Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maybe someday there will be a temple here - 5-28-2014

Great email Dad thanks for that. Mom only emailed me like a paragraph because she deleted her email to me so I'm just going write to you and her in this email! It's so hard to try and come up with stuff to say especially when I have nothing to respond too, but your email was excellent and I really enjoyed the answers I got. I guess studying so much just makes me over think things and not accept just the simplest answers... I think repentance I just dug too deep and starting thinking that it was impossible for someone to make everything right, but then I go on to forget why Jesus atoned for our sins. It's for the times when we fall short because we all do. I guess we can't make everything right, but we can try our best and Heavenly Father knows our hearts. Sometimes I think I study things out and just try to reason things and I just don't look for the simplest forms of the doctrines. Repentance is not hard, and its easy to understand but I just needed an outside look at it so thank you for that! and the resurrection was great too!! I am going to focus my studies on that this week because I just need to learn more about it. It's so cool spending a week of studies on one gospel principle. I learn a ton and its just legit how my life is just better because of the knowledge I have got!! I hope it transfers over to my schooling when I get home!

So yeah Duluth would be way fun this time next year!! It's crazy to think that we could all be home!! I hope I can get home and everyone is doing well and everyone is home!! If not, they will eventually be home!! (Elder Seve says hi). I'm going to work hard on Conner. He's the man, but he just needs to realize for himself what he wants to do... maybe I will have to do a little inception for him... have you seen that movie? It was great!!

And as for work, they always say do what you love!! Ya know, in a couple years when Macey is in school and everyone is out, you can quit and do whatever you want, maybe work for the church! Maybe be a guy who drives the cars for the dealerships! maybe... idk something fun!! but you need to get a cabin on a lake and a shed and a boat soo.... you gotta think big picture still!! haha just kidding as long as mom is happy then that's all that matters! I know she would be happy with a shed she just doesn't know it yet!! [No I would not!] its all good though one of these days! Thank you dad for all that you do. I know you aren't having that good of a time at work, but I thank you for every minute you work for us to help and support us. I hope to be able to do that for my family someday!! You are awesome and just such an example. I fall short pretty hard and I have a lot to learn, but its nice having somebody to follow while I'm doing it!

What is your calling again? [Stake YM Counselor] sorry for my small brain capacity right now... and going up to encampment would be great!! where is this place I have such a rep for? haha Manypoint? and my investigators are awesome!! They are a harder batch though that's for sure! Some need to get married, others need to quit smoking. It's a difficult process and I never thought I would be a marriage counselor or a AA advisor on my mission but boy am I! I feel like I could really help some people back home with this stuff!! I think I am pretty good at it as a missionary because Heavenly Father helps me, but we have 3-4 who should be getting baptized on the 14th of June! They are a little bit foggier dates, but I have hope and a lot of faith that we can accomplish!!! The transfers just happened and I will just being staying as District Leader with Elder Hix for another transfer!! I am actually way excited about that!! Hix is the man and I feel like we have just become best friends in the last 2 months of working together! I can basically say that for all of my companions! They are awesome and I have made some amazing friendships out here on my mission!! Deeper ones than any I had in high school and close to the same ones I had while going to BYU! It's cool serving in an islands mission because I just know people from all over the world and have a big web of friends and people I know! Serving a mission has helped me in so many ways and I can't wait to see how it will help and bless me in the next 8 months!
Tanner.... needs to get his priorities strait.... but I can't say I didn't see this coming! I think once the Blackhawks win the Stanley cup things will chill out and he can hopefully meet a girl on the internet or something! haha I am excited for Macey getting her license and I guess I can handle her driving my car for awhile! I gotta keep him warm I guess!! haha he told me he doesn't want to go back to high school and I was like I know Thundershock I know.... but he says college would be sick.. idk just food for thought Richard! hahaha

Thank you for your service in the temple! I can't wait to come home and go there with you all!! 2 years is a long time to be away! Maybe someday there will be a temple here and can help these people! I think it would change the face of the church here. People here have to go to Hawaii and the blessings of the temple seem so far away for them and they just can't quite grasp it, but I think if it were somewhere more reachable for them, they could make better goals and really make a difference. Heavenly Father loves these people as much as he loves us, so I know that he will provide a way for them to make it easier someday!

Okay I gotta go, nothing too new happened this week except for me getting smarter and larger! haha You are the man Dad!! Please give my apology to mom for such a short email! I love you both and make sure that she can read this! have a good week!

Elder Ingalls the Great!
ps Chipotle will be the first meal home right????? (and the second)

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