Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I seriously love these people 4-27-2014

What's up? Miss you a ton! This week was wonderful for me. 4 of my investigators got baptized and received the Holy Ghost! They all are going to receive the priesthood in the next week or two!! So excited for them! They are my boys!! It's so fun being in an area where the hard work pays off. People here are really prepared and all I have to do is work! Hix and I got a third companion yesterday. He came straight for the MTC here so he's super young in the mission. He's name is Elder Utai. He is from Samoa. He has good English though. Hix just got done training but I'm making them work together for a couple of days this week and I'm gonna do some splits with YSA guys to try and do some finding. It's difficult but it will be good for all of us. So yeah Utai will work with us until his actual trainer can come in from the outer island he's at. It could be anywhere from 2-5 weeks! So Hix and I might be the "fathers" of him if it's longer than 2 weeks... I'm making Hix stretch and work with him more and I get to rest! haha just kidding I'm going hard to find less actives and new investigators for those guys to teach. President called me to be the district leader of Ebeye district so that's cool. More work haha but I'm happy to help everyone here. 

This week was kinda slow but it was awesome to have those baptisms. I still am in shock on how prepared they were and how they all happened pretty fast. We have about 3-4 coming up in the next 2-3 weeks. I'm excited and the branch is really picking up the fire. Everyone is doing great. I really wanna be here for the rest of my mission -this is my favorite area. Jenrok officially took second place... Haha who knows I wonder what I will say in a month/ Each new area seems special to e in a diferent way... Still I like this place and love my two companions. They are legit and it's so fun working with 2 other guys. I can't believe it's almost May. Everyone out here is gonna celebrate my half birthday as my real one because they wanna give me a party. I seriously love these people and it's gonna be so hard leaving these people. They are the nicest people in the world. I'm nervous to go home to rude people or unfriendly people! I literally could walk into any house on the island and I could eat with them, even if they are a different religion. There is just such respect for us missionaries. Love this place. 

How's everyone doing back home? How are my cars? Brothers? Sister? Mom and dad? Cousins? Grandparents? Uncles and aunts? Everyone! Lemme know! And have any of them email me if they want! Also be looking into when you wanna skype me on Mother's Day. I can make any time and I will just be using a members iPad so it can be whenever. I was thinking 6 or 7 your time in the evening so like 12 or so for me. I wanna see everyone there so everyone has to be close by and know about times! Can't believe that it's just a couple of weeks away! Way excited to see all you guys! Hopefully the boyz will be somewhat close by where I could see them! [Only Tanner is in town right now - Sorry Dallin!] Next time we Skype I will have have like 3 weeks left! TRUNKY!!!!! Haha just kidding they don't call me a workaholic for nothing! The hard work pays!

That's sweet that Tanner can work back with RBC. He's got a nice gig going. I wanna make a ton of money before I go to school. We'll see what happens. So you don't know when Conner and Logan are going to come home or what? And I can't believe Conner is jumboing around so much that's cool. Is he by himself or what? And where is he going to live? I email him and he gets me back every once and awhile. Haven't heard from Macey..... That crazy girl haha doesn't even have time for the real boys in her life! Hope to be able to Skype her I miss that little baby girl. And as for the lifting, I'm working on the spiritual and the physical. And trust me my spiritual strength and fitness is way better than my physical. Get ripped! Hope your ready for me to work you to death when I get home!!

Anyways, I got your Easter package you sent to Ebeye!! I got it in 7 days after it was sent! That was way fast!! Thanks for the candy and the letter! That food you sent me saved us for this week cause we ran out of money! Haha and also the money you gave me, my card didn't work at the ATM so I'm gonna have a member take it to Kwajalein and try there. Hopefully the machine accepts it. If not, I'll get it when I go to Majuro again! No worries! So yeah the packages get here way fast because of the military base!!

It's cool working with a new guy again. It's crazy to think that I was once like them and didn't understand when people would ask me how old I was... Haha I feel like I've always known this language.. It's cool and I'm sure Tanner and Logan think the same thing with their languages. I can't wait to go home and be able to know a secret language and be able to text my mission buds in it! And google can't even translate it! But anyways, yeah I never realized how hard it is to learn a language but after 15 months I can just remember the new words that people teach me! It's nice

Letter to the frans: sup guys it's me elder Ingalls. It's been a year and a couple months... Time goes so fast... I'm gonna be back soon and I hope all you guys are doing well and don't miss me too much! These islands are amazing and are changing my life. It will be a miracle if I manage to not die when I return to that frozen wasteland we all call home... But for real you guys are all in my prayers. Keep being awesome and remember, the wild thing will return. Deuces

Well love, I don't really have much more to say other than I'm so pumped to Skype you here in a few weeks on Mother's Day! You are the best mom ever! Can't wait to see you all and tell you all my stories! I love you to death and know what I am doing is blessing our family so much! Talk to you later babe and remember I'll be right back!

Elder Ingalls 
PS I loveeeeee you

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