Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter to my Friends!

Hey guys. I’m alive! So far. I hope you guys refer to my blog every now and then and see what I’m up to! If not, you will be hearing about it all the time when I come home. Everyone better brush up on their Marshallese and I’ll brush up on my English ;) shout out to all my friends. You guys are amazing. Special s/o to Luke Laberda for the dope letter I got!! You’ll get your response soon babe! and Geoff Francis for ALL the support and the letters!! Give me your Arizona mission address or mission email! I have no way to respond!!!!! I hope you guys are all doing your thing and living a good honorable life. I’ll be back too to whip everyone into shape :) feel free to write me or get me your addresses for I can write you guys. I’m down to write anyone :) I love you guys.

Love, Elder Eagle :)

[That's how the Marshallese people pronounce his last name! He actually got his Eagle in scouting so the name fits!]

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