Monday, June 3, 2013

MINA AND BETNA were baptized!!!


Ok so I get like no time to email you guys this week :( I am so upset about it. I freaking miss you guys and this is going to be really difficult for me.

So stuff that is new with me. I have a new companion named Elder Parkinson. He is the biggest homie and stud ever. I love him to death. We get along so well. He is only 6 months out and he’s still really new and he’s in my area now so I have to do a lot of the talking. It’s a stretch but I am learning so much and my language is going soooo greeat!! I can’t believe I'm saying that. I thought that I would never be able to say that, but it’s really just flowing and I'm learning a growing so much.

BAD NEWS :( the cover that holds my batteries in my camera broke so I have to literally hold it shut to turn it on... I need a new one :( I hate that I have to ask you guys :( but If you want pictures... I'm gonna need a new one... maybe you can send Logan or Tanners old one. Hopefully, they are waterproof because I really need it to be. Also, MINA AND BETNA were baptized!!! I was able to baptize them both!! I started and ended teaching with them which was incredible. It's the greatest feeling! I loved every second of it. I wish you guys knew how difficult it was to do that!!

Funny story: we always take our shoes off before we go into houses to teach and last night we were leaving and I could only find one of my shoes because a dog had taken and chewed up the other one..... so I have one Croc that's nice and ones that’s just disgusting.... hahah good thing I found that shoe or else I would have been in trouble!!

Scales (1/10):
happiness: 9.5
obedience (haha): 10 (obviously!!)
language: 7.6
gospel: 9
smiling: 10
companion: 9.9
trunkiness: 2
thinking about you: 100

Also, is the Ranchero jet black yet??? Tanner.... news on the 300c????? and Logan.... engaged yet???? haha I'm just playing about Logan’s engagement, but I'm dead serious about the 300c for Tanner!! I hope I get your printed letters soon because I don’t have time to read them and do anything about them.... I'm so upset about it.... I'm sending my memory card home in the letters I'm sending to you guys today so you should get it really fast. I love you guys and hope you are doing well!!

So, just know that I'm in God's hands and he is taking care of me. Pray for me – because, boy, do I need your prayers. I love you guys so much and I think about you all the time but I am loving it out here and I love everything about this mission. I'm happy. I'm doing my best.

I love you, Elder Eagle :)

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