Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The family is the strongest thing God has given us. 3-31-14

So yeah I'm not used to not getting any emails from you and Dad so that kinda threw me off. Never realized how much I looked forward to seeing you guys letters and stuff until I miss both of you guys! [His Pday switched from Monday to Tuesday and, with the time difference, we got confused and didn't email him in time! Oops!]

I'll keep it short this week I guess. Just wanna tell you guys I love you and am doing well. You guys help me out a ton and I pray for strength to keep working everyday, and your prayers for me are felt. That's for sure. I feel added strength everyday so I can go out and meet new people to share the gospel with. There are billions of people on this earth and there's no way Heavenly Father only wants 15 million of them saved. I know that's my purpose. I'm glad I have a Mission President who just has absolutely love for us and he understands were 20 year old kids. I'm trying my best and he does such a good job of being there for me on the mission. Just like you and Dad are there for me back home. The family is the strongest thing God has given us. 

You guys are awesome. I hope you are blessed for my hard work. I'm working hard for these people. I want so much for them. Sorry to keep it short but don't have much to say this week and nothing to build off of. Love you all hope to hear from you soon! Love you suga

Elder Ingalls 

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