Sunday, January 5, 2014

My crazy Minnesota family - 12-29-2013

So I don't get to email you that long because the internet is really bad.. so I will keep it short and sweet!! Talking to you guys this week made up for not being able to email you guys that much! I got to tell you everything! I should have come up with a list of things to say to you guys! I never realized how much I stink at English and trying to tell stories until I got to Skype you guys! haha all the other Elders are just as bad as me and we use Marshallese when we are with each other so its really easy to chat and tell stories... haha Its gonna be weird going home and only hearing English all the time! I feel like I don't know how to talk to people, especially white people! haha But it will be fine!! I loved talking to you guys!

Sounds like you all had a really good Christmas!! Wisconsin Dells sounds like a really fun place! I can't believe I never got that chance to go there!  Sounds like my crazy Minnesota family running around in the snow and in shorts at this time of year! [We stayed at a hotel/condo that had 4 waterparks that we could ride a shuttle to every day all day long! It was so fun! Highly recommend it. We could just hop on the warm shuttle in our wet suits and ride back to the hotel. It was awesome! Who cares that the weather was below 20 degrees each day!] haha its funny I really am scared to go home and be in that cold weather... I feel like I'm going to get really sick and die... haha I hope you guys have a nice coat for me at the airport or I might just stay at the airport! haha its crazy to think a year from now I'm just going to be packing up to go home!! Skyping you guys will be interesting.... haha its just like see you guys in a couple of weeks! haha it all goes by way fast just like what you said! There are some slow days and some fast days but overall its fast!

I can't believe you guys think that I talk funny.. [He had a little accent!] I don't feel like I do at all... haha its really hard because I just use Marshallese words when I'm talking to the other Elders in English. its way nice... but I can't do that with you guys and it trips me up.. haha I dont think that I have changed too much, just maybe a tad bit more spiritual and less inappropriate... haha well.. maybe just the spiritual part :)
This week was way fun! Pday then eating at president's houses, then the Christmas celebration with the members on Christmas!! which was soooo legit!! then Skyping you guys!! the week went really fast!! Its crazy how fast all this is going... but I love it and love being here!!

I dont have much else to say this week!! I got to talk on Skype to you guys so all my questions are answered, hopefully I will be getting my sling shot in the mail soon ;) and hopefully Tanner pops the question ;) haha I love you a ton mom!! You have a good week!! I will be seeing your beautiful face soon! loveeeeeee Dallin :)
Elder Ingalls :)

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