Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I could feel it squirming down my throat

Hey babe. What's new? ....................7-28-2013

So I hope you are doing well!! Elder Benavides is in an outer island right now with one of the AP's checking it out to reopen it and I am with the other one in Majuro! So basically I'm AP right now :) Its pretty crazy!! I just get to jumbo around do some office work and hang out. Elder Fesolai is the AP's name! He's so tight!! It's a sick gig being an AP. They aren't the office rats like you would think of in any other mission. They basically run the show here in the Marshalls because the President is off island so much! So they are the people in charge!! It's pretty cool because I am with him so I have gone to some meetings, helped out in transfer calls and making the switchs and everything! Its legit! So this week has been pretty crazy working with Fes. I like it! Big changes are coming up with this intake of 6 new Elders and 4 new Sisters!
I'm gonna go ahead and guess your questions you're gonna ask me sooooo....
1. Who's your best friend on the mission?  You always ask me this question.... haha but I would have to say myself. I hang out with him all the time, he's exactly like me and agrees with about completely everything. He's pretty cool :) but in all reality I'm gonna get all spiritual and say the Holy Ghost. He's my constant companion, helps me teach and I know I can rely on his advice, promptings and everything. I try my best to keep him around. He's always there as long as I'm doing what I need to be doing so I try my best.
2. Craziest experience.... This is a good one too :) You are just full of awesome questions today :) So craziest experience... I went out boating and the ship sunk and I had to swim 4 miles to get back to land!!! Okay just kidding that never happened but I did have a dream about that!! Crazy experiences.... I would have to say just being where I am, doing what I am doing and doing it for this long already... its been wild. I love it. And I still got a bunch more time to have some more wild experiences! I really wanna go to an outer island. That's like my dream!!
Okay .... so I could only think of two questions.... and I see that you asked me a ton so I will keep it short :) Moving on :)

Good questions Mom. Good Questions!! So any thing huge happen while I have been gone? Everything is going well here. Just lessons learned and taught every day. I'm growing so much. Its weird to always make my own food, clean my house, manage money and just literally do everything on your own... But I like it :) It really does prepare me for the rest of my life! So in about three weeks there will be all those huge changes coming up, I will be opening a new area! So that's pretty nuts! Its pretty stressful work but its so rewarding and I just feel so good each day when I do it! I can't believe I have been in the Marshalls for almost 5 months!! Time flies. I'm gonna be home next week it seems like!! Its hard to not just look an calendars all the time and think about home. Like every missionary does it whether they say it or not, but the trick is to just not dwell on it. Which is extremely difficult. But when you put away the calendar, that's when the fun comes, that's when it starts picking up and going fast. I'm excited for everything that's about to come up :) Big changes!
So responding to your email:
1. Macey wants to know what the girls out there look like. There aren't a lot of girls in the pictures you send home! Good boy! Girls? What the heck.... I don't talk to girls, I don't look at girls and I don't think about girls :) haha just kidding. but I'm not here for that stuff!
2. What does the harbor look like in your new area? The harbor is awesome. The boast are legit and I will email a ton of pictures to you soon! The boats are crazy there are like 10-20 huge ocean liners in the harbor fishing tuna and shipping things! Its pretty awesome to gaze out in the harbor!! I have taken many pics of it!
3. Tell us what the destroyer looks like!!! Sounds super cool! You know how interested in ships and the ocean I am! The destroyer was legit!! Kinda scary to be honest because you could see all the guns and stuff on it! I was talking to a military person about it and they carry bombs on that ship that could dust a 25 square mile radius!! Tha'ts CRAZY!!!
4. Is the food that you eat  different in your new area? its kinda the same, but there are American grocery stores and such and restaurants!!! I can order food and someone else with make it for me and all I have to do is pay them money and the food is pretty good. Its a miracle!!! If I ever work on Ebeye I could go to the US military base and get Burger King and Subway!!! Fingers crossed!!
5. What does your new home look like? I have never seen a pic of your bed, rooms etc. at least I couldn't tell. well, I'm an AP right now so I live in the nicest home in the mission!!! ;) Its 100 times better than Tanner's apartment at
6. Do you keep your house/ room clean? I keep everything pretty clean :) I try my best to do the dishes right after eating, clean as I go and all that good stuff :) And of course, the house is spotless If president comes over ;)
7. What is your new ward like?  My new ward is awesome! It's tough being the new elder that nobody knows but its good :) I'll be a primary favorite pretty soon ;)
8. Are you still by the ocean? Or is it far away? The water is never far away... haha I can basically always see the ocean or lagoon no matter where I am at! But I am in a bit of a wider place on the island! If you Google earth the Marshalls, Laura or the west side of the island is the widest and its big enough to make a huge golf course or something! Its so soothing to hear the water.
9. What do you miss most about home? Probably just having a place to go where I am loved and protected by my family. I screw up a lot, but you guys still love me!
10. How did the lizard taste? Why did you eat it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't wait until you see the video!! Even the Marshallese people think I'm insane!! They don't do that! So it was pretty awesome to scare the heck out of them!! haha it was good I guess. I would not go for 2nds... haha and I could feel it squirming down my throat because I didn't really chew it enough! [This is coming from the boy who wouldn't even eat PEAS while he still lived at home! I have a video of a time I caught him spitting them out in my plants on the deck! Now he's eating a living critter? To all the moms out there who struggle to get their children to not be picky eaters (Sara): Be careful what you ask for because some day they may eat a lizard!]
No joke I ate this. Videos to come shortly.‏
11. Do you ever get tired of seeing the ocean?  It gives you a little bit of anxiety because you just wanna see something else and you wonder if there even is anything else out there anymore... haha it gets hard, but its nice and I know that this is a small island, but its good enough for me :)
12. Did you get the debit card? Dad wants to know. Yes, I got the debit card and thank you!
13. What s you favorite food out there? raw moikoimoi its amazing!! tastes like steak :)
14. Macey wants to know, who is your favorite sister? sister Ieie is awesome :) and in second place, my actual sister; Macey ;) hahaha LOL
15. What is an average Sunday for you and what is church like there? Wake up, get ready and go wake all the members up and get them to church, then have church, then have meetings then go teach then one my meeting at night then passsssss out!!!
16. Did you like the CD Dad sent you?  Yes I liked it! While I was in the mission office I was able to burn it to my flash drive!!
17. What do you do on P day? Play volleyball, basketball, laundry, email you guys, write letters, catch up on my journal writing, go out to eat, swim... haha just kidding. fish a bit, and just chill out :)
18. Who is the funniest person you know out there? ELDR LUTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just when he opens his mouth, I will be laughing within about 5 seconds.
19. What is the most spiritual experience you've had in your new area? Helping people regain their testimonies and come back to church. One person came to church after not coming for like 20 years!! I know I helped in it too!!
20. What's the coldest you've ever been there? Probably when I was a little sick. but temp wise I was FREEEEEZING!!!!!!! When it was about 72 degrees. Like I wore a sweater while proselyting, then at night I wore my crew neck that you sent me!! I was sooooooooo cold!!! .....and that awk moment when it was only 75 degrees.... I'm nervous to come home... I literally might die....
So that was fun. Pretty funny. Do you remember that girl I was telling you guys about that I met on temple square that was from the Marshall islands? Well, she is home from her mission now and I met her and she's in my ward now! So that was pretty cool meeting her when I couldn't speak a word of Marshallese and now I can just talk about anything with her!! I have been having a good week. I like being an unofficial AP!! Its like all the sick gigs of being an AP without having to do any of the work or have to deal with any problems :)
Well, I gotta run :) I love you all very much! I hope you enjoyed this email and could feel my love through it :) Don't worry about me, but pray for me please :) I always pray for you guys and I wont stop :)
With Love,
Elder Ingalls

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