Tuesday, May 20, 2014

6 miles in the morning and 375 push-ups at night........5-18-2014

Hey mom this week was awesome!!
Idk I had like a way hard week but for some reason I look back at it and just feel good about the work I did. Skype really got me just kinda home sick just thinking about everything and worrying. But I just work through it and just had a good time. Another Elder is coming to Ebeye to work with Elder Utai so it will be me and Hix again. I'm pretty excited for that cuz then we can just crunch down. We work really well together so it's been good. We have 3 more boys getting baptized in about 2-3 weeks. We are working on scheduling and dates and everything, but yeah we're pounding the work here and it's just been amazing!

I really miss you and it was so good Skyping you last week! You guys all seem good! Sorry I talked about muscles being huge cuz they are (haha) This week for district meeting I talked about finding and preparing our one minute messages and how we can share them with people when they ask us questions. The biggest hold up for us not sharing the gospel is us not knowing what to say or how to answer questions. Well if you have one minute messages for questions about the restoration, the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith you can find anyone. Just go up to them and ask them, then share the message and invite them to learn more! It's legit - we're working on it this week! I feel like I'm helping this district out the best I can! Everyone wants to work here in Ebeye! 

So yesterday I saw a bunch of kids playing with a kitten probably only about 2 weeks old and they gave me the kitten. I had not idea what to do with it. We brought it to our house and gave it some rice and milk. I knew we couldn't keep it so we went up to the first random 8 year old we saw and gave it to him and said "Nejum" which means yours.. And he took it without question and we walked away. Crazy times hahaha took a video of it in my "purse", it's funny! [He calls his bag his purse just to be funny. Weird guy!]

So, I got my shoes yesterday and I ran this morning with them!! They were way nice!!!! I loved it! And Utai said "thank you" for the candy! Haha and thank you for everything! You are awesome! Hope my wife is as cute and adorable and as awesome as you!  Okay anyway, so I said I liked Elder Hix and he's a cool guy, but this week I found out something that has completely changed my thoughts toward him... He's seen the movie "On the Line"........  You could say our friendship level increased.. So were pretty much absolute best friends.. Haha takes a certain type of person to see that. I was tryna figure out what this kids about and once I figured this out I was shocked and so pumped! So yeah.... That's all. Probably not that cool for you but that's a good movie! [I don't know what he's talking about, I love that movie! I bought it, I loved it so much! Who doesn't love N'SYNC?]

This week we have been running about 6 miles in the morning and doing 375 push-ups at night so yeah were keeping being in shape. I not gonna say anymore! Sorry, I'm huge!! 

So yeah how's everything going there? [Great!] How is the family? [We are all over the US currently, but healthy and doing well!] How's Macey? [Beautiful as ever! She is such a sweet girl most of the time - we all have our bad days! She is still crazy about Matt and spends every minute with him that she can!] How's it with Tanner being home? [Great, but more work! haha] Are you starting to prepare for my return? [How can anyone be prepared for a whirlwind ball of energy to come flying into your home?] How's Dad? [Busy and tired most of the time!] Do u miss me at all? [Is the Book of Mormon true?] Do you miss my absolute being right all the time self??? Sometimes I miss it myself... [Not so much] Are you gonna be weirded out with the speck of patience that is with me now as before there was none? [The words Dallin and patience usually don't belong in the same sentence! haha] How is your Book of Mormon reading? [Every night without fail! We need the blessings that come from obedience to this principle!] Prayers? [Same] Family prayer? [Same!] Sharing the gospel? [I have been going out with the missionaries to teach a sister who is planning on being baptized in 2 weeks!] Learning Marshallese? [No] That should satisfy you! Love you suga see ya next week!!

Elder Ingalls <3
Ps have we got new four wheelers?!? A shed? Or a cabin on a lake yet? Keep working on Dad I know he's one holding you back haha just kidding! Love you babe! [He's such a jokester]

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