Monday, April 1, 2013

Crazy how this mission is tailor-made to me

Mommy!                                                                                                 March 14, 2013

Ah, there is so much I want to tell you!  I wish I could get it all out in my email, but I can only email once a month!  The chances of me being in Arrak for the first 12 weeks are pretty high!  Mainly because I’m with my trainer, but who knows what will happen!  I don’t know if you will get this before I email you next or not!  Hopefully snail mail doesn’t take too long!  Better than most foreign places in the world!  That’s for sure!
In the two weeks that I have been here, I have read 280 pages of the Book of Mormon!  Probably by the time you get this I’ll be done or really close!  Sometimes it’s hard to write because I don’t have anything to respond to yet!  I try my best to guess the questions you have and answer them!  We teach a ton of lessons a day.  It’s awesome.  The more obedient we are in waking up on time, daily personal and companionship study, the more we show the Lord that we are ready and prepared to teach His people.  And because of that, we end up teaching more lessons and having better days!  So that really motivates us to work hard!
It’s going to be sooo much more fun out here when I start understanding the language.  I know it comes with time!  I try my best not to get frustrated with it.  I like the challenge.  Just give it a few months and I will be set.  It’s not hard, but the way they all speak is hard to catch up on!  Crazy to think that I’ve been out here for two weeks, been on my mission for two months…  Pretty soon it will be two years.  It’s going by pretty fast.  Again, once I know the language it will be so much faster!
Did Conner and Ricky enjoy spring break out in Utah?!  I hope they did!  I hope they got to chill with Lorenzo and Geoff, too!  I miss them and BYU!  Can’t wait to go back after the mission!  I’m glad I went out in the summer.  Things would be a ton different if I didn’t.  That’s for sure.  I’m glad I’m out on my mission at this time, too!  Any later would have been hard on me!  Crazy how everything fell into place the way it did!  My handwriting may not be any better, but at least it’s smaller and a bit more neat!  So I can write you more!  Writing letters after a while becomes pretty therapeutic for me!  I’ve written a bunch of people out here, but usually we don’t have a way to send them out right away.  So I write a letter, then it sits on my desk for a couple days.  But all I have is time out here.  My level of patience is unreal!  You wouldn’t even recognize me when it comes to patience!  Crazy how this mission is tailor-made to me.  I know all of us boys’ missions are!  Please wish Conner, Dad, and Macey a very, very happy birthday for me!  I’ll be able to email on the 1st of April probably, so depending on when you get this and such.
I’m collecting a bunch of cool shells to send you guys!  There are some pretty amazing ones out here!  I want to make you guys some stuff, so if in your next package, you want to send me bracelet/necklace things, and fishing line, that would be amazing.  I guess I have some other needs/wants/desires that would be amazing if you sent to me, because everything is rather expensive out here.  So maybe in the next package or two you could send me a new belt, 1-2 casual shirts to work out in, MORE PICTURES!!! (Thundershock included), some church music CDs (the ones Tanner got me for Christmas last year!), a study journal for notes, some candy (Sprees!!!), 1-2 cheap $5-$10 watches (that aren’t Velcro!!!), sunglasses, AA and AAA batteries, and if you send Gs, make them smalls!  I know that’s a lot of stuff, but little by little, I do need it!  And most of that stuff is really expensive out here so it would be best to send it!  Thanks!!
Anyway, I’m doing amazing out here.  The first of anything is hard.  But I’m getting the hang of it!  You’ll need to update me with all my friends’ mission calls!  I bet there are a lot!  Definitely Geoff and Bunji should have theirs by now!  It’s killing me that I don’t get to know by now!  But it’s all good!  I’m just really excited for them!  If it helps, when you send a package, include an SD card full of pictures and I can transfer it to my 16Gb flash drive then use that SD card in my camera, fill it up and send it back!  I’m having a grand time out here!  Don’t worry about me, I’m in good hands (The Lord’s hands!).  With all the studying and planning I do out here, I’m going to be set for life!  Studying is something I never really had to be good at or even do—so coming on a mission and having four hours of it a day get to be a lot!  Hopefully, I get really good at it in the next two years so I can do really well at BYU!
I know time is constant, but it feels like it’s going so fast!  The other day we were finding and we decided to go talk to the only American house in our area… They were Jehovah’s Witnesses… Uhh…that was fun.  I feel bad for the people who do not have the Gospel in their lives.  Hopefully they accept it in this life or in the life to come!  That was a real testimony builder, that’s for sure.  Every boy needs to serve a mission.  I hope Conner has that desire!  I know going to BYU will be awesome for him!  Make sure to tell me what track he gets on!  Tell me stories!  Say hi to Steve, take him to church again!  I love you all!  Oh yeah, wish Sara a happy birthday for me too!  Much love!  Hugs and kisses!  I miss my Mommy J  Heeheehee.  I LOVE YOU! 
--Elder Dallin Ingalls (3.0)  P.S. I love you!

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