Monday, April 8, 2013

I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


i miss you so much. where do i even begin.... i got two letters from you guys and i got your package today!!! thank you so much it was amazing!!! its hard not being able to email all the time. i got like 34 emails.... so im just gonna write this one and hope i can answer everything. i planned out my email to you in my planner... haha so i know what points i want to cover!! i dont know how much i can write in this short time, but kon menin, my grammar and stuff will be horrible... and you can post it without editing it, but it just looks like YOUR son is an idiot... and it makes YOU look bad ;) so please edit ;) <3 <3 <3 haha i love you.

boy its weird typing on a computer. i have used computers basically everyday for YEARS!!! its weird!!! so... things about me...i LOVE raw fish. the Lord loosened my tongue on this one... and definitely killed some taste buds in the process! i can't believe I was such a picky eater all those years!  i have given 3 blessings out here in Marshallese... that was an amazing experience. the Lord just spoke right through me. it was as clear as English to me... unreal. our Bishop, answering dads questions has been a member since 87, was inactive for a bit, but is a strong member now!! his sons really help me with the language!! the food... raw fish = <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 so good. its like raw steak!! even though i forgot what a steak is... haha kool-aid on everything... i mean everything... haha try it on rice... its gross, but you start to like it after awhile haha, the members are amazing!! people feed us rice and chicken here... and thats it. haha but its good!! the elders are amazing here!!! some of my best friends!! Elder Watkins my companion, hes cool... i did an exchange with Elder Langrine, a Marshallese missionary, and i dont think i spoke English once that day. it was unreal. haha pretty amazing!! i can teach about all the lessons and such now, its just listening and understanding that is the hardest part but it will come with time!!

EMAILS ARENT EVERY FAST SUNDAY. ITS THE FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH WHICH CAN BE MORE EVERY ONCE AND AWHILE!! i didn't email last week because we didnt go into town!! i might be able to email like every 2 weeks!! who knows!! our area is massssssive. my bike broke so we had to walk it... boy did that stink but it was awesome. we are part of the Laura Ward, and there are 6 elders in it. well 4 elders and 2 sisters!! the sisters are awesome and they think im hilarious because i screw up my Marshallese all the time... maybe they think im doing it on purpose?? haha who knows.

Tanner: when are you getting married? who are you getting married to? where is your 300c? and are you killin it at BYU?? quit being weird too.. Geoff and Bunji told me stories!!

Conner: congrats on fall/winter semester!! be a good boy starting now. enjoy life while you are still a child ;) and read the B O M and preach my gospel before you serve!! it will help you out. take care of my baby for me btw too. love you

Macey..... uhhh boyfriend?? classic... just classic... way to get one when i leave the earth... ill be back... he better be a bro or im gonna kill him... seriously. he better treat you well or im on the next flight home.. but shhh dont tell president shaw ;)

logan: waanmanlok wot!!! your almost done!!! dang bro. its unreal that you are finishing up!! keep it real. work hard. come home with honor. cuz its gonna be alot harder when you get home!!

PLEASE SEND ME SIMPLE RECIPES!!! A FEW FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH AND DINNER!!! rice krispies too!! one p-day i taught everyone how to play bochee ball... but with coconuts.... its a huge game now and everyone wants to play with us after lessons!!! its awesome. its so relaxed out here but we get hard work done!! might have a baptismal interview this saturday!! im taking the lead in lessons and such. working my hardest to learn the language and help these people, but they are helping me. i love every second of it.

also living here has made me waterproof... and i consider us missionaries rescue teams :) we have really been doing work with less actives out here!! man this is just so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TO MY FRIENDS: I'm alive... barely ;) nah im just kidding. thanks for all your guys love and support. s/o to my friends that have sent me letter and packages and have been thinking about me. i think about you guys everyday. shoot your addresses to my mom so i can write you! i promise i will!! i still know English.... kinda :) marshallese is better though haha i miss you guys.  EVERYONE WRITE ME LETTERS FOR MY BIRTHDAY IN MAY. well.. its my half birthday... but im still expecting quite a bit from you guys!! s/o to Geoff and Bunji for their mission calls!!! ***Geoff*** GOD SURE DID BLESS THE USA! im gonna leave it at that. you kill it there man. haha i cant believe its been three months already... couple more emails home and i will be coming home!! keep it real. do good things. read. pray. attend church.

i make stove top popcorn all the time, i make kool-aid and freeze it then have slushies. very high tech ;) we have a bowflex in our apartment and im getting JACKED!!! i juggle rocks and the people here crowd around me!!! s/o LOGAN FALCK for being with me when i learned!! i miss you HULK :) an 18 yr old girl legit asked me to be married.... and she tells everyone that we are.... my heart is locked while im here ;) i also got to name a dog!! I named him chocolate! the people here cant pronounce it so they say coco. Major s/o to COCO MEADE!!! a dog in majol is named after you! i also wrestle kids all the time. one guy said if i wreastled him and won, he would start studying with us. i owned him :) i also held an ipod.... that was weird... haha touch screeens.... i barely even remember owning one...

i wish i could just send you my journal and call it good. im about 90 pages into it!! so congrats to me!! everything is going well for me. im doing my best to fulfill my purpose. i hope you enjoyed my email!! im gonna go through and try and answer more questions and figure out how to send pics!! i love you guys!!! LOVEYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU MOMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU IN A BIT. I'M STILL GONNA BE RIGHT BACK.

love, Elder Ingalls 3/4 ....3/5 (including dad)

ps. if you sent cannery hot choclate... i would cry... or instant potatos!!!!!!!!!!!!
pss i love you.

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