Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Love you Bubu (Letter to Grandma) 4-8-14

Grandma!! (Bubu!!) 

Haha that's how you say it in Marshallese! Pretty neat! Does Grandpa still go out to eat at that one place by the Salvation Army thrift store?? [No because it closed down] That place was good! I forgot what it's called! I think if I ate a big breakfast right now I would get sick! I usually just have oatmeal and a mango or something! And how was the car show?? I loveeee cars old and new and always loved going to those car shows!! I can't wait to be able to go to the back to the fifties one when I get home!!

It's so crazy that there is snow there still! I can't really even imagine what that would be like to be honest. I grew up my whole life with it then I miss a winter and forget it all! Haha just think after summer I'm gonna be home! I told you all that I would be right back!! Didn't I?! Haha it goes by fast!

I love working out here in my tiny island of Ebeye! The people out here are the nicest people I have ever met in my life! I wish I could end my mission here! I would absolutely love that. We have been here for just over two weeks and already have 7 baptisms planned out... I can't believe how prepared these people are for the gospel. They are so excited to get baptized and I am just so excited for them that they are so happy. This gospel is amazing. No other church can provide that kind of lasting happiness. This has got to be the true church on the earth today.

I emailed my mom my mailing address. Mail gets here faster because of the military base. I forget it so just ask her! Sorry I'm slow... Haha

This place is so fun! I hope to be able to come out here again someday!! Maybe bring some family and show them everything! I love these islands. I know that this was my plan all along to be here as a missionary. These people were made for me and I was made for them. There is no way that I'm just here randomly. It's from a true prophet. 

No don't you worry about me going hungry I can basically get Subway and Burger King whenever I want! Haha they are American prices too which is just dirt cheap! A dollar menu?? I forgot that that even existed! Haha I'm mind blown when I realized you can buy a burger for a dollar.... Just one dollar.......,. Wow. This place is special! Well I gotta bounce! Sorry I couldn't email longer! Hopefully you can read what I wrote to Mom and Dad. I wrote good stuff in all your emails so check them out if you can! I love you so much and can't wait to have your cookies and food and just be around you in just a few more months! Love you Bubu and Jima (grandpa) and everyone else!!! Talk to you soon! 

Love, Elder Eagle

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