Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You are the man!! 3-25-14

Hey dad! I'm emailing you now because I have a bit of time! The emailing is a bit harder to do out here and sometimes you have to go and then come back because the internet and computers are rough! So I have a time today to shoot you a quick email!

Ebeye is awesome. Like you said I put most of the details into mom's email. I wrote her a pretty long one! This place is legit! Could turn into one of my favorite areas I think! I work in the south side! There are 3 branches here and the members here and legit and really active!! It's awesome how friendly everyone is to us here too! They all are saying "welcome to Ebeye!" Haha it's funny because there are 15000 some thousand people on the island but they know when the new elders get there! I really like how packed it is. Just so much work here to do!! I called it the triple B's. Big, bronze, baptisms. Haha I wanna get big and super tan and help people progress! I'm gonna do all of those here!! Haha

And I don't know all the legistics for a stake right now or how many members and everything are here. But I know that it's close! The problems right now are tithing and priesthood attendance. I know they could do it with the people that have right now, but there are some who haven't got the priesthood and less actives and such that hold back the district from becoming a stake, but they are really strong out here the members and they want to be a stake so they are really proactive about it!

I'm excited to hear everyone is doing well serving their missions from our ward! These acts of service will bless Blaine ward in ways we don't even know. I know that our family is blessed for my service as well as Tanner's and Logan's. It's awesome. Just got to finish strong and do my best to fulfill my purpose. I am doing fine out here. I'm excited about the changes. I was able to have Subway then go have a whooper before I came to Ebeye! The base is difficult to get on to because you need clearance as stuff but members that work there are gonna hook me up if I give them some cash! I have a bit of the money you gave left. Should last me awhile. I really don't wanna get any more personal money because I just feel bad that I'm making you do that. I should try to live in the budget. It's difficult with expensive food and stuff and trying to eat healthy and not just rice and chicken haha but no worries about me. Someone once told me "Heavenly Father will never let a hard working missionary go hungry" and I know that's true! Haha doesn't mean I can have Subway everyday tho! Haha

Well I gotta bounce but I love you Dad! Sorry for the short emails but gotta write a little! You are the man!! Keep being awesome. Anij ippam

Elder Ingalls

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