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Thanks mom for everything you do for me - 11-24-2013

Mommmy!!!! Helllloo!!!

Dang that was a long email I hope I can respond to everything that you said!! [I did tell him last time that I would write a longer one this week to make up for the short one last week!] So to answer all the questions you had for me! They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.. but all the elders on the island are going to President's houses to have a nice lunch!! Haha hopefully we get to have the traditional food of turkey, too bad its like $100 for one… haha well see!! I will let you guys know! I didn’t even know that it was Thanksgiving this week. Haha I thought it was last week!
Elder Kalio is the man!! Still a little shy but so is every elder. I really work hard to joke around with him and make him feel comfortable. It's difficult working with someone who doesn’t understand English or Marshallese,but no excuses. I act like he does know them because that’s the only way he's gonna learn is if I don’t baby him. This week we came home and he was just exhausted and he said “Elder Ingalls you push me way too hard.” And I was about to feel super bad, but then he said “And that’s why I’m going to be the best missionary on this island someday” ….I was pumped. That was an awesome compliment and just makes me want to go hard and teach him everything and just whip him into the best elder ever. He will be the best at the language some day because their languages are so close and all the Marshallese people think he is Marshallese! Haha they never make that mistake with me… maybe I just gotta tan more? :)
As for Tanner and girls… hmmm its just hard for me to believe. Like it just seems too perfect that when I (the family enforcer) leave the house, things click for him… but regardless, I have the desire to believe and I bet he is just loving life right now. I expect a lot out of this random girl… so keep me updated. I still expect more pictures!! Haha I wish I could just look on facebook!! Haha Speaking of facebook Mommity added me…  She's sooo funny. She saw that you were on my facebook and when I went to talk to her she was super mad at me saying I broke mission rules and I had to explain that it was you! Haha she wants to add you on the facebook so she can get gossip about me… haha if you want to go ahead. She's really nice.
I’m working on Conner's present! I will let you know!! I really wanna get him something from here but I don’t have the money to send anything!! So I am debating what to do and I will let you know by next week!! And I have only gotten that one package so far 2 weeks ago but no worries I am going to check again today! Don’t worry have some patience they will come!! I am not worried! So you don’t worry either! I am the most patient boy ever! [That is something new! He was always in a hurry and wanted things right away! A mission does wonders for a boy!]
This week we found 3 new investigators! haha all of them are girls ;) haha but no worries they are all older ladies… haha finding is really difficult especially when its just me that has to do all the talking and thinking of what to say to these people! But its going well! We are getting busier and teaching a lot of people. I wish we didn’t have to whitewash so that Kalio could do more and teach more but these weeks its all on me. Haha But its all good :)
Give my congrats to Macey for her dance!! That is awesome to here! I would have loved to go see her! It was always fun checking out the girlz… hahaha But that’s legit!! And she's only a sophomore too!! She is going to be so good by senior year. Just don’t let her get that dance brat attitude that ever dancer gets… haha They think they are the best. And in truth, I’m the best. So its hard for me to get along with them haha Keep telling her that she's awesome for me!!!
My most spiritual experience for the week was bearing my testimony to a lady about Joseph Smith. She always thought that we just worship him, but I taught her everything and told her how he died for what he believed in and she had teared up a bit and the Spirit was just really there and I couldn’t believe how fluently I was speaking and just what was coming to my head. I felt like I was just a mouthpiece and it was just a great feeling!! They look past how I am saying and they really take in what I am saying. It's awesome. I loved it. I want those experiences in every lesson!
I’m thankful for my family, the gospel and my friends. My family pushes me hard to be my best and to do what I wanna do and go all the way. That’s exactly what I am doing! I love you guys so much. I work everyday really hard so you guys can receive the blessings too. I’m a firm believer that the hard work pays off.
I am doing awesome out here. I love it more and more each day. I love Jenrok, I love my companion, I love working here. I have like 14 months left… That is  if I ever come home!! Its going to be hard. I love these people so much. I’m thankful for a family that loves me and that helps me so much in life. I just love life. Thanks mom for everything you do for me :) Love U :)

Elder Ingalls

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