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I am super happy - 12-1-2013

Hey mom!!
So the internet is being really lame once again so I can't promise you too strong of an email. I might have to just sign off soon and try and finish it tmr or next week :/ This week was good and bad. I taught the most lessons in a week that I have ever reached on my mission! I haven’t received any packages yet but today I am going to check so I think it will be good! Sounds like black Friday was a waste this year! It's was always so fun for me to go just to go! Haha I never had any money but it was still way fun!! I remember going with Steve and some friends a couple times!! Haha soooo funny! But that’s cool you bought a tennis racket!! Too bad its not going to be used for months until that shiny white stuff disappears!! Its weird to think that this is December… it has been raining a ton here for at least this place is trying to have snow!! It was 78 degrees and I was freezing…. I wore a long  sleeved shirt and everything!! Haha but anyways… Merry Christmas!

The bros have all emailed me so thats been pretty awesome!! Macey has been lacking… haha but I forgive her… she's so busy with those boys [Actually, its just one!] haha and Thanksgiving was awesome!!! We all got to go to P
resident's house and eat there and we got the best turkey and potatoes and just everything!! Sooo good I got to eat so much!! Usually I eat in really small portions but not then!!! Haha and no Black Friday shopping… hahaI tried to go but there are no stores… haha
This week was fun with all the people we saw and lessons we had. We sure were busy. Its awesome being able to bear my testimony of this gospel all day to people. Its fun. I never got to do that before my mission and after my mission I won't do it as much! But kinda will. I can just live as a testimony of my faith. And that’s what I'm going to do. It's fun to grab some pamphlets and just walk up to
people and tell them about our church. I got to tell a lady this week that we don’t worship and pray to Joseph Smith! However she took it, I was glad that I could tell her the truth! It's fun to find people who are searching for the meaning of life! Its hard though because I have to do everything and carry on every conversation. That’s probably why they say I'm so good… haha It's been a good and also challenging week for me.. next week will be better! I’m doing super well and I am super happy!

I love you all a lot!! Have a good week 
Love, Elder Ingalls

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