Friday, August 30, 2013

Heavenly Father has helped me more now than any other time

Yo :) Its been a hectic week getting a new companion and me being the old guy that has to do all the talking and all the work! Haha but its good!! a good week for sure. My language skills just because of everything I had to go through this week I feel like they doubled...and I just feel like Heavenly Father has helped me more now than any other time of my mission. I'm loving life right now it has been great!!
Sounds like you had a pretty fun week! Getting to play tennis and everything with macey and her boy friend... hahaha just kidding. I can't believe she got her permit and is driving my car..... what the heck... give her a bicycle.... she's too young to be driving.... haha I can't believe she is starting out driving a 300c.... but that is cool!I just wanna know what she is going to do when I come home and claim what is rightfully mine :) its funny cuz I'm serious right now ;)  I didn't get that package yet, but I am going to check again today after this! So hopefully it will be there!
I am in the coolest district in the best part of the island with one of my favorite companions ever. Life is good here in Uliga! Got everything I need!! We got a gym membership so we're working out in the morning and I'm still doing my 200 push ups at night! Still getting ripped!! I'm gonna try and start putting on more muscle. Maybe like 10 to15 pounds, then work it all off. Haha just for fun and its healthy to do! My pants are all still fitting me! I wear 30s and some 32s. I prefer the 32s cuz its just more comfortable and with all the walking and sitting cross legged its nice! But having actual dress pants kinda stinks :( the next pants I get I wanna maybe get some khakis, tan or dark blue. that would be cool)! But that will still be a long ways away. Hopefully. Cuz all the pants I have right now are suppose to be drycleaned... and the Marshall Islands don't know what that even means... haha
So yeah this week has been good!! We taught about 30 lessons and I basically had to teach them all by myself with Duiriba doing what he could here and there! So yeah, I'm really studying up on the lessons and how to say everything! I get good because I have those awkward moments where I don't understand or can't explain something... And that just drives me to be the best. I love this language and I love that I can just get better and better everyday.
It was good to hear from you this week!! I love hearing from you guys!! Life is going so fast right now, especially me hitting my 7th month mark and having a new intake come in!! It was awesome seeing them at a baptism literally not understanding a word of what was being said.... haha I am glad that I am not at that point anymore.... so glad! I wish more people in the world knew Marshallese!! Especially in the states!! There are actually quite a few Marshallese wards that I would like to attend someday because I will probably know some of the people!! I met some people that have family in Minnetonka, MN!! I could not believe that!! I for sure thought Minnesota would be the last place these people would be!! Pretty awesome!! Does Logan talk to any of his mission buds on the phone in Swedish? I know Tanner did a little bit and I will alot!! Idk how much will be in Marshallese but I will for sure be keeping in touch with these guys!! They are awesome!! I really want some of them to go to BYU!
I don't have much more to say this week! Hopefully I can give you a more entertaining email next week! That's crazy that Conner is going out to school soon!! And that Tanner is going too! How much more schooling does Tanner have left? you should ask me like 10 good questions next email! I like being able to answer questions cuz I never know what to write!! You are a babe mom and I love that I know you and that I came from you ;) hahaha had to throw that in there! I think about you all the time :)
 yourlittle boy whois the boss of the family who is inthe marshall islands kicking it and loving it who misses his family but loves it here who wants everyone toknow that he lovesthem :)
ps your hawt

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