Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I just hope you aren’t dead!

[I must clarify the title to say that we have been bad about writing to him the past two weeks. He has been in areas where we would only hear from him once a month and so we got out of the habit of writing him faithfully every Sunday night like we did for the other two boys. Now that he is in an area where he can write to us every week, we are getting his letters early Sunday afternoon before we get a chance to write to him!! Ugh! This letter was a total surprise and came on Monday, we had just heard from him the day before - Sunday! We are so confused! We need to get our act together and write him earlier in the week, not that there's any time for that, but we are going to have to make it work! Anyway, here it is:]

Surprise Monday letter 7-22-2013
Hey Mommmy :)
I am transferred to the city and I am in absolute heaven :) I have the best companion ever!! He and Parkinson are pretty tied up!! He is the man and I love working with him!! I am a “less-active” elder now. Haha well, I’m active, but the people we work with aren’t. Well, not yet, but it’s all good. When they are down with me they are going to be wanting to go to church every day!!!! I am just loving it here. It is so awesome and there are just so many people, there are stores and places to go, things to do and I am just loving the change. Sorry my email can’t be too long this week. I don’t get much time to write anymore and the internet costs money :/ So I will have to cut my emails down quite a bit.

The Uliga ward is great!! The Bishop is like the funniest person in the world! … haha hes just hilarious.. I’ve got the stories to tell, but not enough time! He asked Elder Ben and me to make a lesson for him for the next ward council training, that was fun! I already like him so much!

The work is going so well!! I love working strictly with just members. We basically treat them as investigators and basically reteach them everything and its good. We have quite a bit of success and I am for sure liking teaching double the amount of lessons that I taught in the jungle, it’s just nice!! I love the change!! Elder Ben is going back to an outer island with an AP for a week to look and reopening it, so I get to work with the other AP. So basically from being junior companion straight to AP! That’s what’s up! Team Jumbo! I can’t wait!
Know that I am doing great out here. I’m going to try and send you just a ton of pics home soon too!! I don’t know why I don’t just get constant emails every week, but I understand that you are busy and that’s fine. I just hope you aren’t dead.

Well, hopefully next week I will have something to respond too. You should play 20 questions with me because those are always the best to respond to. So yeah I love you guys!! Hope you are doing well. Can’t wait to hear from you soon. You really make me happy and I just love that you are my mom. Hi everyone else, you guys are pretty neat too I guess. Haha
I love you mommy.
Elder Ingalls

Transferred to Uliga!!!


I hope you know I am doing well and I got the second package!! It was funny reading it because that is the one that had the instructions!! It was pretty funny getting that 2nd one first because I was so confused!! haha But it’s all good and I have it now!! This hard drive is going to be so nice and I can’t wait to use it!! Tanner sure did write a lot and I am going to try and respond to it! I don’t really get that much time for emails so when you all write a lot it’s really difficult on me!! But I try my best! I love getting them printed in the mail because I actually get to read them and can respond to everything you ask me and tell me! But email is good because it is a lot faster and I am still semi-fast at typing :)
WATER RULES: I can walk in the lagoon and ocean. I can be chest high!! We aren’t not allowed to swim. But to get that desire out of us we can walk around in it and take pics and such. I do not swim and I will not swim. Be assured that, yes, I might be that naughty boy you used to know, but I follow mission rules because they protect me and I see the blessings and safety that comes from them. So don’t you worry suga lips ;) If I wasn’t allowed to do it... I'm not stupid enough to send pics home of me doing it! Trust me!! I'm a pretty smart kid... most of the time :)

GOOD/SAD NEWS!!! I am getting transferred to Uliga!! It’s a place in downtown Majuro so I will be in the city, definitely emailing every week and not living in the jungle anymore!! I'm so nervous. I have been here for almost 5 months and this is the only kind of missionary work that I know!! I am also a Less-Active missionary. So I don’t proselyte, I just work solely with LA's and that is the coolest thing ever! It will be a big change but it will be awesome for sure!! I didn’t get to work that long with Elder Parente but he was a good guy!! I will be working with Elder Benavides now!! He is from New Zealand!! So that will be interesting!! He has been out for like a year and a half!! I'm pretty excited!! I hear he is a really cool dude!! It was funny in the letter you sent me saying that I will probably run into Parkinson again. This island is so dang tiny it would be incredible if I missed him!! I get to see all the elders and sisters at least once a month for combined p-day where I get to show them how good I am at Volleyball :) haha The islanders still school me though!! It’s all good though. I'm getting super good at beach v-ball though :) So when I come home to the frozen wasteland I will have to call home, (minne) I can show you all how it’s done!!

Sounds like the kiddies are all driving you crazy so it sounds like life is about the same as when I left! Crazy to think that in a couple years you aren’t going to have all these problems!! We will all be gone. So enjoy the stress and hardness now!! Pretty soon you will just wish you had us to rough you up and give you are hard time!! I promise you that you will make it through it and life will be okay again :) I talk with my companions about their families and I'm just like, man, I literally have the coolest parents in the world, the coolest family in the world and I just don’t want anything different. I hope when our family grows, that it will continue to be the best family ever. I feel bad for everyone else!!
So I got a few things I wrote down to tell you guys about.... It’s going to be really random so just bear with me!! Naming of the cars... Conner - please figure out Decepticon names for Dad’s car then proceed to make him get the proper logos and emblems. That is your homework for the week and I am committing you to it!! Second, where in the family in the Bok in Mormon right now?! I am in Mosiah right now, reading about king Noah!! Super good and I love sharing this story with everyone!! So I wanna know where you guys are and I can read a page there a day too so I can talk about it with you all. Man I wish I would have taken that more seriously before my mission. Then I could have just focused complete on the language and just now have to worry about it but oh well its life :) Gushers.... yes. That was amazing to find those and they were gone basically instantly!! So if you need ideas of what to send me, gushers, yes. Dope. So a few weeks ago a Japanese air pilot was found on Ailinglaplap which is one of the outer islands. He was about 85 years old and had been on that island for about 40 years or something close to that!! His plane was shot down. He couldn’t remember his name, family, anything... that would be the scariest thing in the world!! Also, 2/3 black journals are water damaged for flooding in our house :( I don’t need a new one too soon, but I definitely will need one!! So just a heads up. I'm sorry to always be so needy but this place is just full of surprises... And unless you want me to write my journal on banana leaves (which would be sick) I suggest I get one in the next couple months!! The white camera you sent me in amazing!! I love that thing to death!!! Also, what would be a really cool thing to send me maybe for my birthday or if you just love me a lot would be some Blaine hockey shirts!! Ones from Letterman’s or something with the cool Bengal B on them!! I just want some hockey stuff because everyone has shirts with their city and sport for that city and it’s so fun to talk to people about hockey!! So that would be really tight to have. Also, my Marshallese Bible and Book of Mormon are large copies and I would really like a scripture case for them. So if you have one or can find some cheap bag to send me that would be awesome, maybe one that has a shoulder strap!! but just for scriptures!! My Dakine bag is LEGIT!! I love that thing and I use it all the time!! But sometimes I just want my scriptures!! Just a few things if you wanna send some random stuff. I love candy, the kids here love candy. Pics are good! I don’t even recognize Macey... what the heck.... and Conner.... and Logan.... and Tanner... and you and dad... what the freak you guys are all so different looking and its only been 6 months!! What the heck...6 months.... IT’S GOOD ITS GOOD :)

So my investigators.... part of their culture here is to not get married because they have just be taught that they don’t need it and that if they do and get a divorce they will go to “Hades”, so getting people married is extremely difficult and they all live together... I was wondering if you guys could help me and maybe tell me a story or something about how marriage has blessed you are our family and maybe I could share it with them. I am down to try anything!! I know you guys can really help me out!!! So just maybe share a story or something!! IDK I just thought of this, so hopefully it even makes sense!
So to the family:

Mom first: Hey mom it’s me Dallin. Your son. I hope you are doing well. I miss just hugging you close, kissing you bunches and just talking to you, but that will all come back soon. Sometimes it takes being away to realize how much you are close :) I remember saying I wanted to marry you when I was little. I wish life could work out that way. But oh well. I hope you are enjoying your time at home with your crazy 2 kiddies Conner and Macey!! We will all be back soon and boy will that be awesome. My leadership will be back. Nuff said. I know it’s difficult, but you can make it through!! I know you can babe :) Love you bunches!!

DAD: Are you alive?!?!?!?! I hope you surgery went well. From what I hear and haven’t heard I'm assuming that it went just fine!! I know my prayers will be answered and I know that you are protected!! I hope you had a good week of recovery and I hope mom didn’t put you to work too much!!! Please take Thundershock on a date this week and get him nice and cleaned. He was my baby and mom says he’s really dirty and I'm not happy about it!! I need that car when I get home so I gotta do all I can to care for it while I’m 6500 miles away!! haha Have you guys taken out gma and grandpas boat yet this year and what about the canoes and kayaks?!! I hope you guys are getting to 4 wheel a bit too!! or go camping or what not!! love you!!
Tanner:  the man. What’s good. I got your email but I just was able to read it!! It’s bomb that you type so much but its soooo hard for me to respond!! But I'm going to soon!! I don’t really have a way to print it off, buts I'm taking pics of it!! So no worries. Hey man, convince mom to go to Letterman’s and hook up a few hockey shirts. No jerseys, but like crew neck t-shirts with Blaine hockey on it. I gotta rep!! Hey man I heard about your date... good. Because I was about to sign you up for an online dating site ;) hahaha you are the man. Just keep working, playing and enjoying life before you get tied down!

Logan!!: You hard worker you!! You are the man. All I hear about is how you are just working your butt off and just making the most out of being home!! I heard you wasted like $550 on a phone... what the fre3ak... you are crazy!!! I can’t even imagine using a phone right now. I bet you couldn’t either a couple months ago!! But that’s good. You are getting back into the hang of things pretty fast!! Love you bud. Send me engagement stuff soon ;) haha jkjk but seriously ;)

CONNNNNNER!!!!!:  You goon be nice to mom and enjoy your time at home. Trust me, I sometimes hated it there and now I hate myself for thinking that!! That is like the first place I would wanna be right now if I wasn’t on my mission... dang you have it nice. You will realize it soon and I hope you do so you can just love it!! Get ready for school man. I hope you are excited!! I wish I had a senior summer!! What classes are you taking?!? What else you doing to get ready for it>?!?

MACEY!!!: lolz... all I hear from mom about you is boys... you cute little thing. I feel like I will be hearing about that for the next year and a half!! but it’s okay. I guess I have to accept the fact that you aren’t that cute 4 year old who would only wear princess dresses and dance all the time :) you are still cute though don’t worry! I barely even recognize you though what the freak!! It’s good though, it’s good!!
Friends!!: You all rock. Just keep being amazing. What the freak I'm 6 months out... homestretch!!! I hope you all are doing well and feel my love for you all. Read my blog from my mom. Hopefully I’m not boring you guys!! but if I am, repent and start reading it :) I'd love to hear from you all!! I promise to respond!! It’s difficult, but I will do it!! Keep being awesome!! I love you all!! I'm praying for you guys every day!! Enjoy your summer!! Yokwe <3

So yeah I don’t think that my personality is really changing too much, but I'm definitely refining it and being a better person than I was before. It’s difficult for me because I'm not perfect. I think Tanner and Logan were better at some things than me and I'm better at some things than them. I'm a wild sometimes naughty kid, but I’m trying my best. I know that I still got 18 months to change and become totally weird or 18 months to just get better. We will see. I know I'm getting weird, but hopefully a good kind of weird. haha I love this work and I am really trying to get lost in it!! I know I'm starting to really focus on people here! It’s impossible to not think about home, but I'm not obsessing over it at all. I'm actually really nervous to come home and just not know what to do! Every day here is scheduled so I just know what I'm going to do for the most part. It will be fun that’s for sure. I sure am having a lot of fun out here though!! It’s just fun when you really make friends!! I'm sad to leave Arrak but I am excited to work in town!! I'm sending a letter home this week to you guys!! It’s hard to write letters when I can just email everything but I will keep it up!!! at least try too!!
I have to go now but I love you so much mom!! and everyone else... life is good in the Marshall islands!!!
Word of the Week!: Kiio (pronounced kia, like the car) and it means NOW!!
Love, Yokwe, Elder Ingalls

P.S. So I get a bit of time to email a little more today! So I will try and write some other stuff!! This week has been going really well! I just got a package from grandma! That was awesome! Tell her thanks for the shirt and such!!! I LOVED HER COOKIES!!!! Those were awesome!! I would love more! This week is going great and I'm just so excited about everything that is going on! I am really excited about going to work in town it will be really fun!! Okay love you!!

I have been here 4.5 months.... it’s a miracle!

Oh mommmy :)

You are awesome and I just love you to pieces!! Your email was awesome! I will admit :) But.... Tanners was longer ;) (You're welcome for the shout out Tanner..) haha Everything is going great here!! I am blessed to be able to use the computers at the CMI campus right now. I don’t know if it will be every week, but so far so good!! On the 26th of this month, I will know if I will have a transfer! I AM SO SCARED!!! I will know in less than three weeks!! That would be the craziest thing in the world!! Just 4 months ago or so somebody would ask me where I am from and I would say 19 because I had no idea what they were saying to me!! Pretty funny! It’s crazy to think how much god is in this. I met a white guy who has been here for 24 years and I honestly could say that I have better pronunciation than him and I can understand better than he can... God is talking right through me and there is no question about it.

Your email was awesome. I feel like I am not too far away from you guys. I feel like I know what’s going on more now than when I was at BYU!! haha pretty awesome. It sounds like everyone is doing so well!! Everyone pretty much emailed me this week so it was cool to get everyone’s input on what happened :) The funniest part was tanner buying a car.... LOL yes its a caddy but c'mon man that aint no decepticon....... and it was cool to hear his take on it, your take on it, and dads take on it!! You guys kinda all had different stories!! I love you guys!! It was good to hear that Logan is dating Ashley and stuff now! She’s an awesome girl. I hope whatever happens between them I will get to hear about it and they will be happy! It’s good to hear he is working such hard hours and just really giving it his all!! He is going to go very far doing that. I hope that he gets a more permanent job and can start making some real money!! Same with Tanner, I'm pumped that he can still be working at RBC right now!! I'm happy that they are all keep busy...
I just wanna get one thing cleared up. THUNDERSHOCK IS MY CHILD, MY BABY, MY CAR, MY BESTFRIEND. I WAS THE FIRST TO MEET HIM AND WHEN I GET HOME.... GOOD LUCK SPLITTING US UP ;) haha so Macey can "take care" but he will never accept her.... sorrrrrry !!!

I hope dads surgery went well (it was today?) so let me know everything. I've been praying non stop over here and I fasted for him yesterday. So I definitely think that those prayers will be answered. I'm praying for our whole ward and their safety. Without my leadership, I can tell our family is taking a blow. But, I am still here. Yes 6000 miles away, but not dead :) (yet) haha
You guys just sound so busy at home. It’s good though :) I'm glad. I wish I could be there enjoying it with you. I heard about Ricky getting tickets and car accidents and all this garbage... Ricky retard :) and Danielle..... She didn’t name her baby Dallin??? What the freak..... I'm going to have to have a word with that woman... haha Has Teresa or Tia made any mention about serving missions? And Dallin Wiberg has got to be leaving soon that is way excited!! I can’t believe how long ago he got his call!! I wonder what he’s thinking!! Maybe I'll shoot him an email. I am just getting so busy with the working that writing letters is insanely difficult.... I am so far behind and I literally get about 5-6 a week!! But I always write you first because you're the one I love most :)

So a week in review... Not much happened really this week. The USS Pearl Harbor came into port this week and we helped translate for people in town!! It’s so crazy because I could actually help and I have really been here for like 4.5 months.... it’s a miracle!
I gave a training this week in district meeting about agency and how we have two kinds. We have our free agency and then we also have representative agency.. so it was pretty good. The ZL's were there and they were just mind blown!! So that felt pretty good!! Working with Elder Parente is pretty good!! He is really good at the language. We get along well and talk a lot!! He’s pretty trunky so it’s hard sometimes. There are going to be so many elders on this island that they are going to have to start opening up new ones. They already are putting elders in each ward as solely less-active elders... which basically means they are jumbos masters and just get to cruise around and talk to people and not have to worry about finding or teaching new people!! I would love being able to do that!!

So we will all see. There are like 45 elders on Majuro atoll and it is jam-packed... so these 8 new ones are going to really boost this place up. So more outer islands!!!! More less active work and just more opportunities to talk to people!! Pretty awesome!! I’m excited about all the changes that are going to come up!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone out here. I am still writing in my journal pretty religiously!! I have missed a day or two here or there because I have been sick but the next day I just do a little reviewing so I never really miss anything. It will be so fun to read that in a couple years down the road. I can’t believe how good (better) my handwriting is!! I have made that my goal to really work on it and boy is it decent now!! It’s pretty crazy I'm not used to typing on a computer... like its magic... I held an Ipad the other day.... WHAT THE FREEAK!! YOU TOUCH IT, AND IT WORKS!!!! It’s MAGIC!!

I haven’t got that 2nd package yet but I expect to probably get it after emailing today or so! I got one Croc...? I got a hard drive case but not hard drive? and I got a CD that dad was talking about but... no debit card yet! So I am pretty excited to get that!! I love how many people are writing to me!! It gets to be a lot sometimes. But I really feel loved and looked after. I hope you guys are all doing well. You will have to keep playing 20 - questions with me. I never really know what to write to you guys sometimes because I just get so excited to be able to write to you!

So to the family:

Mom first (obviously): Have I ever told you how amazing you are? (And no, I don't want anything ;) ) And in all seriousness you are the best. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a mom like you. You make my day. I'm so glad to show everyone pics of you, share stories about you, and just show you off. People out here love me... haha not to sound arrogant but they really do and I know I was raised by this wonderful, powerful lady that made me this way. So S/O to HEATHER INGALLS :) I nominate you "Mom-of-the-year"
Dad: The other guy ;) haha just kidding. You are the other half for sure. But.... mom first.... you know the rules here!! I hope you are doing well and I hope your surgery went smooth and no worries came up through that!! You are the man. I just hope you know that when I get home, Thundershock and me are going to be reunited for good ;) Soo...... yeah :) I'm not gonna cave as easily as Tanner did..... haha You still playing a lot of ping pong??! I miss doing that and just owning you :) Remember when Conner and I would play and it would just going on forever?!?! I'll be back soon enough to be able to do that again!! I love you daddio :)

Tanner.... where to begin where to begin!!! Your email was awesome. I wish I had a way to print it off!! I am going to take pics of it and hopefully be able to write you a nice reply soon :) You are the man. I'm pumped for everything you are doing. I think that job at RBC would be so legit!! Then you can really update and get that SRT ;) I know I am your favorite brother... It just took you a while to figure it out :) I'm glad you are talking to Geoff and such. He's my bud for sure. Just keep it up on that RBC grind and playing hockey and just having fun. No need getting a wife too soon. Gotta enjoy that young life too :) Logan can be a different story :) He always was the special one :) But in all honestly you are the man. You are still a big role model to me and I love you to death :) So keep it the good work :) Don’t be a stranger, write me whenever. I might not be able to respond that well, but know I’m listening and laughing :)
Logan: I hope you are doing well. From what I hear you are breaking your back for a penny these days!! Just keep up the good work. I hope you land those jobs you were applying for!! Good luck getting into BYU for Winter!! That would be way legit if you did!! Who knows maybe Conner will transfer over there some day!! That would be way tight!! Let me know how/where things go with Ashley! She’s a sweetheart that’s for sure!! I hope you are taking care of my baby ThunderShock for me. He always liked you too :) Me the most :) Are you planning on buying a car soon or? And just keep up being awesome!!! Give me some advice :)

Conner: My main brotha :) Dude, you know I would pay maybe $100 bucks if I could get an email from you. Symbolically of course cuz I'm broke :) But man do I miss you. Hope you are enjoying summer. Runnin' the house while I'm gone and such. Keep being the crazy little bro that I know :) and keep working out, cuz I'm getting RIPPED>>
Macey: Hey girl :) I know you probably don’t remember me cuz all the boys that apparently talk to you know... But just remember us boys that helped turn you into the Macey that you are today :) Love you little sis. It’s funny, the boys here all think you are 21 and older than me!! They all want to marry you. haha and they all steal my pics of you!! So know you are well liked by boys here 6000 miles away!! Keep up the dancing and tennis and just whatever else you are doing. My beloved car is falling into your hands.... You're welcome :)

Well, I gotta head out. I love you mommy and hope you are doing well. I pray for you guys all the time and I care about you guys so much. I have spiritual experiences every day. I need them at this point in my life. I challenge you and everyone else to have some sort of spiritual experience or missionary experience sometime every day. It just makes life better. It could really be anything. I love this gospel more than ever. I am just excited to start the 2nd quarter of my mission. I know it is going to go really fast now because I understand the language better than before and I am not showing signs of slowing down :) You guys are awesome and I just love you guys to death. Keep up the good work :)
Love, Elder Ingalls the 4th

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do you miss your mommy?

Family, Friends, loved ones and the most important: Mommy :)

How’s life going everyone? I should say how is life without me... Sometimes I sit back and reflect and how much life would suck if I wasn't in it... haha but don't you all worry, 2 weeks is like 6 months then its home stretch :) or at least that's what I'm told! The mission is going by really fast with me right now. The language is flowing, I totally enjoy the presence of my companion. I am being social, making new friends and just doing the work that God wants me to do. I don't think I could really complain much except for the fact that my family isn't here with me enjoying paradise... but maybe we can get back here someday!

This week has been a pretty crazy!! First off we had p-day on Monday, then Tuesday some huge waves came and half flooded the islands and we helped clean up all day. That was crazy. There was garbage and trash and just junk EVERYWHERE!! So we got to spend the whole day helping out with that so it was good! Wednesday we had our district meeting in the morning then my bike’s chains snapped so we had to walk and couldn’t get much done with that... then Thursday it was transfers then the rest of the week was pretty smooth! I got a new companion!! His name is elder Parente, he is from Florida and has been out for about 20 months now... he is unreal at the language. You would think he is a native here. I can’t wait to sound like that. They already say I sound kind of like a Marshallese person when I talk so that's good! I really try. Hopefully, I don't have too weird of an accent when I go home! I can already kind of see it a little bit, but it’s not much at all. haha and this is still the beginning!! haha great... I wish I could forget English when I come home but I still speak it all the time with my companions and such. And you have got to be an idiot if you forget your native language... that's just embarrassing... honestly haha. So I'm glad the grad parties went well, I hope you guys are just chillin and enjoying summer now. I have been enjoying summer out here since March 1st :) and I will be enjoying summer out here until I come home :) If I ever decide to come home! haha

So.... This whole not getting emails thing... I don't mind.... buttttt I have like nothing to respond to or questions to answer soo I don't really know what to write or anything so I'm going to guess some questions and answer them :) [He keeps emailing me earlier and earlier – before I can even get mine written and sent! Ack! BTW this letter is hilarious!!! It’s basically a conversation between him and himself! – MOM]

1. What do you do on P-day (Preparation day)? ohh snap good question!!!! I was wondering when you would ask that!! Well, I wake up and lift then go email and every other week we go to town to buy food and shop a bit and then play combined sports with all the other missionaries on the island! and days other than that... swimming!!!! haha just kidding! We usually go to the beach and play v-ball or explore or just hang out and sleep and such. We just got a brand new basketball court by our house so we play there every once and a while.... I still suck but hopefully I can improve!

2. What fish do you like to eat? lolz mom please.... silly question!! I eat anything and everything... cooked, grilled, salted, raw, everything. Do I like it? haha well no. But I am getting used to it and its pretty good. There is some fish I like to eat better than steak... hahahahahahaha JUST KIDDING steak is way better and I cannot wait to have that when I get home.

3. What have you learned the most out there? Wow. That’s I good one.. I'll have to say patience. Boy have I started to master patience. haha As you can tell I haven't quite mastered humility... haha but I am patiently waiting too ;) haha Nah working with people who just have a really relaxed life and such just helped me learn and grow so much. I just know to accept that things with happen in God's time. And who am I to say otherwise.. I know you guys are all shocked by this answer... don't get me wrong, I'm still Dallin... I still can’t wait for anything...  but I'm definitely improving everyday :)

4. Do you miss your mommy? THAT’S IS THE MOST OBVIOUS QUESTION EVER!!! Of course I miss my mom!!!! She brought me into this world and I have been close to her since day 1. Yeah I miss my mom. I wish I could spend every day with her right now. Everyone go hug your mom tonight and tell her to love her. You guys don't even know how much I miss my mommy right now. Go hug your mom and someone go hug my mom for me and tell her you love her. Everybody loves Heather :) Especially this boy right here.

5. Hows the language? ummm... it’s going good :) I don't see why you guys always ask me this question like you think I don't know it or something.... haha I'm not fluent, but I'm comfortable to say the least. Pretty crazy to think that in about 6 weeks I might train... What the freak... I guess me and that lucky boy can learn the language together :) haha but who knows.... they need 8 people to train and I think I might be one of them... So we will see shortly!!

6. How is your companion?  Parkinson was a homie for sure. Like best friend status.... Parente is good too!! We are still getting used to working and teaching together. You can tell he has been around the block a couple times... It’s hard because Parkinson and I struggled together to work with the language and stuff and now Parente knows everything so I kinda use him as a crutch... haha but it’s going well. He likes baseball... and such... so you guys should send some stats for me to learn quickly ;) haha just kidding its all good. He’s pretty cool! Kind of an introvert but I can help him change that. He was on an outer island for 6 months :) haha I hope I have that experience. Outer islands all have internet communication so that should make you feel good :) No worries, I probably won’t go out until my year mark anyways :)

So sorry this email is so short, but I have nothing to really build off of. I hope you guys are all having a stellar week!! OH YEAH!!!! FUNNY STORY!!!! So I got one package you guys sent me! It only took 7 days to get to me it was unreal!!! And the girl scout thin mints cookies.... I saw those.... And I was like DOPEEE!!!! Let’s get these in the freezer!! So I put them in the freezer then went out to work for the day.... Came home at night totally amped about these cookies! Open it up out of the freezer and BANG!!! It’s a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha I froze my camera........ hahaha you guys are tricksters!!! But no worries, it works perfectly well and I love it! Thank you again for being able to do that for me! I already have some amazing pics to send home because of it!! You guys are just awesome for sending me that amazing package! Thank you for the sprees too!! I saved a box for myself and I gave some away to people and they all LOVE me :) probably because I'm paying them ;)

Tanner: hey man congrats on the car, now get a girl ;) I have a few out here that think you’re hot ;) hahaha maybe you should brush up on your Marshallese and add them on the Facebook ;)

Logan: EMAIL MAN!!! YOU SILLY RM FORGETTING ABOUT YOUR BROTHER!! We have a lot to talk about little boy!!!

Dallin: ummm I don't remember that kid....? send pics?

Conner: hey dude ;) how’s life? Hope your enjoying that senior summer life!! I never got to, but it’s all good :) just keep going. If you’re thinking about a mission, get serious about it now so you can go to school then go on one. Its bomb. no regrets. Jumbo that 300c while it’s still yours ;)

Parker: keep watching over me bud. I love you. I know your helping me teach these people

Macey.... Boys.... what the freak... haha you’re gonna be a senior when I come home or a junior... or a cute 4 year old girl that I will always think of you as :) boys are gross.... that's all I’m gonna say :)

Dad: you are the man. You keep doing your thing :) you really need to get that emblem for your 300c :) and when I get home... good luck convincing me out of a 300c :) tanner was weak :) haha

Friends: Hey guys. I haven’t forgot about you guys yet... haha I never could. Family first is the motto and you guys are like family to me. I hope my mom threw some crazy pics up on the computer for you guys to see! It’s so weird just even using a computer... but it’s good :) I hope you guys are doing your things and having fun and just being happy :) I wish I could be there to help make that happen :) see you all soon :) love.

Well, I guess this is the end of my letter... I don’t know why I'm not getting your emails or you’re not emailing me. Hopefully everything is going well back home. I heard dad has to get some surgery or something? Hopefully you guys can tell me more about that...? You guys can guarantee I will be fasting and praying for him. I'm doing well out here. Don’t worry about me. I'm well taken care of. I wish I could be home to help you guys but I know if I take care of the people here, you all will be taken care of at home. I love you all. I can’t say that enough to you guys!! I hope you guys enjoy my words and my pics. I hope you are doing well. If I can help you guys with anything, let me know :)

I love you mommy!
Elder Ingalls (Eagle) 4/5