Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I just hope you aren’t dead!

[I must clarify the title to say that we have been bad about writing to him the past two weeks. He has been in areas where we would only hear from him once a month and so we got out of the habit of writing him faithfully every Sunday night like we did for the other two boys. Now that he is in an area where he can write to us every week, we are getting his letters early Sunday afternoon before we get a chance to write to him!! Ugh! This letter was a total surprise and came on Monday, we had just heard from him the day before - Sunday! We are so confused! We need to get our act together and write him earlier in the week, not that there's any time for that, but we are going to have to make it work! Anyway, here it is:]

Surprise Monday letter 7-22-2013
Hey Mommmy :)
I am transferred to the city and I am in absolute heaven :) I have the best companion ever!! He and Parkinson are pretty tied up!! He is the man and I love working with him!! I am a “less-active” elder now. Haha well, I’m active, but the people we work with aren’t. Well, not yet, but it’s all good. When they are down with me they are going to be wanting to go to church every day!!!! I am just loving it here. It is so awesome and there are just so many people, there are stores and places to go, things to do and I am just loving the change. Sorry my email can’t be too long this week. I don’t get much time to write anymore and the internet costs money :/ So I will have to cut my emails down quite a bit.

The Uliga ward is great!! The Bishop is like the funniest person in the world! … haha hes just hilarious.. I’ve got the stories to tell, but not enough time! He asked Elder Ben and me to make a lesson for him for the next ward council training, that was fun! I already like him so much!

The work is going so well!! I love working strictly with just members. We basically treat them as investigators and basically reteach them everything and its good. We have quite a bit of success and I am for sure liking teaching double the amount of lessons that I taught in the jungle, it’s just nice!! I love the change!! Elder Ben is going back to an outer island with an AP for a week to look and reopening it, so I get to work with the other AP. So basically from being junior companion straight to AP! That’s what’s up! Team Jumbo! I can’t wait!
Know that I am doing great out here. I’m going to try and send you just a ton of pics home soon too!! I don’t know why I don’t just get constant emails every week, but I understand that you are busy and that’s fine. I just hope you aren’t dead.

Well, hopefully next week I will have something to respond too. You should play 20 questions with me because those are always the best to respond to. So yeah I love you guys!! Hope you are doing well. Can’t wait to hear from you soon. You really make me happy and I just love that you are my mom. Hi everyone else, you guys are pretty neat too I guess. Haha
I love you mommy.
Elder Ingalls

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