Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Trick is to Just Not Slow Down!

Dear Mommy :)

Question and Answer time with Elder Eagle :) [I asked him 20 random questions! Dallin’s MOM]

Twenty Questions:

1. So you have a new companion? I bet that is fun! Sounds like you really like him.

Yes I have a new companion and we are instant best friends. He is such a bro and just makes this work so much fun. I honestly consider him one of my best friends. It’s weird how you spend literally 24/7 together and, if you click, you just become close in like a couple days. I’ve only been with him a couple days and, ma,n I want him to be in the frat house with me and Bunji. It’s pretty awesome. He knows the language super well, he actually helps me and corrected me when I mess up which is just completely amazing. I’m learning so much this transfer. This is the transfer where you really see how much of the language you really know. It’s awesome.

2. Where is he from?

He is from Rexburg Idaho!! "Mormon-ville USA" is what he calls it!

3. What do you have in common?

We have everything in common. He is just such an easy guy to get along with and everything is going well. We talk 24/7 and can just talk about anything. I honestly could serve with him for my full 2 years and I would be completely fine with that!! He is a sporty guy, played football and such. Has a good looking girlfriend so I know he can’t be tooo weird... haha That's a really good indicator of if a guy is cool or not is pictures of his lady friends :)

4. Are you the senior companion then?

I am not the senior companion because he is technically like 3 months older than me in the mission. But were both really young so it’s hard to look at him and the "senior" but he is better at the language and teaching skills so yeah. But he’s new to this area so I have to do ALOT!!!

5. Anything else you can tell us about him?

He is definitely a bro for sure and Frat-house material. He is a good guy. We work really hard and we play hard too :) It’s all about having balance and doing the Lord’s work, but doing it in a way that is effective and fun and we’re really good with that balance. Don't worry :)

6. How is the language coming? Sounds like you are being forced to use it more!

The language is flowing like no other. I have to use it so much and I am the one who had to introduce him and lead lessons and do a lot of the talking. We’re pretty good about 50-50 teaching and talking. I have grown the much in these last 2 weeks. It’s weird that I felt completely comfortable approaching someone and talking to them. I'm far from fluent, but give me a couple more months. It’s all about gaining confidence and once you have that, you aren't afraid to make the mistakes and such. One thing I noticed is just to act like you know the language. That's what I do and it gives me loads of confidence to the point where I realize that I do know the language pretty good. It’s nice. And I'm only going to improve. The trick is to just not slow down.

7. What is the most unusual thing you've seen IN the ocean?

Old WWII ship parts!! Everywhere!! I see lots of just washed up garbage. I found an old Super Nintendo that I brought back to our apartment. I'm waiting for some controllers and some games to wash up too!! (Fingers Crossed!!) Haha [Always the jokester, isn’t he? MOM]

8. What is the most unusual thing you've seen on the beach?

Refer to the last answer... In the ocean, just the MASSIVE tuna fishing ships that put the 1000 foot ships in Duluth to shame!!

9. Who is the coolest kid you've met so far?

Coolest Elder... Man there are soo many I definitely can’t put just one up there. Parkinson would be high up! But there are like 10 homies who are just amazing that I would work with in a heartbeat. Marshallese person... Just any of the members... they are so amazing. They are all so funny and they think I am hilarious so it’s awesome. Probably cuz I'm saying things wrong and act like I know what I'm talking about!!

10. What is the best conversion story you've heard?

The best conversion story is my own conversion. I knew this gospel was true when I left, but it has only gotten deeper and stronger since I have been here. Also Bill and Mina. I got the opportunity to baptize Mina a week ago and I was the one who started teaching her. The fact that 2 months ago she didn't know the simple truths that bring such joy and peace into people’s lives to now knowing and striving her best to follow the gospel of Christ is awesome. I literally put hope into her eyes. Seeing that transformation has been the most fulfilling thing I have done out here. I don't care if I can’t help anyone else out, I rescued the one. Mina and her family mean so much to me. Also Betna. Same story with her. It was awesome. I got to baptize them both on the same day.

11. What is your favorite dessert?

Scotcheroos? What a silly question. Haha I got all the ingredients to make them and I made them for FHE with bishop’s family and they are IN LOVE with me now. haha They want me to make them every week and the kids want to have Family Home Evening every other day... hahaha

12. Does anyone there remind you of anyone here?

Brother Mewa is Art's twin brother!! They look the same and act the same its nuts!!!! Other than that every now and then, but I can’t think of any right now!!

13. How are you doing health wise?

Parkinson and I are being health freaks right now!!! And to be completely honest I'm getting ripped... We work out super hard, bike all day and eat soooo healthy. We plan out all of our meals, it’s wonderful. I hope I can keep it up. I'm about 155 pounds right now, I'm benching 220 (reps) and feeling amazing. One day we biked 30 miles because some complications happened for a person’s wedding and we had to help cuz they didn't have cars!!

14. How are your teeth doing? You mentioned that they were giving you some trouble and I hope that they can be fixed if you need them to be.

My teeth are doing alright. I'm gonna schedule a dentist visit. I don't know, I might have to go to Hawaii to have work done, but hopefully not.

15. Do you feel like you are being watched over by Parker? I know that he is in Heaven being a missionary there and that he loves you and is watching over you and hoping for your success!

I feel like he's on my shoulders. I know he helps me. It’s like I'm not talking to people alone. It's like he’s right there teaching people with me. It’s unreal and I know he’s helping me do my work for these people.

16. Do you sleep in beds or on the floor like in the movie, The Other Side of Heaven?

The house I'm in right now has beds, but in some of the houses we’ll be on the floor.  I can’t wait. That’ll be good and hard. The bed I have right now is great!!

17. What's the grossest bug/ critter you've seen so far?

Don't know what they are called... but it’s a spider that no joke the body of it not including the legs is the size of Dad's fist... And man those things are scary.... Boy am I a pansy.... haha

18. Are you feeling trunky?

I'm not trunky. I'm doing really well. Just sometimes it’s hard to not think about home! But having a companion who is just easy to talk to and get your mind of things helped. Trust me, it’s not the weather that I am missing... hahaha Its perfect here and I am in no way excited to come home to that!! It’s my family that I miss. Just being with you guys is awesome and I miss that. But I'm helping create eternal families out here so It’s gonna be okay :) I keep my head in the game. Don't you worry!!

19. Question is private!

Answer is private too – Dalln’s MOM

20. Are you happy and safe (no more "accidentally" falling into the ocean?

No more falling into the ocean. I'm being as obedient as I can, but I'm not perfect so there is room to improve. But I know that when I am obedient I feel better, work harder and have better success. Trust me that I know what I need to do :)

I'm disappointed in Tanner for not getting that 300c yet... Gosh if I was there, he would have bought it by now... I know you guys miss my leadership :( It’s okay though. They always say you only realize how much you need them, after they are gone, but don't you worry babe I'll be back to get our house back in order soon :) Man, what would you guys do without me... I'm excited about Logan taking a trip out to Utah and doing what he loves. Ashley is great and I really do like her. So who knows what will happen? I hope Conner is enjoying working and Macey is staying away from the boyz.... geez.... don't worry when I (the enforcer/guardian of the Ingalls family) get home, I'll be able to resume responsibility and get things in working order again... hahaha

I got Dad's package today and pounded those Sprees!! I'm eating healthy but I'm not insane!!!! hahaha keep up the good work. I love you all and love everything you are doing for me. You guys are awesome and just keep being people that our Father in Heaven want us to be. Just roll with the punches and flow with the ocean.

Answers to Dad’s questions in his letter:

1. I baptized Mina Takiah and Betna Jelan (pronounced sailor) on the 1st of June!!

2. The house we built was actually super good!! I never knew I had it in me. It hasn't fallen over yet so I did something right!!!

3. We get our new mission president this month. At the end!! So hopefully I get to meet him at a mission conference or something!! I don't know President Shaw the best, but I love the guy... he’s amazing.

I love you all!!! The memory card, I sent it home last Monday so you should get it soon!!! Hopefully everything goes well with it. Pray!! Keep it real and I will be right back!!! Love you All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Eagle :)

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