Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I know that God lives!

Hey Mom it's me, Elder Dallin. Your son! So Logan..... what the heck.... rings? Is he actually gonna do this? You guys better let me know... seriously.. haha I want him to email me if he does it, and make sure that he gets married when I come home, so he's gonna have to wait about 17 more months so I hope he is prepared!! That is pretty awesome news!! All your little kiddies are growing up!! Pretty soon its gonna be Macey being the one thinking about marriage :) Doesn't that make you feel old ;)
You guys emails are ALL pretty short this week. [We all wrote shorter ones because he said he didn't have time to read all of our emails because they were so long! Can't seem to get it right! :)] I know that you guys are busy and such but you guys should be able to make some time to email me. I'm not mad or anything but I just really like hearing from you guys and I know that you guys like to hear from me... And I dont really have anything to build off of.. I just miss you guys and just hope you guys can make a bit of  time to email me. But all is well. No worries, I love working on patience :) I can wait for anything.
So news... Elder Ben got back from Ebon this last week so I am working in Uliga with him again! It was fun working with the AP's to see what they do and how much they do for us. I would never wanna be one. It's sooooo much work that I just would not wanna do. But no worries I dont have to worry about being that anytime soon! So other news... I might be going to open an outer island!! It's not official yet, but I am on the list of elders that would be doing it! I would have to come up with my own housing, food, and email wouldn't happen nor would I be getting mail... So that's pretty crazy to think about! It's either that, or I stay in Uliga as a district leader and be with an elder who has only been in the Marshalls for 12 weeks! That would be insane! I would learn a lot thats for sure! It's crazy to think that a couple months ago I had no idea what was going on with the language, the work, elder, the people, and now I know at least most of what's going on! I can talk with anyone I want to about anything I want to. Its crazy to see how much the Lord has blessed my language skills! I never thought I would say that! So I feel pretty good about that!!
Lets see what else... I haven't got to go to the office today and see if those packages came, but I bet they did! I hope they did! Did you guys ever get my email about me needing a belt? So mine broke and I could buy one here if there's money in my account or you guys could send me one.. your choice... but as of right now I look like a little kid without a belt... haha
Man, I really don't know what else to tell you guys... I am enjoying my time here. It seems to go faster and faster with me! I definitely am trying to lose myself in the work but its difficult... I feel like I think about home wayyyy too much sometimes and I just dont know how to stop doing that. It's not distracting me or anything but it makes time go by a little slower.. Days are for sure turning into weeks, I cant wait for the weeks to start turning into months!! I remember my mision prep teacher at BYU said that as crazy as this sounds, it will be scarier to come home from your mission that for you to leave. And I'm just under 7 months out and that is sooooo true! It's scary to think about so I just try not too! !I dont get how Tanner and Logan did so well! But pray for me. The middle part of your mission is suppose to go fast but so fast it just hit a wall. All the changes coming up sure help though!
One cool thing that happened to me this week:
I got to give a blessing to somebody this week and I couldnt believe what I was saying to this person. This person was told by the doctor that she had about 4-7 days to live and I told her that her reason for being on earth is not done yet and she will receive health and things will go back to normal. Well, that was Wednesday. Thursday was her 7th day from when the doctor told her about her sickness. And here we are almost a week later. She left the hospital that next morning, hadn't walked for weeks, but she is walking now and she's said she has never felt healthier in her life. I couldn't believe myself when I heard all of that. My companion after my blessing asked me if I was paying attention to what I was saying... and I said yes? and he said... You promised a dying lady that she will not die and she will be completely healthy again... and I didn't even realize I said that in my blessing... I shiver up every time I tell that story or write it. God is real. He lives and if we need a miracle from heaven, call them down. Always remembering, His will be done in all things. This was His will, not mine. It's a crazy story and I am still in shock about it happening like that. I know that God lives and works directly through us missionaries. There is no doubt about it in my mind.
I having an amazing time out here. This is really changing my life. I would not trade this for any other experience right now. Sure I think about home a lot, but my mind and head are here. I love it here. I love you guys. I know this work that I am doing is of God. I know this church is true. I'm glad to spend a couple years of my life helping people come closer to Him.
Thats all I got for you guys this week. Hit me up with more news. Thanks for the packages, hopefully I get them soon!! I love you guys so much. Just know that I'm thinking and praying for all of you guys right now!! Much love, kin yokwe
Elder Dallin Austin Ingalls

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