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Maybe someday there will be a temple here - 5-28-2014

Great email Dad thanks for that. Mom only emailed me like a paragraph because she deleted her email to me so I'm just going write to you and her in this email! It's so hard to try and come up with stuff to say especially when I have nothing to respond too, but your email was excellent and I really enjoyed the answers I got. I guess studying so much just makes me over think things and not accept just the simplest answers... I think repentance I just dug too deep and starting thinking that it was impossible for someone to make everything right, but then I go on to forget why Jesus atoned for our sins. It's for the times when we fall short because we all do. I guess we can't make everything right, but we can try our best and Heavenly Father knows our hearts. Sometimes I think I study things out and just try to reason things and I just don't look for the simplest forms of the doctrines. Repentance is not hard, and its easy to understand but I just needed an outside look at it so thank you for that! and the resurrection was great too!! I am going to focus my studies on that this week because I just need to learn more about it. It's so cool spending a week of studies on one gospel principle. I learn a ton and its just legit how my life is just better because of the knowledge I have got!! I hope it transfers over to my schooling when I get home!

So yeah Duluth would be way fun this time next year!! It's crazy to think that we could all be home!! I hope I can get home and everyone is doing well and everyone is home!! If not, they will eventually be home!! (Elder Seve says hi). I'm going to work hard on Conner. He's the man, but he just needs to realize for himself what he wants to do... maybe I will have to do a little inception for him... have you seen that movie? It was great!!

And as for work, they always say do what you love!! Ya know, in a couple years when Macey is in school and everyone is out, you can quit and do whatever you want, maybe work for the church! Maybe be a guy who drives the cars for the dealerships! maybe... idk something fun!! but you need to get a cabin on a lake and a shed and a boat soo.... you gotta think big picture still!! haha just kidding as long as mom is happy then that's all that matters! I know she would be happy with a shed she just doesn't know it yet!! [No I would not!] its all good though one of these days! Thank you dad for all that you do. I know you aren't having that good of a time at work, but I thank you for every minute you work for us to help and support us. I hope to be able to do that for my family someday!! You are awesome and just such an example. I fall short pretty hard and I have a lot to learn, but its nice having somebody to follow while I'm doing it!

What is your calling again? [Stake YM Counselor] sorry for my small brain capacity right now... and going up to encampment would be great!! where is this place I have such a rep for? haha Manypoint? and my investigators are awesome!! They are a harder batch though that's for sure! Some need to get married, others need to quit smoking. It's a difficult process and I never thought I would be a marriage counselor or a AA advisor on my mission but boy am I! I feel like I could really help some people back home with this stuff!! I think I am pretty good at it as a missionary because Heavenly Father helps me, but we have 3-4 who should be getting baptized on the 14th of June! They are a little bit foggier dates, but I have hope and a lot of faith that we can accomplish!!! The transfers just happened and I will just being staying as District Leader with Elder Hix for another transfer!! I am actually way excited about that!! Hix is the man and I feel like we have just become best friends in the last 2 months of working together! I can basically say that for all of my companions! They are awesome and I have made some amazing friendships out here on my mission!! Deeper ones than any I had in high school and close to the same ones I had while going to BYU! It's cool serving in an islands mission because I just know people from all over the world and have a big web of friends and people I know! Serving a mission has helped me in so many ways and I can't wait to see how it will help and bless me in the next 8 months!
Tanner.... needs to get his priorities strait.... but I can't say I didn't see this coming! I think once the Blackhawks win the Stanley cup things will chill out and he can hopefully meet a girl on the internet or something! haha I am excited for Macey getting her license and I guess I can handle her driving my car for awhile! I gotta keep him warm I guess!! haha he told me he doesn't want to go back to high school and I was like I know Thundershock I know.... but he says college would be sick.. idk just food for thought Richard! hahaha

Thank you for your service in the temple! I can't wait to come home and go there with you all!! 2 years is a long time to be away! Maybe someday there will be a temple here and can help these people! I think it would change the face of the church here. People here have to go to Hawaii and the blessings of the temple seem so far away for them and they just can't quite grasp it, but I think if it were somewhere more reachable for them, they could make better goals and really make a difference. Heavenly Father loves these people as much as he loves us, so I know that he will provide a way for them to make it easier someday!

Okay I gotta go, nothing too new happened this week except for me getting smarter and larger! haha You are the man Dad!! Please give my apology to mom for such a short email! I love you both and make sure that she can read this! have a good week!

Elder Ingalls the Great!
ps Chipotle will be the first meal home right????? (and the second)

Scenes from the Islands - 5-28-2014

Everyone should spend time pondering in a palm tree

He must do it often

A Baptism

Thank goodness this is not their normal attire!

I love to see that smile!

Typical Dallin, right in there making everything fun!

This is what happens when you don't get packages often!

Always wondered how long it would take for him to get here!

Where's Dallin?

Chillin' with the BYU football player


Another baptism day!

He sure loves the kids there and they seem to love him!

What would it be like to see this every day?

He knows how fascinated I am with ships - this is HUGE!!!

More pics with the kids!

Selfie after travelling to his new island of Ebeye!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Temporary New Address........ 5-20-2014

While he is on the island of Ebeye, he has a new address that will get his mail to him faster! If you are interested in writing him, you can use this address for the time being!

Elder Dallin Ingalls
PO Box 5939
Ebeye, MH 96970
Marshall Islands

6 miles in the morning and 375 push-ups at night........5-18-2014

Hey mom this week was awesome!!
Idk I had like a way hard week but for some reason I look back at it and just feel good about the work I did. Skype really got me just kinda home sick just thinking about everything and worrying. But I just work through it and just had a good time. Another Elder is coming to Ebeye to work with Elder Utai so it will be me and Hix again. I'm pretty excited for that cuz then we can just crunch down. We work really well together so it's been good. We have 3 more boys getting baptized in about 2-3 weeks. We are working on scheduling and dates and everything, but yeah we're pounding the work here and it's just been amazing!

I really miss you and it was so good Skyping you last week! You guys all seem good! Sorry I talked about muscles being huge cuz they are (haha) This week for district meeting I talked about finding and preparing our one minute messages and how we can share them with people when they ask us questions. The biggest hold up for us not sharing the gospel is us not knowing what to say or how to answer questions. Well if you have one minute messages for questions about the restoration, the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith you can find anyone. Just go up to them and ask them, then share the message and invite them to learn more! It's legit - we're working on it this week! I feel like I'm helping this district out the best I can! Everyone wants to work here in Ebeye! 

So yesterday I saw a bunch of kids playing with a kitten probably only about 2 weeks old and they gave me the kitten. I had not idea what to do with it. We brought it to our house and gave it some rice and milk. I knew we couldn't keep it so we went up to the first random 8 year old we saw and gave it to him and said "Nejum" which means yours.. And he took it without question and we walked away. Crazy times hahaha took a video of it in my "purse", it's funny! [He calls his bag his purse just to be funny. Weird guy!]

So, I got my shoes yesterday and I ran this morning with them!! They were way nice!!!! I loved it! And Utai said "thank you" for the candy! Haha and thank you for everything! You are awesome! Hope my wife is as cute and adorable and as awesome as you!  Okay anyway, so I said I liked Elder Hix and he's a cool guy, but this week I found out something that has completely changed my thoughts toward him... He's seen the movie "On the Line"........  You could say our friendship level increased.. So were pretty much absolute best friends.. Haha takes a certain type of person to see that. I was tryna figure out what this kids about and once I figured this out I was shocked and so pumped! So yeah.... That's all. Probably not that cool for you but that's a good movie! [I don't know what he's talking about, I love that movie! I bought it, I loved it so much! Who doesn't love N'SYNC?]

This week we have been running about 6 miles in the morning and doing 375 push-ups at night so yeah were keeping being in shape. I not gonna say anymore! Sorry, I'm huge!! 

So yeah how's everything going there? [Great!] How is the family? [We are all over the US currently, but healthy and doing well!] How's Macey? [Beautiful as ever! She is such a sweet girl most of the time - we all have our bad days! She is still crazy about Matt and spends every minute with him that she can!] How's it with Tanner being home? [Great, but more work! haha] Are you starting to prepare for my return? [How can anyone be prepared for a whirlwind ball of energy to come flying into your home?] How's Dad? [Busy and tired most of the time!] Do u miss me at all? [Is the Book of Mormon true?] Do you miss my absolute being right all the time self??? Sometimes I miss it myself... [Not so much] Are you gonna be weirded out with the speck of patience that is with me now as before there was none? [The words Dallin and patience usually don't belong in the same sentence! haha] How is your Book of Mormon reading? [Every night without fail! We need the blessings that come from obedience to this principle!] Prayers? [Same] Family prayer? [Same!] Sharing the gospel? [I have been going out with the missionaries to teach a sister who is planning on being baptized in 2 weeks!] Learning Marshallese? [No] That should satisfy you! Love you suga see ya next week!!

Elder Ingalls <3
Ps have we got new four wheelers?!? A shed? Or a cabin on a lake yet? Keep working on Dad I know he's one holding you back haha just kidding! Love you babe! [He's such a jokester]

I just wanna work until they say go home! 5-5-2014

Yo mom,
Great email -  I was way excited to get that from you! You are the best! I can't wait to skype you guys in a couple days! I'm nervous! Idk why! My 4 new converts are going to bless and pass the sacrament together! So cool! Just put together this branches young men's program! Man that was a great experience and there is no font here so they were baptized in the lagoon! I will try and send out some pictures today if I can! And yes they were baptized at the same time! Big baptism! I baptized three and Elder Hix baptized one. 

I'm glad to hear that you were able to hear a little bit from Sister Paradise! [She called us to tell us that she met Dallin out on the islands! She had lots of good things to say about him and the islands! What a sweet surprise!] They were a sweet couple and she reminded me so much of Grandma Leta! Just the cutest lady ever! Haha she sure had lots of stories! And she was right on with me being happy and just going hard out here. I've really caught the vision and I'm just doing everything I can to finish strong. It's a long ways away but I just wanna work until they say go home. That was a good update with the family and the friends. I enjoyed getting a tidbit from everyone's lives. Every one sounds pretty good! These last few weeks I've been anxious about what it's gonna be like going home. I feel like I'm just gonna be super weird and not used to American things, especially the culture differences. Haha some good some bad! Sleeping on the carpet I will do. Eating with my fingers.... Yeah haven't used forks for months... Absolutely no walking and eating. Incredible respect for people older than you, as well and not being that loud. Haha I know shocker. [This mission IS tailor made to teach him a few lessons!] That will probably go out the door the fastest! [I hope not!]Haha anyways there is a chance that I come home the week of Christmas with the way that transfers are lining up... That would be weird. Probably have the whole family together... That's just talk so don't think too much of it..

As for the package, I like what I said as to not sending everything but what you would like to send! Shorst to wear are nice and I don't have much! I'm not a fan of the baggy old basketball shorts so I thought I would ask! No worries tho! And zip ties are a treat don't you worry babe - biggest thing is the shoes so I can keep running. Elder Hix and I are going hard out with the runs and the lifts. I have been taking weekly pictures to track my progress. We're getting stacked! And I'm glad you are all going to Hawaii....maybe a litte jeally, but I am in the coolest place in the world. It would just be fun to be with you guys! I feel ya tho, you need to leave and explore. That's what the mission has been opening up for me is how much I just wanna travel and meet people and have experiences. Good for you all! When go you all there? [English is a little rusty!] Make sure to let me know!

This week has been difficult to adjust to having two really new guys that I need to help out a ton. They are awesome but it gets stressful. I pray hard for them and they do awesome. I just need to keep working hard and focus on their needs! No worries this week! We're going fishing for pday! Haha I love to fish it's so fun catching random fish that are rainbow style and just look so cool and weird! Haha well I better bounce. I love you a lot momma! Elder Hix says Hi Heather! Take care babe!

Elder Ingalls 
Ps I heart U

I seriously love these people 4-27-2014

What's up? Miss you a ton! This week was wonderful for me. 4 of my investigators got baptized and received the Holy Ghost! They all are going to receive the priesthood in the next week or two!! So excited for them! They are my boys!! It's so fun being in an area where the hard work pays off. People here are really prepared and all I have to do is work! Hix and I got a third companion yesterday. He came straight for the MTC here so he's super young in the mission. He's name is Elder Utai. He is from Samoa. He has good English though. Hix just got done training but I'm making them work together for a couple of days this week and I'm gonna do some splits with YSA guys to try and do some finding. It's difficult but it will be good for all of us. So yeah Utai will work with us until his actual trainer can come in from the outer island he's at. It could be anywhere from 2-5 weeks! So Hix and I might be the "fathers" of him if it's longer than 2 weeks... I'm making Hix stretch and work with him more and I get to rest! haha just kidding I'm going hard to find less actives and new investigators for those guys to teach. President called me to be the district leader of Ebeye district so that's cool. More work haha but I'm happy to help everyone here. 

This week was kinda slow but it was awesome to have those baptisms. I still am in shock on how prepared they were and how they all happened pretty fast. We have about 3-4 coming up in the next 2-3 weeks. I'm excited and the branch is really picking up the fire. Everyone is doing great. I really wanna be here for the rest of my mission -this is my favorite area. Jenrok officially took second place... Haha who knows I wonder what I will say in a month/ Each new area seems special to e in a diferent way... Still I like this place and love my two companions. They are legit and it's so fun working with 2 other guys. I can't believe it's almost May. Everyone out here is gonna celebrate my half birthday as my real one because they wanna give me a party. I seriously love these people and it's gonna be so hard leaving these people. They are the nicest people in the world. I'm nervous to go home to rude people or unfriendly people! I literally could walk into any house on the island and I could eat with them, even if they are a different religion. There is just such respect for us missionaries. Love this place. 

How's everyone doing back home? How are my cars? Brothers? Sister? Mom and dad? Cousins? Grandparents? Uncles and aunts? Everyone! Lemme know! And have any of them email me if they want! Also be looking into when you wanna skype me on Mother's Day. I can make any time and I will just be using a members iPad so it can be whenever. I was thinking 6 or 7 your time in the evening so like 12 or so for me. I wanna see everyone there so everyone has to be close by and know about times! Can't believe that it's just a couple of weeks away! Way excited to see all you guys! Hopefully the boyz will be somewhat close by where I could see them! [Only Tanner is in town right now - Sorry Dallin!] Next time we Skype I will have have like 3 weeks left! TRUNKY!!!!! Haha just kidding they don't call me a workaholic for nothing! The hard work pays!

That's sweet that Tanner can work back with RBC. He's got a nice gig going. I wanna make a ton of money before I go to school. We'll see what happens. So you don't know when Conner and Logan are going to come home or what? And I can't believe Conner is jumboing around so much that's cool. Is he by himself or what? And where is he going to live? I email him and he gets me back every once and awhile. Haven't heard from Macey..... That crazy girl haha doesn't even have time for the real boys in her life! Hope to be able to Skype her I miss that little baby girl. And as for the lifting, I'm working on the spiritual and the physical. And trust me my spiritual strength and fitness is way better than my physical. Get ripped! Hope your ready for me to work you to death when I get home!!

Anyways, I got your Easter package you sent to Ebeye!! I got it in 7 days after it was sent! That was way fast!! Thanks for the candy and the letter! That food you sent me saved us for this week cause we ran out of money! Haha and also the money you gave me, my card didn't work at the ATM so I'm gonna have a member take it to Kwajalein and try there. Hopefully the machine accepts it. If not, I'll get it when I go to Majuro again! No worries! So yeah the packages get here way fast because of the military base!!

It's cool working with a new guy again. It's crazy to think that I was once like them and didn't understand when people would ask me how old I was... Haha I feel like I've always known this language.. It's cool and I'm sure Tanner and Logan think the same thing with their languages. I can't wait to go home and be able to know a secret language and be able to text my mission buds in it! And google can't even translate it! But anyways, yeah I never realized how hard it is to learn a language but after 15 months I can just remember the new words that people teach me! It's nice

Letter to the frans: sup guys it's me elder Ingalls. It's been a year and a couple months... Time goes so fast... I'm gonna be back soon and I hope all you guys are doing well and don't miss me too much! These islands are amazing and are changing my life. It will be a miracle if I manage to not die when I return to that frozen wasteland we all call home... But for real you guys are all in my prayers. Keep being awesome and remember, the wild thing will return. Deuces

Well love, I don't really have much more to say other than I'm so pumped to Skype you here in a few weeks on Mother's Day! You are the best mom ever! Can't wait to see you all and tell you all my stories! I love you to death and know what I am doing is blessing our family so much! Talk to you later babe and remember I'll be right back!

Elder Ingalls 
PS I loveeeeee you

No signs of slowing down just speeding up! 4-21-2014

Yokwe  How's life? How's the family? How's church? How's Macey? How's everything?

I'm dong great here in Ebeye. This Saturday we have 4 baptisms and I am just so excited for them! The guys are awesome and it would be the coolest thing in the world if they decide to go on missions. They gotta wait a year after getting baptized but they are so strong and wanna work now. It's legit!! It's so crazy how they just appeared to us and were just put in our path by Heavenly Father! It's just cool how things turn out sometimes. Ebeye feels different than Majuro. For some reason there is just a different spirit about this place and I'm just happy to be here and work here. All the elders notice it. I feel like I could definitely be on this little one mile Long Island for the rest of my mission! It's just a nice deal :) and I'm not gonna lie having Subway is like the coolest thing ever still. So yeah this week we got to watch the Saturday sessions of General Conference and this Wednesday we are going to watch the Sunday sessions. They have been amazing so far. I have such a r love for General Conference now that I am a missionary and I absolutely love to watch it. It helps to not have distractions and to use everything they say in my lessons and trainings and such. They just speak right to me and it's so cool! They are inspired men. I know that for sure. Can't wait for this Wednesday to finish it up!!

So yeah the language is going well. I am not really worried when people talk to me or when I have to translate. I used to get so nervous but now I can make do. Haha so I guess you could say I'm pretty comfortable understanding and speaking. I'm always trying to get better though and I am really trying to help Elder Hix get out of the shyness barrier and just talk to people. He's good at the language but just shy! No worries though I was like that too and I would just smile and the proceed to laugh when people would talk to me haha

So I'm in Alma in the Book of Mormon and just reading about the movements of the people, Ammon and his great missionary work, Alma and Amulek, and about the wars! It's pretty legit. They could make some cool movies out of it that's for sure!! I'm reading it with the BYU religion manual and dang I learn so much from it and I just feel like I'm getting so much more out of it! The commentary is legit and helps me realize things I didn't catch and probably would have completely missed had I otherwise not read it. I read maybe two or three chapters a day. Probably because I end up rereading them if I don't understand that well. I'm not going understand everything but I want come out of it with a solid basic understanding. I just love reading it. I can't wait to do it for the New Testament too. Gonna come home being a wiz at it! Well hopefully! Maybe I will read about humility in some of the next chapters I read [Good idea, Dallin - MOM heehee!]

So here are some questions I came up with that I thought you might ask... So enjoy!

1. How is Ebeye? I LOVE Subway!!!! I mean Ebeye! Haha it is just a cool place with some amazing members and a lot of potential for growth in the church. Way better than Majuro for the time being. 
2. What food do they eat there? Well there aren't trees here and people fish but not like Majuro so a lot more rice and chicken. (And subway). But yeah we don't eat with people too much but if we do it is most likely rice and chicken. And Marshallese BBQ is soooo nice!!
3. Do you miss girlz? Yessssssssssss
4. Do you miss Chipotle? Mom.... Is the Book of Mormon true?
5. How's your companion? Elder Hix is the man. He's been in the islands for 11 weeks now and he's a champ at the language and he's kinda like me so we get along like best friends. Makes time go by really fast!
6. What do you do on pday? Fish, eat subway, volleyball, lift weights, jumbo around the island, think about subway, email, take majestic pix with Hix, and that's about it haha
7. How good are you at volleyball now? I only say I'm the best, cuz that's what everyone says... 
8. Humility..? Absolutely, I'm awesome because Heavenly Father made me awesome. 
9. What's the first thing you wanna do when you get home? Chipotle, drive a car and go to the movies. And see your sweet face
10. Is it hard being a missionary? Soooo hard. It has more ups than downs but the downs still exist. You just can't dwell there! It's a test of everything. Knowledge of the gospel when people ask me questions, patience with non progressing investigators, diligence in my studies, not being anxious 24/7, hope that everything is going well at home with you guys. The list goes on....
11. What are the blessings? Increased faith and knowledge that this is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth, deep patience and understanding of God's time, a huge sense of accomplishment, learning a completely unknown language, getting to know people and Elders from all over the world, the fact that this 2 years prepares me for anything and everything I will do in life, the time I have to get ripped.. And mostly just to help others begin to feel the love of their Heavenly Father and begin to feel the happiness I feel from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's a good time!
12. I will take you to Chipotle whenever you want when you get home? Ok I'm down with that
13. I love you. Okay mom that's not really a question but I love you too!!! You are the best thing in the world! I'm glad I'm your little boy!

Okay I'm out of questions but hopefully you enjoyed the question answer sesh haha everything is good here. No signs of slowing down just speeding up! Love you so much and in just a couple months I get to come home and give you the biggest hugs and kisses ever :) I know you miss those ;) love you mommy I will talk to you next week! Take care!

Elder Ingalls 

Elder Ingalls the Great 4-14-14

What's up suga? [What's with the new nickname? He sure makes me laugh, even from the other side of the world!] Ebeye is legit!! So we went fishing this morning and a dog jumped into the lagoon by the docks and I had to get in and rescue it... So yeah I was a hero! The water was super deep... Stupid dogs. The docks are huge though. Huge freighters come in and use them. I'll take some pics! That dog was gonna drown... but I saved it so yeah pretty intense morning!

Daxton is married... What? That's crazy! He emailed me a year ago right before he got home! I love that kid! The pictures I have seen really make him look like Brandt! Well at least what I remember of him! When does Tori get home? Idk when she left... Probably before I do.. Haha but I got 9 months left baby!! The more I hear about people and stuff back home the less excited I am to go home. It's just sucks like I'm so disappointed in some of my friends for what they are doing. I love them to death and I am no better, but some of the paths they are taking don't have light at the end... Idk I'm excited to come home but I'm scared that I'm just gonna judge everyone and just not fit in...

Macey looked wonderful in her prom pictures!!! So beautiful! And modest too! I don't wanna say anything because she knows what's right and not. I am living in a place where modesty is the bigger thing ever and it's such a cultural thing here. So seeing girls legs is like ohhhhhhhh super No No here!! No such thing as short shorts here. Girls don't need that to be hot and girls that know that are the best. A true beautiful girl can be attractive as anything. So tell Macey she looked amazing because it's true!

So yeah, this week has been solid as well. Lots of work and lots of fun. Everything is going well. This place is tied with Jenrok in terms if my favorite areas! So we'll see! The Subway and Burger King are pretty legit!!

We have 4 baptisms coming up Saturday the 26th!! They are all mission age boys and they are pumped and they are progressing so much. It's legit. I'm sure I've told you about this already, but it is so exiting!

Elder Hix is the man. I love working with him and he's awesome at the language. He's gonna be training soon I feel like - I wish I learned the language that fast! Him and I are trying super hard to get better and start memorizing scriptures and all that stuff. We're going hard. It's just a fun time working here with all the guys that are in Ebeye. I hope to be here for 4-5 months haha

So yeah it's been a good week. We get to watch General Conference this week and I'm working hard to read the Book of Mormon and learn as much as I can. I'm going slow and steady but it's awesome. Alma is a boss!!! It's awesome to read those stories and apply them to my life haha I hope to get super good with all the scriptures before I come home. Alright I gotta bounce now but I just wanna say I love you first! Have a good week! Love you cutie pie

Elder Ingalls the Great

Ps 9.5 shoe size is best. [He needs new tennis shoes because he wore holes in his!]
Pss Conner moved to Texas... Whaaaaa? Crazy kid hope it's successful!! Love you babe! [Well, now he's in Idaho but hard to keep it straight with Dallin!]

Love you Bubu (Letter to Grandma) 4-8-14

Grandma!! (Bubu!!) 

Haha that's how you say it in Marshallese! Pretty neat! Does Grandpa still go out to eat at that one place by the Salvation Army thrift store?? [No because it closed down] That place was good! I forgot what it's called! I think if I ate a big breakfast right now I would get sick! I usually just have oatmeal and a mango or something! And how was the car show?? I loveeee cars old and new and always loved going to those car shows!! I can't wait to be able to go to the back to the fifties one when I get home!!

It's so crazy that there is snow there still! I can't really even imagine what that would be like to be honest. I grew up my whole life with it then I miss a winter and forget it all! Haha just think after summer I'm gonna be home! I told you all that I would be right back!! Didn't I?! Haha it goes by fast!

I love working out here in my tiny island of Ebeye! The people out here are the nicest people I have ever met in my life! I wish I could end my mission here! I would absolutely love that. We have been here for just over two weeks and already have 7 baptisms planned out... I can't believe how prepared these people are for the gospel. They are so excited to get baptized and I am just so excited for them that they are so happy. This gospel is amazing. No other church can provide that kind of lasting happiness. This has got to be the true church on the earth today.

I emailed my mom my mailing address. Mail gets here faster because of the military base. I forget it so just ask her! Sorry I'm slow... Haha

This place is so fun! I hope to be able to come out here again someday!! Maybe bring some family and show them everything! I love these islands. I know that this was my plan all along to be here as a missionary. These people were made for me and I was made for them. There is no way that I'm just here randomly. It's from a true prophet. 

No don't you worry about me going hungry I can basically get Subway and Burger King whenever I want! Haha they are American prices too which is just dirt cheap! A dollar menu?? I forgot that that even existed! Haha I'm mind blown when I realized you can buy a burger for a dollar.... Just one dollar.......,. Wow. This place is special! Well I gotta bounce! Sorry I couldn't email longer! Hopefully you can read what I wrote to Mom and Dad. I wrote good stuff in all your emails so check them out if you can! I love you so much and can't wait to have your cookies and food and just be around you in just a few more months! Love you Bubu and Jima (grandpa) and everyone else!!! Talk to you soon! 

Love, Elder Eagle

They call me makkade pingpong. Which means expert.... 4-7-14 (Letter to Dad)

Yokwe Richard!!!

What's up man? Hope you are doing well and stuff. Ebeye is a sick place. Just gets me really pumped to be a missionary and just work super hard. I'm excited we've only been here 2 weeks and we have 6 baptismal dates for the 26th of this month and I think they will go through! They are all amazing investigators and lots if YSA age boys that hopefully can go out on missions!! They all want to so we're going hard to prepare them!  I'm just in love with the work and I'm just way pumped to go out and work everyday. I'm getting a ton out of my studies too. Reading that Book of Mormon still and just learning so much. Gaining a mighty testimony in that book. I have always had one but now it's just deeper and stronger. I love reading it and I look forward to much studies to just learn new stuff and just be awesome at that book. It's weird how all the other guys here are good at the book of Mormon too. It's cool to have conversations and ask like hard questions about it and we all just break it down. Haha it's fun. And also in the mornings have district language training out here!! We all teach each other stuff and were all getting way good at the language!! Elder Hix, my companion is legit at the language and he has been here for like 3 months! I guess technically I'm training him right now but not really at all. He's super smart and teaches all the lessons. He's from Wyoming! Just in a town outside of Rock Springs! I asked him what that billboard on the top of the mountain was and he said he didn't know! [The mystery of what that is has driven us crazy for years, I guess we still have to keep wondering!]

Anyways life is going well here. I'm living my mission. It's definitely hard but it's a good time and I'm learning and growing into the man that God intended me to be. I can believe I only have like 9 months left. It goes by too fast. I have a lot more work to do and a lot of growing still. Ebeye is a unique place. Just so many nice people and so kind. I don't feel like an outsider white person at all. They are just my family and friends here on the other side if heaven. I'm more than happy to be here. I'm excited to go home but I am really in no rush at the moment. Who knows, maybe next week I will just wanna come home. The way time is going it's just gonna fly.

Well sorry I didn't write too much this week. Email out here is expensive... But no worries I got you!! Tell everyone yokwe for me and I'll be right back! Love you Dad

Elder Ingalls
Ps they call me makkade pingpong. Which means expert....

Pss Conner is going to go in a mission. I had a dream and have just been really praying for him. I know his conversion needs to be deeper before he goes that's all. We need to help him do that. Don't worry!

Heavenly Father will never let a hard working missionary go hungry 4-6-2014

Ej jet am mour rainin?? Jerbal in elukkuun Emmon ippa im naij pulli jerbal nan ban!! 

It's so weird to think you don't understand that. I feel like that's just English and that's it's just so easy that everyone can just figure it out! Haha guess not.. Anyway, how's life this morning? Everything is going well with me and I just live it out here in Ebeye. It's a sweet place and the work out here is fast and super good. We have been here for two weeks and we have 7 baptismal dates and 5 of them are for the 26th! It could be a busy Saturday that's for sure! They all just seem so ready and prepared it's awesome! The members help out so much and just love taking care of the missionaries. I know that you guys are taking care of the missionaries back home in Blaine ward so Heavenly Father is returning the faver for me here in the Marshall Islands! Well, I might not be getting Chipotle and pizza but someone once said Heavenly Father will never let a hard working missionary go hungry. And boy that's true. The harder we work the more people feed us! Haha

But don't worry I'n not getting fat... Elder Hix and I, we are working out super hard. Running the island, doing push ups in the morning, eating healthy (including vegetables and fruit... I know who am I?) and just trying to get ripped out here! It's fun cuz Hix is super down to get ripped. He played college basketball and just schools everyone out here and I am decent at volleyball. So everyone knows us at the companionship that is amazing at basketball and volleyball. Haha it's pretty funny and cool to tell everyone. In the mornings on pdays we play and they are all just in shock.. Good times!

So yeah my investigators are all guys and 4 of them are like between 18-21 and they are all wanting to serve missions. It's so cool. The first lesson I had with a boy named Christopher, he told us that he's so excited to get baptized and afterwards he wants to come out and work with us and help us out. That was after the first lesson with him. So cool!! The next lesson with him his friend Lippin sat in on the lesson then said he wanted to study too and turned out he was even more excited and they said they wanna get baptized together! Then the branch president of the Marshallese branch in Oklahoma came to visit and gave us three referrals which were his nephews and they had been coming to church for awhile now and they said they wanted to get baptized next weekend! Haha we had to push it back so we could teach them and make sure they were ready but yeah those three were pumped up too! I swear The Lord is just putting these people in our paths. There are a few more guys we're studying with and they are all awesome. The members are the key. Make sure you help them out so they can write home telling their families how awesome the members of Blaine ward are!

So yeah I figured out were not allowed to go in Kwajalein because we don't have clearance but there is a phone at the checkpoint right in the dock and there is a magic number where if you call it, they will bring you Burger King, subway or Pizza Hut.... So yeah. Haha we have gone to Kwajalein for lunch quite a bit! I had a chocolate sundae and a burger and I think I was about to cry because it was only 2 dollars... A milkshake here on Ebeye would be 8 bucks... I remember thinking Blizzards from DQ back home were expensive being like 5-6 bucks.. Hahahaha that's like the best deal in the world. Sooo cheap!!!! I hope I don't get fat haha just kidding our money eventually runs out then we're on the fish and rice diet again... Gives us something to look forward to each month when we get money haha

For pday out here we have a ton of stuff to do, go fishing, boat to some outer islands, sports, bike out to guggigu, Kwajalein, BBQ. So much. It's fun cause we've got a great group of elders here on the island. I really enjoy it out here. Just so many people, so much fun. Everything about Ebeye is sick! I'm gonna try and send some memory cards home... I have some since October... I take a lot of pictures I just am too lazy to send them home. But I don't have them all backed up on that hard drive dad sent me! So all is safe and secure. I gotta bounce so I will just leave it off here with my testimony:

This church is a beautiful pathway to perfection. All other churches are good because they try their best to worship God is the best way they know, but our church has the fullness of the doctrine of Christ, and the restored priesthood power and authority to act in God's name. It is so obvious to me that this is Christ's church. I love being a member and being eternally perfected by my earthly struggles. I know that the simple gospel of Christ brings to pass immortality and that we can be with each other forever. And that makes me so happy to be here in the Marshall Islands testifying of that truth. People might not accept my message, but I can at least show them that I know it's true. 0 baptisms or 1000, doesn't matter as long as I continue to open my mouth and do my duty to God. It's so hard being a missionary and following the rules but I respect God and my leaders and because of that I am able to show my obedience. I know that there is a prophet today just like times of old. I know that God answers us if and when we but ask. I know that this church is true and I'm blessed for my service. I love you mommy
I'll be right back. 

Elder Ingalls 
Ps this is my mailing address. Check the zip code tho idk.. Okay love you bye!!
Pss... I need new work out shoes mine have holes in them. Just maybe some Nike tennis shoes like I had before. I need them to run!!! Thanks

PO Box 5939
Ebeye, MH 96970
Marshall Islands 

Psss answering your email... I'm so glad general conference was good with you guys and that Matt could come! Keep being awesome. I think it would be good if I talked to him so he could have a kid his age talking to him about it. And the facial hair... Haha I forgot my shaving stuff in Majuro and they don't seek it out here so I waiting for it! No worries tho! President saw and was impressed! Just kidding! He understood. If I could I would!!


The family is the strongest thing God has given us. 3-31-14

So yeah I'm not used to not getting any emails from you and Dad so that kinda threw me off. Never realized how much I looked forward to seeing you guys letters and stuff until I miss both of you guys! [His Pday switched from Monday to Tuesday and, with the time difference, we got confused and didn't email him in time! Oops!]

I'll keep it short this week I guess. Just wanna tell you guys I love you and am doing well. You guys help me out a ton and I pray for strength to keep working everyday, and your prayers for me are felt. That's for sure. I feel added strength everyday so I can go out and meet new people to share the gospel with. There are billions of people on this earth and there's no way Heavenly Father only wants 15 million of them saved. I know that's my purpose. I'm glad I have a Mission President who just has absolutely love for us and he understands were 20 year old kids. I'm trying my best and he does such a good job of being there for me on the mission. Just like you and Dad are there for me back home. The family is the strongest thing God has given us. 

You guys are awesome. I hope you are blessed for my hard work. I'm working hard for these people. I want so much for them. Sorry to keep it short but don't have much to say this week and nothing to build off of. Love you all hope to hear from you soon! Love you suga

Elder Ingalls 

You are the man!! 3-25-14

Hey dad! I'm emailing you now because I have a bit of time! The emailing is a bit harder to do out here and sometimes you have to go and then come back because the internet and computers are rough! So I have a time today to shoot you a quick email!

Ebeye is awesome. Like you said I put most of the details into mom's email. I wrote her a pretty long one! This place is legit! Could turn into one of my favorite areas I think! I work in the south side! There are 3 branches here and the members here and legit and really active!! It's awesome how friendly everyone is to us here too! They all are saying "welcome to Ebeye!" Haha it's funny because there are 15000 some thousand people on the island but they know when the new elders get there! I really like how packed it is. Just so much work here to do!! I called it the triple B's. Big, bronze, baptisms. Haha I wanna get big and super tan and help people progress! I'm gonna do all of those here!! Haha

And I don't know all the legistics for a stake right now or how many members and everything are here. But I know that it's close! The problems right now are tithing and priesthood attendance. I know they could do it with the people that have right now, but there are some who haven't got the priesthood and less actives and such that hold back the district from becoming a stake, but they are really strong out here the members and they want to be a stake so they are really proactive about it!

I'm excited to hear everyone is doing well serving their missions from our ward! These acts of service will bless Blaine ward in ways we don't even know. I know that our family is blessed for my service as well as Tanner's and Logan's. It's awesome. Just got to finish strong and do my best to fulfill my purpose. I am doing fine out here. I'm excited about the changes. I was able to have Subway then go have a whooper before I came to Ebeye! The base is difficult to get on to because you need clearance as stuff but members that work there are gonna hook me up if I give them some cash! I have a bit of the money you gave left. Should last me awhile. I really don't wanna get any more personal money because I just feel bad that I'm making you do that. I should try to live in the budget. It's difficult with expensive food and stuff and trying to eat healthy and not just rice and chicken haha but no worries about me. Someone once told me "Heavenly Father will never let a hard working missionary go hungry" and I know that's true! Haha doesn't mean I can have Subway everyday tho! Haha

Well I gotta bounce but I love you Dad! Sorry for the short emails but gotta write a little! You are the man!! Keep being awesome. Anij ippam

Elder Ingalls