Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I have been here 4.5 months.... it’s a miracle!

Oh mommmy :)

You are awesome and I just love you to pieces!! Your email was awesome! I will admit :) But.... Tanners was longer ;) (You're welcome for the shout out Tanner..) haha Everything is going great here!! I am blessed to be able to use the computers at the CMI campus right now. I don’t know if it will be every week, but so far so good!! On the 26th of this month, I will know if I will have a transfer! I AM SO SCARED!!! I will know in less than three weeks!! That would be the craziest thing in the world!! Just 4 months ago or so somebody would ask me where I am from and I would say 19 because I had no idea what they were saying to me!! Pretty funny! It’s crazy to think how much god is in this. I met a white guy who has been here for 24 years and I honestly could say that I have better pronunciation than him and I can understand better than he can... God is talking right through me and there is no question about it.

Your email was awesome. I feel like I am not too far away from you guys. I feel like I know what’s going on more now than when I was at BYU!! haha pretty awesome. It sounds like everyone is doing so well!! Everyone pretty much emailed me this week so it was cool to get everyone’s input on what happened :) The funniest part was tanner buying a car.... LOL yes its a caddy but c'mon man that aint no decepticon....... and it was cool to hear his take on it, your take on it, and dads take on it!! You guys kinda all had different stories!! I love you guys!! It was good to hear that Logan is dating Ashley and stuff now! She’s an awesome girl. I hope whatever happens between them I will get to hear about it and they will be happy! It’s good to hear he is working such hard hours and just really giving it his all!! He is going to go very far doing that. I hope that he gets a more permanent job and can start making some real money!! Same with Tanner, I'm pumped that he can still be working at RBC right now!! I'm happy that they are all keep busy...
I just wanna get one thing cleared up. THUNDERSHOCK IS MY CHILD, MY BABY, MY CAR, MY BESTFRIEND. I WAS THE FIRST TO MEET HIM AND WHEN I GET HOME.... GOOD LUCK SPLITTING US UP ;) haha so Macey can "take care" but he will never accept her.... sorrrrrry !!!

I hope dads surgery went well (it was today?) so let me know everything. I've been praying non stop over here and I fasted for him yesterday. So I definitely think that those prayers will be answered. I'm praying for our whole ward and their safety. Without my leadership, I can tell our family is taking a blow. But, I am still here. Yes 6000 miles away, but not dead :) (yet) haha
You guys just sound so busy at home. It’s good though :) I'm glad. I wish I could be there enjoying it with you. I heard about Ricky getting tickets and car accidents and all this garbage... Ricky retard :) and Danielle..... She didn’t name her baby Dallin??? What the freak..... I'm going to have to have a word with that woman... haha Has Teresa or Tia made any mention about serving missions? And Dallin Wiberg has got to be leaving soon that is way excited!! I can’t believe how long ago he got his call!! I wonder what he’s thinking!! Maybe I'll shoot him an email. I am just getting so busy with the working that writing letters is insanely difficult.... I am so far behind and I literally get about 5-6 a week!! But I always write you first because you're the one I love most :)

So a week in review... Not much happened really this week. The USS Pearl Harbor came into port this week and we helped translate for people in town!! It’s so crazy because I could actually help and I have really been here for like 4.5 months.... it’s a miracle!
I gave a training this week in district meeting about agency and how we have two kinds. We have our free agency and then we also have representative agency.. so it was pretty good. The ZL's were there and they were just mind blown!! So that felt pretty good!! Working with Elder Parente is pretty good!! He is really good at the language. We get along well and talk a lot!! He’s pretty trunky so it’s hard sometimes. There are going to be so many elders on this island that they are going to have to start opening up new ones. They already are putting elders in each ward as solely less-active elders... which basically means they are jumbos masters and just get to cruise around and talk to people and not have to worry about finding or teaching new people!! I would love being able to do that!!

So we will all see. There are like 45 elders on Majuro atoll and it is jam-packed... so these 8 new ones are going to really boost this place up. So more outer islands!!!! More less active work and just more opportunities to talk to people!! Pretty awesome!! I’m excited about all the changes that are going to come up!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone out here. I am still writing in my journal pretty religiously!! I have missed a day or two here or there because I have been sick but the next day I just do a little reviewing so I never really miss anything. It will be so fun to read that in a couple years down the road. I can’t believe how good (better) my handwriting is!! I have made that my goal to really work on it and boy is it decent now!! It’s pretty crazy I'm not used to typing on a computer... like its magic... I held an Ipad the other day.... WHAT THE FREEAK!! YOU TOUCH IT, AND IT WORKS!!!! It’s MAGIC!!

I haven’t got that 2nd package yet but I expect to probably get it after emailing today or so! I got one Croc...? I got a hard drive case but not hard drive? and I got a CD that dad was talking about but... no debit card yet! So I am pretty excited to get that!! I love how many people are writing to me!! It gets to be a lot sometimes. But I really feel loved and looked after. I hope you guys are all doing well. You will have to keep playing 20 - questions with me. I never really know what to write to you guys sometimes because I just get so excited to be able to write to you!

So to the family:

Mom first (obviously): Have I ever told you how amazing you are? (And no, I don't want anything ;) ) And in all seriousness you are the best. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a mom like you. You make my day. I'm so glad to show everyone pics of you, share stories about you, and just show you off. People out here love me... haha not to sound arrogant but they really do and I know I was raised by this wonderful, powerful lady that made me this way. So S/O to HEATHER INGALLS :) I nominate you "Mom-of-the-year"
Dad: The other guy ;) haha just kidding. You are the other half for sure. But.... mom first.... you know the rules here!! I hope you are doing well and I hope your surgery went smooth and no worries came up through that!! You are the man. I just hope you know that when I get home, Thundershock and me are going to be reunited for good ;) Soo...... yeah :) I'm not gonna cave as easily as Tanner did..... haha You still playing a lot of ping pong??! I miss doing that and just owning you :) Remember when Conner and I would play and it would just going on forever?!?! I'll be back soon enough to be able to do that again!! I love you daddio :)

Tanner.... where to begin where to begin!!! Your email was awesome. I wish I had a way to print it off!! I am going to take pics of it and hopefully be able to write you a nice reply soon :) You are the man. I'm pumped for everything you are doing. I think that job at RBC would be so legit!! Then you can really update and get that SRT ;) I know I am your favorite brother... It just took you a while to figure it out :) I'm glad you are talking to Geoff and such. He's my bud for sure. Just keep it up on that RBC grind and playing hockey and just having fun. No need getting a wife too soon. Gotta enjoy that young life too :) Logan can be a different story :) He always was the special one :) But in all honestly you are the man. You are still a big role model to me and I love you to death :) So keep it the good work :) Don’t be a stranger, write me whenever. I might not be able to respond that well, but know I’m listening and laughing :)
Logan: I hope you are doing well. From what I hear you are breaking your back for a penny these days!! Just keep up the good work. I hope you land those jobs you were applying for!! Good luck getting into BYU for Winter!! That would be way legit if you did!! Who knows maybe Conner will transfer over there some day!! That would be way tight!! Let me know how/where things go with Ashley! She’s a sweetheart that’s for sure!! I hope you are taking care of my baby ThunderShock for me. He always liked you too :) Me the most :) Are you planning on buying a car soon or? And just keep up being awesome!!! Give me some advice :)

Conner: My main brotha :) Dude, you know I would pay maybe $100 bucks if I could get an email from you. Symbolically of course cuz I'm broke :) But man do I miss you. Hope you are enjoying summer. Runnin' the house while I'm gone and such. Keep being the crazy little bro that I know :) and keep working out, cuz I'm getting RIPPED>>
Macey: Hey girl :) I know you probably don’t remember me cuz all the boys that apparently talk to you know... But just remember us boys that helped turn you into the Macey that you are today :) Love you little sis. It’s funny, the boys here all think you are 21 and older than me!! They all want to marry you. haha and they all steal my pics of you!! So know you are well liked by boys here 6000 miles away!! Keep up the dancing and tennis and just whatever else you are doing. My beloved car is falling into your hands.... You're welcome :)

Well, I gotta head out. I love you mommy and hope you are doing well. I pray for you guys all the time and I care about you guys so much. I have spiritual experiences every day. I need them at this point in my life. I challenge you and everyone else to have some sort of spiritual experience or missionary experience sometime every day. It just makes life better. It could really be anything. I love this gospel more than ever. I am just excited to start the 2nd quarter of my mission. I know it is going to go really fast now because I understand the language better than before and I am not showing signs of slowing down :) You guys are awesome and I just love you guys to death. Keep up the good work :)
Love, Elder Ingalls the 4th

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