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The savior doesn’t require immediate perfection - 11-3-2013

Hey mom
Whats up? This week has been pretty hard for me.. I read a super good mtc address by tad mcallister or something like that this week about being a consecrated missionary. Dang that really hit me and I wanna start being better! I just gotta start with the small things first.
So just some random things about this week first off before I get to your email. This was a long week. Haha it basically rained hard everyday and we couldn't really get out and work that much because when it rains, the work just stops because people just sleep or don’t wanna study because it is raining!! Haha We had a way fun Halloween this week. The kids here are adorable, they draw random stuff on card board and get some string and that is their costume. I wanna just buy all these kids cool stuff and just do everything I can for them. I freaking love these people. But the best thing I can do as a missionary right now is to teach their families and help bring a more permanent form or happiness into their lives. And that’s what I'm doing. Its so cute seeing all the little kids huddled around their parents and I teach them lessons. Its amazing. They don’t really understand, but they can feel a certain spirit of the elders entering and leaving their houses. That’s one thing I felt with the missionaries back home. I regret so much not helping them out more and working with them. But now from being on both sides of the spectrum, I can see why I was busy, and I can see why the elders keep hitting me up to work with them. Haha I do the same thing here with the cool members that I know.
I may be moving areas and training… so that will be whitewashing for the 3rd time in a row… haha what the heck.. its so hard to build relationships like that!  But I'm way excited to train. This kid is gonna be legit. I just know it.  For sure he's gonna be cool and I'm gonna love the kid! idk where I'm gonna train, but next week (MY BIRTHDAY) I will let you know everything!
(BIRTHDAY EO AO EJ JUON WEEK JEN KIO) *for non Marshallese speakers* my birthday is one week from today!! Haha just letting you all know so that my fan mail comes on time ;) haha

This week I was visiting some less actives when a couple of appointments fell through and they had some questions about some stuff in the bible that they didn’t understand and they asked me about it and I was able to read it and explain in Marshallese to them and I had never read it before!! It was so cool to just be able to open up the scriptures, read a random verse and then explain it in a way that these people can understand!! Haha so cool!! A couple months ago I thought I would never be able to do that!! But here I am today!! It'll be way fun reading though all my posts someday!! I still think it would be way cool to get all of these emails home to you printed some day and have that as one of my missionary journals!! Haha I don’t even care if there are mistakes it in! haha I write these emails in a Microsoft word document so it will help me with spelling and grammar as much as I can haha yeah I'm smart ;)
So it was pretty funny, I was translating for the mission president and he was talking about how we can do our part to live with god in heaven and to say heaven, you say “aelon in lon” but I accidently said “aelon in lal” which means next month… so instead of saying being with our father in heaven, I said we will be with our father next month…. Haha that was awkward…  I caught myself when they all gave me the strangest looks of amazement ever!
It’s too bad you weren’t able to email me too much this week but I forgive you :) haha I’m glad I just get to tell you a bunch of random stuff and just vent a bit, and get my thoughts out to you. You are the best. I would be sad if I wasn’t able to write you. But don’t worry, I'm here for awhile. Tanner and Logan and dad all emailed me and filled me in with info for the week so I guess it is like your week off!! You are the best. I hope you guys all have a good week and are reading everyday, praying constantly, and going to church and getting stuff out of it regularly! “Just do the easy stuff” – Elder Ingalls
Tweet for the week “The savior doesn’t require immediate perfection from us, but he does expect immediate progress” :) be better than you were yesterday.
Love you fam. Love you mom. Lets play 10 questions next email. If you don’t send me some I'll just make up some ;) hahaha peace out. See you soon
Elder Ingalls the 4th

Ps love you

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