Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This area is my home.

He caught me off guard again this week when this message popped up on my phone so I hopped on the computer AGAIN and tried to have a little conversation with him!!!!! I love this new technology that let’s me communicate with my son better! I am just such a lucky mom, in general!

Well mommmy......

I really hate just coming up with these emails and not having anything to respond to... But its not your fault because you don’t know that I get to email a bit more for now... I don’t know how much longer... because we are using the college computers because its summer so maybe a bit longer, or back to once a month. Who really knows..

So ewor news keel jidik kin area eo ao. elder parkinson enaaj makutkut jan arrak im jerbal ippen juon ri-fiji. na ilukkun ilu kake konke elder pako ej lukkun motta. na ijela kajen im i konaan im wanmanlok im jerbal ippen doon.

(For all the non-Marshallese speakers) so there is a little bit of new news in my area. Elder Parkinson will move from Arrak and work with a guy from Fiji. I’m really upset about it because it’s like we are best friends out here and I really want to continue and work with him :(

So yeah... 4 weeks of heaven with a guy that is like my best friend then they are changing things up and I’m going to be staying in Arrak. I love this place! It’s fun because I talk to some of the people I met my first 1-2 weeks here and talking to them 17ish weeks later and I'm speaking to them in Marshallese and understanding and they are just mind blown... It’s awesome how the Lord is working through me and I can totally feel his presence in my life... I love it. There is no other way I would be at about 70-75% understanding and speaking ability. It stinks though because I am starting to use Marshallese grammar when speaking English so that’s going down the drain so just bear with me. I'm trying my best :)

What else... Well... uhhh.... I guess I can talk about my body.... lolz... I have the best watch tan line ever which you will only see pics of because I am getting rid of this 2 months before I come home so I will be looking amazing as usual... haha I can’t wait to come home to you ghosts in January... My you guys will all look so ugly ;) Just kidding... haha All the white people here that come for vacation are soooo white.... but I guess I'm not that much different.. well, I feel different. Also, I'm doing 200 push-ups a night, then 3 - 3 minute planks from my abs, biking all day and lifting in the mornings. Boy am I feeling gooood. I'm in the best shape of my life and I have no intention of slowing down. I hope I can keep eating right. I don’t get too many sweets out here as it is so I’ts easy to do it. The only sweets I really get are from you guys so keep it up :) I had a chocolate bar for the first time in 6 months and I just about cried... haha All I know is I'm coming home ripped. And boy am I serious about it!!! Haha, watch out Conner. I'm coming for you.

Lets see... Arrak. This area is just my home. I'm so used to the people here, the place, the food, the language. Everything. I love it here and the people here are loving me. (well I hope) and I'm trying my best to work hard, continue to learn the language and just be the funniest, best missionary that Majuro has ever had. It’s going to be hard leaving this place in 6 weeks or 12, whatever happens. These people are just my family. They have adopted me. It’s pretty awesome and I just am so happy here. I hope my new companion is dope like Parkinson. It’s hard when you have the best companion the mission has to offer but Elder Parente will be a homie too. He's been out for 20 months and I have talked to him just a bit. He just got back from serving 6 months on an outer Island!! So his language is goooood!!! So I am for sure going to make him help me all the time. Everything is going well in this area. I'm just trying to fulfill my purpose and help bring others unto Christ. It’s difficult work. But the lord gives us nothing we can’t handle, even if we don’t think we can. Our thoughts are not the Lord’s thoughts.

I haven’t gone spear fishing yet..... EVERYONE wants to be the person to teach the white boy how to do it! But I can’t :( It’s horrible. I am going to give my camera to this guy I know and he’s going to swim with sharks and take some pics of them right before they eat him so that will be cool ;) Oh yeah, Grandma.... I have probably given, no joke, about 100 hair cuts since I have been in Arrak this last 4 months. I know, crazy. But they love it and they all call me ri-mijbar which because means barber :) haha I love it!! I'm still learning but boy am I learning fast!! I love the respect I get as a spiritual leader and teacher out here. Even from people that don’t share my religious views. Everyone has AMAZING respect for me, and especially because I can somewhat speak their language. It would be so cool to come serve in this area again in like a year from now. Man, I would be stellar at missionary work and the language and I feel like I would be able to help these people sooo much!! That would be awesome!!

Ok siblings...

Tanner: congrats on the car... kinda. I feel like I failed you. I know it’s my fault that you didn’t get a 300c... If I was there, just everything would be different... But oh well. You still have a Cadillac :) It’s a good car and to be honest, I always did like it :) And just kidding about you playing soccer, its cute :) but keep up the hockey and get on BYU's team so we can do work on these noobs. And Tanner.... I hate to say this..... but join a online dating site :) It might help ;) haha love you man

Logan: I expect big things out of you little boy :) Tell me all about Utah and how that went. Mr. RM over here not emailing me anymore... I see how it is ;) But like I always said, Ladies first ;) haha love you man keep up being awesome and do what’s right, not because its right, but because I told you too :)

Conner: Dudeeeeeeeeeeeee, bro you’re old....... Happy graduation man. I miss HS so much. Some of the most fun 4 years of my life. But all I gotta say is it gets better. You just do work. Have fun at school. Take it seriously, but seriously have some fun. Enjoy this summer, stay out of trouble. I know thundershock is always trying to get you into trouble... He’s a speeder... haha. Enjoy working at the box [Office Max]! Make a ton of money. Money is the motivation. haha wanmanlok wot and kate eok :)

Macey..................... boys? Chick you’re like 12. Enough of this garbage.... I'm disappointed in the lack of protection my older brothers ARENT providing for you. Lutu, my Fijian Elder here, said if girls had brothers in Fiji, you DONT talk to her because they will literally make it so you will never talk to anyone again... So S/O to Tanner and Logan and Conner.. Carry on the Fijian tradition in our family. Protect our little Gem.... But I hope you are having a good time having all these boys like you. If only they knew you like I did............ Then they would all just be IN LOVE with you. :) I love you little baby Macey. Keep it up.

Dad: I'm going to try and respond to your email!! I hope you are having a bomb time at work, enjoy that high rise office you got. You should send me some pics! Maybe just email one or two if you want :) I'm pumped about the things you are doing to the Ranchero. Once its jet-black and has racing stripes and rims, then you can talk :) haha I'm pumped though! I love that car. I'm glad you made Tanner buy a car soon. And soon Logan, so I just have to meet back up with my baby thundershock... he wants me and I don’t think I'm gonna be able to let him out of my sight when I get home, even if he has to go fight crime in minneapolis.... haha I'm still working on a name for your car and the Durango.. It’s hard when I can’t just google stuff!! haha That’s like the hardest thing for me is not having knowledge at the click of a button. I never realized How much random garbage I know from all the things I googled and also the countless number of documentaries that I watched :) I love being smart and just having a bunch of random knowledge. :) Like father like son :) But I would never let my son get a GM ;) hahaha its okay Rich, calm down I'm not mad!!! I still thing you are the best Dad I ever had!!

My beautiful Blaine Ward: I don’t know if you guys ever get these in sacrament or on my blog, but it’s always good to hear from an Elder, either serving IN your ward or FROM your ward. I hope the Elders in my home ward are responsible and doing work. I just realize how important it is to do this work and do it correctly. I know that God called them to Minneapolis and Me to the Marshalls. So we are where were supposed to be. So do it. And you guys please do your part. Members are how missionary work gets done. Help these poor guys out! Rescue the one. I love you guys and I thank you for all the support I receive from you all. Your love is shared with the people in the Marshalls!

Well family, but more specifically mom.... I love you. I hope you are doing well. I hope you don’t miss me too much. The days are turning into weeks here, soon weeks to months. Time flies. Just keep being awesome. Send me some lovin every now and then. Know I am in the Lord’s hands right now. I'm fine. I feel your prayers for me. I'm praying for all of you. Day and Night. I love you and hope you know that you are the best mom in the world. I couldn’t be here without you! Partially because I wouldn’t be alive..... lolz... but seriously. You are amazing and I can't tell you that enough. Keep up being the best.

With love, Elder Ingalls

You wrote us last week and I thought you could only write every two weeks!!!!  What's going on here?  :
I am able to use the C.M.I. computers!! College of the Marshall Islands!! Their computer lab! I cant always use it, but When I can I email home!!
I was caught off guard!  Totally surprised to see an email from you!  I will have to start writing to you during the week from now on!  It's 5:30 and I am still at the church!
No worries!! Have a good week babe!! Love you!

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