Monday, June 3, 2013

These words are my oxygen. 5-5-2013

Dear Mommy!!

I'm not dead yet!!! I'm having the time of my life out here!! I'm gonna type the list of stuff I came up with, then respond to your email!! It’s all read though so don’t worry!! I had the most awesome bike wipe out this week and my bike is/was broken. We tied some hangers together and I made Elder Watkins tow me to Woja elementary from our house which is about 6 miles and back so another 6 miles!! I feel kinda evil ;) because my pedals started working about 5 miles away from home but I didn’t tell Watkins because I liked the ride ;) this p-day we got to walk to some close islands!! The tide was low so we walked on the coral!! Boy, that hurt!!!!!! But it was amazing I loved it! This mission is the best mission in the world!! We have 2 baptismal interviews Saturday so we must be doing something right!! The work is good!! I have finished reading the Book of Mormon 2 times already out here and I’m starting it for the 3rd time!! I’m also reading the New Testament and I’m loving it so much. These words are my oxygen. Just breathe :) at a baptism last week which wasn’t our investigators, bishop asked me to give a talk on baptism 5 minutes before I had to do it!! I almost talked for 10 minutes straight about it!! They were blown away because they expected me to just share a verse and bear my testimony! So that’s what’s up!!

I would also like to thank you for that WONDERFUL PACKAGE!!!!!!! I didn’t end up finding the watch you hid in the Sprees for like 3 days!!! I LOVE IT!!! haha I put the candy in the fridge and the watch too!! Whoops!! I love the white watch white sun glasses look :) hot. You know me well :) Gotta look good for the Marshalls :) that journal you sent me was awesome too!! I got it just in time to watch general conference!!! I took some great notes!! I stayed awake the whole time too!! That’s the first time ever!! I get to watch it in Marshallese this week!! Boy... that’s gonna be fun!! The language is coming along well!! little by little, a couple words a day and I’ll be fluent :) maybe 2-3 more months :) I can’t believe I have been out here for almost 4 months!! What the heck!!! Pretty soon I’ll just have 4 months left!! 2-3 weeks and I will be done training and I will get a new companion!! I think I will be staying in Arrak but I’m not sure yet!! you’ll know in the next email home probably!!

I’m eating very well and lifting everyday so girls watch out. I’m gonna be ripped when i come home ;) and tan. and smart. and DALLIN 2.0.  I’m preparing to send home a package soon!! I’ve made some cool stuff for you guys!! If you send another package, you should see if you can find my crazy tan and brown African shirt and sneak that it there!!! Thanks for the Stagg chili dad. That didn’t last too long ;)

Also what’s Grandpa Dennis' email? How is he doing? And what’s his address? I would like to write to him and tell him about the awesome time I’m having out here and how much I miss him!! I hope he’s doing well!! I hope you guys are keeping me in your prayers. I need these blessings. People rely on me out here and without prayer, I couldn’t do anything.

soo.... I cut my hair and it looked pretty good!! Since then I have given almost 15 haircuts to people here! asking for a “fade” haircut "exactly like mine" haha its good :) thank you Grandma for your skills :) I’m definitely a Grandmas boy!! All the people here can’t pronounce my name and they all call me Elder "Eagle" so I ended up getting a nametag that says that!! It’s pretty awesome!! Everyone calls me that!! Also... hearing my first name... wow that’s weird!! I told it to this one lady and he says she might name her kid Dallin!! She is 7 months pregnant so we will see!! That would be awesome!! Definitely leaving my mark!! haha I’m going to send home a memory card of pictures soon!! I’m trying to figure out how to work it out and transfer pics... its difficult out in the jungle!!

I just wanna tell you how much I love you and give thanks for all the things that you do for me. Read the Book of Mormon. Go to church. Pray all day. One of our investigators reads the Book of Mormon every day and says how much he loves it. I asked him where he was at in it and he said page 5. He had a difficult time reading, but he reads everyday about a verse or 2. He’s the cutest old man ever. I love these people. I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year!! I will too, but probably another 4 times too!! I can’t get enough of it!! I love every word. The best word, is APPLY. Doesn’t matter if you read if you don’t apply.

***** Also huge news!! i get to Skype you guys next Monday at 11:00am for Mother’s day!! that would be like 5pm sunday your time??
[It was AWESOME!!! We got to see him and hear from him for the first time in months! He is still the same little ball of energy and fun as he was when he was home. Very focused on the work he is doing and in love with the place and the people. We are so happy for him and so proud of him!!!]

Sounds like everyone back home is doing well!! Props to Conner for being just a great guy. How is tennis for him I completely forgot. Props to Macey and her boyfriend.... I don’t think he understands I’m getting ripped and ready to tear him to pieces!
[He doesn’t have to worry about that anymore because they broke up. She wants to follow the counsel of the Prophet and not date until she’s 16. She found out that relationships are hard and a lot of work and they limit your opportunities to meet new people.] Tanner.... get your 300c and you will get married shortly after... it’s the only way... and dad i love you!! I’m gonna respond to his email separately! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! until 2 weeks!!

Love, Elder Eagle :) (4/5)

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