection just like everyone is. But the thing is, this is the message of Jesus Christ. Not ours. People aren't rejecting me, but our Savior. All I am is a messenger. I thought that was so cool! So everyone needs to share about Jesus Christ and how he is our Savior and how he atoned for our sins. So yeah hope that makes sense!
This week in my studies I focused really on spiritual identity. I'm gonna do my district meeting training on that and, boy, have I learned a lot. Sometimes I feel like the trainings aren't that good, but I sure learn a lot in the process!! It's so cool reading about who we are and all the things that we can become. I learned a lot this week. Also I'm doing a district wide challenge to everyone to speak Marshallese for one week straight! I usually just do days or something. It's gonna be especially hard because we have 3 elders here that are all just about 7 weeks out and they barely can bear their testimonies so this will be an especially frustrating week for them, as well as me because they won't be able to understand everything I try to say to them. But they will figure out in the first 30 minutes if that week what they need to learn and what they don't know. I remember hearing Logan doing something like that in Sweden and I thought that was so cool! So yeah every Ebeye missionary us going to do it!! Right now our air conditioning is broken so it's about 95 degrees in our house with no fans for breeze so we are staying with the companionship that worked the north part of the island. It's fun but their house is smaller than your bedroom at home! I will take pictures! It gets small but these guys are legit. And just before I left I don't know if I told you but Elder Hix got transferred to the north and I'm still in the south. We are both finishing up the training if these new Elders that just got here. They are like 7 weeks out. I work with a guy named Elder Barlow. He's from California. He's pretty cool. He came here on his way to go to Ujae, which is an outer island, but when he got here, President called and made a change and said that he was just gonna stay here and work with me. He was super bummed out about it and that's been pretty hard to deal with. I can relate for not going to Ailinglaplap, but still. He's super young and just doesn't know a lot yet so it can be frustrating. Hopefully things get better, but no matter what I will work hard with him and teach him as much as I can. I really miss Hix. That guy was one of my favorite companions!! He's the man though and he's training at 6 months which is incredible! That's super young and unheard of! I wish I could say I helped that out but he is way good at the language and really knows his stuff! We sure loved to study and help each other out. It's difficult sometimes because pride comes into it and I don't wanna ask for help and he doesn't wanna ask for help cuz me being pretty old it gets embarrassing if I don't know a word that he does or something like that. But once we got over that and just put it all on the table we really took off. I wish I could have done that with my other companions. Pride really kills me. And not just my fake saying I'm the best but the fact that I'm embarrassed to ask for help. That's the kind of pride I struggle with. But it's all good!
So yeah life's good! Prayer for Elder Barlow and I that things go alright and he can be happy to work with me here in Ebeye. He will learn quickly that this place is awesome. I hope you are doing well too momma! I just can't wait to hang out with you while I'm home! Especially going to the gym! I have taken upon myself to be your personal trainer and your diet counselor. We're going to get ripped whether you like it our not! So if you wanna get a head start I would start now so you don't die on the first day of Abs by Dallin!! Haha okay I better let ya go I'm pretty past my time limit but know that I love you and think you're cute :) take care and have a good week! 
Love Elder Ingalls
Ps train your mind to see the good in everything

Monday, June 16, 2014

Team Ebeye 6-15-2014

Dallin is flying to Majuro because he lost a filling in one of his front teeth and needs to get it repaired. It is causing him a lot of pain so it needs to be taken care of right away. He is not sure what will happen after it's fixed - either he will go back to Ebeye or he will stay in Majuro. I guess we will see. He was not able to send a very long email because he had to get to his flight and by the time he gets to Majuro, his pday will be over! I guess we will have to wait to hear from him until next week! He was able to write a quick email to Dad for Father's Day so that was nice!    --Dallin's Mom

The people here are amazing with a firm faith in God 6-9-2014

Hi mom! 
Well my tooth needs work and I am flying to Majuro next week to get it fixed and if I can't get it fixed there, looks like I might be seeing you guys in Hawaii this summer haha. I'm like super bummed out because I might not come back to Ebeye though. I really love this place! I've almost been here 3 months! I wish I could have another 3... Haha we'll see. So yeah that's the big news for the week. Other than that everything is legit and I'm doing fine. My tooth isn't too painful but I definitely need it fixed cuz I can't go my whole mission taking pills or having headaches from it so I will keep you informed. 
Anyway... We had District Conference on Sunday and it was awesome. Both President Weir and Elder Hamula from the Seventy came to speak and train us. It was awesome!!!!! They are great and I learned so much. I had to translate for the Saturday adult session of the conference and that could be in the top 5 scariest things I had to do in my life. All the white people came over from the military base so there were a lot there that I had to translate for! I felt like I did alright tho! All the members came up and told me how awesome I did but then again, they would even if I didn't know anything. 
I just love my mission. I scares me to death thinking that I got 7 months left... I wanna come home... But no rush! I wanna finish strong. It's hard because I just love what I'm doing, the people, the language. Everything. It's getting to the point where I love what I'm doing here more than I miss what's at home. Well see what happens I guess! I do miss my mommy a lot... Like a lot....
So what all is new at home? All the brothers and Macey need to email me... Ask them and tell them please cuz I really wanna hear from my siblings! I always wonder how they are doing. So yeah I'm still working out a ton.. I feel like I'm losing a bit of weight just because hot and cold foods hurt my tooth so just makes me not as hungry... I'm running a bit still haha running gets tiring and kinda boring! Still working hard though and getting built! Haha Conner's got nothing on me!
It's weird when you ask me about feeling the spirit to be honest. I feel like I just always feel the spirit when I teach so it's hard to really say. These people are very polite and a little shy so I feel like when they start to open up and ask questions and really participate for themselves, that's when I know they have felt the spirit and they are beginning to know that these things are true. It's different for everything. It was so cool because all four of the guys that were baptized first came up to us and asked us to study. They just fell in our hands and us just being there was enough for them. Our investigators now are a little bit more difficult with different sorts of trials and struggles. It's such a beautiful thing to be able to understand them and discern their needs wants and desires. 
Crazy how much more a mission has taught me other than a language and the gospel. It's taught me to just love people. To just desire their happiness solely for them to be happy. I don't get paid for the people I teach or the baptisms I get. I get something much greater and that's the fact that the new friends I have made, that I love, are now candidates for eternal salvation and they can receive the happiness I have everyday. Having an eternal perspective makes every trial easier. My mission has turned me into a person that is a firm believer in the potential of everyone. 
The people here are amazing with a firm faith in God. They just need to be taught more. They are wonderful and they love us and we love them. They are very conservative and spiritual. It's amazing and so fun to teach them. They are really respectful and a little bit shy. And yeah looking at the ocean sometimes gets me anxious to just think how big the world is just like you said!
Okay I gotta bounce I love you mom!
Elder Ingalls

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nothing major but one of my fillings came out - 6-2-2014

Okay, so yeah nothing major but one of my fillings came out in my front teeth.. So we're seeing what they can do here later today.. I'm like freaking out that I'm gonna have a gold tooth or something....It hurts soooo bad. Worst case scenario is I have it done in Hawaii. But idk, that's a pretty small chance. Depends if I need another root canal and other work done. Idk don't worry about it, it'll be fine. Maybe I'll see you guys in Hawaii in a month... Haha so yeah that's the big news for the week! Nothing to be nervous about. I'm in a good place to get it take care of. Haha  I'll take some pix for ya. 
Thanks for updating my blog! Some friends have asked so I thought I would hit ya up. I forgot I even had one.. Haha so do I have a lot of followers on it or hits or whatever? But anyways you are awesome thanks love. Sometimes I feel like I just wanna go home already... Haha but it's good I just gotta work hard and go find some new best friends. It's hard sometimes. Really hard, but I'll finish strong don't you worry! that's awesome that the blog is being seen by people everywhere! Elder Boaden is the man! We got pretty close when we worked in Rita right before I came to Ebeye! And it's so easy to compliment people when they deserve it. You and Dad are awesome. I love you guys so much. Sometimes I feel like I stink at showing it and my emails are garbage but I hope you guys know I try hard. I'm gonna be excited for the day I can just talk to you guys and not worry about the email barrier! I don't think anyone but missionaries can ever understand that. 
So yeah I email the brothers each week and I send Macey emails but rarely do I get replies. I'm not worried though I was horrible at writing Tanner and Logan... Probably because I didn't have a phone with internet... Not blaming you but.... It would have been nice. haha so...
Tanner: you are the man. Thanks for keeping me updated with hockey and everything and definitely also thanks for you making bank right now to find all of our double dates we're gonna go on when I get home! I hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying your time off of school! I miss school... Haha I miss the tests... I know right?! Who am I?! But yeah man keep being awesome. Hope everything is well and you are doing well. Lemme know if you need anything. 
Logan: what's Gucci bro??? So you're the only brother to send me anything as of right now, and this piece of art has been extremely fun for me! I hope you are enjoying summer and having a good time in the promised land. You keep being the man! I can't wait to come home and get motorcycles and all that good stuff! Keep trying to get girls until I come home and show you how it's done! Love you man take care
Conner: my bro. How are you man? I miss you so freaking much you don't even know. The bear cubs gotta get back together and tear some stuff apart! Hope you are enjoying Utah, stay there long enough so I can get there and we can party it up together! We gotta get longboards and cycles and all that good stuff! Haha see you in a couple months. Stay outta trouble little man. And remember I'm getting huge...  love u man
Macey: hey little princess. I miss you so much. You'll always be that little cutie pie that wore those princess dresses everywhere! I can't wait to come home and take you on dates and just show off how pretty my little baby sister is!  I'm slowing taking in the fact that your gonna drive my car. I can swallow the pain though and get over it... Haha I love you little girl you are awesome. See you soon baby!
Richard!!!!! You are the best father in the world! I might have to print off an award and hook it up for ya when I get home! I hope I grow up to be like you someday, if  I ever grow up... Haha but for real I love that you are awesome and just have such a good family especially your 3rd son. You created greatness with that one I'm not gonna lie! Hope I have a son as good as him aha I heard you are taking good care of that ranchero! I hope it's jet black when I get home!! I love emailing with you and asking you questions. It's been really sweet to have those conversations. I have told some of the elders how I get the answers to my questions and they are so impressed that I hit up my dad. And I say it's natural because he's the smartest and wisest guy I can think of! I love you daddy you keep being awesome and don't worry because your favorite missionary will be home shortly to school you in pingpong! Take care daddy!
Parker: [His little brother who is in heaven already] hey man! I guess we don't talk much, but for some reason I know you are always listening. I bet you would be my favorite brother if you were here right now. (Sorry other bros, but let's be honest he would be all o    f our favorites). I wish you where here to show us how amazing you are. I always say I'm the best child in the family which might be true haha but you are just the next level. Love you little bro! see you again someday. 
Mom: last but not least, my lovely momma, you are the best. I love getting your emails and just being able to tell you what I'm feeling. All week long I do stuff and I think dang i can't wait to tell my mom about this!! You are my best friend and I love it! You have been with me since day one, can't say that about really anyone else!! Okay you and dad! I owe you everything. You are so perfect for me as my mom. I don't really think I could think of anything to change or do differently! Except a boat and a phone with internet but, even then I'm willing to look past those minor flaws, haha I love you mom. I have a lame way of showing it but I really do. You are my mom, enough said. Love you!!!
Okay I hit everyone up! Lastly the friends! Maybe you can put it up in fb if you still use that. So friends: hey guys it's me Elder Ingalls. Crazy to think I haven't seen some of you guys since I graduated. Miss you guys a lot. The letters and emails are slowing down but no worries I'm gonna be back in a couple of months. So everyone hold your breath!! I hope you all are doing well and making the most out of life. Never waste a minute and remember unchartered territories are where new discoveries are made. Be right back fam. 
Okay mom. Well all is well and I hope you liked this email, only like 25 something more! Haha love you a ton and hope you have a good week! I love you thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss (catch my breath)ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss much babe!
Love Elder Ingalls 
Ps you are awesome

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maybe someday there will be a temple here - 5-28-2014

Great email Dad thanks for that. Mom only emailed me like a paragraph because she deleted her email to me so I'm just going write to you and her in this email! It's so hard to try and come up with stuff to say especially when I have nothing to respond too, but your email was excellent and I really enjoyed the answers I got. I guess studying so much just makes me over think things and not accept just the simplest answers... I think repentance I just dug too deep and starting thinking that it was impossible for someone to make everything right, but then I go on to forget why Jesus atoned for our sins. It's for the times when we fall short because we all do. I guess we can't make everything right, but we can try our best and Heavenly Father knows our hearts. Sometimes I think I study things out and just try to reason things and I just don't look for the simplest forms of the doctrines. Repentance is not hard, and its easy to understand but I just needed an outside look at it so thank you for that! and the resurrection was great too!! I am going to focus my studies on that this week because I just need to learn more about it. It's so cool spending a week of studies on one gospel principle. I learn a ton and its just legit how my life is just better because of the knowledge I have got!! I hope it transfers over to my schooling when I get home!

So yeah Duluth would be way fun this time next year!! It's crazy to think that we could all be home!! I hope I can get home and everyone is doing well and everyone is home!! If not, they will eventually be home!! (Elder Seve says hi). I'm going to work hard on Conner. He's the man, but he just needs to realize for himself what he wants to do... maybe I will have to do a little inception for him... have you seen that movie? It was great!!

And as for work, they always say do what you love!! Ya know, in a couple years when Macey is in school and everyone is out, you can quit and do whatever you want, maybe work for the church! Maybe be a guy who drives the cars for the dealerships! maybe... idk something fun!! but you need to get a cabin on a lake and a shed and a boat soo.... you gotta think big picture still!! haha just kidding as long as mom is happy then that's all that matters! I know she would be happy with a shed she just doesn't know it yet!! [No I would not!] its all good though one of these days! Thank you dad for all that you do. I know you aren't having that good of a time at work, but I thank you for every minute you work for us to help and support us. I hope to be able to do that for my family someday!! You are awesome and just such an example. I fall short pretty hard and I have a lot to learn, but its nice having somebody to follow while I'm doing it!

What is your calling again? [Stake YM Counselor] sorry for my small brain capacity right now... and going up to encampment would be great!! where is this place I have such a rep for? haha Manypoint? and my investigators are awesome!! They are a harder batch though that's for sure! Some need to get married, others need to quit smoking. It's a difficult process and I never thought I would be a marriage counselor or a AA advisor on my mission but boy am I! I feel like I could really help some people back home with this stuff!! I think I am pretty good at it as a missionary because Heavenly Father helps me, but we have 3-4 who should be getting baptized on the 14th of June! They are a little bit foggier dates, but I have hope and a lot of faith that we can accomplish!!! The transfers just happened and I will just being staying as District Leader with Elder Hix for another transfer!! I am actually way excited about that!! Hix is the man and I feel like we have just become best friends in the last 2 months of working together! I can basically say that for all of my companions! They are awesome and I have made some amazing friendships out here on my mission!! Deeper ones than any I had in high school and close to the same ones I had while going to BYU! It's cool serving in an islands mission because I just know people from all over the world and have a big web of friends and people I know! Serving a mission has helped me in so many ways and I can't wait to see how it will help and bless me in the next 8 months!
Tanner.... needs to get his priorities strait.... but I can't say I didn't see this coming! I think once the Blackhawks win the Stanley cup things will chill out and he can hopefully meet a girl on the internet or something! haha I am excited for Macey getting her license and I guess I can handle her driving my car for awhile! I gotta keep him warm I guess!! haha he told me he doesn't want to go back to high school and I was like I know Thundershock I know.... but he says college would be sick.. idk just food for thought Richard! hahaha

Thank you for your service in the temple! I can't wait to come home and go there with you all!! 2 years is a long time to be away! Maybe someday there will be a temple here and can help these people! I think it would change the face of the church here. People here have to go to Hawaii and the blessings of the temple seem so far away for them and they just can't quite grasp it, but I think if it were somewhere more reachable for them, they could make better goals and really make a difference. Heavenly Father loves these people as much as he loves us, so I know that he will provide a way for them to make it easier someday!

Okay I gotta go, nothing too new happened this week except for me getting smarter and larger! haha You are the man Dad!! Please give my apology to mom for such a short email! I love you both and make sure that she can read this! have a good week!

Elder Ingalls the Great!
ps Chipotle will be the first meal home right????? (and the second)

Scenes from the Islands - 5-28-2014

Everyone should spend time pondering in a palm tree

He must do it often

A Baptism

Thank goodness this is not their normal attire!

I love to see that smile!

Typical Dallin, right in there making everything fun!

This is what happens when you don't get packages often!

Always wondered how long it would take for him to get here!

Where's Dallin?

Chillin' with the BYU football player


Another baptism day!

He sure loves the kids there and they seem to love him!

What would it be like to see this every day?

He knows how fascinated I am with ships - this is HUGE!!!

More pics with the kids!

Selfie after travelling to his new island of Ebeye!