Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dallin + Fish = Miracle!

This area is my home.

He caught me off guard again this week when this message popped up on my phone so I hopped on the computer AGAIN and tried to have a little conversation with him!!!!! I love this new technology that let’s me communicate with my son better! I am just such a lucky mom, in general!

Well mommmy......

I really hate just coming up with these emails and not having anything to respond to... But its not your fault because you don’t know that I get to email a bit more for now... I don’t know how much longer... because we are using the college computers because its summer so maybe a bit longer, or back to once a month. Who really knows..

So ewor news keel jidik kin area eo ao. elder parkinson enaaj makutkut jan arrak im jerbal ippen juon ri-fiji. na ilukkun ilu kake konke elder pako ej lukkun motta. na ijela kajen im i konaan im wanmanlok im jerbal ippen doon.

(For all the non-Marshallese speakers) so there is a little bit of new news in my area. Elder Parkinson will move from Arrak and work with a guy from Fiji. I’m really upset about it because it’s like we are best friends out here and I really want to continue and work with him :(

So yeah... 4 weeks of heaven with a guy that is like my best friend then they are changing things up and I’m going to be staying in Arrak. I love this place! It’s fun because I talk to some of the people I met my first 1-2 weeks here and talking to them 17ish weeks later and I'm speaking to them in Marshallese and understanding and they are just mind blown... It’s awesome how the Lord is working through me and I can totally feel his presence in my life... I love it. There is no other way I would be at about 70-75% understanding and speaking ability. It stinks though because I am starting to use Marshallese grammar when speaking English so that’s going down the drain so just bear with me. I'm trying my best :)

What else... Well... uhhh.... I guess I can talk about my body.... lolz... I have the best watch tan line ever which you will only see pics of because I am getting rid of this 2 months before I come home so I will be looking amazing as usual... haha I can’t wait to come home to you ghosts in January... My you guys will all look so ugly ;) Just kidding... haha All the white people here that come for vacation are soooo white.... but I guess I'm not that much different.. well, I feel different. Also, I'm doing 200 push-ups a night, then 3 - 3 minute planks from my abs, biking all day and lifting in the mornings. Boy am I feeling gooood. I'm in the best shape of my life and I have no intention of slowing down. I hope I can keep eating right. I don’t get too many sweets out here as it is so I’ts easy to do it. The only sweets I really get are from you guys so keep it up :) I had a chocolate bar for the first time in 6 months and I just about cried... haha All I know is I'm coming home ripped. And boy am I serious about it!!! Haha, watch out Conner. I'm coming for you.

Lets see... Arrak. This area is just my home. I'm so used to the people here, the place, the food, the language. Everything. I love it here and the people here are loving me. (well I hope) and I'm trying my best to work hard, continue to learn the language and just be the funniest, best missionary that Majuro has ever had. It’s going to be hard leaving this place in 6 weeks or 12, whatever happens. These people are just my family. They have adopted me. It’s pretty awesome and I just am so happy here. I hope my new companion is dope like Parkinson. It’s hard when you have the best companion the mission has to offer but Elder Parente will be a homie too. He's been out for 20 months and I have talked to him just a bit. He just got back from serving 6 months on an outer Island!! So his language is goooood!!! So I am for sure going to make him help me all the time. Everything is going well in this area. I'm just trying to fulfill my purpose and help bring others unto Christ. It’s difficult work. But the lord gives us nothing we can’t handle, even if we don’t think we can. Our thoughts are not the Lord’s thoughts.

I haven’t gone spear fishing yet..... EVERYONE wants to be the person to teach the white boy how to do it! But I can’t :( It’s horrible. I am going to give my camera to this guy I know and he’s going to swim with sharks and take some pics of them right before they eat him so that will be cool ;) Oh yeah, Grandma.... I have probably given, no joke, about 100 hair cuts since I have been in Arrak this last 4 months. I know, crazy. But they love it and they all call me ri-mijbar which because means barber :) haha I love it!! I'm still learning but boy am I learning fast!! I love the respect I get as a spiritual leader and teacher out here. Even from people that don’t share my religious views. Everyone has AMAZING respect for me, and especially because I can somewhat speak their language. It would be so cool to come serve in this area again in like a year from now. Man, I would be stellar at missionary work and the language and I feel like I would be able to help these people sooo much!! That would be awesome!!

Ok siblings...

Tanner: congrats on the car... kinda. I feel like I failed you. I know it’s my fault that you didn’t get a 300c... If I was there, just everything would be different... But oh well. You still have a Cadillac :) It’s a good car and to be honest, I always did like it :) And just kidding about you playing soccer, its cute :) but keep up the hockey and get on BYU's team so we can do work on these noobs. And Tanner.... I hate to say this..... but join a online dating site :) It might help ;) haha love you man

Logan: I expect big things out of you little boy :) Tell me all about Utah and how that went. Mr. RM over here not emailing me anymore... I see how it is ;) But like I always said, Ladies first ;) haha love you man keep up being awesome and do what’s right, not because its right, but because I told you too :)

Conner: Dudeeeeeeeeeeeee, bro you’re old....... Happy graduation man. I miss HS so much. Some of the most fun 4 years of my life. But all I gotta say is it gets better. You just do work. Have fun at school. Take it seriously, but seriously have some fun. Enjoy this summer, stay out of trouble. I know thundershock is always trying to get you into trouble... He’s a speeder... haha. Enjoy working at the box [Office Max]! Make a ton of money. Money is the motivation. haha wanmanlok wot and kate eok :)

Macey..................... boys? Chick you’re like 12. Enough of this garbage.... I'm disappointed in the lack of protection my older brothers ARENT providing for you. Lutu, my Fijian Elder here, said if girls had brothers in Fiji, you DONT talk to her because they will literally make it so you will never talk to anyone again... So S/O to Tanner and Logan and Conner.. Carry on the Fijian tradition in our family. Protect our little Gem.... But I hope you are having a good time having all these boys like you. If only they knew you like I did............ Then they would all just be IN LOVE with you. :) I love you little baby Macey. Keep it up.

Dad: I'm going to try and respond to your email!! I hope you are having a bomb time at work, enjoy that high rise office you got. You should send me some pics! Maybe just email one or two if you want :) I'm pumped about the things you are doing to the Ranchero. Once its jet-black and has racing stripes and rims, then you can talk :) haha I'm pumped though! I love that car. I'm glad you made Tanner buy a car soon. And soon Logan, so I just have to meet back up with my baby thundershock... he wants me and I don’t think I'm gonna be able to let him out of my sight when I get home, even if he has to go fight crime in minneapolis.... haha I'm still working on a name for your car and the Durango.. It’s hard when I can’t just google stuff!! haha That’s like the hardest thing for me is not having knowledge at the click of a button. I never realized How much random garbage I know from all the things I googled and also the countless number of documentaries that I watched :) I love being smart and just having a bunch of random knowledge. :) Like father like son :) But I would never let my son get a GM ;) hahaha its okay Rich, calm down I'm not mad!!! I still thing you are the best Dad I ever had!!

My beautiful Blaine Ward: I don’t know if you guys ever get these in sacrament or on my blog, but it’s always good to hear from an Elder, either serving IN your ward or FROM your ward. I hope the Elders in my home ward are responsible and doing work. I just realize how important it is to do this work and do it correctly. I know that God called them to Minneapolis and Me to the Marshalls. So we are where were supposed to be. So do it. And you guys please do your part. Members are how missionary work gets done. Help these poor guys out! Rescue the one. I love you guys and I thank you for all the support I receive from you all. Your love is shared with the people in the Marshalls!

Well family, but more specifically mom.... I love you. I hope you are doing well. I hope you don’t miss me too much. The days are turning into weeks here, soon weeks to months. Time flies. Just keep being awesome. Send me some lovin every now and then. Know I am in the Lord’s hands right now. I'm fine. I feel your prayers for me. I'm praying for all of you. Day and Night. I love you and hope you know that you are the best mom in the world. I couldn’t be here without you! Partially because I wouldn’t be alive..... lolz... but seriously. You are amazing and I can't tell you that enough. Keep up being the best.

With love, Elder Ingalls

You wrote us last week and I thought you could only write every two weeks!!!!  What's going on here?  :
I am able to use the C.M.I. computers!! College of the Marshall Islands!! Their computer lab! I cant always use it, but When I can I email home!!
I was caught off guard!  Totally surprised to see an email from you!  I will have to start writing to you during the week from now on!  It's 5:30 and I am still at the church!
No worries!! Have a good week babe!! Love you!

To Everyone! 6-23-2013

Everyone: haha yokwe motta ro.... You guys..... what up nerds its Elder Ingalls. Life is going well in paradise. I had a dream that I went home and it wasn’t a frozen waste land....But then I woke up and realized I will come home in January........ in Minnesota..... soooooo yeah kind of a nightmare. haha But I miss you guys. I guess freezing to death is a small price to pay to get to see you guys soon :) just a couple more months :) like 19 but who’s counting..... hahaha I just want to let you know that I love you guys and I love the support you guys give me. Just keep it up. And it’s not about me, it’s about God and the people of the Marshall Islands. I'm doing my duty to God. I hope all of you guys do yours. Have a good week and remember, I may be 1,000,000 miles away, well actually 6153.9 miles away, but I'm keeping super close tabs on all of you. I know what you are doing. I'm always watching ;) haha Love you guys. Peace out.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Richard.... how I have longed to hear from you!!

You sound like you are doing so well. I always love getting your emails, they are so informative and they do so much for me!! That is so cool that Elder Holland came to Stake Conference. We had a 70 come out for the Majuro Stake conference just this last Sunday and he gave training to the missionaries the next day and I honestly feel like it changed the course of my mission. Just everything clicked and I just feel so different and that I just want to change and be more obedient and just do as much as I can for the people of the Marshall Islands. I know I am doing well, but boy can I become more effective and just work harder to make a bigger impact. I teach these people what they need to know and often times why, but the part I am really starting to focus on is the how. I literally teach these people how to pray to their Heavenly Father. I teach them how to receive personal revelation. I teach them what they need to do to return to our Father in Heaven once again. I give these people hope. And, boy do they give me hope back. These people are what I need. I'm what they need. I know Heavenly Father put my here for them at this time.

To be honest, I can’t believe Tanner is looking at cars!!! I was always dead serious about him getting a 300c but I know he will get something cool. Send some pics if you can!! I always was the boss and you guys need my leadership for something like this. He is probably just too nervous to ask me, the expert :) And as for Logan. Props for him. I hope he’s happy with whatever happens. Ashley is like a sister to me. I really like her. So hopefully she treats him well and things click!

Thank you for hooking me up with those Sprees :) you always were my favorite dad :) (my only dad, in case anyone doesn’t get that....nerds...) I really love everything you do for me. I just don’t think I can really tell you that and thank you enough for what you do and are doing. Same goes with mom!!! You guys need to start emailing well before Monday gets to the Marshall Islands!!! I would have thought after like 4 months you guys would know!! I get to email only at weird times when I have a computer to use so I can’t really blame you guys!! I got one of your letters today too!! That was awesome. I am trying to write to you guys every week or every other week but its gets really difficult for me. I need to tell you guys what you need to know!

I hate this part of my letters to you, but a few weeks ago I asked about getting a new camera.... Maybe sending me an old one. My battery case broke so soon I will have to break in just to get my memorie card out, so I have about 800 pics left on it, so it shouldn’t be too soon, but still. I hope we can figure that out soon. Maybe just Tanner or Logan’s old ones... or if new, a small waterproof one, but really just anything. If I don’t hear back from you... I will buy disposable cameras and take pics and just mail those to you. Pics are so important and I just don’t know what to do and I am so sorry for putting this on you guys. :( forgive me and please help me!! :( and if you send any packages... I love JIF creamy peanut butter :) and chewy Sprees obviously :) and pics. Love you!!

FLATS..... lolzzzzz I got that right away.... good jokes, Rich, good jokes :) [Must be a privaet joke because I don’t get it! MOM]

This will probably be the email that Mom posts to my blog so I guess I better try and make it good huh... haha I hope people read that thing. If not, I will someday. I hope to be able to make a book out of it too!! I hope you scan my letters in the computer or do something with them!! You know how much I hate scanning stuff soooo.... haha

The work is going well out here. I love my companion Elder Parkinson!!!!!! He is a brother to me and it’s just so much fun working with him and we just get along so well. He wrote a letter to mom telling her stuff about me. So hopefully it’s good!! In my next package you should send him some peanut butter M&Ms. Basically what sprees are to me, that is to him!! and he’s just such a bro. I love the kid. The work is slow in Arrak. We are talking to and teaching a few people but they are slow to progress. They love us though and we love them. I dont know how much longer I'm going to be in this area maybe about another 4 weeks, if not, 10! I kind of hope 10 just because I feel like what I am here for, just really hasn’t happened yet! It’s weird to get that feeling!! I love all the study time I get to do out here. Elder Pearson said that the elders, just in our personal studies, logged about 720 hours and says that’s more than enough time to learn and operate a jumbo jet, like a 747.... wow... that was so cool to think about. I pour all that time into studying the Bible and Book of Mormon, and other books. Wow I hope to be an expert in that some day!! My skills are already really improving. I LOVE teaching and putting hope into people’s eyes. Telling them something so obvious to me, but yet they didn’t know if before.

I am eating soooooo incredibly healthy right now I don’t think you would recognize me as your son... but no lettuce.. ever. I am lifting and getting jacked again. So Conner watch out. Like I said before there is a new sheriff in town!! I plan on coming home just ripped and its easy to do it out here when you don’t get fast food. People eat fish and fruits out here. It’s just great. I am looking stacked already. I open and close each day with a prayer, and also 200 push ups so I’m doing work. Getting fat? Lolz... that’s for fat people. Hope you and mom are working out a bunch and using a gym. I would die for a gym. Take advantage of that. Man do I wish I did and it can only help. I promise you that. Be active. Do work. I’m your example ;)

Again Happy Father’s Day Dad. There needs to be more Fathers days. More Mothers days. I hope every time I email home I can make that happen. I love you guys. I love what you do for me and I just love this work. I am where I need to be. I am doing God’s work. This is the true church. The church that Christ established when he was on the earth, restored through Joseph Smith. I just love being able to tell people about it. Share and strengthen my knowledge about it. I am glad families are forever. I am glad that I get to help people start their eternal families as well. I love this language. It’s amazing. I'm nowhere near fluent but its flowing. I feel comfortable with it. I'm not stopping though. I'm never gonna stop. That’s just what I do.

Message for the ward: (maybe give it to Bishop Pattberg!) Hello my beloved Blaine Ward!! I miss you guys. Like I said before, the church is true out here in the Marshall Islands!! I love that we can literally go anywhere and be united by our strong devotion to our Savior and his teachings. We need to start working harder. I hate that it took me serving a mission to realize how important members are back home. If I just knew what I do now, I would have tried so much harder to befriend the missionaries and just work with them more. I challenge you guys to do the same. I talk like I know a thing or two about life... well the truth is I don’t... but I know missionary work. And we all need to know missionary work. I love this gospel and the only way to show that love, as written in the scriptures is to share it. Invite someone to church. Share what you believe. Live it too. I love you guys and I pray for you guys constantly. Take care. I'll be right back!!

Well, as this letter comes to a close, I just want to say thanks. I can’t really say “thank you” enough. Happy Father’s Day. Keep it real and do what you do best, which is being amazing.

With Love, Elder Ingalls

Just a Quick Shout Out

This letter is to you, but just quick shout out to my friends. Today I receive notes and letters from Steven, Ole, Elise, Ryan Carney, Taylor O'Dell, Trevor Erickson, Jake Thomas, Mel, Courtney, DUKE, Maggie, Karlie, Josh Kerrick, Mitch Colwell, Karen Anderson, Becca Kopplin, Brooke, Abbey Nelson, Taylor Dordan, Drew Mezzano, Karah Jolly, Sam Marthaler, Katie Traffie, Mike Bringgold, Mady Womack, Logan the hulk Falck, and Tanner Chergosky. Wow. Shout out to my friends. You guys are amazing. I promise to write every single one of you back. I don’t have all the time in the world, but I can promise you that!! I will probably have to send them to Steve to get out to everyone whose addresses I don’t have. You guys don’t know how much that helped me out. I need you guys. My family is awesome. And I consider you guys my family too. Your support and love for me helps me and its my oxygen. This time is going to go fast and I know I can count on you guys to help me fulfill my mission. You guys mean so much to me. Thank you for everything. I wish I could do something to show you guys my love. But all I got is some paper and a couple pencils so hopefully I can make you guys laugh and tell you how awesome I think every single one of you are. Keep it up. Remember who you are and remember that I think about you guys all the time. Home Stretch. I'll be right back. :)

Are you still there?

I got an email notification on my phone and it told me that I had a message from DALLIN!!! I quickly hopped on the computer and sent him a message and he responded! Here's the little correspondence that we had!
Hi Dallin!
I am working on a message to you, but I'm not finished yet! Are you still online?

Sure am!! I just sent a HUGE email to dad!!

I have two packages that I'm going to be sending you tomorrow! Dad wrote a big long letter and we put it in one of the packages and I wrote one and put it in the other!

I am keeping this short so that I might be able to catch you online!

Love, MOM

AWESOME!!! Any news on a camera? And I wrote my email this week to dad so hopefully you can post that or whatever!! And its Father’s day!!

I love you to pieces!! I’ve got about 30 more minutes so were good!

I am sending you a camera in the packages and other fun things! I don't want to spoil the surprises too much!

I am so sorry about the camera :( But the battery case thing for it was junk.... I'm sorry. I hope you really enjoy my email I wrote to dad. That will be the main one. If I get yours I hope I can respond to it for a bit.

I love you. I hope you are having a good time back home. Did you add Sam Allenso on my facebook yet????

I bought you the same camera so be very careful with it! I didn't know what other ones had the features you wanted and was still waterproof! Also, I didn't know what other kinds of SD cards you had and the other cameras used mini SDs. I have not added anyone to your FB and have not checked it very regularly because I am keeping your blog updates and that takes a lot of time!

Macey just came back from EFY and she is feeling like she doesn't want to date or have a boyfriend anymore until she's 16! It's a small miracle! I think the first one came along at a time when all her other friends had one and she didn't want to be left out. I'm glad to see that EFY can help her so much! She really is a good girl.

Conner is happy and busy with work at Office Max and the job he is doing with Logan. He is playing city coed volleyball at BeBops and likes that too.

Tanner is Tanner.
J What more is there to say? He plays soccer and hockey and guitar!

I love you so much! I think of you all the time and wonder what you are up to!

Well this is my last little email to you. I have to get going now. I love you guys! As for camera... awesome! I love it. It’s a great camera and I will treat is like my baby. Hope you enjoy dads email. I addressed it to him but it’s for all you guys.

As for Macey..... that naughty little girl.....I'm glad she is a disciple again!! Good for her. EFY always gave us that special magic :)

Conner.... do work son. Keep being a homie and write me man. Love you and stuff.

Logan.... get married.

Tanner.... Soccer....?

Dad.... refer to your email rich.

Mom..... Boy do I just love you and stuff. Be expecting some things in the mail. Enjoy your pics!! I'm gonna have a few my photo shoots and send some more home!!

I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Ingalls

ps the church is true
pss and elder parkinson loves you guys too (adopted son...)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Trick is to Just Not Slow Down!

Dear Mommy :)

Question and Answer time with Elder Eagle :) [I asked him 20 random questions! Dallin’s MOM]

Twenty Questions:

1. So you have a new companion? I bet that is fun! Sounds like you really like him.

Yes I have a new companion and we are instant best friends. He is such a bro and just makes this work so much fun. I honestly consider him one of my best friends. It’s weird how you spend literally 24/7 together and, if you click, you just become close in like a couple days. I’ve only been with him a couple days and, ma,n I want him to be in the frat house with me and Bunji. It’s pretty awesome. He knows the language super well, he actually helps me and corrected me when I mess up which is just completely amazing. I’m learning so much this transfer. This is the transfer where you really see how much of the language you really know. It’s awesome.

2. Where is he from?

He is from Rexburg Idaho!! "Mormon-ville USA" is what he calls it!

3. What do you have in common?

We have everything in common. He is just such an easy guy to get along with and everything is going well. We talk 24/7 and can just talk about anything. I honestly could serve with him for my full 2 years and I would be completely fine with that!! He is a sporty guy, played football and such. Has a good looking girlfriend so I know he can’t be tooo weird... haha That's a really good indicator of if a guy is cool or not is pictures of his lady friends :)

4. Are you the senior companion then?

I am not the senior companion because he is technically like 3 months older than me in the mission. But were both really young so it’s hard to look at him and the "senior" but he is better at the language and teaching skills so yeah. But he’s new to this area so I have to do ALOT!!!

5. Anything else you can tell us about him?

He is definitely a bro for sure and Frat-house material. He is a good guy. We work really hard and we play hard too :) It’s all about having balance and doing the Lord’s work, but doing it in a way that is effective and fun and we’re really good with that balance. Don't worry :)

6. How is the language coming? Sounds like you are being forced to use it more!

The language is flowing like no other. I have to use it so much and I am the one who had to introduce him and lead lessons and do a lot of the talking. We’re pretty good about 50-50 teaching and talking. I have grown the much in these last 2 weeks. It’s weird that I felt completely comfortable approaching someone and talking to them. I'm far from fluent, but give me a couple more months. It’s all about gaining confidence and once you have that, you aren't afraid to make the mistakes and such. One thing I noticed is just to act like you know the language. That's what I do and it gives me loads of confidence to the point where I realize that I do know the language pretty good. It’s nice. And I'm only going to improve. The trick is to just not slow down.

7. What is the most unusual thing you've seen IN the ocean?

Old WWII ship parts!! Everywhere!! I see lots of just washed up garbage. I found an old Super Nintendo that I brought back to our apartment. I'm waiting for some controllers and some games to wash up too!! (Fingers Crossed!!) Haha [Always the jokester, isn’t he? MOM]

8. What is the most unusual thing you've seen on the beach?

Refer to the last answer... In the ocean, just the MASSIVE tuna fishing ships that put the 1000 foot ships in Duluth to shame!!

9. Who is the coolest kid you've met so far?

Coolest Elder... Man there are soo many I definitely can’t put just one up there. Parkinson would be high up! But there are like 10 homies who are just amazing that I would work with in a heartbeat. Marshallese person... Just any of the members... they are so amazing. They are all so funny and they think I am hilarious so it’s awesome. Probably cuz I'm saying things wrong and act like I know what I'm talking about!!

10. What is the best conversion story you've heard?

The best conversion story is my own conversion. I knew this gospel was true when I left, but it has only gotten deeper and stronger since I have been here. Also Bill and Mina. I got the opportunity to baptize Mina a week ago and I was the one who started teaching her. The fact that 2 months ago she didn't know the simple truths that bring such joy and peace into people’s lives to now knowing and striving her best to follow the gospel of Christ is awesome. I literally put hope into her eyes. Seeing that transformation has been the most fulfilling thing I have done out here. I don't care if I can’t help anyone else out, I rescued the one. Mina and her family mean so much to me. Also Betna. Same story with her. It was awesome. I got to baptize them both on the same day.

11. What is your favorite dessert?

Scotcheroos? What a silly question. Haha I got all the ingredients to make them and I made them for FHE with bishop’s family and they are IN LOVE with me now. haha They want me to make them every week and the kids want to have Family Home Evening every other day... hahaha

12. Does anyone there remind you of anyone here?

Brother Mewa is Art's twin brother!! They look the same and act the same its nuts!!!! Other than that every now and then, but I can’t think of any right now!!

13. How are you doing health wise?

Parkinson and I are being health freaks right now!!! And to be completely honest I'm getting ripped... We work out super hard, bike all day and eat soooo healthy. We plan out all of our meals, it’s wonderful. I hope I can keep it up. I'm about 155 pounds right now, I'm benching 220 (reps) and feeling amazing. One day we biked 30 miles because some complications happened for a person’s wedding and we had to help cuz they didn't have cars!!

14. How are your teeth doing? You mentioned that they were giving you some trouble and I hope that they can be fixed if you need them to be.

My teeth are doing alright. I'm gonna schedule a dentist visit. I don't know, I might have to go to Hawaii to have work done, but hopefully not.

15. Do you feel like you are being watched over by Parker? I know that he is in Heaven being a missionary there and that he loves you and is watching over you and hoping for your success!

I feel like he's on my shoulders. I know he helps me. It’s like I'm not talking to people alone. It's like he’s right there teaching people with me. It’s unreal and I know he’s helping me do my work for these people.

16. Do you sleep in beds or on the floor like in the movie, The Other Side of Heaven?

The house I'm in right now has beds, but in some of the houses we’ll be on the floor.  I can’t wait. That’ll be good and hard. The bed I have right now is great!!

17. What's the grossest bug/ critter you've seen so far?

Don't know what they are called... but it’s a spider that no joke the body of it not including the legs is the size of Dad's fist... And man those things are scary.... Boy am I a pansy.... haha

18. Are you feeling trunky?

I'm not trunky. I'm doing really well. Just sometimes it’s hard to not think about home! But having a companion who is just easy to talk to and get your mind of things helped. Trust me, it’s not the weather that I am missing... hahaha Its perfect here and I am in no way excited to come home to that!! It’s my family that I miss. Just being with you guys is awesome and I miss that. But I'm helping create eternal families out here so It’s gonna be okay :) I keep my head in the game. Don't you worry!!

19. Question is private!

Answer is private too – Dalln’s MOM

20. Are you happy and safe (no more "accidentally" falling into the ocean?

No more falling into the ocean. I'm being as obedient as I can, but I'm not perfect so there is room to improve. But I know that when I am obedient I feel better, work harder and have better success. Trust me that I know what I need to do :)

I'm disappointed in Tanner for not getting that 300c yet... Gosh if I was there, he would have bought it by now... I know you guys miss my leadership :( It’s okay though. They always say you only realize how much you need them, after they are gone, but don't you worry babe I'll be back to get our house back in order soon :) Man, what would you guys do without me... I'm excited about Logan taking a trip out to Utah and doing what he loves. Ashley is great and I really do like her. So who knows what will happen? I hope Conner is enjoying working and Macey is staying away from the boyz.... geez.... don't worry when I (the enforcer/guardian of the Ingalls family) get home, I'll be able to resume responsibility and get things in working order again... hahaha

I got Dad's package today and pounded those Sprees!! I'm eating healthy but I'm not insane!!!! hahaha keep up the good work. I love you all and love everything you are doing for me. You guys are awesome and just keep being people that our Father in Heaven want us to be. Just roll with the punches and flow with the ocean.

Answers to Dad’s questions in his letter:

1. I baptized Mina Takiah and Betna Jelan (pronounced sailor) on the 1st of June!!

2. The house we built was actually super good!! I never knew I had it in me. It hasn't fallen over yet so I did something right!!!

3. We get our new mission president this month. At the end!! So hopefully I get to meet him at a mission conference or something!! I don't know President Shaw the best, but I love the guy... he’s amazing.

I love you all!!! The memory card, I sent it home last Monday so you should get it soon!!! Hopefully everything goes well with it. Pray!! Keep it real and I will be right back!!! Love you All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Eagle :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

MINA AND BETNA were baptized!!!


Ok so I get like no time to email you guys this week :( I am so upset about it. I freaking miss you guys and this is going to be really difficult for me.

So stuff that is new with me. I have a new companion named Elder Parkinson. He is the biggest homie and stud ever. I love him to death. We get along so well. He is only 6 months out and he’s still really new and he’s in my area now so I have to do a lot of the talking. It’s a stretch but I am learning so much and my language is going soooo greeat!! I can’t believe I'm saying that. I thought that I would never be able to say that, but it’s really just flowing and I'm learning a growing so much.

BAD NEWS :( the cover that holds my batteries in my camera broke so I have to literally hold it shut to turn it on... I need a new one :( I hate that I have to ask you guys :( but If you want pictures... I'm gonna need a new one... maybe you can send Logan or Tanners old one. Hopefully, they are waterproof because I really need it to be. Also, MINA AND BETNA were baptized!!! I was able to baptize them both!! I started and ended teaching with them which was incredible. It's the greatest feeling! I loved every second of it. I wish you guys knew how difficult it was to do that!!

Funny story: we always take our shoes off before we go into houses to teach and last night we were leaving and I could only find one of my shoes because a dog had taken and chewed up the other one..... so I have one Croc that's nice and ones that’s just disgusting.... hahah good thing I found that shoe or else I would have been in trouble!!

Scales (1/10):
happiness: 9.5
obedience (haha): 10 (obviously!!)
language: 7.6
gospel: 9
smiling: 10
companion: 9.9
trunkiness: 2
thinking about you: 100

Also, is the Ranchero jet black yet??? Tanner.... news on the 300c????? and Logan.... engaged yet???? haha I'm just playing about Logan’s engagement, but I'm dead serious about the 300c for Tanner!! I hope I get your printed letters soon because I don’t have time to read them and do anything about them.... I'm so upset about it.... I'm sending my memory card home in the letters I'm sending to you guys today so you should get it really fast. I love you guys and hope you are doing well!!

So, just know that I'm in God's hands and he is taking care of me. Pray for me – because, boy, do I need your prayers. I love you guys so much and I think about you all the time but I am loving it out here and I love everything about this mission. I'm happy. I'm doing my best.

I love you, Elder Eagle :)

The Islands in May

To my franz....5-19-2013

 Sup nerds. Hope you enjoyed my random thoughts to my mommy. I love her. She’s a saint. Give her some s/o's!! I’m doing work out here. It’s been 4 months... so doing a little math that’s 20 more to goo... sooo home stretch!! s/o to my homies and the ladies sending me letters n stuff. Hope you guys get your responses soon. I respond to everyone!! hope you guys are doing well. Just remember I’m only a letter away. I love you guys. I’ll be right back.

To the kidsssss 5-19-2013

 Tanner - go buy that 300c and send me pics of it :) Logan - waanmaanlok and get a girlfriend, don’t get married right away, get a dark blue 300c or a red, ambebe (your choice), Conner - have a bomb summer, start getting serious about school and your mish. Do you hw and get me some songs :) Macey - lolz.... you kissed a boy.... what the freak.... hope you get your permit soon! Enjoy your summer, stay cute :) Parker - keep watching over the fam like you've been doing :)

I miss you, but I’m strong 5-19-2013


Well that was strange... I didn’t get an email from you today.. awkward. I hope you guys aren’t dead... because that is the only logical reason I could think that you wouldn’t have emailed me yet... but anyway I guess I can just guess the questions you have for me and just tell you some stories!

I'm staying in Arrak this transfer.... so email every 2 weeks or so. We have one baptism on Saturday. We might have 2-3 baptisms just this Saturday! After that, we don’t have any new investigators so its crunch time now. Elder Watkins is leaving the area this week and I’m getting a new companion. He’s been working in Ebeye (a different atoll) since December and they speak a really different dialect there... sooo that will be interesting. He’s only been out here for 7 months and me 4 months... so we’re gonna have a good time talking and understanding people!! I won’t be able to rely so much on Watkins anymore. So I’m really gonna grow in the language now!! I’m excited... I’m basically gonna be the boss :) not that there was ever a time where I wasn’t :) It’s pretty awesome working out here. All the kids and even some adults want me to flex for them... haha its pretty awesome being their hero. They love me and everyone knows me!! Which isn’t saying much considering its about 500 people! They love me and I’m so in love with them. I can’t get enough of the little kids. They just think I’m amazing!! I love playing with them and having them teach me words!! Elder Lutu is gonna be in my district now so he’s back in town. I’m freaking excited!!! The west (side) zone is where its at :)

The word of the week/email: JUMBO -- it’s said the same as is it said in English. but basically means travel, trip, wander, wlak, basically just movement and that’s what we do in arrak. We jumbo to every place, beach, house, store, person.  We are awesome. I’m excited to continue to do it!! 

Also to Dad: MY DEBIT CARD EXPIRES IN JUNE so we need to do something about that. I don’t use it, but if I have too... I’ll need it! Maybe you can help me out with that!! Anyway I always mess up with the language but I’m doing fine with it. Yesterday during General Conference somebody asked me how old President Monson was and I said with absolute confidence "800" hahahahahaha and they all laughed at me but I didn’t catch it for a bit... then I figured out what I actually said... hahaha that was funny! and another good quote out here is "bonbon ej an ri-belle ro" which says "counting is for the whites" which they mean telling time and using watches is a white person thing... haha is so true. Nobody out here owns a watch or a calendar. They just look at the sun and know the time. Pretty awesome.

So this email is pretty random cuz I don’t have anything to build off of. I hate always asking you guys for stuff but simple things are just impossible to get out here... man!! but keep it up with the Sprees :) I may not have food but I’ll have Sprees :) also, when we were skyping you guys talked about a hard drive to store my pics on and such, do you guys think you could send out a big one like Logan’s? That would be amazing. And a voice recorder like dad was talking about with Logan, I’d love to do that and send a few of them home!! CONNER: burn me some CD's homie and send them to me! I’m asking you cuz you’ll hook me up fat, and I don’t wanna bug mom and dad about it! so you can do it :) thanks. Love you and stuff.

Let’s see what else can I tell you guys? ... I officially weighed myself for the first time in 4.5 months and I weigh 152 pounds! Dang. I’ve been losing weight but putting on muscle. It’s crazy how in shape I am. I’m gonna come home ripped outta my mind!! Conner - watch out. There’s a new sheriff in town. Also I’m eating insanely healthy. Partially because fat American food is soooo expensive!! So yeah I really plan out what meals I’m gonna eat and make sure it hits all the [necessary for me] food groups :) I bike about 10-15 miles a day. Everything’s good!! and I’m basically black. Speaking of black can you guys ask Justice if he ever got my letter? And also can you guys see if Duke got my letter? I hope I sent them to the right addresses!!  What else... everything is just going well with me. I'm your only missionary out right now so I expect quite a bit of extra lovin :) 

I love you mommy. I know this church is true. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you, but I know what I’m doing is so important for these people. I can sacrifice a portion of the amazing life I had to help these people get on track to live with their families forever. It’s no big deal. I miss you, but I’m strong. I know my purpose. I know that Heavenly Father wants me to work here in Marshalls at this time. I’m happy. Sometimes its hard. Actually a lot of the time it’s hard, but if I work hard, it’s easy. I’m focused. I’m trying my best and soon I’m gonna return with honor. I love you babe :)

Love Elder Eagle (Ingalls 4/5) 

*Letter to my friends* 5-5-2013

Yo guys. First I want to s/o Geoff for starting his mission this week. It truly will be the best 2 years for your life!! Also, my future wife better be able to cook better than I can. Yes, there will be a competition before were married and you better win!!! and when I’m a millionaire -  were all coming to the Marshalls - on me :) just wanna give some advice and say focus on what you want and do everything you can to get there. Think greatness - do greatness. Shark = sooooo good!!! Dog = .....soooo good.... I can’t believe I just said that... king clam = not my favorite... beef.... nasty. I had it for the first time in 2 months and I was sick for 2 days!! yuck.... keep it real.

I got some amazing letters from people this week!! Responses will be coming soon!! Thanks for all your love and support! s/o to Mckayla for her letter, to Brooke!!! (freaking loved it. answers yes I still really do), from Luke Laberda!!, for Sister Sebastian, from you guys, from Jill Mendivil!!! Everyone!! You guys rock. If I missed you, I’ll get you :) responses soon! Love you guys!

These words are my oxygen. 5-5-2013

Dear Mommy!!

I'm not dead yet!!! I'm having the time of my life out here!! I'm gonna type the list of stuff I came up with, then respond to your email!! It’s all read though so don’t worry!! I had the most awesome bike wipe out this week and my bike is/was broken. We tied some hangers together and I made Elder Watkins tow me to Woja elementary from our house which is about 6 miles and back so another 6 miles!! I feel kinda evil ;) because my pedals started working about 5 miles away from home but I didn’t tell Watkins because I liked the ride ;) this p-day we got to walk to some close islands!! The tide was low so we walked on the coral!! Boy, that hurt!!!!!! But it was amazing I loved it! This mission is the best mission in the world!! We have 2 baptismal interviews Saturday so we must be doing something right!! The work is good!! I have finished reading the Book of Mormon 2 times already out here and I’m starting it for the 3rd time!! I’m also reading the New Testament and I’m loving it so much. These words are my oxygen. Just breathe :) at a baptism last week which wasn’t our investigators, bishop asked me to give a talk on baptism 5 minutes before I had to do it!! I almost talked for 10 minutes straight about it!! They were blown away because they expected me to just share a verse and bear my testimony! So that’s what’s up!!

I would also like to thank you for that WONDERFUL PACKAGE!!!!!!! I didn’t end up finding the watch you hid in the Sprees for like 3 days!!! I LOVE IT!!! haha I put the candy in the fridge and the watch too!! Whoops!! I love the white watch white sun glasses look :) hot. You know me well :) Gotta look good for the Marshalls :) that journal you sent me was awesome too!! I got it just in time to watch general conference!!! I took some great notes!! I stayed awake the whole time too!! That’s the first time ever!! I get to watch it in Marshallese this week!! Boy... that’s gonna be fun!! The language is coming along well!! little by little, a couple words a day and I’ll be fluent :) maybe 2-3 more months :) I can’t believe I have been out here for almost 4 months!! What the heck!!! Pretty soon I’ll just have 4 months left!! 2-3 weeks and I will be done training and I will get a new companion!! I think I will be staying in Arrak but I’m not sure yet!! you’ll know in the next email home probably!!

I’m eating very well and lifting everyday so girls watch out. I’m gonna be ripped when i come home ;) and tan. and smart. and DALLIN 2.0.  I’m preparing to send home a package soon!! I’ve made some cool stuff for you guys!! If you send another package, you should see if you can find my crazy tan and brown African shirt and sneak that it there!!! Thanks for the Stagg chili dad. That didn’t last too long ;)

Also what’s Grandpa Dennis' email? How is he doing? And what’s his address? I would like to write to him and tell him about the awesome time I’m having out here and how much I miss him!! I hope he’s doing well!! I hope you guys are keeping me in your prayers. I need these blessings. People rely on me out here and without prayer, I couldn’t do anything.

soo.... I cut my hair and it looked pretty good!! Since then I have given almost 15 haircuts to people here! asking for a “fade” haircut "exactly like mine" haha its good :) thank you Grandma for your skills :) I’m definitely a Grandmas boy!! All the people here can’t pronounce my name and they all call me Elder "Eagle" so I ended up getting a nametag that says that!! It’s pretty awesome!! Everyone calls me that!! Also... hearing my first name... wow that’s weird!! I told it to this one lady and he says she might name her kid Dallin!! She is 7 months pregnant so we will see!! That would be awesome!! Definitely leaving my mark!! haha I’m going to send home a memory card of pictures soon!! I’m trying to figure out how to work it out and transfer pics... its difficult out in the jungle!!

I just wanna tell you how much I love you and give thanks for all the things that you do for me. Read the Book of Mormon. Go to church. Pray all day. One of our investigators reads the Book of Mormon every day and says how much he loves it. I asked him where he was at in it and he said page 5. He had a difficult time reading, but he reads everyday about a verse or 2. He’s the cutest old man ever. I love these people. I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year!! I will too, but probably another 4 times too!! I can’t get enough of it!! I love every word. The best word, is APPLY. Doesn’t matter if you read if you don’t apply.

***** Also huge news!! i get to Skype you guys next Monday at 11:00am for Mother’s day!! that would be like 5pm sunday your time??
[It was AWESOME!!! We got to see him and hear from him for the first time in months! He is still the same little ball of energy and fun as he was when he was home. Very focused on the work he is doing and in love with the place and the people. We are so happy for him and so proud of him!!!]

Sounds like everyone back home is doing well!! Props to Conner for being just a great guy. How is tennis for him I completely forgot. Props to Macey and her boyfriend.... I don’t think he understands I’m getting ripped and ready to tear him to pieces!
[He doesn’t have to worry about that anymore because they broke up. She wants to follow the counsel of the Prophet and not date until she’s 16. She found out that relationships are hard and a lot of work and they limit your opportunities to meet new people.] Tanner.... get your 300c and you will get married shortly after... it’s the only way... and dad i love you!! I’m gonna respond to his email separately! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! until 2 weeks!!

Love, Elder Eagle :) (4/5)