Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do you miss your mommy?

Family, Friends, loved ones and the most important: Mommy :)

How’s life going everyone? I should say how is life without me... Sometimes I sit back and reflect and how much life would suck if I wasn't in it... haha but don't you all worry, 2 weeks is like 6 months then its home stretch :) or at least that's what I'm told! The mission is going by really fast with me right now. The language is flowing, I totally enjoy the presence of my companion. I am being social, making new friends and just doing the work that God wants me to do. I don't think I could really complain much except for the fact that my family isn't here with me enjoying paradise... but maybe we can get back here someday!

This week has been a pretty crazy!! First off we had p-day on Monday, then Tuesday some huge waves came and half flooded the islands and we helped clean up all day. That was crazy. There was garbage and trash and just junk EVERYWHERE!! So we got to spend the whole day helping out with that so it was good! Wednesday we had our district meeting in the morning then my bike’s chains snapped so we had to walk and couldn’t get much done with that... then Thursday it was transfers then the rest of the week was pretty smooth! I got a new companion!! His name is elder Parente, he is from Florida and has been out for about 20 months now... he is unreal at the language. You would think he is a native here. I can’t wait to sound like that. They already say I sound kind of like a Marshallese person when I talk so that's good! I really try. Hopefully, I don't have too weird of an accent when I go home! I can already kind of see it a little bit, but it’s not much at all. haha and this is still the beginning!! haha great... I wish I could forget English when I come home but I still speak it all the time with my companions and such. And you have got to be an idiot if you forget your native language... that's just embarrassing... honestly haha. So I'm glad the grad parties went well, I hope you guys are just chillin and enjoying summer now. I have been enjoying summer out here since March 1st :) and I will be enjoying summer out here until I come home :) If I ever decide to come home! haha

So.... This whole not getting emails thing... I don't mind.... buttttt I have like nothing to respond to or questions to answer soo I don't really know what to write or anything so I'm going to guess some questions and answer them :) [He keeps emailing me earlier and earlier – before I can even get mine written and sent! Ack! BTW this letter is hilarious!!! It’s basically a conversation between him and himself! – MOM]

1. What do you do on P-day (Preparation day)? ohh snap good question!!!! I was wondering when you would ask that!! Well, I wake up and lift then go email and every other week we go to town to buy food and shop a bit and then play combined sports with all the other missionaries on the island! and days other than that... swimming!!!! haha just kidding! We usually go to the beach and play v-ball or explore or just hang out and sleep and such. We just got a brand new basketball court by our house so we play there every once and a while.... I still suck but hopefully I can improve!

2. What fish do you like to eat? lolz mom please.... silly question!! I eat anything and everything... cooked, grilled, salted, raw, everything. Do I like it? haha well no. But I am getting used to it and its pretty good. There is some fish I like to eat better than steak... hahahahahahaha JUST KIDDING steak is way better and I cannot wait to have that when I get home.

3. What have you learned the most out there? Wow. That’s I good one.. I'll have to say patience. Boy have I started to master patience. haha As you can tell I haven't quite mastered humility... haha but I am patiently waiting too ;) haha Nah working with people who just have a really relaxed life and such just helped me learn and grow so much. I just know to accept that things with happen in God's time. And who am I to say otherwise.. I know you guys are all shocked by this answer... don't get me wrong, I'm still Dallin... I still can’t wait for anything...  but I'm definitely improving everyday :)

4. Do you miss your mommy? THAT’S IS THE MOST OBVIOUS QUESTION EVER!!! Of course I miss my mom!!!! She brought me into this world and I have been close to her since day 1. Yeah I miss my mom. I wish I could spend every day with her right now. Everyone go hug your mom tonight and tell her to love her. You guys don't even know how much I miss my mommy right now. Go hug your mom and someone go hug my mom for me and tell her you love her. Everybody loves Heather :) Especially this boy right here.

5. Hows the language? ummm... it’s going good :) I don't see why you guys always ask me this question like you think I don't know it or something.... haha I'm not fluent, but I'm comfortable to say the least. Pretty crazy to think that in about 6 weeks I might train... What the freak... I guess me and that lucky boy can learn the language together :) haha but who knows.... they need 8 people to train and I think I might be one of them... So we will see shortly!!

6. How is your companion?  Parkinson was a homie for sure. Like best friend status.... Parente is good too!! We are still getting used to working and teaching together. You can tell he has been around the block a couple times... It’s hard because Parkinson and I struggled together to work with the language and stuff and now Parente knows everything so I kinda use him as a crutch... haha but it’s going well. He likes baseball... and such... so you guys should send some stats for me to learn quickly ;) haha just kidding its all good. He’s pretty cool! Kind of an introvert but I can help him change that. He was on an outer island for 6 months :) haha I hope I have that experience. Outer islands all have internet communication so that should make you feel good :) No worries, I probably won’t go out until my year mark anyways :)

So sorry this email is so short, but I have nothing to really build off of. I hope you guys are all having a stellar week!! OH YEAH!!!! FUNNY STORY!!!! So I got one package you guys sent me! It only took 7 days to get to me it was unreal!!! And the girl scout thin mints cookies.... I saw those.... And I was like DOPEEE!!!! Let’s get these in the freezer!! So I put them in the freezer then went out to work for the day.... Came home at night totally amped about these cookies! Open it up out of the freezer and BANG!!! It’s a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha I froze my camera........ hahaha you guys are tricksters!!! But no worries, it works perfectly well and I love it! Thank you again for being able to do that for me! I already have some amazing pics to send home because of it!! You guys are just awesome for sending me that amazing package! Thank you for the sprees too!! I saved a box for myself and I gave some away to people and they all LOVE me :) probably because I'm paying them ;)

Tanner: hey man congrats on the car, now get a girl ;) I have a few out here that think you’re hot ;) hahaha maybe you should brush up on your Marshallese and add them on the Facebook ;)

Logan: EMAIL MAN!!! YOU SILLY RM FORGETTING ABOUT YOUR BROTHER!! We have a lot to talk about little boy!!!

Dallin: ummm I don't remember that kid....? send pics?

Conner: hey dude ;) how’s life? Hope your enjoying that senior summer life!! I never got to, but it’s all good :) just keep going. If you’re thinking about a mission, get serious about it now so you can go to school then go on one. Its bomb. no regrets. Jumbo that 300c while it’s still yours ;)

Parker: keep watching over me bud. I love you. I know your helping me teach these people

Macey.... Boys.... what the freak... haha you’re gonna be a senior when I come home or a junior... or a cute 4 year old girl that I will always think of you as :) boys are gross.... that's all I’m gonna say :)

Dad: you are the man. You keep doing your thing :) you really need to get that emblem for your 300c :) and when I get home... good luck convincing me out of a 300c :) tanner was weak :) haha

Friends: Hey guys. I haven’t forgot about you guys yet... haha I never could. Family first is the motto and you guys are like family to me. I hope my mom threw some crazy pics up on the computer for you guys to see! It’s so weird just even using a computer... but it’s good :) I hope you guys are doing your things and having fun and just being happy :) I wish I could be there to help make that happen :) see you all soon :) love.

Well, I guess this is the end of my letter... I don’t know why I'm not getting your emails or you’re not emailing me. Hopefully everything is going well back home. I heard dad has to get some surgery or something? Hopefully you guys can tell me more about that...? You guys can guarantee I will be fasting and praying for him. I'm doing well out here. Don’t worry about me. I'm well taken care of. I wish I could be home to help you guys but I know if I take care of the people here, you all will be taken care of at home. I love you all. I can’t say that enough to you guys!! I hope you guys enjoy my words and my pics. I hope you are doing well. If I can help you guys with anything, let me know :)

I love you mommy!
Elder Ingalls (Eagle) 4/5

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