Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Elder Ingalls the Great 4-14-14

What's up suga? [What's with the new nickname? He sure makes me laugh, even from the other side of the world!] Ebeye is legit!! So we went fishing this morning and a dog jumped into the lagoon by the docks and I had to get in and rescue it... So yeah I was a hero! The water was super deep... Stupid dogs. The docks are huge though. Huge freighters come in and use them. I'll take some pics! That dog was gonna drown... but I saved it so yeah pretty intense morning!

Daxton is married... What? That's crazy! He emailed me a year ago right before he got home! I love that kid! The pictures I have seen really make him look like Brandt! Well at least what I remember of him! When does Tori get home? Idk when she left... Probably before I do.. Haha but I got 9 months left baby!! The more I hear about people and stuff back home the less excited I am to go home. It's just sucks like I'm so disappointed in some of my friends for what they are doing. I love them to death and I am no better, but some of the paths they are taking don't have light at the end... Idk I'm excited to come home but I'm scared that I'm just gonna judge everyone and just not fit in...

Macey looked wonderful in her prom pictures!!! So beautiful! And modest too! I don't wanna say anything because she knows what's right and not. I am living in a place where modesty is the bigger thing ever and it's such a cultural thing here. So seeing girls legs is like ohhhhhhhh super No No here!! No such thing as short shorts here. Girls don't need that to be hot and girls that know that are the best. A true beautiful girl can be attractive as anything. So tell Macey she looked amazing because it's true!

So yeah, this week has been solid as well. Lots of work and lots of fun. Everything is going well. This place is tied with Jenrok in terms if my favorite areas! So we'll see! The Subway and Burger King are pretty legit!!

We have 4 baptisms coming up Saturday the 26th!! They are all mission age boys and they are pumped and they are progressing so much. It's legit. I'm sure I've told you about this already, but it is so exiting!

Elder Hix is the man. I love working with him and he's awesome at the language. He's gonna be training soon I feel like - I wish I learned the language that fast! Him and I are trying super hard to get better and start memorizing scriptures and all that stuff. We're going hard. It's just a fun time working here with all the guys that are in Ebeye. I hope to be here for 4-5 months haha

So yeah it's been a good week. We get to watch General Conference this week and I'm working hard to read the Book of Mormon and learn as much as I can. I'm going slow and steady but it's awesome. Alma is a boss!!! It's awesome to read those stories and apply them to my life haha I hope to get super good with all the scriptures before I come home. Alright I gotta bounce now but I just wanna say I love you first! Have a good week! Love you cutie pie

Elder Ingalls the Great

Ps 9.5 shoe size is best. [He needs new tennis shoes because he wore holes in his!]
Pss Conner moved to Texas... Whaaaaa? Crazy kid hope it's successful!! Love you babe! [Well, now he's in Idaho but hard to keep it straight with Dallin!]

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