Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Richard.... how I have longed to hear from you!!

You sound like you are doing so well. I always love getting your emails, they are so informative and they do so much for me!! That is so cool that Elder Holland came to Stake Conference. We had a 70 come out for the Majuro Stake conference just this last Sunday and he gave training to the missionaries the next day and I honestly feel like it changed the course of my mission. Just everything clicked and I just feel so different and that I just want to change and be more obedient and just do as much as I can for the people of the Marshall Islands. I know I am doing well, but boy can I become more effective and just work harder to make a bigger impact. I teach these people what they need to know and often times why, but the part I am really starting to focus on is the how. I literally teach these people how to pray to their Heavenly Father. I teach them how to receive personal revelation. I teach them what they need to do to return to our Father in Heaven once again. I give these people hope. And, boy do they give me hope back. These people are what I need. I'm what they need. I know Heavenly Father put my here for them at this time.

To be honest, I can’t believe Tanner is looking at cars!!! I was always dead serious about him getting a 300c but I know he will get something cool. Send some pics if you can!! I always was the boss and you guys need my leadership for something like this. He is probably just too nervous to ask me, the expert :) And as for Logan. Props for him. I hope he’s happy with whatever happens. Ashley is like a sister to me. I really like her. So hopefully she treats him well and things click!

Thank you for hooking me up with those Sprees :) you always were my favorite dad :) (my only dad, in case anyone doesn’t get that....nerds...) I really love everything you do for me. I just don’t think I can really tell you that and thank you enough for what you do and are doing. Same goes with mom!!! You guys need to start emailing well before Monday gets to the Marshall Islands!!! I would have thought after like 4 months you guys would know!! I get to email only at weird times when I have a computer to use so I can’t really blame you guys!! I got one of your letters today too!! That was awesome. I am trying to write to you guys every week or every other week but its gets really difficult for me. I need to tell you guys what you need to know!

I hate this part of my letters to you, but a few weeks ago I asked about getting a new camera.... Maybe sending me an old one. My battery case broke so soon I will have to break in just to get my memorie card out, so I have about 800 pics left on it, so it shouldn’t be too soon, but still. I hope we can figure that out soon. Maybe just Tanner or Logan’s old ones... or if new, a small waterproof one, but really just anything. If I don’t hear back from you... I will buy disposable cameras and take pics and just mail those to you. Pics are so important and I just don’t know what to do and I am so sorry for putting this on you guys. :( forgive me and please help me!! :( and if you send any packages... I love JIF creamy peanut butter :) and chewy Sprees obviously :) and pics. Love you!!

FLATS..... lolzzzzz I got that right away.... good jokes, Rich, good jokes :) [Must be a privaet joke because I don’t get it! MOM]

This will probably be the email that Mom posts to my blog so I guess I better try and make it good huh... haha I hope people read that thing. If not, I will someday. I hope to be able to make a book out of it too!! I hope you scan my letters in the computer or do something with them!! You know how much I hate scanning stuff soooo.... haha

The work is going well out here. I love my companion Elder Parkinson!!!!!! He is a brother to me and it’s just so much fun working with him and we just get along so well. He wrote a letter to mom telling her stuff about me. So hopefully it’s good!! In my next package you should send him some peanut butter M&Ms. Basically what sprees are to me, that is to him!! and he’s just such a bro. I love the kid. The work is slow in Arrak. We are talking to and teaching a few people but they are slow to progress. They love us though and we love them. I dont know how much longer I'm going to be in this area maybe about another 4 weeks, if not, 10! I kind of hope 10 just because I feel like what I am here for, just really hasn’t happened yet! It’s weird to get that feeling!! I love all the study time I get to do out here. Elder Pearson said that the elders, just in our personal studies, logged about 720 hours and says that’s more than enough time to learn and operate a jumbo jet, like a 747.... wow... that was so cool to think about. I pour all that time into studying the Bible and Book of Mormon, and other books. Wow I hope to be an expert in that some day!! My skills are already really improving. I LOVE teaching and putting hope into people’s eyes. Telling them something so obvious to me, but yet they didn’t know if before.

I am eating soooooo incredibly healthy right now I don’t think you would recognize me as your son... but no lettuce.. ever. I am lifting and getting jacked again. So Conner watch out. Like I said before there is a new sheriff in town!! I plan on coming home just ripped and its easy to do it out here when you don’t get fast food. People eat fish and fruits out here. It’s just great. I am looking stacked already. I open and close each day with a prayer, and also 200 push ups so I’m doing work. Getting fat? Lolz... that’s for fat people. Hope you and mom are working out a bunch and using a gym. I would die for a gym. Take advantage of that. Man do I wish I did and it can only help. I promise you that. Be active. Do work. I’m your example ;)

Again Happy Father’s Day Dad. There needs to be more Fathers days. More Mothers days. I hope every time I email home I can make that happen. I love you guys. I love what you do for me and I just love this work. I am where I need to be. I am doing God’s work. This is the true church. The church that Christ established when he was on the earth, restored through Joseph Smith. I just love being able to tell people about it. Share and strengthen my knowledge about it. I am glad families are forever. I am glad that I get to help people start their eternal families as well. I love this language. It’s amazing. I'm nowhere near fluent but its flowing. I feel comfortable with it. I'm not stopping though. I'm never gonna stop. That’s just what I do.

Message for the ward: (maybe give it to Bishop Pattberg!) Hello my beloved Blaine Ward!! I miss you guys. Like I said before, the church is true out here in the Marshall Islands!! I love that we can literally go anywhere and be united by our strong devotion to our Savior and his teachings. We need to start working harder. I hate that it took me serving a mission to realize how important members are back home. If I just knew what I do now, I would have tried so much harder to befriend the missionaries and just work with them more. I challenge you guys to do the same. I talk like I know a thing or two about life... well the truth is I don’t... but I know missionary work. And we all need to know missionary work. I love this gospel and the only way to show that love, as written in the scriptures is to share it. Invite someone to church. Share what you believe. Live it too. I love you guys and I pray for you guys constantly. Take care. I'll be right back!!

Well, as this letter comes to a close, I just want to say thanks. I can’t really say “thank you” enough. Happy Father’s Day. Keep it real and do what you do best, which is being amazing.

With Love, Elder Ingalls

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