Monday, April 22, 2013

We are Marshall

I think we get to email every 2 weeks now... it’s really sketchy and I don’t know like when we will.. but plan for every 2 weeks!! I hope you enjoyed my email home!! Don’t worry, I’m being obedient, maybe I should just stick with the spiritual stories!! But I’m doing my best to be a servant of God and represent Jesus Christ. I wish I could send home more pictures, but my USB doesn’t work on these computers and I don’t have a 2nd SD card yet to use while I send the other home. But don’t worry, I'm taking so bomb pics!! I also got your package today!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING I NEEDED AN MORE!! I didn’t expect to get all the stuff! I thought you would spread it out or something!! But that was amazing!! It’s hard to get some of those things out here :/ but I am doing well. I plan on using these boxes to hopefully send home a package soon!! I’m saving my money to do so!! I hope you know that I love and appreciate you so much. Everything you do for me is just amazing.

This next Sunday we are having a wedding!! Right on the shore of the lagoon!! Amazing!!!!!!! I'll be sure to take some pics! We might have a few baptisms coming up too!! It’s unreal how fast people change their lives when they hear the gospel! I’m almost done with my second time reading the Book of Mormon!! I’m going through and highlighting parts of the gospel of Jesus Christ one read at a time! I finished faith, I’m doing repentance now!! Next baptism and so forth!! I’m having the time of my life out here!! These people are really helping me!! My testimony is at an all-time high! The language is going well for me! The more comfortable I am with bwebwenato marshallese (conversational) the best I feel. It’s easy to speak... kinda... but it’s hard to understand with their accents and such. But I do better and better every day!! I’m glad I’m in really good shape right now too. The kids here think I’m ironman :) (they don’t know who he is, but I told them to call me that ;) ) they love to feel my muscles and have me flex for them :) it’s the funniest thing in the world!! I love being the elder they love :) and respect too :) I have convinced probably 3 Marshallese people that machetes are "lightsabers" and they use that word all the time and are so proud that they know a bit of English. The ones that do know some English are wayyyy shy about it! The work is good. I just sent a letter today. I hope you guys get it soon. It stinks its takes so long, but when I get transferred (if I ever do) to the east zone, we get to email once a week! Then things will calm down!! I hope you enjoy my emails they are so random. I try and plan out some stuff to say but sometimes I just feel like I’m rambling!! Sorry!!

Thanks again for that wonderful package!! I haven’t even been able to pull everything out and see what I got!! but thank you!!! The sunglasses = <3 <3 <3 <3 and the candy, and the string, and the PICS!!! Amazing!!! Thank you so much. I honestly am the happiest kid ever right now. You are awesome. Every mom needs to be like you or even half as good as you. I love it!!!! I don’t know if i have seen Maceys "boyfriend" (my next victim) yet! He better be as good looking as us Ingalls.... ;) just kidding! I hope she is having fun and she will learn and realize that 16 is a good age!! Sometimes people just need to find things out for themselves :/ but it’s gonna be okay :) thank you for the recipe!!! That was awesome!! Now I need to budget so I can get the ingredients!!! Maybe pancakes? Rice Krispies? Simple stuff!! and stuff that doesn’t take too many ingredients!! other than that, I don’t mind whatever recipe you think I should put on my diet :) I’m getting in amazing shape eating well, working out a lot and just biking sooo much!! [Who is this kid? He NEVER ate healthy and wouldn’t even look at vegetables when he lived at home! --MOM]

I just wanna share my testimony with you. I know this is the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ on earth today. I know it. I live it. I love it. I’m helping these people and they are helping me. I love this mission. I’m doing my best to be a great representative of Christ. It’s hard because I’m not perfect and obedience can be a struggle for me because I’m just down to do anything and have fun, but I need to focus that energy more on the gospel. The knowledge I have of the atonement is unreal. The gospel of Christ - I just love it. I wish I knew what I know now, back in high school... I’m just in love with this work. I know the atonement works. I use it on a daily basis. I have a deep passion for the Book of Mormon and the bible. I LOVE reading it!! Reading it at night was hard for me back home but now I couldn’t imagine only reading a page at a time... I’m talking like 15-20 pages!! and really try and understand it!! it’s so fun!! and being not-perfect, I can really relate to them :) I love this gospel. I know it blesses families! I love my family. I’m doing this for them, for me and for god :) this is my duty to God. We are Marshall. Amen J

Love, Dallin :) (Elder Ingalls 4/5) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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