Tuesday, May 20, 2014

They call me makkade pingpong. Which means expert.... 4-7-14 (Letter to Dad)

Yokwe Richard!!!

What's up man? Hope you are doing well and stuff. Ebeye is a sick place. Just gets me really pumped to be a missionary and just work super hard. I'm excited we've only been here 2 weeks and we have 6 baptismal dates for the 26th of this month and I think they will go through! They are all amazing investigators and lots if YSA age boys that hopefully can go out on missions!! They all want to so we're going hard to prepare them!  I'm just in love with the work and I'm just way pumped to go out and work everyday. I'm getting a ton out of my studies too. Reading that Book of Mormon still and just learning so much. Gaining a mighty testimony in that book. I have always had one but now it's just deeper and stronger. I love reading it and I look forward to much studies to just learn new stuff and just be awesome at that book. It's weird how all the other guys here are good at the book of Mormon too. It's cool to have conversations and ask like hard questions about it and we all just break it down. Haha it's fun. And also in the mornings have district language training out here!! We all teach each other stuff and were all getting way good at the language!! Elder Hix, my companion is legit at the language and he has been here for like 3 months! I guess technically I'm training him right now but not really at all. He's super smart and teaches all the lessons. He's from Wyoming! Just in a town outside of Rock Springs! I asked him what that billboard on the top of the mountain was and he said he didn't know! [The mystery of what that is has driven us crazy for years, I guess we still have to keep wondering!]

Anyways life is going well here. I'm living my mission. It's definitely hard but it's a good time and I'm learning and growing into the man that God intended me to be. I can believe I only have like 9 months left. It goes by too fast. I have a lot more work to do and a lot of growing still. Ebeye is a unique place. Just so many nice people and so kind. I don't feel like an outsider white person at all. They are just my family and friends here on the other side if heaven. I'm more than happy to be here. I'm excited to go home but I am really in no rush at the moment. Who knows, maybe next week I will just wanna come home. The way time is going it's just gonna fly.

Well sorry I didn't write too much this week. Email out here is expensive... But no worries I got you!! Tell everyone yokwe for me and I'll be right back! Love you Dad

Elder Ingalls
Ps they call me makkade pingpong. Which means expert....

Pss Conner is going to go in a mission. I had a dream and have just been really praying for him. I know his conversion needs to be deeper before he goes that's all. We need to help him do that. Don't worry!

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