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No signs of slowing down just speeding up! 4-21-2014

Yokwe  How's life? How's the family? How's church? How's Macey? How's everything?

I'm dong great here in Ebeye. This Saturday we have 4 baptisms and I am just so excited for them! The guys are awesome and it would be the coolest thing in the world if they decide to go on missions. They gotta wait a year after getting baptized but they are so strong and wanna work now. It's legit!! It's so crazy how they just appeared to us and were just put in our path by Heavenly Father! It's just cool how things turn out sometimes. Ebeye feels different than Majuro. For some reason there is just a different spirit about this place and I'm just happy to be here and work here. All the elders notice it. I feel like I could definitely be on this little one mile Long Island for the rest of my mission! It's just a nice deal :) and I'm not gonna lie having Subway is like the coolest thing ever still. So yeah this week we got to watch the Saturday sessions of General Conference and this Wednesday we are going to watch the Sunday sessions. They have been amazing so far. I have such a r love for General Conference now that I am a missionary and I absolutely love to watch it. It helps to not have distractions and to use everything they say in my lessons and trainings and such. They just speak right to me and it's so cool! They are inspired men. I know that for sure. Can't wait for this Wednesday to finish it up!!

So yeah the language is going well. I am not really worried when people talk to me or when I have to translate. I used to get so nervous but now I can make do. Haha so I guess you could say I'm pretty comfortable understanding and speaking. I'm always trying to get better though and I am really trying to help Elder Hix get out of the shyness barrier and just talk to people. He's good at the language but just shy! No worries though I was like that too and I would just smile and the proceed to laugh when people would talk to me haha

So I'm in Alma in the Book of Mormon and just reading about the movements of the people, Ammon and his great missionary work, Alma and Amulek, and about the wars! It's pretty legit. They could make some cool movies out of it that's for sure!! I'm reading it with the BYU religion manual and dang I learn so much from it and I just feel like I'm getting so much more out of it! The commentary is legit and helps me realize things I didn't catch and probably would have completely missed had I otherwise not read it. I read maybe two or three chapters a day. Probably because I end up rereading them if I don't understand that well. I'm not going understand everything but I want come out of it with a solid basic understanding. I just love reading it. I can't wait to do it for the New Testament too. Gonna come home being a wiz at it! Well hopefully! Maybe I will read about humility in some of the next chapters I read [Good idea, Dallin - MOM heehee!]

So here are some questions I came up with that I thought you might ask... So enjoy!

1. How is Ebeye? I LOVE Subway!!!! I mean Ebeye! Haha it is just a cool place with some amazing members and a lot of potential for growth in the church. Way better than Majuro for the time being. 
2. What food do they eat there? Well there aren't trees here and people fish but not like Majuro so a lot more rice and chicken. (And subway). But yeah we don't eat with people too much but if we do it is most likely rice and chicken. And Marshallese BBQ is soooo nice!!
3. Do you miss girlz? Yessssssssssss
4. Do you miss Chipotle? Mom.... Is the Book of Mormon true?
5. How's your companion? Elder Hix is the man. He's been in the islands for 11 weeks now and he's a champ at the language and he's kinda like me so we get along like best friends. Makes time go by really fast!
6. What do you do on pday? Fish, eat subway, volleyball, lift weights, jumbo around the island, think about subway, email, take majestic pix with Hix, and that's about it haha
7. How good are you at volleyball now? I only say I'm the best, cuz that's what everyone says... 
8. Humility..? Absolutely, I'm awesome because Heavenly Father made me awesome. 
9. What's the first thing you wanna do when you get home? Chipotle, drive a car and go to the movies. And see your sweet face
10. Is it hard being a missionary? Soooo hard. It has more ups than downs but the downs still exist. You just can't dwell there! It's a test of everything. Knowledge of the gospel when people ask me questions, patience with non progressing investigators, diligence in my studies, not being anxious 24/7, hope that everything is going well at home with you guys. The list goes on....
11. What are the blessings? Increased faith and knowledge that this is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth, deep patience and understanding of God's time, a huge sense of accomplishment, learning a completely unknown language, getting to know people and Elders from all over the world, the fact that this 2 years prepares me for anything and everything I will do in life, the time I have to get ripped.. And mostly just to help others begin to feel the love of their Heavenly Father and begin to feel the happiness I feel from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's a good time!
12. I will take you to Chipotle whenever you want when you get home? Ok I'm down with that
13. I love you. Okay mom that's not really a question but I love you too!!! You are the best thing in the world! I'm glad I'm your little boy!

Okay I'm out of questions but hopefully you enjoyed the question answer sesh haha everything is good here. No signs of slowing down just speeding up! Love you so much and in just a couple months I get to come home and give you the biggest hugs and kisses ever :) I know you miss those ;) love you mommy I will talk to you next week! Take care!

Elder Ingalls 

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