Monday, April 1, 2013

The humidity sealed all of my evelopes shut!

Richard!!!                                                                                 March 15, 2013

*Send old church magazines! (If you can)  The people out here LOVE church magazines, but don’t/can’t get them. L*  I gave you guys a ton of good ideas for my NEXT package. J  Love you!
Refer to Mom’s letter—that’s all.

Haha, just kidding!  Yours and Mom’s letters are basically a part 1 and part 2 kind of letter.  So I wrote Mom’s first and yours I’m writing second!  So read both!  I told Mom a lot of stuff in hers!  But I’ve got some cool stories left for you!  So the “beached boat” that Mom or I mentioned before isn’t in my area, but it’s in Ajeltake which is just the next area to the east!  So for zone/district meetings, we pass by it!  And on low tide, there is NO water around the boat and high tide there are probably 3 to 5 feet!  It’s all a big mystery as to how it got there!  I hope to send pictures of it home if I can get some sometime!  Maybe on a low tide day I can run out there and take a picture next to it!  It’s awesome!  And once you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about!
Life’s pretty funny, all the little kids here are absolutely obsessed with my retainer!  They all want to put it in their mouths!  Learned that the hard way!  Sooooo….  Do you remember that 6’ x 6’ tent we got for that bike trip?! (to Duluth)  And how small it was?  Yeah…We taught a lesson in a house that was about that size.  Probably smaller to be honest.  It was raining, so we had to go inside of it…  There were four people crammed into it!  Ahhh, that was cozy.  Most houses in my area are about the size of my bedroom at home.  Nobody has furniture; they all sit on the ground.  Or, they have a Marshallese chair (coconut) haha and they eat with their fingers…  Everything with their fingers.  They have what I’d say are the closest thing to faming hot Cheetos as it gets, that they sprinkle with fruit punch Kool-Aid packets and shake up and eat…  Yes it’s different, but I’m semi-in-love with it!!  It tricks the mouth into thinking it’s sweet but there’s no sugar, and its spicy.  It’s good!  Hehe, maybe my taste buds are dead…. Nope… I still hate lettuce and peas!  They don’t really have that out here though, so thank goodness!
I started reading the Book of Mormon on 3-3-13 and I’m already 280 pages into it!  Hopefully, by the time you get this, I will be finishing it up!  Or done!  Who knows!  I’m excited to finish it!  I read it once through in college because I had to.  Now I’m reading it because I want to and it’s amazing!  I actually care about learning about what’s going on and relating it to my investigators!    It’s awesome!  I want to try and read it every transfer on my mission.  I know that’s all but it would only help me!  I might take a break and read the New Testament, too, though.  It’s hard, because we aren’t here to teach about the Bible.  Yes, it’s good, but it’s not enough.  The Book of Mormon and the Bible complement each other.  It’s like bowling five frames…  You just don’t do that!!!  Especially if you are really good at bowling!
So…funny story.  The humidity out here sealed all of my envelopes shut…  So, if you get some that look opened and taped back shut, that’s why!  I thought someone came and licked all of my envelopes shut!
So today we asked this lady if we could help her with anything (all Marshallese people say no) and this old lady said yes and we were really pumped and we said, “What can we do?” and she said she wants two new rooms built on to her house!  So in the next couple of days we’re gonna build two new rooms on to her house!  Basically, her house is the size of our two-car garage, and we are going to extend it to be three cars!  So the small side!  I’m excited!!!  We have no idea what we’re doing either!  But she’s getting some lumber, tin, and nails for us to get to work!  Ahhh, I’m so excited!  She said she has some crafts for us when we finish!  Sounds like a good trade off to me!
I don’t think I have mentioned to you and Mom about my freezing cold showers yet, huh!  Yep, no warm showers for two years…  There is just one temperature.  Freezing.  It’s refreshing after you get used to it!
Today, some lessons fell through so we jumbo-ed (walk around, explore, wander) and we took some really awesome pictures!  I’m excited for you to see them!  As much as I love Sweden and Czech, the pictures there, they just aren’t as good as these ones from Paradise!  I should be sending home my card too!  Soon.  I just need to transfer them over to my flash drive!  Which I could probably do soon!
Everything is going well here!  Hopefully you and Mom can hook me up with those things I mentioned!  Or just a few, ambebe (your choice).  But they would all help me a lot!  I hope you enjoyed my stories and such!  I’m being a good boy out here—I wear my retainer every day!  The Church is true!  I hope you are loving life as much as I am right now!  There is just so much to be happy about!  Say hi to everyone for me!  Share my stories!  Tell me stories!  Send pictures of Thundershock!  What’s that white stuff that falls from the sky?  Oh, yeah, snow---yuck.  Is there any left?  Is it sad that I think 75 degrees is freezing???  Yes, I’m lame.  It’s only going to get worse.  Try not to tell Art…  Hah, I love you Dad!  You keep it real in MN.  If I can help with anything, let me know!
Love, Elder Ingalls (3.0J)

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