Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I just wanna work until they say go home! 5-5-2014

Yo mom,
Great email -  I was way excited to get that from you! You are the best! I can't wait to skype you guys in a couple days! I'm nervous! Idk why! My 4 new converts are going to bless and pass the sacrament together! So cool! Just put together this branches young men's program! Man that was a great experience and there is no font here so they were baptized in the lagoon! I will try and send out some pictures today if I can! And yes they were baptized at the same time! Big baptism! I baptized three and Elder Hix baptized one. 

I'm glad to hear that you were able to hear a little bit from Sister Paradise! [She called us to tell us that she met Dallin out on the islands! She had lots of good things to say about him and the islands! What a sweet surprise!] They were a sweet couple and she reminded me so much of Grandma Leta! Just the cutest lady ever! Haha she sure had lots of stories! And she was right on with me being happy and just going hard out here. I've really caught the vision and I'm just doing everything I can to finish strong. It's a long ways away but I just wanna work until they say go home. That was a good update with the family and the friends. I enjoyed getting a tidbit from everyone's lives. Every one sounds pretty good! These last few weeks I've been anxious about what it's gonna be like going home. I feel like I'm just gonna be super weird and not used to American things, especially the culture differences. Haha some good some bad! Sleeping on the carpet I will do. Eating with my fingers.... Yeah haven't used forks for months... Absolutely no walking and eating. Incredible respect for people older than you, as well and not being that loud. Haha I know shocker. [This mission IS tailor made to teach him a few lessons!] That will probably go out the door the fastest! [I hope not!]Haha anyways there is a chance that I come home the week of Christmas with the way that transfers are lining up... That would be weird. Probably have the whole family together... That's just talk so don't think too much of it..

As for the package, I like what I said as to not sending everything but what you would like to send! Shorst to wear are nice and I don't have much! I'm not a fan of the baggy old basketball shorts so I thought I would ask! No worries tho! And zip ties are a treat don't you worry babe - biggest thing is the shoes so I can keep running. Elder Hix and I are going hard out with the runs and the lifts. I have been taking weekly pictures to track my progress. We're getting stacked! And I'm glad you are all going to Hawaii....maybe a litte jeally, but I am in the coolest place in the world. It would just be fun to be with you guys! I feel ya tho, you need to leave and explore. That's what the mission has been opening up for me is how much I just wanna travel and meet people and have experiences. Good for you all! When go you all there? [English is a little rusty!] Make sure to let me know!

This week has been difficult to adjust to having two really new guys that I need to help out a ton. They are awesome but it gets stressful. I pray hard for them and they do awesome. I just need to keep working hard and focus on their needs! No worries this week! We're going fishing for pday! Haha I love to fish it's so fun catching random fish that are rainbow style and just look so cool and weird! Haha well I better bounce. I love you a lot momma! Elder Hix says Hi Heather! Take care babe!

Elder Ingalls 
Ps I heart U

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