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Happy to be a missionary! - 12-22-2013

Hey girl. What's up? How you doing? I'm doing good! The college is closed so I am only getting to email you guys a little bit! I'm super excited to talk to you guys in a couple days! Boy do I miss you guys! It's been months since we talked! Weird to think this time next year I will be Skyping you guys and just be coming home a couple weeks after that! Haha this all goes so fast. The first 6 months were long but these last 6 months fly... I hope I can hit an outer island soon and have that amazing experience! The next couple of months will be really fun! I really want that Other Side of Heaven experience! It would be pretty hard! I knew one Elder that served 4 months out there weighing like 260 pounds and came back 190... Now that was crazy to see!!! Haha hopefully I don't go there at 160 and come back at 90 hahaha I would be on the next plane home! I think I can honestly say that this is the best mission in the world! I have the best Mission President in the history of Mission Presidents as well as the coolest Elders ever. [Funny, my other two boys said the same thing about their Mission Presidents and Elders!] I honestly believe we were all called here for a reason. I definitely think that these guys were all hand picked to serve here. Like its weird to describe but like we all have a certain personality to work here that just works with other Elders and the people here. Takes a certain type of person to serve in the Marshall's that's for sure. 
So this last week probably my best friend and most respected Elder left the mission to go home! Elder Fesolai was the man! I'm really gonna miss that guy. If he adds me on FB give the okay! Also Rafy Abaya. I think he said he was going to add me! He's one of my buds that works for the church! Right now I work with Elder Faleono. He is a half Mexican half Samoan Elder and he's from San Diego California. He is soooo funny! I love working with this cat. I hope to be able to spend a transfer or two with him. He is 8 months out and is the man. One of my favorite companions to work with so far! We literally laugh and joke around all day! Haha it's fun to work with an American that laughs at the same jokes and can speak fluent English. Haha you Guys will ever understand how awesome it is to be able to be surrounded by people that speak your language. The finer things in life really mean a lot. Talks a mission to understand that!
So this week Elder Faleono was pretty sick so we chilled out a bit but also got to get out and meet a ton of members and do some work! We wanna get a bunch if new investigators so that's what our focus is going to be this next week! It's gonna be pretty hard cuz it being Christmas week and such! I'm really pumped to be working with Faleono. I'm really having fun and learning a lot and really happy to be a missionary!
I'm writing all this before I get to check my email so sorry I don't know if I'm going to be able to answers any questions you have for me! But last week I got a package from grandma with a shirt in it that I'm way pumped about!!! Tell her thank you so much!!! And I also got a package from Katie Traffie!!! So happy about it that! And letters from Mckayla Berres and Sara Miller! I wrote them all letters and got them sent in the mail a couple of days ago so I hope they like them and get them soon! I was amped to get all that mail!  Writing letters is so tiring and boring but I love to respond and it actually is fun! I'm gonna write a few more and get them all sent out! 
I have been taking some awesome pictures lately so I hope you like what I send home! I'm going to send my memory card home soon! Probably in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I don't really have much more to tell you guys.. I'm gonna log on and write the responses to your letter in the ps part of my letter. Love you baby cakes
Elder Ingalls :)

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