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A skype date with my girl (MOM) soon! - 12-8-2013

Mommy!!! Sooo…. I’m sitting here next to Sister Tofa!

Anyways, this week was pretty bomb. I get like no time to email this week so I have to keep it pretty short. This week was great with me, and Kalio is a champ. Little rough start especially just not being able to really talk to him and have conversations in English, much less Marshallese… its hard. Tanner and Logan had it easy!!

Sounds like you had a good week!! I got that package Dad sent me with Thundershocks plates in it!!! That was legit!!! All the Elders here are so jealous!! Haha Everyone wants the plate! Haha I think when I get home I might get a plate that is in Marshallese - that would be legit as!! We'll see! I can't believe I get to see you in 2 weeks!! [On Skype] That will be really fun. I call on Christmas day here at 12:45pm. So that’s Christmas Eve for you guys and idk what the time is.. maybe 6? I think. Idk have Dad figure it out. It stinks I don’t get to call on Christmas for you guys but it will be okay! Make sure everyone is there!! I am so excited to call you guys and see you guys!! Hopefully I find a tight white shirt to wear so I can look ripped when I see you! Haha

What is your calling in the church? I forgot.. haha I’m gonna go with not a primary teacher. But I can't remember if you are the Relief Society President or not still.. either way your time spent is well done! [Yes, I am still the Relief Society President!] You are awesome! Keep it up. I wish the Relief Societies here were stronger. I wish the church here was stronger. I never realized how amazing our ward is until I left. I can't wait to come back to it!! Haha

I have a girl getting baptized in 2 weeks! She is the granddaughter of the members and is way excited to be baptized! Its fun teaching her. Jenrok is a small place. I think the whole village has about 4,000 and is probably the size of 2 of Cub Foods parking lots…. Haha tiny!! Its sooooo crowded! No matter where you go there are people! Haha you can't hide from them! Haha its nice to be able to just talk to everyone and have a little fan club of kids haha

I’m gonna die in the cold and snow when I get home…. [It is minus 15 degrees here in MN today!]My BYU professor for mission prep always said that going home is scarier that leaving… hahaha I always thought that was a joke… but its soooo true!! Haha too many changes and just so much stuff is gonna happen! Haha I heard the BYU bookstore sells daily planners for RM’s that are the same as the planners we have on the mission! Haha that would be funny to get. I feel like if I didn’t plan out my next day I would be completely lost…. Haha its awesome.

Well, I gotta bounce.. Sorry this email was pretty lame.. I hope you can forgive me haha I will talk you to soon!! Cant wait to have a skype date with my girl! :) haha love you mommy.

Elder Ingalls

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