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I felt like a million bucks! -11-17-2013

Hi mom!!
The birthday was LEGIT!!! I got one package so far and maybe I will get the others today! And I got shorts, candy, a shirt and a hat!! WAY AWESOME!!! I really needed the shirt and the shorts!!! And the BBQ was legit! I got a cake and cards and everyone sung to me! The members here in Jenrok are gonna throw me a party too even though they don't know me!!
Its been an awesome week!! I got my son and I am officially training now!! His name is Elder Kalio and he is from Pohnpei. He's pretty cool. He doesn't talk that much probably because he doesn't know a lot of English and he's new! But he's cool. It's gonna be a long 12 weeks but I'm gonna force him to talk and learn the language! He is surprisingly really good at Marshallese!! It is awesome. He loves to go out and work and just has a desire to do his best. He is way further than where I was when I first got here!! It was cool to see him answer questions that I didn't think he would be able to answer!! Way cool!! He's gonna be legit by the end of our 12 weeks! This week the computers at the College are down so we are emailing some where else and we have to pay for it so I can have the luxury of using spell check and also telling you every single detail about everything. This week I had an amazing talk with President just about everything that has happened on my mission and I just came out of that interview feeling !!! I am super pumped to work! I got move to the crazy area of Jenrok! It is double as densely populated as Hong Kong!! haha its the most packed little village in the world!!! AND I LOVE IT!! The kids here are obsessed with us and we just started there so we are really new and don't know anyone!! Its hard working with a new guy because I basically do everything after he talks to them for 20 seconds, buts it's fun to help him along and see what I can do for him!! He's gonna be the best speaker in the mission for sure because his language and Marshallese are close and they sound the same... haha lucky kid... 
I really enjoyed your email!! When you told me about that story where Tanner's car died, I thought you meant the girl he was dating... I was sooooo confused!!! haha But sounds like he is doing well!! I feel so bad I am basically only going to get to email you this week with the time I have but its okay. You're the only girl one that matters ;) haha I wanna see more pictures of Conner and Logan!! I wanna see if they can even compete with me these days!! haha I am getting ripped and going hard at the gym still every morning and I am just forced to eat really healthy because its the cheaper food!! haha
Macey... haha Idk what to even say about that girl. I know that the Elders here think she's cute so she can just wait for one of them. Maybe Kalio... haha he said she's "Hot" hahaha it was so funny because he thought she was my girlfriend, and after he said that, I told him that she's my sister... haha he felt sooo awk... it was funny!! It's cool that they talk about that stuff. Talking about things that far ahead in the future are really difficult on people. Makes them anxious. Just keep that in mind so you can help her out. And BTW, Steven still has to marry her so then he can be my brother... that was a deal we had made a long time ago... just saying...
Sounds like you are going to have some craazy times at home these next couple of weeks! Thats fun though!! Keep me updated and take a picture of me and hold it up in all the family pictures so I can be in it!! haha And speaking of pictures, when it snows, you should take some pictures of the stake center and print them and send them to me!! I wanna show these people the snow and the church!! Half of them don't believe me! :) 
So this last sunday was the primary program and the kids got up and shared and it was literally the best most awesome thing in the world!! haha and when one 9 yr old got done she went to sit down in the stands and gave her friend a high five and it was really loud and just so funny! Everyone was laughing!! I miss being a kid and just making everyone laugh at the stupid stuff I did! haha
Thank you for the birthday/christmas packages! I won't open them until 3am on christmas day :) haha I'm gonna grab a small coconut tree and put it in the house!! haha and put the presents underneath it! I'm pumped to have Conner!!! Let me think of something this week and I will email it to you next week! It's gonna be major. Thats all I'm gonna say about it.
Definitely have the missionaries over! They need all your help (especially your cooking skills) haha You are awesome. Get Conner to go out with them once.. that would have helped me so much but I was lazy and didn't wanna.. haha wish I did! Well... I gotta get going but I had an awesome week and this week is going to be even better!! Sorry that I can email you a ton, and that the spelling and grammar it sucks.. sorry babe. its the meaning though not the words :) I love to you to the moon and back. You take care and keep being my mom :)

Love, Thee Elder Ingalls Son of Richard <3

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