Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Note to MOM

Thanks mom for being my mom. It’s hard to do I know!! I’m a handful, but you don’t worry about me.  I’m doing what I need to be doing.  I love you. I love you
I love you. I love you
I love you. I love you
I love you. I love you
I love you. I love you
I love you. I love you
I love you. I love you


Letter to my Friends!

Hey guys. I’m alive! So far. I hope you guys refer to my blog every now and then and see what I’m up to! If not, you will be hearing about it all the time when I come home. Everyone better brush up on their Marshallese and I’ll brush up on my English ;) shout out to all my friends. You guys are amazing. Special s/o to Luke Laberda for the dope letter I got!! You’ll get your response soon babe! and Geoff Francis for ALL the support and the letters!! Give me your Arizona mission address or mission email! I have no way to respond!!!!! I hope you guys are all doing your thing and living a good honorable life. I’ll be back too to whip everyone into shape :) feel free to write me or get me your addresses for I can write you guys. I’m down to write anyone :) I love you guys.

Love, Elder Eagle :)

[That's how the Marshallese people pronounce his last name! He actually got his Eagle in scouting so the name fits!]

We are Marshall

I think we get to email every 2 weeks now... it’s really sketchy and I don’t know like when we will.. but plan for every 2 weeks!! I hope you enjoyed my email home!! Don’t worry, I’m being obedient, maybe I should just stick with the spiritual stories!! But I’m doing my best to be a servant of God and represent Jesus Christ. I wish I could send home more pictures, but my USB doesn’t work on these computers and I don’t have a 2nd SD card yet to use while I send the other home. But don’t worry, I'm taking so bomb pics!! I also got your package today!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING I NEEDED AN MORE!! I didn’t expect to get all the stuff! I thought you would spread it out or something!! But that was amazing!! It’s hard to get some of those things out here :/ but I am doing well. I plan on using these boxes to hopefully send home a package soon!! I’m saving my money to do so!! I hope you know that I love and appreciate you so much. Everything you do for me is just amazing.

This next Sunday we are having a wedding!! Right on the shore of the lagoon!! Amazing!!!!!!! I'll be sure to take some pics! We might have a few baptisms coming up too!! It’s unreal how fast people change their lives when they hear the gospel! I’m almost done with my second time reading the Book of Mormon!! I’m going through and highlighting parts of the gospel of Jesus Christ one read at a time! I finished faith, I’m doing repentance now!! Next baptism and so forth!! I’m having the time of my life out here!! These people are really helping me!! My testimony is at an all-time high! The language is going well for me! The more comfortable I am with bwebwenato marshallese (conversational) the best I feel. It’s easy to speak... kinda... but it’s hard to understand with their accents and such. But I do better and better every day!! I’m glad I’m in really good shape right now too. The kids here think I’m ironman :) (they don’t know who he is, but I told them to call me that ;) ) they love to feel my muscles and have me flex for them :) it’s the funniest thing in the world!! I love being the elder they love :) and respect too :) I have convinced probably 3 Marshallese people that machetes are "lightsabers" and they use that word all the time and are so proud that they know a bit of English. The ones that do know some English are wayyyy shy about it! The work is good. I just sent a letter today. I hope you guys get it soon. It stinks its takes so long, but when I get transferred (if I ever do) to the east zone, we get to email once a week! Then things will calm down!! I hope you enjoy my emails they are so random. I try and plan out some stuff to say but sometimes I just feel like I’m rambling!! Sorry!!

Thanks again for that wonderful package!! I haven’t even been able to pull everything out and see what I got!! but thank you!!! The sunglasses = <3 <3 <3 <3 and the candy, and the string, and the PICS!!! Amazing!!! Thank you so much. I honestly am the happiest kid ever right now. You are awesome. Every mom needs to be like you or even half as good as you. I love it!!!! I don’t know if i have seen Maceys "boyfriend" (my next victim) yet! He better be as good looking as us Ingalls.... ;) just kidding! I hope she is having fun and she will learn and realize that 16 is a good age!! Sometimes people just need to find things out for themselves :/ but it’s gonna be okay :) thank you for the recipe!!! That was awesome!! Now I need to budget so I can get the ingredients!!! Maybe pancakes? Rice Krispies? Simple stuff!! and stuff that doesn’t take too many ingredients!! other than that, I don’t mind whatever recipe you think I should put on my diet :) I’m getting in amazing shape eating well, working out a lot and just biking sooo much!! [Who is this kid? He NEVER ate healthy and wouldn’t even look at vegetables when he lived at home! --MOM]

I just wanna share my testimony with you. I know this is the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ on earth today. I know it. I live it. I love it. I’m helping these people and they are helping me. I love this mission. I’m doing my best to be a great representative of Christ. It’s hard because I’m not perfect and obedience can be a struggle for me because I’m just down to do anything and have fun, but I need to focus that energy more on the gospel. The knowledge I have of the atonement is unreal. The gospel of Christ - I just love it. I wish I knew what I know now, back in high school... I’m just in love with this work. I know the atonement works. I use it on a daily basis. I have a deep passion for the Book of Mormon and the bible. I LOVE reading it!! Reading it at night was hard for me back home but now I couldn’t imagine only reading a page at a time... I’m talking like 15-20 pages!! and really try and understand it!! it’s so fun!! and being not-perfect, I can really relate to them :) I love this gospel. I know it blesses families! I love my family. I’m doing this for them, for me and for god :) this is my duty to God. We are Marshall. Amen J

Love, Dallin :) (Elder Ingalls 4/5) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Monday, April 8, 2013

First Pictures in the Field!

I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


i miss you so much. where do i even begin.... i got two letters from you guys and i got your package today!!! thank you so much it was amazing!!! its hard not being able to email all the time. i got like 34 emails.... so im just gonna write this one and hope i can answer everything. i planned out my email to you in my planner... haha so i know what points i want to cover!! i dont know how much i can write in this short time, but kon menin, my grammar and stuff will be horrible... and you can post it without editing it, but it just looks like YOUR son is an idiot... and it makes YOU look bad ;) so please edit ;) <3 <3 <3 haha i love you.

boy its weird typing on a computer. i have used computers basically everyday for YEARS!!! its weird!!! so... things about me...i LOVE raw fish. the Lord loosened my tongue on this one... and definitely killed some taste buds in the process! i can't believe I was such a picky eater all those years!  i have given 3 blessings out here in Marshallese... that was an amazing experience. the Lord just spoke right through me. it was as clear as English to me... unreal. our Bishop, answering dads questions has been a member since 87, was inactive for a bit, but is a strong member now!! his sons really help me with the language!! the food... raw fish = <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 so good. its like raw steak!! even though i forgot what a steak is... haha kool-aid on everything... i mean everything... haha try it on rice... its gross, but you start to like it after awhile haha, the members are amazing!! people feed us rice and chicken here... and thats it. haha but its good!! the elders are amazing here!!! some of my best friends!! Elder Watkins my companion, hes cool... i did an exchange with Elder Langrine, a Marshallese missionary, and i dont think i spoke English once that day. it was unreal. haha pretty amazing!! i can teach about all the lessons and such now, its just listening and understanding that is the hardest part but it will come with time!!

EMAILS ARENT EVERY FAST SUNDAY. ITS THE FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH WHICH CAN BE MORE EVERY ONCE AND AWHILE!! i didn't email last week because we didnt go into town!! i might be able to email like every 2 weeks!! who knows!! our area is massssssive. my bike broke so we had to walk it... boy did that stink but it was awesome. we are part of the Laura Ward, and there are 6 elders in it. well 4 elders and 2 sisters!! the sisters are awesome and they think im hilarious because i screw up my Marshallese all the time... maybe they think im doing it on purpose?? haha who knows.

Tanner: when are you getting married? who are you getting married to? where is your 300c? and are you killin it at BYU?? quit being weird too.. Geoff and Bunji told me stories!!

Conner: congrats on fall/winter semester!! be a good boy starting now. enjoy life while you are still a child ;) and read the B O M and preach my gospel before you serve!! it will help you out. take care of my baby for me btw too. love you

Macey..... uhhh boyfriend?? classic... just classic... way to get one when i leave the earth... ill be back... he better be a bro or im gonna kill him... seriously. he better treat you well or im on the next flight home.. but shhh dont tell president shaw ;)

logan: waanmanlok wot!!! your almost done!!! dang bro. its unreal that you are finishing up!! keep it real. work hard. come home with honor. cuz its gonna be alot harder when you get home!!

PLEASE SEND ME SIMPLE RECIPES!!! A FEW FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER!!! rice krispies too!! one p-day i taught everyone how to play bochee ball... but with coconuts.... its a huge game now and everyone wants to play with us after lessons!!! its awesome. its so relaxed out here but we get hard work done!! might have a baptismal interview this saturday!! im taking the lead in lessons and such. working my hardest to learn the language and help these people, but they are helping me. i love every second of it.

also living here has made me waterproof... and i consider us missionaries rescue teams :) we have really been doing work with less actives out here!! man this is just so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TO MY FRIENDS: I'm alive... barely ;) nah im just kidding. thanks for all your guys love and support. s/o to my friends that have sent me letter and packages and have been thinking about me. i think about you guys everyday. shoot your addresses to my mom so i can write you! i promise i will!! i still know English.... kinda :) marshallese is better though haha i miss you guys.  EVERYONE WRITE ME LETTERS FOR MY BIRTHDAY IN MAY. well.. its my half birthday... but im still expecting quite a bit from you guys!! s/o to Geoff and Bunji for their mission calls!!! ***Geoff*** GOD SURE DID BLESS THE USA! im gonna leave it at that. you kill it there man. haha i cant believe its been three months already... couple more emails home and i will be coming home!! keep it real. do good things. read. pray. attend church.

i make stove top popcorn all the time, i make kool-aid and freeze it then have slushies. very high tech ;) we have a bowflex in our apartment and im getting JACKED!!! i juggle rocks and the people here crowd around me!!! s/o LOGAN FALCK for being with me when i learned!! i miss you HULK :) an 18 yr old girl legit asked me to be married.... and she tells everyone that we are.... my heart is locked while im here ;) i also got to name a dog!! I named him chocolate! the people here cant pronounce it so they say coco. Major s/o to COCO MEADE!!! a dog in majol is named after you! i also wrestle kids all the time. one guy said if i wreastled him and won, he would start studying with us. i owned him :) i also held an ipod.... that was weird... haha touch screeens.... i barely even remember owning one...

i wish i could just send you my journal and call it good. im about 90 pages into it!! so congrats to me!! everything is going well for me. im doing my best to fulfill my purpose. i hope you enjoyed my email!! im gonna go through and try and answer more questions and figure out how to send pics!! i love you guys!!! LOVEYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU MOMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN A BIT. I'M STILL GONNA BE RIGHT BACK.

love, Elder Ingalls 3/4 ....3/5 (including dad)

ps. if you sent cannery hot choclate... i would cry... or instant potatos!!!!!!!!!!!!
pss i love you.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Three steps to a better day—Dallin-style

Dear Family,                                                                                     March 17, 2013

Yokwe, it’s Sunday today and P-Day is tomorrow, so I thought I could write a letter so I can send it when I go to town tomorrow!  Trying to give you the most updated news on what’s going on with me!  It’s going great out here.  The language is so hard, most days I feel like I don’t understand anything, but I pick out words and try and grasp the meaning of it.  I never realized how incredibly tiring it is to bike 10-12 miles a day!  I know the missionaries back home probably know about that…  but with it being 85-90 degrees…  I’m sweating like no other….  I have a nice tan though!  Maybe the last week of my mission I will tan for a couple days and even it out!  You guys all will look like ghosts!  My stomach is as white as my Sunday shirt!  But, not really any sunburns yet!  I’m a ri-major (Marshallese) so of course there aren’t any sunburns with me.  Hahahaha.  That sentence made no sense.
FoB = Fresh off Boat; a term we use for when we use Marshallese grammar with English words!  FoB!  Bet you can point that out a lot in my writing!  The other day I jammed my finger and I yelled, “My finger pain!”  Haha, that was probably the best FoB I have ever done!  After you learn a bit of Marshallese, it’s fun to mess with the people and teach them wrong English words!
I taught them that “eno” which means “delicious” is “disgusting”, so when they like a food, they say it’s disgusting!  Hahahaha, it’s amazing!  Sometimes, I will teach them that it means something else!  So… I was thinking about throwing my letters in a bottle and see if they would work, so I found a bottle, threw in the ocean as far as I could… (Probably 2 football fieldsJ)… or so…haha, and it ended coming back within a few minutes.  So I’m not gonna risk it!  So airmail it is!
I was wrong when I email, I believe it’s the first P-Day of the month… So not necessarily after Fast Sunday!  So hopefully I get some e-mails April 1st!  If I were you I would send little updates in e-mail once a week, or questions, etc.  And still mail letters!  I haven’t got any that recently!  I need some!  But I’m sure they are coming!  The mission office gets them, and then eventually they get to us on Sundays or P-Day!  It’s a long wait, but with the amount of patience I’m receiving! (a lot), I know this is good for me!  It will come someday.  That’s basically all I can say!  So Watkins went out teaching with the Bishop and I stayed with his son…he didn’t speak a word of English to me even though he knows it…  We had some pretty silent moments, but wow, did I grow.  You learn a lot when you are forced to use it!  It’s fun, learning the language is like a game to me and I want to do my best and win!  I’m gonna start working really hard at it.
Kinda weird… last time I had fast food was two months ago…  I miss McDonalds and Chipotle!  But, they are waiting for me!  Which is good!  My favorite food out here… (I’m not lying) is lime-salted raw fish.  Wow it’s good!  I can’t eat a lot, but I do like it!  I don’t have those exotic foods as much as I thought.  We usually eat with members two or three times a week.  When we eat at home, we usually have spaghetti (Dallin-style, no sauce), chicken, rice, tons of peanut butter, more rice…  and toast.  Toast for every meal!  I haven’t weighed myself yet, but I guarantee I have not gained a single pound out here!  Few missionaries do, according to President Shaw.
I never thought I would gain such a love for reading.  When your library is limited, the stuff you can read, you read over and over again, which is good.  We got to read Seminary manuals and some BYU religion-history books.  It’s awesome!  I learn a lot.  It’s nice that I have time on my mission to read about that stuff, because after I know I would be busy!  I learn a lot of cool stuff!  Like stupid reasons members left the church, one—Joseph Smith spelled their name wrong in an announcement…Dang.  Crazy what people got offended by!
I love all the cats and dogs that are here.  Little month-old cats and dogs and chicks are everywhere.  Holding them is so therapeutic!  I love it.  Basically every day I get to hold cute little puppies and kittens.  It’s neat.  I’m not homesick, but I do miss you guys so much.  I think about you guys a lot.  I miss being in the comfort of my friends and language, but I’m growing so much because of it.  I hope to get a letter from you guys soon!  I wanna hear from you soon!  But I can wait! ß (see, I’m patient now!)  I love you guys a lot and I think and pray for you daily!  Stay safe in Minnesota.  The Church is true here in the Marshall Islands!  Send my love to my friends!  Post all the funny stuff on my blog or something.  Read the scriptures every day, bear your testimony once a day, and never start your day without prayer!  Three steps to a better day—Dallin-style.
With love, Elder Dallin Ingalls (3.0+) P.S.  I love you!

The humidity sealed all of my evelopes shut!

Richard!!!                                                                                 March 15, 2013

*Send old church magazines! (If you can)  The people out here LOVE church magazines, but don’t/can’t get them. L*  I gave you guys a ton of good ideas for my NEXT package. J  Love you!
Refer to Mom’s letter—that’s all.

Haha, just kidding!  Yours and Mom’s letters are basically a part 1 and part 2 kind of letter.  So I wrote Mom’s first and yours I’m writing second!  So read both!  I told Mom a lot of stuff in hers!  But I’ve got some cool stories left for you!  So the “beached boat” that Mom or I mentioned before isn’t in my area, but it’s in Ajeltake which is just the next area to the east!  So for zone/district meetings, we pass by it!  And on low tide, there is NO water around the boat and high tide there are probably 3 to 5 feet!  It’s all a big mystery as to how it got there!  I hope to send pictures of it home if I can get some sometime!  Maybe on a low tide day I can run out there and take a picture next to it!  It’s awesome!  And once you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about!
Life’s pretty funny, all the little kids here are absolutely obsessed with my retainer!  They all want to put it in their mouths!  Learned that the hard way!  Sooooo….  Do you remember that 6’ x 6’ tent we got for that bike trip?! (to Duluth)  And how small it was?  Yeah…We taught a lesson in a house that was about that size.  Probably smaller to be honest.  It was raining, so we had to go inside of it…  There were four people crammed into it!  Ahhh, that was cozy.  Most houses in my area are about the size of my bedroom at home.  Nobody has furniture; they all sit on the ground.  Or, they have a Marshallese chair (coconut) haha and they eat with their fingers…  Everything with their fingers.  They have what I’d say are the closest thing to faming hot Cheetos as it gets, that they sprinkle with fruit punch Kool-Aid packets and shake up and eat…  Yes it’s different, but I’m semi-in-love with it!!  It tricks the mouth into thinking it’s sweet but there’s no sugar, and its spicy.  It’s good!  Hehe, maybe my taste buds are dead…. Nope… I still hate lettuce and peas!  They don’t really have that out here though, so thank goodness!
I started reading the Book of Mormon on 3-3-13 and I’m already 280 pages into it!  Hopefully, by the time you get this, I will be finishing it up!  Or done!  Who knows!  I’m excited to finish it!  I read it once through in college because I had to.  Now I’m reading it because I want to and it’s amazing!  I actually care about learning about what’s going on and relating it to my investigators!    It’s awesome!  I want to try and read it every transfer on my mission.  I know that’s all but it would only help me!  I might take a break and read the New Testament, too, though.  It’s hard, because we aren’t here to teach about the Bible.  Yes, it’s good, but it’s not enough.  The Book of Mormon and the Bible complement each other.  It’s like bowling five frames…  You just don’t do that!!!  Especially if you are really good at bowling!
So…funny story.  The humidity out here sealed all of my envelopes shut…  So, if you get some that look opened and taped back shut, that’s why!  I thought someone came and licked all of my envelopes shut!
So today we asked this lady if we could help her with anything (all Marshallese people say no) and this old lady said yes and we were really pumped and we said, “What can we do?” and she said she wants two new rooms built on to her house!  So in the next couple of days we’re gonna build two new rooms on to her house!  Basically, her house is the size of our two-car garage, and we are going to extend it to be three cars!  So the small side!  I’m excited!!!  We have no idea what we’re doing either!  But she’s getting some lumber, tin, and nails for us to get to work!  Ahhh, I’m so excited!  She said she has some crafts for us when we finish!  Sounds like a good trade off to me!
I don’t think I have mentioned to you and Mom about my freezing cold showers yet, huh!  Yep, no warm showers for two years…  There is just one temperature.  Freezing.  It’s refreshing after you get used to it!
Today, some lessons fell through so we jumbo-ed (walk around, explore, wander) and we took some really awesome pictures!  I’m excited for you to see them!  As much as I love Sweden and Czech, the pictures there, they just aren’t as good as these ones from Paradise!  I should be sending home my card too!  Soon.  I just need to transfer them over to my flash drive!  Which I could probably do soon!
Everything is going well here!  Hopefully you and Mom can hook me up with those things I mentioned!  Or just a few, ambebe (your choice).  But they would all help me a lot!  I hope you enjoyed my stories and such!  I’m being a good boy out here—I wear my retainer every day!  The Church is true!  I hope you are loving life as much as I am right now!  There is just so much to be happy about!  Say hi to everyone for me!  Share my stories!  Tell me stories!  Send pictures of Thundershock!  What’s that white stuff that falls from the sky?  Oh, yeah, snow---yuck.  Is there any left?  Is it sad that I think 75 degrees is freezing???  Yes, I’m lame.  It’s only going to get worse.  Try not to tell Art…  Hah, I love you Dad!  You keep it real in MN.  If I can help with anything, let me know!
Love, Elder Ingalls (3.0J)

Crazy how this mission is tailor-made to me

Mommy!                                                                                                 March 14, 2013

Ah, there is so much I want to tell you!  I wish I could get it all out in my email, but I can only email once a month!  The chances of me being in Arrak for the first 12 weeks are pretty high!  Mainly because I’m with my trainer, but who knows what will happen!  I don’t know if you will get this before I email you next or not!  Hopefully snail mail doesn’t take too long!  Better than most foreign places in the world!  That’s for sure!
In the two weeks that I have been here, I have read 280 pages of the Book of Mormon!  Probably by the time you get this I’ll be done or really close!  Sometimes it’s hard to write because I don’t have anything to respond to yet!  I try my best to guess the questions you have and answer them!  We teach a ton of lessons a day.  It’s awesome.  The more obedient we are in waking up on time, daily personal and companionship study, the more we show the Lord that we are ready and prepared to teach His people.  And because of that, we end up teaching more lessons and having better days!  So that really motivates us to work hard!
It’s going to be sooo much more fun out here when I start understanding the language.  I know it comes with time!  I try my best not to get frustrated with it.  I like the challenge.  Just give it a few months and I will be set.  It’s not hard, but the way they all speak is hard to catch up on!  Crazy to think that I’ve been out here for two weeks, been on my mission for two months…  Pretty soon it will be two years.  It’s going by pretty fast.  Again, once I know the language it will be so much faster!
Did Conner and Ricky enjoy spring break out in Utah?!  I hope they did!  I hope they got to chill with Lorenzo and Geoff, too!  I miss them and BYU!  Can’t wait to go back after the mission!  I’m glad I went out in the summer.  Things would be a ton different if I didn’t.  That’s for sure.  I’m glad I’m out on my mission at this time, too!  Any later would have been hard on me!  Crazy how everything fell into place the way it did!  My handwriting may not be any better, but at least it’s smaller and a bit more neat!  So I can write you more!  Writing letters after a while becomes pretty therapeutic for me!  I’ve written a bunch of people out here, but usually we don’t have a way to send them out right away.  So I write a letter, then it sits on my desk for a couple days.  But all I have is time out here.  My level of patience is unreal!  You wouldn’t even recognize me when it comes to patience!  Crazy how this mission is tailor-made to me.  I know all of us boys’ missions are!  Please wish Conner, Dad, and Macey a very, very happy birthday for me!  I’ll be able to email on the 1st of April probably, so depending on when you get this and such.
I’m collecting a bunch of cool shells to send you guys!  There are some pretty amazing ones out here!  I want to make you guys some stuff, so if in your next package, you want to send me bracelet/necklace things, and fishing line, that would be amazing.  I guess I have some other needs/wants/desires that would be amazing if you sent to me, because everything is rather expensive out here.  So maybe in the next package or two you could send me a new belt, 1-2 casual shirts to work out in, MORE PICTURES!!! (Thundershock included), some church music CDs (the ones Tanner got me for Christmas last year!), a study journal for notes, some candy (Sprees!!!), 1-2 cheap $5-$10 watches (that aren’t Velcro!!!), sunglasses, AA and AAA batteries, and if you send Gs, make them smalls!  I know that’s a lot of stuff, but little by little, I do need it!  And most of that stuff is really expensive out here so it would be best to send it!  Thanks!!
Anyway, I’m doing amazing out here.  The first of anything is hard.  But I’m getting the hang of it!  You’ll need to update me with all my friends’ mission calls!  I bet there are a lot!  Definitely Geoff and Bunji should have theirs by now!  It’s killing me that I don’t get to know by now!  But it’s all good!  I’m just really excited for them!  If it helps, when you send a package, include an SD card full of pictures and I can transfer it to my 16Gb flash drive then use that SD card in my camera, fill it up and send it back!  I’m having a grand time out here!  Don’t worry about me, I’m in good hands (The Lord’s hands!).  With all the studying and planning I do out here, I’m going to be set for life!  Studying is something I never really had to be good at or even do—so coming on a mission and having four hours of it a day get to be a lot!  Hopefully, I get really good at it in the next two years so I can do really well at BYU!
I know time is constant, but it feels like it’s going so fast!  The other day we were finding and we decided to go talk to the only American house in our area… They were Jehovah’s Witnesses… Uhh…that was fun.  I feel bad for the people who do not have the Gospel in their lives.  Hopefully they accept it in this life or in the life to come!  That was a real testimony builder, that’s for sure.  Every boy needs to serve a mission.  I hope Conner has that desire!  I know going to BYU will be awesome for him!  Make sure to tell me what track he gets on!  Tell me stories!  Say hi to Steve, take him to church again!  I love you all!  Oh yeah, wish Sara a happy birthday for me too!  Much love!  Hugs and kisses!  I miss my Mommy J  Heeheehee.  I LOVE YOU! 
--Elder Dallin Ingalls (3.0)  P.S. I love you!

Three new letters came in the mail!

Once they are typed up, I will add them! So much fun!
Dallin is doing great and keeping busy and he has lots of stories to tell!
Love, MOM