Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Heavenly Father will never let a hard working missionary go hungry 4-6-2014

Ej jet am mour rainin?? Jerbal in elukkuun Emmon ippa im naij pulli jerbal nan ban!! 

It's so weird to think you don't understand that. I feel like that's just English and that's it's just so easy that everyone can just figure it out! Haha guess not.. Anyway, how's life this morning? Everything is going well with me and I just live it out here in Ebeye. It's a sweet place and the work out here is fast and super good. We have been here for two weeks and we have 7 baptismal dates and 5 of them are for the 26th! It could be a busy Saturday that's for sure! They all just seem so ready and prepared it's awesome! The members help out so much and just love taking care of the missionaries. I know that you guys are taking care of the missionaries back home in Blaine ward so Heavenly Father is returning the faver for me here in the Marshall Islands! Well, I might not be getting Chipotle and pizza but someone once said Heavenly Father will never let a hard working missionary go hungry. And boy that's true. The harder we work the more people feed us! Haha

But don't worry I'n not getting fat... Elder Hix and I, we are working out super hard. Running the island, doing push ups in the morning, eating healthy (including vegetables and fruit... I know who am I?) and just trying to get ripped out here! It's fun cuz Hix is super down to get ripped. He played college basketball and just schools everyone out here and I am decent at volleyball. So everyone knows us at the companionship that is amazing at basketball and volleyball. Haha it's pretty funny and cool to tell everyone. In the mornings on pdays we play and they are all just in shock.. Good times!

So yeah my investigators are all guys and 4 of them are like between 18-21 and they are all wanting to serve missions. It's so cool. The first lesson I had with a boy named Christopher, he told us that he's so excited to get baptized and afterwards he wants to come out and work with us and help us out. That was after the first lesson with him. So cool!! The next lesson with him his friend Lippin sat in on the lesson then said he wanted to study too and turned out he was even more excited and they said they wanna get baptized together! Then the branch president of the Marshallese branch in Oklahoma came to visit and gave us three referrals which were his nephews and they had been coming to church for awhile now and they said they wanted to get baptized next weekend! Haha we had to push it back so we could teach them and make sure they were ready but yeah those three were pumped up too! I swear The Lord is just putting these people in our paths. There are a few more guys we're studying with and they are all awesome. The members are the key. Make sure you help them out so they can write home telling their families how awesome the members of Blaine ward are!

So yeah I figured out were not allowed to go in Kwajalein because we don't have clearance but there is a phone at the checkpoint right in the dock and there is a magic number where if you call it, they will bring you Burger King, subway or Pizza Hut.... So yeah. Haha we have gone to Kwajalein for lunch quite a bit! I had a chocolate sundae and a burger and I think I was about to cry because it was only 2 dollars... A milkshake here on Ebeye would be 8 bucks... I remember thinking Blizzards from DQ back home were expensive being like 5-6 bucks.. Hahahaha that's like the best deal in the world. Sooo cheap!!!! I hope I don't get fat haha just kidding our money eventually runs out then we're on the fish and rice diet again... Gives us something to look forward to each month when we get money haha

For pday out here we have a ton of stuff to do, go fishing, boat to some outer islands, sports, bike out to guggigu, Kwajalein, BBQ. So much. It's fun cause we've got a great group of elders here on the island. I really enjoy it out here. Just so many people, so much fun. Everything about Ebeye is sick! I'm gonna try and send some memory cards home... I have some since October... I take a lot of pictures I just am too lazy to send them home. But I don't have them all backed up on that hard drive dad sent me! So all is safe and secure. I gotta bounce so I will just leave it off here with my testimony:

This church is a beautiful pathway to perfection. All other churches are good because they try their best to worship God is the best way they know, but our church has the fullness of the doctrine of Christ, and the restored priesthood power and authority to act in God's name. It is so obvious to me that this is Christ's church. I love being a member and being eternally perfected by my earthly struggles. I know that the simple gospel of Christ brings to pass immortality and that we can be with each other forever. And that makes me so happy to be here in the Marshall Islands testifying of that truth. People might not accept my message, but I can at least show them that I know it's true. 0 baptisms or 1000, doesn't matter as long as I continue to open my mouth and do my duty to God. It's so hard being a missionary and following the rules but I respect God and my leaders and because of that I am able to show my obedience. I know that there is a prophet today just like times of old. I know that God answers us if and when we but ask. I know that this church is true and I'm blessed for my service. I love you mommy
I'll be right back. 

Elder Ingalls 
Ps this is my mailing address. Check the zip code tho idk.. Okay love you bye!!
Pss... I need new work out shoes mine have holes in them. Just maybe some Nike tennis shoes like I had before. I need them to run!!! Thanks

PO Box 5939
Ebeye, MH 96970
Marshall Islands 

Psss answering your email... I'm so glad general conference was good with you guys and that Matt could come! Keep being awesome. I think it would be good if I talked to him so he could have a kid his age talking to him about it. And the facial hair... Haha I forgot my shaving stuff in Majuro and they don't seek it out here so I waiting for it! No worries tho! President saw and was impressed! Just kidding! He understood. If I could I would!!


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