Saturday, January 4, 2014

No time to email this week - 12-15-2013

Hey mom I got no time to email this week. Transfers happened and I'm not training anymore! Kalio moved out! I think I might be leaving to an outer islad in the next couple months so I'm just working with an Elder from California named Elder Faleono. He is the funniest cat ever!

So yeah interesting week! Didn't expect to train for just 4 weeks but alright! It's neat! I can't believe this is 11 months for me like what the Heck it just goes by so fast! It was good to hear all about what happened this week! Give Macey a big hug for me! Same with the boys! And Dad!

I gotta go now but know that I love you. The internet place is having problems so hopefully I will even get to email you next week! Love you babe

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