Sunday, January 5, 2014

Help Pray for Rain - 1-5-2014 (Happy New Year!!!!!!)

Well... All I can say is I can't believe it's already January. What the heck, time flies! This time last year I was freaking out about leaving for 2 years and now I'm freaking out about coming home in a year. I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do with myself when I get home... It's weird. I was just thinking about it... It's like playing tennis all day everyday for two years straight, but literally do nothing else. Wake up study's about it and practice then go play all day, then plan about playing tomorrow. 2 years of hardcore training and then after 2 years, quit, and never play tennis again. That's gonna be jacked up. I know I will always be a member missionary and stuff but you know what I mean. No more hard core training and language stuff after 2 years of it is gonna mess me up hard. Tanner and Logan I don't think we're too bad but they also had technology and stuff similar to home. For me... Haha it's gonna be legit. There are rumors of me going to Ailinglaplap which is an outer island here! Nothing is final but I will know in the next 3-4 weeks! If I do, it'll will be "see you in June" cuz they don't have internet there!
My quote of the week: I will be more perfected in 2 years of trials and hardship than in a lifetime without them.
This week was legit! New Years here was pretty crazy! They blocked off their only road and had a huge block party with like the whole island on it! It was so bomb! Awesome fun, they had a live band and tons and tons of booths for stuff! Way fun and they had some fireworks!!! I was so bwilon kake!!! (Amazed) it was a way good week. This week was good with me. We did some serious work and had some serious fun! We went to the ward New Years party and we, the Elders did a dance and we did the dance to the chacha slide... Haha it was fun, they don't know English so they didn't realize that the song literally tells us what to do! Elder Faleono and me got 4 investigators and 16 less actives to come back to church today! It was huge!! There were almost 200 people at church!!! It was crazy I was pumped!!! Dang that was so cool. I felt like one of the best missionaries ever!! Haha I know it's not me but still! It also helps that church is at 1 now! Haha everyone wants to come then!
So it hasn't really rained here for almost 3 weeks.... Haha that's when the no bathing for a day or 2 or 5 comes into play! Haha and the laundrymats are out so we get the blessing of doing out laundry while we take showers! Haha pretty soon if it doesn't rain here in the next week we get to shower in the lagoon! This island really needs water so help pray for rain! Haha I'm really getting pumped for all the new things that are happening! 7 new elders come at the end of this month and 13 new elders come the end of February! About half the missionaries in the Marshall Islands are going to be under 3 months old by the time march comes! That's crazy to think about! These kiddies are so young!!! It's hard for me to remember the days a year ago when I didn't know one word of Marshallese! I feel like it was always a part of me and that I always knew it! Haha pretty weird because I read in my journal just 6 months back and I read about how frustrated I was not ever knowing what was going on or what was being spoken!! I'm not fluent but I'm on a quick path to get there! I really am challenging myself to learn it faster and better. I try to learn 10 new words a day and force myself to speak Marshallese to my companion even though it's so frustrating for us to tell stories and everything because we're American. Desire is the drive. 
How are the boys liking it in Utah? Are they all moved in! I hope their apartment is better than Tanner's apartment when I was there. That place was pretty small. It's crazy to think that now, that place is large compared to where I live and the houses the people have here! This mission is really humbling me in that fact. I feel a lot more fortunate to have what I have.
Jenrok is my favorite area so far [He seems to say that about every one of his areas!]. The members are the nicest, there are a lot of investigators, and I am just happy to be here. It helps that I know enough of the language to make jokes and just have fun so the people really open up to me then it's easy to teach them and for them to be accepting and really feel the Spirit. I think that each area I have next is gonna be my favorite because I am just getting better at communicating with people and being a better missionary. I want to go to an outer island, but I love Jenrok so much right now I really wanna stay here for another couple of months too! Who knows?
How's everything going at home?? You guys all sounded so good on the Skype. I'm glad it worked out wonderfully. I am writing all these  emails before checking mine so I don't know what questions you are gonna ask so I will send this and then maybe send a smaller one! How does Macey like being the princess of the house now? Give it a year and daddy D [I guess this means, him?] is back in town to run that place again haha 
S/O to the friends and family also. You guys are amazing. I think about you guys a lot and I spend a lot of my days telling these people of some people who's skin is whiter than soap all the stories and the things I did back home with them! They are amazed when I show them pics of Justice or Duke cuz they all think just white people live there! Well, Justice is like the whitest black person I know... haha hopefully he reads that. And someone ask Duke if he ever got my letter.. I probably sent it to the wrong penthouse.... My b. anyways to my friends I love all you guys. I hope you guys are all doing well. Miss you all bunches. This time next year I hope you guys will be getting ready to party and celly my coming home again. Haha see you all in a couple
To the ward: yokwe family :) how's the best ward in the world doing?? I miss you all! I hope you guys can recognize this little brown kid coming home talking funny next year! I haven't quite forgetten English yet but my family says otherwise! I hope you all individually are doing well. See the missionaries around? Take advantage of those guys, feed them, drive them, work with them, make them work harder!! It took me being a missionary to realize the importance of missionary work... Don't follow that lead. Just get out and do it. I spend two years of my life with a name badge serving The Lord when in reality I will take off that badge, but continue doing the things I'm doing right now for the rest of my life. So take part, and do your part! I love you all. See you guys soon. I'm gonna be right back. 
Okay back to you mom! I just wanna write you a mushy love letter cuz you are cute and deserve some love for your favorite son :) I just wanna tell you how much I love and adore you mommy! There are some great moms here that take me in and are wonderful to me and some remind me of you, but they are not you :) simply cuz you're the best :) I'm so spoiled to have parents like you guys! But then again I don't think I could have it any other way! I can't wait to come home and cuddle with you and watch some dumb girl movie :) and the bachelor... Omg. Haha but yeah I can't wait to take you on some dates and to just be around you!! These 2 years is hard because you never really have a family and I'll never have my mommy. That's the thing I miss most, even more than chipotle, my car (believe it or not), girls, Steve :), and everything else that's awesome :) this year went by so fast and this next one is gonna fly faster. I love you babe :)
I gotta bounce talk to you soon!!
Your favorite son Elder Ingalls 

My crazy Minnesota family - 12-29-2013

So I don't get to email you that long because the internet is really bad.. so I will keep it short and sweet!! Talking to you guys this week made up for not being able to email you guys that much! I got to tell you everything! I should have come up with a list of things to say to you guys! I never realized how much I stink at English and trying to tell stories until I got to Skype you guys! haha all the other Elders are just as bad as me and we use Marshallese when we are with each other so its really easy to chat and tell stories... haha Its gonna be weird going home and only hearing English all the time! I feel like I don't know how to talk to people, especially white people! haha But it will be fine!! I loved talking to you guys!

Sounds like you all had a really good Christmas!! Wisconsin Dells sounds like a really fun place! I can't believe I never got that chance to go there!  Sounds like my crazy Minnesota family running around in the snow and in shorts at this time of year! [We stayed at a hotel/condo that had 4 waterparks that we could ride a shuttle to every day all day long! It was so fun! Highly recommend it. We could just hop on the warm shuttle in our wet suits and ride back to the hotel. It was awesome! Who cares that the weather was below 20 degrees each day!] haha its funny I really am scared to go home and be in that cold weather... I feel like I'm going to get really sick and die... haha I hope you guys have a nice coat for me at the airport or I might just stay at the airport! haha its crazy to think a year from now I'm just going to be packing up to go home!! Skyping you guys will be interesting.... haha its just like see you guys in a couple of weeks! haha it all goes by way fast just like what you said! There are some slow days and some fast days but overall its fast!

I can't believe you guys think that I talk funny.. [He had a little accent!] I don't feel like I do at all... haha its really hard because I just use Marshallese words when I'm talking to the other Elders in English. its way nice... but I can't do that with you guys and it trips me up.. haha I dont think that I have changed too much, just maybe a tad bit more spiritual and less inappropriate... haha well.. maybe just the spiritual part :)
This week was way fun! Pday then eating at president's houses, then the Christmas celebration with the members on Christmas!! which was soooo legit!! then Skyping you guys!! the week went really fast!! Its crazy how fast all this is going... but I love it and love being here!!

I dont have much else to say this week!! I got to talk on Skype to you guys so all my questions are answered, hopefully I will be getting my sling shot in the mail soon ;) and hopefully Tanner pops the question ;) haha I love you a ton mom!! You have a good week!! I will be seeing your beautiful face soon! loveeeeeee Dallin :)
Elder Ingalls :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy to be a missionary! - 12-22-2013

Hey girl. What's up? How you doing? I'm doing good! The college is closed so I am only getting to email you guys a little bit! I'm super excited to talk to you guys in a couple days! Boy do I miss you guys! It's been months since we talked! Weird to think this time next year I will be Skyping you guys and just be coming home a couple weeks after that! Haha this all goes so fast. The first 6 months were long but these last 6 months fly... I hope I can hit an outer island soon and have that amazing experience! The next couple of months will be really fun! I really want that Other Side of Heaven experience! It would be pretty hard! I knew one Elder that served 4 months out there weighing like 260 pounds and came back 190... Now that was crazy to see!!! Haha hopefully I don't go there at 160 and come back at 90 hahaha I would be on the next plane home! I think I can honestly say that this is the best mission in the world! I have the best Mission President in the history of Mission Presidents as well as the coolest Elders ever. [Funny, my other two boys said the same thing about their Mission Presidents and Elders!] I honestly believe we were all called here for a reason. I definitely think that these guys were all hand picked to serve here. Like its weird to describe but like we all have a certain personality to work here that just works with other Elders and the people here. Takes a certain type of person to serve in the Marshall's that's for sure. 
So this last week probably my best friend and most respected Elder left the mission to go home! Elder Fesolai was the man! I'm really gonna miss that guy. If he adds me on FB give the okay! Also Rafy Abaya. I think he said he was going to add me! He's one of my buds that works for the church! Right now I work with Elder Faleono. He is a half Mexican half Samoan Elder and he's from San Diego California. He is soooo funny! I love working with this cat. I hope to be able to spend a transfer or two with him. He is 8 months out and is the man. One of my favorite companions to work with so far! We literally laugh and joke around all day! Haha it's fun to work with an American that laughs at the same jokes and can speak fluent English. Haha you Guys will ever understand how awesome it is to be able to be surrounded by people that speak your language. The finer things in life really mean a lot. Talks a mission to understand that!
So this week Elder Faleono was pretty sick so we chilled out a bit but also got to get out and meet a ton of members and do some work! We wanna get a bunch if new investigators so that's what our focus is going to be this next week! It's gonna be pretty hard cuz it being Christmas week and such! I'm really pumped to be working with Faleono. I'm really having fun and learning a lot and really happy to be a missionary!
I'm writing all this before I get to check my email so sorry I don't know if I'm going to be able to answers any questions you have for me! But last week I got a package from grandma with a shirt in it that I'm way pumped about!!! Tell her thank you so much!!! And I also got a package from Katie Traffie!!! So happy about it that! And letters from Mckayla Berres and Sara Miller! I wrote them all letters and got them sent in the mail a couple of days ago so I hope they like them and get them soon! I was amped to get all that mail!  Writing letters is so tiring and boring but I love to respond and it actually is fun! I'm gonna write a few more and get them all sent out! 
I have been taking some awesome pictures lately so I hope you like what I send home! I'm going to send my memory card home soon! Probably in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I don't really have much more to tell you guys.. I'm gonna log on and write the responses to your letter in the ps part of my letter. Love you baby cakes
Elder Ingalls :)

12-14-2013 (Later that day)

Yo and by the way I actually get to Skype you guys on the 26th here at 3:15pm. so that's Christmas day at like 9:15pm or so back home I think!! peace out love you!!! got grandmas package with the shirt tell her thank you and I love you!!!

No time to email this week - 12-15-2013

Hey mom I got no time to email this week. Transfers happened and I'm not training anymore! Kalio moved out! I think I might be leaving to an outer islad in the next couple months so I'm just working with an Elder from California named Elder Faleono. He is the funniest cat ever!

So yeah interesting week! Didn't expect to train for just 4 weeks but alright! It's neat! I can't believe this is 11 months for me like what the Heck it just goes by so fast! It was good to hear all about what happened this week! Give Macey a big hug for me! Same with the boys! And Dad!

I gotta go now but know that I love you. The internet place is having problems so hopefully I will even get to email you next week! Love you babe

A skype date with my girl (MOM) soon! - 12-8-2013

Mommy!!! Sooo…. I’m sitting here next to Sister Tofa!

Anyways, this week was pretty bomb. I get like no time to email this week so I have to keep it pretty short. This week was great with me, and Kalio is a champ. Little rough start especially just not being able to really talk to him and have conversations in English, much less Marshallese… its hard. Tanner and Logan had it easy!!

Sounds like you had a good week!! I got that package Dad sent me with Thundershocks plates in it!!! That was legit!!! All the Elders here are so jealous!! Haha Everyone wants the plate! Haha I think when I get home I might get a plate that is in Marshallese - that would be legit as!! We'll see! I can't believe I get to see you in 2 weeks!! [On Skype] That will be really fun. I call on Christmas day here at 12:45pm. So that’s Christmas Eve for you guys and idk what the time is.. maybe 6? I think. Idk have Dad figure it out. It stinks I don’t get to call on Christmas for you guys but it will be okay! Make sure everyone is there!! I am so excited to call you guys and see you guys!! Hopefully I find a tight white shirt to wear so I can look ripped when I see you! Haha

What is your calling in the church? I forgot.. haha I’m gonna go with not a primary teacher. But I can't remember if you are the Relief Society President or not still.. either way your time spent is well done! [Yes, I am still the Relief Society President!] You are awesome! Keep it up. I wish the Relief Societies here were stronger. I wish the church here was stronger. I never realized how amazing our ward is until I left. I can't wait to come back to it!! Haha

I have a girl getting baptized in 2 weeks! She is the granddaughter of the members and is way excited to be baptized! Its fun teaching her. Jenrok is a small place. I think the whole village has about 4,000 and is probably the size of 2 of Cub Foods parking lots…. Haha tiny!! Its sooooo crowded! No matter where you go there are people! Haha you can't hide from them! Haha its nice to be able to just talk to everyone and have a little fan club of kids haha

I’m gonna die in the cold and snow when I get home…. [It is minus 15 degrees here in MN today!]My BYU professor for mission prep always said that going home is scarier that leaving… hahaha I always thought that was a joke… but its soooo true!! Haha too many changes and just so much stuff is gonna happen! Haha I heard the BYU bookstore sells daily planners for RM’s that are the same as the planners we have on the mission! Haha that would be funny to get. I feel like if I didn’t plan out my next day I would be completely lost…. Haha its awesome.

Well, I gotta bounce.. Sorry this email was pretty lame.. I hope you can forgive me haha I will talk you to soon!! Cant wait to have a skype date with my girl! :) haha love you mommy.

Elder Ingalls

I am super happy - 12-1-2013

Hey mom!!
So the internet is being really lame once again so I can't promise you too strong of an email. I might have to just sign off soon and try and finish it tmr or next week :/ This week was good and bad. I taught the most lessons in a week that I have ever reached on my mission! I haven’t received any packages yet but today I am going to check so I think it will be good! Sounds like black Friday was a waste this year! It's was always so fun for me to go just to go! Haha I never had any money but it was still way fun!! I remember going with Steve and some friends a couple times!! Haha soooo funny! But that’s cool you bought a tennis racket!! Too bad its not going to be used for months until that shiny white stuff disappears!! Its weird to think that this is December… it has been raining a ton here for at least this place is trying to have snow!! It was 78 degrees and I was freezing…. I wore a long  sleeved shirt and everything!! Haha but anyways… Merry Christmas!

The bros have all emailed me so thats been pretty awesome!! Macey has been lacking… haha but I forgive her… she's so busy with those boys [Actually, its just one!] haha and Thanksgiving was awesome!!! We all got to go to P
resident's house and eat there and we got the best turkey and potatoes and just everything!! Sooo good I got to eat so much!! Usually I eat in really small portions but not then!!! Haha and no Black Friday shopping… hahaI tried to go but there are no stores… haha
This week was fun with all the people we saw and lessons we had. We sure were busy. Its awesome being able to bear my testimony of this gospel all day to people. Its fun. I never got to do that before my mission and after my mission I won't do it as much! But kinda will. I can just live as a testimony of my faith. And that’s what I'm going to do. It's fun to grab some pamphlets and just walk up to
people and tell them about our church. I got to tell a lady this week that we don’t worship and pray to Joseph Smith! However she took it, I was glad that I could tell her the truth! It's fun to find people who are searching for the meaning of life! Its hard though because I have to do everything and carry on every conversation. That’s probably why they say I'm so good… haha It's been a good and also challenging week for me.. next week will be better! I’m doing super well and I am super happy!

I love you all a lot!! Have a good week 
Love, Elder Ingalls

Thanks mom for everything you do for me - 11-24-2013

Mommmy!!!! Helllloo!!!

Dang that was a long email I hope I can respond to everything that you said!! [I did tell him last time that I would write a longer one this week to make up for the short one last week!] So to answer all the questions you had for me! They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.. but all the elders on the island are going to President's houses to have a nice lunch!! Haha hopefully we get to have the traditional food of turkey, too bad its like $100 for one… haha well see!! I will let you guys know! I didn’t even know that it was Thanksgiving this week. Haha I thought it was last week!
Elder Kalio is the man!! Still a little shy but so is every elder. I really work hard to joke around with him and make him feel comfortable. It's difficult working with someone who doesn’t understand English or Marshallese,but no excuses. I act like he does know them because that’s the only way he's gonna learn is if I don’t baby him. This week we came home and he was just exhausted and he said “Elder Ingalls you push me way too hard.” And I was about to feel super bad, but then he said “And that’s why I’m going to be the best missionary on this island someday” ….I was pumped. That was an awesome compliment and just makes me want to go hard and teach him everything and just whip him into the best elder ever. He will be the best at the language some day because their languages are so close and all the Marshallese people think he is Marshallese! Haha they never make that mistake with me… maybe I just gotta tan more? :)
As for Tanner and girls… hmmm its just hard for me to believe. Like it just seems too perfect that when I (the family enforcer) leave the house, things click for him… but regardless, I have the desire to believe and I bet he is just loving life right now. I expect a lot out of this random girl… so keep me updated. I still expect more pictures!! Haha I wish I could just look on facebook!! Haha Speaking of facebook Mommity added me…  She's sooo funny. She saw that you were on my facebook and when I went to talk to her she was super mad at me saying I broke mission rules and I had to explain that it was you! Haha she wants to add you on the facebook so she can get gossip about me… haha if you want to go ahead. She's really nice.
I’m working on Conner's present! I will let you know!! I really wanna get him something from here but I don’t have the money to send anything!! So I am debating what to do and I will let you know by next week!! And I have only gotten that one package so far 2 weeks ago but no worries I am going to check again today! Don’t worry have some patience they will come!! I am not worried! So you don’t worry either! I am the most patient boy ever! [That is something new! He was always in a hurry and wanted things right away! A mission does wonders for a boy!]
This week we found 3 new investigators! haha all of them are girls ;) haha but no worries they are all older ladies… haha finding is really difficult especially when its just me that has to do all the talking and thinking of what to say to these people! But its going well! We are getting busier and teaching a lot of people. I wish we didn’t have to whitewash so that Kalio could do more and teach more but these weeks its all on me. Haha But its all good :)
Give my congrats to Macey for her dance!! That is awesome to here! I would have loved to go see her! It was always fun checking out the girlz… hahaha But that’s legit!! And she's only a sophomore too!! She is going to be so good by senior year. Just don’t let her get that dance brat attitude that ever dancer gets… haha They think they are the best. And in truth, I’m the best. So its hard for me to get along with them haha Keep telling her that she's awesome for me!!!
My most spiritual experience for the week was bearing my testimony to a lady about Joseph Smith. She always thought that we just worship him, but I taught her everything and told her how he died for what he believed in and she had teared up a bit and the Spirit was just really there and I couldn’t believe how fluently I was speaking and just what was coming to my head. I felt like I was just a mouthpiece and it was just a great feeling!! They look past how I am saying and they really take in what I am saying. It's awesome. I loved it. I want those experiences in every lesson!
I’m thankful for my family, the gospel and my friends. My family pushes me hard to be my best and to do what I wanna do and go all the way. That’s exactly what I am doing! I love you guys so much. I work everyday really hard so you guys can receive the blessings too. I’m a firm believer that the hard work pays off.
I am doing awesome out here. I love it more and more each day. I love Jenrok, I love my companion, I love working here. I have like 14 months left… That is  if I ever come home!! Its going to be hard. I love these people so much. I’m thankful for a family that loves me and that helps me so much in life. I just love life. Thanks mom for everything you do for me :) Love U :)

Elder Ingalls

I felt like a million bucks! -11-17-2013

Hi mom!!
The birthday was LEGIT!!! I got one package so far and maybe I will get the others today! And I got shorts, candy, a shirt and a hat!! WAY AWESOME!!! I really needed the shirt and the shorts!!! And the BBQ was legit! I got a cake and cards and everyone sung to me! The members here in Jenrok are gonna throw me a party too even though they don't know me!!
Its been an awesome week!! I got my son and I am officially training now!! His name is Elder Kalio and he is from Pohnpei. He's pretty cool. He doesn't talk that much probably because he doesn't know a lot of English and he's new! But he's cool. It's gonna be a long 12 weeks but I'm gonna force him to talk and learn the language! He is surprisingly really good at Marshallese!! It is awesome. He loves to go out and work and just has a desire to do his best. He is way further than where I was when I first got here!! It was cool to see him answer questions that I didn't think he would be able to answer!! Way cool!! He's gonna be legit by the end of our 12 weeks! This week the computers at the College are down so we are emailing some where else and we have to pay for it so I can have the luxury of using spell check and also telling you every single detail about everything. This week I had an amazing talk with President just about everything that has happened on my mission and I just came out of that interview feeling !!! I am super pumped to work! I got move to the crazy area of Jenrok! It is double as densely populated as Hong Kong!! haha its the most packed little village in the world!!! AND I LOVE IT!! The kids here are obsessed with us and we just started there so we are really new and don't know anyone!! Its hard working with a new guy because I basically do everything after he talks to them for 20 seconds, buts it's fun to help him along and see what I can do for him!! He's gonna be the best speaker in the mission for sure because his language and Marshallese are close and they sound the same... haha lucky kid... 
I really enjoyed your email!! When you told me about that story where Tanner's car died, I thought you meant the girl he was dating... I was sooooo confused!!! haha But sounds like he is doing well!! I feel so bad I am basically only going to get to email you this week with the time I have but its okay. You're the only girl one that matters ;) haha I wanna see more pictures of Conner and Logan!! I wanna see if they can even compete with me these days!! haha I am getting ripped and going hard at the gym still every morning and I am just forced to eat really healthy because its the cheaper food!! haha
Macey... haha Idk what to even say about that girl. I know that the Elders here think she's cute so she can just wait for one of them. Maybe Kalio... haha he said she's "Hot" hahaha it was so funny because he thought she was my girlfriend, and after he said that, I told him that she's my sister... haha he felt sooo awk... it was funny!! It's cool that they talk about that stuff. Talking about things that far ahead in the future are really difficult on people. Makes them anxious. Just keep that in mind so you can help her out. And BTW, Steven still has to marry her so then he can be my brother... that was a deal we had made a long time ago... just saying...
Sounds like you are going to have some craazy times at home these next couple of weeks! Thats fun though!! Keep me updated and take a picture of me and hold it up in all the family pictures so I can be in it!! haha And speaking of pictures, when it snows, you should take some pictures of the stake center and print them and send them to me!! I wanna show these people the snow and the church!! Half of them don't believe me! :) 
So this last sunday was the primary program and the kids got up and shared and it was literally the best most awesome thing in the world!! haha and when one 9 yr old got done she went to sit down in the stands and gave her friend a high five and it was really loud and just so funny! Everyone was laughing!! I miss being a kid and just making everyone laugh at the stupid stuff I did! haha
Thank you for the birthday/christmas packages! I won't open them until 3am on christmas day :) haha I'm gonna grab a small coconut tree and put it in the house!! haha and put the presents underneath it! I'm pumped to have Conner!!! Let me think of something this week and I will email it to you next week! It's gonna be major. Thats all I'm gonna say about it.
Definitely have the missionaries over! They need all your help (especially your cooking skills) haha You are awesome. Get Conner to go out with them once.. that would have helped me so much but I was lazy and didn't wanna.. haha wish I did! Well... I gotta get going but I had an awesome week and this week is going to be even better!! Sorry that I can email you a ton, and that the spelling and grammar it sucks.. sorry babe. its the meaning though not the words :) I love to you to the moon and back. You take care and keep being my mom :)

Love, Thee Elder Ingalls Son of Richard <3

Luv u suga - 11-11-2013


What's new? Well, about this time 20 years ago give or take a day I came into this world ;)  I am having the time of my life out here. I got some of the coolest emails from Steven today!! He got a bunch of our friends to take pics saying happy birthday to me and sending it to me!! I know I’m loved, but dang it is good to see it!! When he gets home give him a big hug from me!!!!
It was so good reading your email this week! Sorry if I sounded down last week, I was a little bit upset with everything that was going on but I’m way better now and just happy as can be!! So Elder Duiriba left to Delap just this last Wednesday and I am showing Elder Tekeikai the area so he will be ready to get his son before I leave to Jenrok! I go to Jenrok most likely this Thursday or Friday! And I will be getting a son. He is from Pohnpei. His name is Elder Kalio. I am just getting sooooo pumped up to work with a new kid that I can just do so much with. I heard that the members in Jenrok Ward are some of the best and they have a ton of YSA guys that can help me out and that I can chill and play volleyball with!! So that will be good!!

So, time for Q and A with Elder Ingalls
1. What are you going to do for your birthday? It's your pday right? All the mission is getting together this week for combined p-day which happens to be on my birthday today and were going back out to the west side of the island to have a bbq on the beach and play sports at the ball field there!! The Ap’s said its my birthday party, but I think it just might be a nice coincidence! Haha but I’ll roll with it!! and yes ,all Mondays here are P-days except if I go to Ebeye, then its on Tuesday! But I will let you know!
2. Did you get the 2 packages I sent you for it?
I get to check for fan mail and packages when I go to the mission office after emailing… so fingers crossed hopefully I get it!!! I am praying that I do I need some lovin from the fam!!!
3. What was even in those packages (if you got them)? I sent them so long ago, I forgot!
Ummm…. Idk yet… but I’m praying for some certain stuff so hopefully it happens!! I will be sure to let you know what you sent!I laughed when you asked me that… you don’t even remember… haha I’m trying so hard to get a package home to you guys… but its like, send a package home? Or eat this week? Unfortunately I always choose the latter…. Sorry. But soon! haha luv u baby ;)
4. How does it feel to be 20? This is a special one indeed! Well it’s a good feeling, its sad that I’m celebrating it more as a missionary than when I was at BYU! Haha the elders are funny, I got like 14 happy birthday texts from all the companionships on the island at midnight… haha they all set alarms to wake up, text me, then go back to bed! Haha the finer things in life J and I plan on living til I'm 200 so I guess I'm a tenth of the way done! Haha its monumental!!

5. How much do you love your Mommy?
I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3< 3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3<3 <3 <3 you. Is that good enough? Maybe I will continue that in a second email
6. What do you know now that you didn't know when you were in High School?
Silly question babe, I know Marshallese haha but on the real, I know whats important to me and whats not.
7. Where is your Heaven on Earth?
The Ejjit watering hole The forbidden swimming hole that when I return to these islands I will be going too!! And also wherever you are ;) (cuz there is usually food haha)
8. Do you remember some of your past birthdays or birthday presents? MY BUG BIRTHDAY!!!!! Heck yeah I remember that stuff!! I’m just upset I can't have a themed party like that now!! Haha I guess, island style theme is what we're gonna do later today haha ;) haha and presents… the infamous palm pilot from Richard< 3 <3 <3 and Thundershocks vow of allegiance to me last year 

9. If you could go back and change anything from your past, what would it be?
In 3rd grade….. I had a reading assignment and I had to read “Turtle Watch” which was like 3 pages and do something for it… well, I didn’t do it. Then under the parent signature I forged Dad’s name and Wrote “Rickard” in a colored pencil….. Some of the darkest hours of my life right there…. Mrs. Hendricks asked me if I had anything to say about it… and I lied and said “No Ma'am!!” haha dang…. That is so funny right now… but at the time I thought my life was OVER!! But on a more serious note, probably being a better example for my friends.
10. What is the happiest moment of your life so far?
Too many to mention, but probably being able to baptize all my investigators out here on my mission! That honestly is just the coolest thing and its soooooo cool to help them enter that path to their Heavenly Father.
11. Did you hear from Steve for your birthday?
Sure have!! He sent me pics over email of our friends saying Happy Birthday to me!!! Sooooo freaking cool!! Haha …I just realized I already told you all of this… haha
It sounds like everyone is doing decently well back home!! Its so funny hearing Tanners love story about his likatu - so cool to see him all happy like this, even if she does end up dumping him for someone better like me ;) haha just kidding! He probably loves that she's a figure skater and wants to try and play tennis every now and then! Haha And Logan… that kid has taken the bull by the horns and just has done work. I’m pumped that he’s going to BYU!! Is he taking a car out there or what? And what's up with the Durango these days? I never hear about it at all! Who's driving what!! I need reports, mileage reports, how my baby thundershock is doing… etc… please and thank you J
It's all about the cars for me!! Haha when I got that memory card from you I thought it was gonna be of cars and stuff like that… haha but it was all of Macey!! Haha the other elders loved it… haha I swear you did that on purpose! Haha but that one pic of Conner flexing!!! YEAHHHHH BUDDY!!!!!! That got me way pumped up and after looking at it I decided to do 100 push ups!! Haha I’m going super hard at the gym and putting up work right now. Getting way big like that cat! Haha I hope he can go out to Provo and be there!! He will meet some awesome people out there!! And all the girls I met my freshman year, they will love to meet the bigger version of me ;) haha I think you guys need to help him as much as you can!! He’s a stud, just get him going again. Jump start that kid! I will be home in a year and a couple! That would be awesome to see him off on his mission. Maybe he wont get out as early as we all did. not. I have met great 18 year old missionaries (well, they are immature, but lets be honest I am too) haha and I have met 26 year old missionaries. Its all the same. And as for Macey…… the car…. Boyz…. Dance team…. Being all grow up… daring to drive my car… whats next? Marriage? Haha just kidding. You wanna know what's funny is you got married when you were 19? That’s like 3 and a half years to go for Macey ;) How does that make you feel??? At least I will be home to take care of that little one 
I really liked the quotes you sent me. I was able to watch general conference and I got some future quotes and tweets for you too.
“The Stronger the wind, the stronger the trees”
“There is safety in a strong testimony”
“Maybe I can’t change society as a whole, but I can, and will change the people around me.”
Well, I gotta bounce and go to my birthday party ;) I hope I get to hear from you soon!! I can't believe I get to skype you next month! What the heck where does the time go? I am nervous to speak so much English that isn’t about missionary work or anything! But  soooooooooooooooo excited to see your preeeetty face! :) You be good and don’t you miss me! :) Love you mom. Thanks for everything. Thanks for a good life! luv u suga
Elder Ingalls
PS One more time I love you!




The savior doesn’t require immediate perfection - 11-3-2013

Hey mom
Whats up? This week has been pretty hard for me.. I read a super good mtc address by tad mcallister or something like that this week about being a consecrated missionary. Dang that really hit me and I wanna start being better! I just gotta start with the small things first.
So just some random things about this week first off before I get to your email. This was a long week. Haha it basically rained hard everyday and we couldn't really get out and work that much because when it rains, the work just stops because people just sleep or don’t wanna study because it is raining!! Haha We had a way fun Halloween this week. The kids here are adorable, they draw random stuff on card board and get some string and that is their costume. I wanna just buy all these kids cool stuff and just do everything I can for them. I freaking love these people. But the best thing I can do as a missionary right now is to teach their families and help bring a more permanent form or happiness into their lives. And that’s what I'm doing. Its so cute seeing all the little kids huddled around their parents and I teach them lessons. Its amazing. They don’t really understand, but they can feel a certain spirit of the elders entering and leaving their houses. That’s one thing I felt with the missionaries back home. I regret so much not helping them out more and working with them. But now from being on both sides of the spectrum, I can see why I was busy, and I can see why the elders keep hitting me up to work with them. Haha I do the same thing here with the cool members that I know.
I may be moving areas and training… so that will be whitewashing for the 3rd time in a row… haha what the heck.. its so hard to build relationships like that!  But I'm way excited to train. This kid is gonna be legit. I just know it.  For sure he's gonna be cool and I'm gonna love the kid! idk where I'm gonna train, but next week (MY BIRTHDAY) I will let you know everything!
(BIRTHDAY EO AO EJ JUON WEEK JEN KIO) *for non Marshallese speakers* my birthday is one week from today!! Haha just letting you all know so that my fan mail comes on time ;) haha

This week I was visiting some less actives when a couple of appointments fell through and they had some questions about some stuff in the bible that they didn’t understand and they asked me about it and I was able to read it and explain in Marshallese to them and I had never read it before!! It was so cool to just be able to open up the scriptures, read a random verse and then explain it in a way that these people can understand!! Haha so cool!! A couple months ago I thought I would never be able to do that!! But here I am today!! It'll be way fun reading though all my posts someday!! I still think it would be way cool to get all of these emails home to you printed some day and have that as one of my missionary journals!! Haha I don’t even care if there are mistakes it in! haha I write these emails in a Microsoft word document so it will help me with spelling and grammar as much as I can haha yeah I'm smart ;)
So it was pretty funny, I was translating for the mission president and he was talking about how we can do our part to live with god in heaven and to say heaven, you say “aelon in lon” but I accidently said “aelon in lal” which means next month… so instead of saying being with our father in heaven, I said we will be with our father next month…. Haha that was awkward…  I caught myself when they all gave me the strangest looks of amazement ever!
It’s too bad you weren’t able to email me too much this week but I forgive you :) haha I’m glad I just get to tell you a bunch of random stuff and just vent a bit, and get my thoughts out to you. You are the best. I would be sad if I wasn’t able to write you. But don’t worry, I'm here for awhile. Tanner and Logan and dad all emailed me and filled me in with info for the week so I guess it is like your week off!! You are the best. I hope you guys all have a good week and are reading everyday, praying constantly, and going to church and getting stuff out of it regularly! “Just do the easy stuff” – Elder Ingalls
Tweet for the week “The savior doesn’t require immediate perfection from us, but he does expect immediate progress” :) be better than you were yesterday.
Love you fam. Love you mom. Lets play 10 questions next email. If you don’t send me some I'll just make up some ;) hahaha peace out. See you soon
Elder Ingalls the 4th

Ps love you