Friday, August 30, 2013

Dallin the Dragonslayer

But I mostly I love my mom!

Hey mom!! You are awesome and I love you!!
Sounds like you had a pretty good week!! I still haven't got your package yet, but I have got letters!! Thank you for that it was awesome to read!! I don't get that many letters now especially because I am in town and can write emails and I am just faster at doing that! So I will try and respond to the letters too! Its difficult! But challenge accepted :) Thats good that you got to go out to eat with the whole family! [We all went out to The Tavern and then went to Rainbow Yogurt - it was really fun!] I can't really remember the last time we all got to eat with literally everyone.... years ago.... and years to come!! But it will happen someday :) and we will probably fight and make you mad like we usually do and you will love every second of it!! I know it!
This week was good. The languge is flowing. I can't believe how much I am learning and being able to understand. I feel like I understand about 80 percent of everyone right now and some people 100%. And in lessons, no question, I know what's going on just because I'm forced to. It's nice not being am to rely on anyone. I have to do it myself and I love it. I'm gonna be one of the better speakers soon. I really try and mimic what people say and really try and speak with their accent. It's difficult to not sound like a silly white kid but I try my best. Its harder because its not a white person language.... czech and swedish are white person languages.... so yeah they are difficult, but you can mimic pretty well. Elder Duiriba is the man!! He is a little quiet but I just make him talk and laugh and we have a good time!! Its cool to see him grow and learn new words and stuff! Fijian elders I swear learn this language the fastest!! And they are islanders so they can just have really good accents and its sweet!! We both love volleyball. He bought a v-ball so we play a bit and pass and work on technique. He is sooo good and I'm the best too so its fun to play together!! and its fun to school some kids during the day :) [Humble, huh? :)]
Questions from Grandma this week:
1. What kind of jobs do they have out there? What do people do for a living? Most people work as fisherman or coconut oil manufactering. And the other 80% of the people do other things. But there are stores and shops that many people work at, a few restaurants and some government jobs that people do too. I swear every place here in the Marshall Islands has security.... why? I have no idea... there is nothing to steal and there is nothing to keep secure.... like if you steal  car.... where could you possibly go? haha Marshallese people...

2. Do many women have jobs?
Many women make crafts and stuff like that and they sell them to companies that sell them to tourists. Many women work s small little shops. Just depends.. And if you want  good paying job, just know English... hha thats the trick

3. Do the kids go to school like us? Do they go to college, want to go? 
 Yes all kids go to school. They all attend elementry through high school. Mostly everyone knows some basic English and can understand, but will never speak it and never let you know that they know it haha but I just speak to them in Marshallese. Its easier.. I haven't forgot my native language... but it does feel weird trying to start conversations up with people in English.... like really weird... talking to white people is weird and seeing groups of them is just mind blowing.... going home to white people will be weird.... especially in the middle of winter when you all look like ghosts..... haha and yes people go to college. I live on the College of the Marshall Islands campus actually!! And I am emailing you from their campus library! haha pretty neat! Its about the equialvent of a community college there...

4. Do they have banks?
Yes they have two banks. They don't work alot of the time,but they are aided by the states so they aren't too bad. Alot of the time the atm's dont have money in them.... haha thats annoying....  but they work and help  little bit... debit cards and credit cards can only be used at like 2-3 places on the island.

5. Do they have grocery stores or markets/ clothing stores like us? T
hey have ALOT of American groceries I was very surprised! Because I didn't know that for my first 5 months I was here! They have two American grocery stores and I love it haha you can pretty much get anything you want there its just expensive... America helps the Marshall Islands quite a bit becuase they are protectors and in free association... and they kinda have American clothing but not really anyone wears it except for the white people here....

6. How far away is the hospital? 
It's about a mile away from us.

7. How did the house turn out that you helped build? Was it the garage or the house? I
t was pretty decent. I would have done it a little differently but they were the ones in charge. It was an extension of the house. It was about 15 feet by 15 feet.... I had to build they roof too.... what the heck..... I know nothing about that stuff, but it turned out pretty well. I have pics of it that I will send home soon!! Fun experience!
8. Were they happy with how you did it?
It was ebwe... or decent as you white people would say it... haha I definitely am not made out for carpentry but I like helping out and doing that stuff!!
9. Are there very many rich people out there? The lords of the island, or the kings are the rich people. They get money from the states because of the bombings from Bikini Atoll and ww2 stuff. They are the ones with the 300c's and the Mercedes and the Denalis. I actually study with one of the family members of the iroijs (kings) and they know perfect English! I got to get a tour of his yacht! Boy that was legit.... 53 feet and a couple million dollars... what the heckk... and 99% of the people here make about $5,000 a year for their family.... so no. not much money.... minimum wage here is $2 an hour
So... hope you enjoyed the question and answer session with Elder Ingalls :) Tell Conner he better be taking care of my longboard or he is going to have to buy me a new one!! and they are expensive little boy! haha hope everyone is doing well. days are turning into weeks for me.... you know what the next thing is... weeks turning into months... I'm scared for when that happens.... but its good. I love it here. I miss home a bit, but I got soma good people here taking care of me. I know this is where I need to be right now. I'll be home soon. I just gotta quit counting and start working :) love you guys
and to my friends - some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined too. How determined are you guys? Do like Dallin.
Love you mom!
Love you fam!
Love you friends!
But I mostly I love my mom!
Elder Ingalls the 4th (but probably the greatest)

Heavenly Father has helped me more now than any other time

Yo :) Its been a hectic week getting a new companion and me being the old guy that has to do all the talking and all the work! Haha but its good!! a good week for sure. My language skills just because of everything I had to go through this week I feel like they doubled...and I just feel like Heavenly Father has helped me more now than any other time of my mission. I'm loving life right now it has been great!!
Sounds like you had a pretty fun week! Getting to play tennis and everything with macey and her boy friend... hahaha just kidding. I can't believe she got her permit and is driving my car..... what the heck... give her a bicycle.... she's too young to be driving.... haha I can't believe she is starting out driving a 300c.... but that is cool!I just wanna know what she is going to do when I come home and claim what is rightfully mine :) its funny cuz I'm serious right now ;)  I didn't get that package yet, but I am going to check again today after this! So hopefully it will be there!
I am in the coolest district in the best part of the island with one of my favorite companions ever. Life is good here in Uliga! Got everything I need!! We got a gym membership so we're working out in the morning and I'm still doing my 200 push ups at night! Still getting ripped!! I'm gonna try and start putting on more muscle. Maybe like 10 to15 pounds, then work it all off. Haha just for fun and its healthy to do! My pants are all still fitting me! I wear 30s and some 32s. I prefer the 32s cuz its just more comfortable and with all the walking and sitting cross legged its nice! But having actual dress pants kinda stinks :( the next pants I get I wanna maybe get some khakis, tan or dark blue. that would be cool)! But that will still be a long ways away. Hopefully. Cuz all the pants I have right now are suppose to be drycleaned... and the Marshall Islands don't know what that even means... haha
So yeah this week has been good!! We taught about 30 lessons and I basically had to teach them all by myself with Duiriba doing what he could here and there! So yeah, I'm really studying up on the lessons and how to say everything! I get good because I have those awkward moments where I don't understand or can't explain something... And that just drives me to be the best. I love this language and I love that I can just get better and better everyday.
It was good to hear from you this week!! I love hearing from you guys!! Life is going so fast right now, especially me hitting my 7th month mark and having a new intake come in!! It was awesome seeing them at a baptism literally not understanding a word of what was being said.... haha I am glad that I am not at that point anymore.... so glad! I wish more people in the world knew Marshallese!! Especially in the states!! There are actually quite a few Marshallese wards that I would like to attend someday because I will probably know some of the people!! I met some people that have family in Minnetonka, MN!! I could not believe that!! I for sure thought Minnesota would be the last place these people would be!! Pretty awesome!! Does Logan talk to any of his mission buds on the phone in Swedish? I know Tanner did a little bit and I will alot!! Idk how much will be in Marshallese but I will for sure be keeping in touch with these guys!! They are awesome!! I really want some of them to go to BYU!
I don't have much more to say this week! Hopefully I can give you a more entertaining email next week! That's crazy that Conner is going out to school soon!! And that Tanner is going too! How much more schooling does Tanner have left? you should ask me like 10 good questions next email! I like being able to answer questions cuz I never know what to write!! You are a babe mom and I love that I know you and that I came from you ;) hahaha had to throw that in there! I think about you all the time :)
 yourlittle boy whois the boss of the family who is inthe marshall islands kicking it and loving it who misses his family but loves it here who wants everyone toknow that he lovesthem :)
ps your hawt

Monday, August 12, 2013

God gives me challenges so I can gain patience

Hey Mom :)
You are the best and I shouldn't be complaining about your emails! idk last week I was just kinda in a slump for some reason and was just a little upset. I don't even know why, but I'm doing fine now and just wanna let you know that even if I got a 3 word email from you I would be more than happy! So dont you worry about it!  Life is going well. I'm doing my best to be the best. I am not going to an outer island! I am going to be working with a Fijian Elder that has been in the Marshalls for about 2 months now.... wow... that's insane... he doesnt know English that well and he really doesn't know Marshallese... so that will be quite the challenge me having to do all the teaching and talking, but I am really excited to work with him. His name is Elder Duriba :) He's really funny and I know that we are going to be like the best of friends ever!! We played vball on pday a couple times and he's pretty good and I'm decent too so we have that going for us :) Life is well. no worries!!
Sounds like everyone at home is doing well. I can't believe how fast Trayson is growing up! I miss my Mcdonalds dates with that little boy :) I can't believe Logan is thinking about marriage... I always thought it was a joke... but its becoming real pretty fast!! That's awesome though. I don't get that much time to email you guys this week because of the activities we have to do today... so I'm gonna try and answer these questions quick!!
1. So what size belt do you need? You used to be a 30 and they are very hard to find! I have been looking quite a bit actually, but nothing so far.A size 30 belt would be pretty nice but I would probably need a size 32 belt. I'm not fat but its just more comfortable to wear, especially when its hot and I have to sit cross legged all the time. But whatever you can get will be awesome and I cant wear my mustache belt proselyting... :( so yeah basically can't wear it... but the selt belt idea is legit!! I would love one of those! Just have it be black or something
2. Did you get your package and letter yet? I get to check after this if I have got anything! It has been long enough so I would assume that it is here. But I don't get to know until after I email you... ahaha so I will let you know next week!
3. Do you know if Elder Parkinson got his? same as above. hehe
4. You sounded a little homesick in your last letter. Are you okay? - I'm doing better now. I don't know what was wrong but last week I was just a little frustrated with everything. Nothing really set me off but, it was just a bunch of things... but I'm doing better now. Just slowing down and taking a breath. Sometimes 24 months really seems like eternity... that's hard on me and I just feel like I'm doing the same thing day in and day out, but I know there will come a time when I won't want to leave here either!
5. The picture you sent of the rusty ship in the harbor was beautiful! Where was that? I was in about 3 feet of water and about 50 feet away! The camera that you sent me takes some amazing pics thats for sure!!
6. Did you take the picture half underwater? That's kind of what it looked like! I held my camera right to the surface of the water!! haha I'm getting pretty good at taking pics out here!! I do it alot sooo yeah :)
7. What size belt do you need? Are you not able to wear your seatbelt belt? refer to question 1... but yeah I would like a black or a brown one. The one that I had was reversible which was awesome. but whatever you send will be fine I'm sure.
8. What made you finally decide that you wanted to go on a mission? Just seeing the blessings that Tanner got from serving one, the happiness that Logan always seemed to have in his emails.. and just knowing that it was the right thing to do for my life at this time. I know I am a better person because of it. Sometimes I feel like I just went on my mission because just everyone was doing it, but there was more to it. And helping these people and seeing their lives change because of it makes me realize why I'm here. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
9. Do you feel like you were prepared to go? More or less yeah. I'm glad I took those B.O.M. classes at BYU before I left. I just wish I would have taken it more seriously and tried to better prepare myself before I left. I wish I knew the lessons, I wish I knew preach my gospel... but I'm here now, and just learning it now!
10. What can future missionaries do to prepare?  Read the Book of Mormon, try and learn useful scriptures.... and read Preach my Gospel and just try and teach their families as if they were investigators... I wish I would have done that with you guys during FHE... that would have been awesome and a great help to me for sure.
11. What is a mission like?  t]The hardest thing I have ever done. The fact that I'm just 6,5000 miles away from what I know and love. I dont have Mcdonalds, I don't have my mom and I don't have a cell phone or a car. It difficult in that worldly sense, but the fact that we teach people about the gospel and about changing their lives and being bold about it and finding people and getting to know them and becoming friends with complete strangers.... and on top of it all, in a language that I don't know and have difficulty understanding. It's probably one of the most challenging things I have ever done and I love it!!!! It is turning me into a person that can go up to anyone at any time and in any setting and not be scared to talk to them about anything. It's teaching patience, some humility... haha not alot yet... ;), love, kindnesss and just everything. I know how to study, how to teach people difficult things, but plain enough that a 8 year old can understand and know. I teach people how to talk with their Father in Heaven. I love this!!!!
12. What is your most treasured memory of your time there so far?  My baptism with Mina Takiah. I was able to start and end teaching her. It was one of the most spiritual things that I have ever done. I literally taught her that their is more to this life, that there is a purpose, that she can be with her husband and cute little boy forever. It was amazing!!!! I didn't know Marshallese really back then, but in the lessons, it just came to me and I understood and I just knew what to say and how to say it. It was awesome and I will never forget that feeling.
13. What have you learned about yourself since being on a mission? That I suck at being patient and that I had no idea how to study before my mission. I am growing a ton first off, but I still have a long ways to go. I work on it everyday. God gives me challenges so I can gain patience... It's difficult, but by the end of my mission, hopefully I will be better than I was... haha humility.... idk if that will come, but maybe ;)
14. What things will you do differently when you get home because what you learned? Study hardest, study smartest and probably just use my time wiser. idk It's hard to say because I probably won't be going to bed at 10:30 and getting up at 6:30 like I am now... haha but probably just setting some hardcore goals and just giving my all for it.
15. Do you know how much I love you? How much I think of you?  I know that you love me the most out of all your kids and you think about me double as much as you think about them haha and The same goes for you :) I think about you more than any other person :)
16. Do you feel your Heavenly Father's love for you daily? Absolutely. I couldn't say any other thing to that. Loosening my tongue, giving me trials, helping me through them, just protecting me. Yes. Definitely.
17. Are you taking lots of cool pictures? Of your bed, kitchen, apt, neighborhood, church, friends, everything? I am taking a ton of pictures. I have about 250 ready for you guys.... but I wanna wait until you guys send me another card, then I will send you mine! I got some awesome ones on it that I think you will like
18. What's the weirdest creature you've seen at the beach or in the water? Squid!! They are crazy!! Ugly, nasty, smelly. They are huge, like 8-10 feet! Crazy!!!!
19. Have you seen a shark? Seen? I have eaten shark - multiple times. and it's delicious!! In Arrak, I actually went shark fishing!! We just tie huge slabs of meat to lines and the sharks come! I have some videos of it - its legit!! And I was at the fish docks in Uliga buying fish and you could look into the water and see hundreds of hundreds of fish swimming around! And there are sharks there too!
20. Are you happy? I am happy and I love what I'm doing. Sometimes I get mad or frustrated, but that's life. I can't avoid that, but I can choose not  to dwell on it and that's what I do. I am doing great though! I can't believe that I am already at 7 months... what the freak... Life is good. Very good. I try my best to forget about everything and get to work but it's difficult, but I am happy. I have some great Elders as friends and they are awesome and we all help each other. I ain't got no worries :)
So let's see... what else can I tell you before I have to get off. I am not going to be working less actives anymore... I will be opening up a new area with Duriba called Uliga central. It's pretty cool. You guys should go on google earth and you can see exactly where I am!! I am right next to CMI, College of the Marshall Islands. If you see it, you can go to the basketball court right by the road and I live right next to it!! Pretty interesting!! Haha another funny story... one of our investigators asked us to come to his court case if we weren't busy to support him... that was awkward. We didn't end up going but I thought it was really funny!! haha
I don't have any complaints. I just wish time would go faster sometimes! haha but I love you and can't wait to hear from you soon!! Love you guys, especially you mom.
Elder Ingalls

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I know that God lives!

Hey Mom it's me, Elder Dallin. Your son! So Logan..... what the heck.... rings? Is he actually gonna do this? You guys better let me know... seriously.. haha I want him to email me if he does it, and make sure that he gets married when I come home, so he's gonna have to wait about 17 more months so I hope he is prepared!! That is pretty awesome news!! All your little kiddies are growing up!! Pretty soon its gonna be Macey being the one thinking about marriage :) Doesn't that make you feel old ;)
You guys emails are ALL pretty short this week. [We all wrote shorter ones because he said he didn't have time to read all of our emails because they were so long! Can't seem to get it right! :)] I know that you guys are busy and such but you guys should be able to make some time to email me. I'm not mad or anything but I just really like hearing from you guys and I know that you guys like to hear from me... And I dont really have anything to build off of.. I just miss you guys and just hope you guys can make a bit of  time to email me. But all is well. No worries, I love working on patience :) I can wait for anything.
So news... Elder Ben got back from Ebon this last week so I am working in Uliga with him again! It was fun working with the AP's to see what they do and how much they do for us. I would never wanna be one. It's sooooo much work that I just would not wanna do. But no worries I dont have to worry about being that anytime soon! So other news... I might be going to open an outer island!! It's not official yet, but I am on the list of elders that would be doing it! I would have to come up with my own housing, food, and email wouldn't happen nor would I be getting mail... So that's pretty crazy to think about! It's either that, or I stay in Uliga as a district leader and be with an elder who has only been in the Marshalls for 12 weeks! That would be insane! I would learn a lot thats for sure! It's crazy to think that a couple months ago I had no idea what was going on with the language, the work, elder, the people, and now I know at least most of what's going on! I can talk with anyone I want to about anything I want to. Its crazy to see how much the Lord has blessed my language skills! I never thought I would say that! So I feel pretty good about that!!
Lets see what else... I haven't got to go to the office today and see if those packages came, but I bet they did! I hope they did! Did you guys ever get my email about me needing a belt? So mine broke and I could buy one here if there's money in my account or you guys could send me one.. your choice... but as of right now I look like a little kid without a belt... haha
Man, I really don't know what else to tell you guys... I am enjoying my time here. It seems to go faster and faster with me! I definitely am trying to lose myself in the work but its difficult... I feel like I think about home wayyyy too much sometimes and I just dont know how to stop doing that. It's not distracting me or anything but it makes time go by a little slower.. Days are for sure turning into weeks, I cant wait for the weeks to start turning into months!! I remember my mision prep teacher at BYU said that as crazy as this sounds, it will be scarier to come home from your mission that for you to leave. And I'm just under 7 months out and that is sooooo true! It's scary to think about so I just try not too! !I dont get how Tanner and Logan did so well! But pray for me. The middle part of your mission is suppose to go fast but so fast it just hit a wall. All the changes coming up sure help though!
One cool thing that happened to me this week:
I got to give a blessing to somebody this week and I couldnt believe what I was saying to this person. This person was told by the doctor that she had about 4-7 days to live and I told her that her reason for being on earth is not done yet and she will receive health and things will go back to normal. Well, that was Wednesday. Thursday was her 7th day from when the doctor told her about her sickness. And here we are almost a week later. She left the hospital that next morning, hadn't walked for weeks, but she is walking now and she's said she has never felt healthier in her life. I couldn't believe myself when I heard all of that. My companion after my blessing asked me if I was paying attention to what I was saying... and I said yes? and he said... You promised a dying lady that she will not die and she will be completely healthy again... and I didn't even realize I said that in my blessing... I shiver up every time I tell that story or write it. God is real. He lives and if we need a miracle from heaven, call them down. Always remembering, His will be done in all things. This was His will, not mine. It's a crazy story and I am still in shock about it happening like that. I know that God lives and works directly through us missionaries. There is no doubt about it in my mind.
I having an amazing time out here. This is really changing my life. I would not trade this for any other experience right now. Sure I think about home a lot, but my mind and head are here. I love it here. I love you guys. I know this work that I am doing is of God. I know this church is true. I'm glad to spend a couple years of my life helping people come closer to Him.
Thats all I got for you guys this week. Hit me up with more news. Thanks for the packages, hopefully I get them soon!! I love you guys so much. Just know that I'm thinking and praying for all of you guys right now!! Much love, kin yokwe
Elder Dallin Austin Ingalls

A Day in Paradise


What life is all about

I could feel it squirming down my throat

Hey babe. What's new? ....................7-28-2013

So I hope you are doing well!! Elder Benavides is in an outer island right now with one of the AP's checking it out to reopen it and I am with the other one in Majuro! So basically I'm AP right now :) Its pretty crazy!! I just get to jumbo around do some office work and hang out. Elder Fesolai is the AP's name! He's so tight!! It's a sick gig being an AP. They aren't the office rats like you would think of in any other mission. They basically run the show here in the Marshalls because the President is off island so much! So they are the people in charge!! It's pretty cool because I am with him so I have gone to some meetings, helped out in transfer calls and making the switchs and everything! Its legit! So this week has been pretty crazy working with Fes. I like it! Big changes are coming up with this intake of 6 new Elders and 4 new Sisters!
I'm gonna go ahead and guess your questions you're gonna ask me sooooo....
1. Who's your best friend on the mission?  You always ask me this question.... haha but I would have to say myself. I hang out with him all the time, he's exactly like me and agrees with about completely everything. He's pretty cool :) but in all reality I'm gonna get all spiritual and say the Holy Ghost. He's my constant companion, helps me teach and I know I can rely on his advice, promptings and everything. I try my best to keep him around. He's always there as long as I'm doing what I need to be doing so I try my best.
2. Craziest experience.... This is a good one too :) You are just full of awesome questions today :) So craziest experience... I went out boating and the ship sunk and I had to swim 4 miles to get back to land!!! Okay just kidding that never happened but I did have a dream about that!! Crazy experiences.... I would have to say just being where I am, doing what I am doing and doing it for this long already... its been wild. I love it. And I still got a bunch more time to have some more wild experiences! I really wanna go to an outer island. That's like my dream!!
Okay .... so I could only think of two questions.... and I see that you asked me a ton so I will keep it short :) Moving on :)

Good questions Mom. Good Questions!! So any thing huge happen while I have been gone? Everything is going well here. Just lessons learned and taught every day. I'm growing so much. Its weird to always make my own food, clean my house, manage money and just literally do everything on your own... But I like it :) It really does prepare me for the rest of my life! So in about three weeks there will be all those huge changes coming up, I will be opening a new area! So that's pretty nuts! Its pretty stressful work but its so rewarding and I just feel so good each day when I do it! I can't believe I have been in the Marshalls for almost 5 months!! Time flies. I'm gonna be home next week it seems like!! Its hard to not just look an calendars all the time and think about home. Like every missionary does it whether they say it or not, but the trick is to just not dwell on it. Which is extremely difficult. But when you put away the calendar, that's when the fun comes, that's when it starts picking up and going fast. I'm excited for everything that's about to come up :) Big changes!
So responding to your email:
1. Macey wants to know what the girls out there look like. There aren't a lot of girls in the pictures you send home! Good boy! Girls? What the heck.... I don't talk to girls, I don't look at girls and I don't think about girls :) haha just kidding. but I'm not here for that stuff!
2. What does the harbor look like in your new area? The harbor is awesome. The boast are legit and I will email a ton of pictures to you soon! The boats are crazy there are like 10-20 huge ocean liners in the harbor fishing tuna and shipping things! Its pretty awesome to gaze out in the harbor!! I have taken many pics of it!
3. Tell us what the destroyer looks like!!! Sounds super cool! You know how interested in ships and the ocean I am! The destroyer was legit!! Kinda scary to be honest because you could see all the guns and stuff on it! I was talking to a military person about it and they carry bombs on that ship that could dust a 25 square mile radius!! Tha'ts CRAZY!!!
4. Is the food that you eat  different in your new area? its kinda the same, but there are American grocery stores and such and restaurants!!! I can order food and someone else with make it for me and all I have to do is pay them money and the food is pretty good. Its a miracle!!! If I ever work on Ebeye I could go to the US military base and get Burger King and Subway!!! Fingers crossed!!
5. What does your new home look like? I have never seen a pic of your bed, rooms etc. at least I couldn't tell. well, I'm an AP right now so I live in the nicest home in the mission!!! ;) Its 100 times better than Tanner's apartment at
6. Do you keep your house/ room clean? I keep everything pretty clean :) I try my best to do the dishes right after eating, clean as I go and all that good stuff :) And of course, the house is spotless If president comes over ;)
7. What is your new ward like?  My new ward is awesome! It's tough being the new elder that nobody knows but its good :) I'll be a primary favorite pretty soon ;)
8. Are you still by the ocean? Or is it far away? The water is never far away... haha I can basically always see the ocean or lagoon no matter where I am at! But I am in a bit of a wider place on the island! If you Google earth the Marshalls, Laura or the west side of the island is the widest and its big enough to make a huge golf course or something! Its so soothing to hear the water.
9. What do you miss most about home? Probably just having a place to go where I am loved and protected by my family. I screw up a lot, but you guys still love me!
10. How did the lizard taste? Why did you eat it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait until you see the video!! Even the Marshallese people think I'm insane!! They don't do that! So it was pretty awesome to scare the heck out of them!! haha it was good I guess. I would not go for 2nds... haha and I could feel it squirming down my throat because I didn't really chew it enough! [This is coming from the boy who wouldn't even eat PEAS while he still lived at home! I have a video of a time I caught him spitting them out in my plants on the deck! Now he's eating a living critter? To all the moms out there who struggle to get their children to not be picky eaters (Sara): Be careful what you ask for because some day they may eat a lizard!]
No joke I ate this. Videos to come shortly.‏
11. Do you ever get tired of seeing the ocean?  It gives you a little bit of anxiety because you just wanna see something else and you wonder if there even is anything else out there anymore... haha it gets hard, but its nice and I know that this is a small island, but its good enough for me :)
12. Did you get the debit card? Dad wants to know. Yes, I got the debit card and thank you!
13. What s you favorite food out there? raw moikoimoi its amazing!! tastes like steak :)
14. Macey wants to know, who is your favorite sister? sister Ieie is awesome :) and in second place, my actual sister; Macey ;) hahaha LOL
15. What is an average Sunday for you and what is church like there? Wake up, get ready and go wake all the members up and get them to church, then have church, then have meetings then go teach then one my meeting at night then passsssss out!!!
16. Did you like the CD Dad sent you?  Yes I liked it! While I was in the mission office I was able to burn it to my flash drive!!
17. What do you do on P day? Play volleyball, basketball, laundry, email you guys, write letters, catch up on my journal writing, go out to eat, swim... haha just kidding. fish a bit, and just chill out :)
18. Who is the funniest person you know out there? ELDR LUTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when he opens his mouth, I will be laughing within about 5 seconds.
19. What is the most spiritual experience you've had in your new area? Helping people regain their testimonies and come back to church. One person came to church after not coming for like 20 years!! I know I helped in it too!!
20. What's the coldest you've ever been there? Probably when I was a little sick. but temp wise I was FREEEEEZING!!!!!!! When it was about 72 degrees. Like I wore a sweater while proselyting, then at night I wore my crew neck that you sent me!! I was sooooooooo cold!!! .....and that awk moment when it was only 75 degrees.... I'm nervous to come home... I literally might die....
So that was fun. Pretty funny. Do you remember that girl I was telling you guys about that I met on temple square that was from the Marshall islands? Well, she is home from her mission now and I met her and she's in my ward now! So that was pretty cool meeting her when I couldn't speak a word of Marshallese and now I can just talk about anything with her!! I have been having a good week. I like being an unofficial AP!! Its like all the sick gigs of being an AP without having to do any of the work or have to deal with any problems :)
Well, I gotta run :) I love you all very much! I hope you enjoyed this email and could feel my love through it :) Don't worry about me, but pray for me please :) I always pray for you guys and I wont stop :)
With Love,
Elder Ingalls