Monday, June 3, 2013

I miss you, but I’m strong 5-19-2013


Well that was strange... I didn’t get an email from you today.. awkward. I hope you guys aren’t dead... because that is the only logical reason I could think that you wouldn’t have emailed me yet... but anyway I guess I can just guess the questions you have for me and just tell you some stories!

I'm staying in Arrak this transfer.... so email every 2 weeks or so. We have one baptism on Saturday. We might have 2-3 baptisms just this Saturday! After that, we don’t have any new investigators so its crunch time now. Elder Watkins is leaving the area this week and I’m getting a new companion. He’s been working in Ebeye (a different atoll) since December and they speak a really different dialect there... sooo that will be interesting. He’s only been out here for 7 months and me 4 months... so we’re gonna have a good time talking and understanding people!! I won’t be able to rely so much on Watkins anymore. So I’m really gonna grow in the language now!! I’m excited... I’m basically gonna be the boss :) not that there was ever a time where I wasn’t :) It’s pretty awesome working out here. All the kids and even some adults want me to flex for them... haha its pretty awesome being their hero. They love me and everyone knows me!! Which isn’t saying much considering its about 500 people! They love me and I’m so in love with them. I can’t get enough of the little kids. They just think I’m amazing!! I love playing with them and having them teach me words!! Elder Lutu is gonna be in my district now so he’s back in town. I’m freaking excited!!! The west (side) zone is where its at :)

The word of the week/email: JUMBO -- it’s said the same as is it said in English. but basically means travel, trip, wander, wlak, basically just movement and that’s what we do in arrak. We jumbo to every place, beach, house, store, person.  We are awesome. I’m excited to continue to do it!! 

Also to Dad: MY DEBIT CARD EXPIRES IN JUNE so we need to do something about that. I don’t use it, but if I have too... I’ll need it! Maybe you can help me out with that!! Anyway I always mess up with the language but I’m doing fine with it. Yesterday during General Conference somebody asked me how old President Monson was and I said with absolute confidence "800" hahahahahaha and they all laughed at me but I didn’t catch it for a bit... then I figured out what I actually said... hahaha that was funny! and another good quote out here is "bonbon ej an ri-belle ro" which says "counting is for the whites" which they mean telling time and using watches is a white person thing... haha is so true. Nobody out here owns a watch or a calendar. They just look at the sun and know the time. Pretty awesome.

So this email is pretty random cuz I don’t have anything to build off of. I hate always asking you guys for stuff but simple things are just impossible to get out here... man!! but keep it up with the Sprees :) I may not have food but I’ll have Sprees :) also, when we were skyping you guys talked about a hard drive to store my pics on and such, do you guys think you could send out a big one like Logan’s? That would be amazing. And a voice recorder like dad was talking about with Logan, I’d love to do that and send a few of them home!! CONNER: burn me some CD's homie and send them to me! I’m asking you cuz you’ll hook me up fat, and I don’t wanna bug mom and dad about it! so you can do it :) thanks. Love you and stuff.

Let’s see what else can I tell you guys? ... I officially weighed myself for the first time in 4.5 months and I weigh 152 pounds! Dang. I’ve been losing weight but putting on muscle. It’s crazy how in shape I am. I’m gonna come home ripped outta my mind!! Conner - watch out. There’s a new sheriff in town. Also I’m eating insanely healthy. Partially because fat American food is soooo expensive!! So yeah I really plan out what meals I’m gonna eat and make sure it hits all the [necessary for me] food groups :) I bike about 10-15 miles a day. Everything’s good!! and I’m basically black. Speaking of black can you guys ask Justice if he ever got my letter? And also can you guys see if Duke got my letter? I hope I sent them to the right addresses!!  What else... everything is just going well with me. I'm your only missionary out right now so I expect quite a bit of extra lovin :) 

I love you mommy. I know this church is true. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you, but I know what I’m doing is so important for these people. I can sacrifice a portion of the amazing life I had to help these people get on track to live with their families forever. It’s no big deal. I miss you, but I’m strong. I know my purpose. I know that Heavenly Father wants me to work here in Marshalls at this time. I’m happy. Sometimes its hard. Actually a lot of the time it’s hard, but if I work hard, it’s easy. I’m focused. I’m trying my best and soon I’m gonna return with honor. I love you babe :)

Love Elder Eagle (Ingalls 4/5) 

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