Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I love you a million sharks - 9-4-2014 (Lae)

Mom!!!                    (Unedited)
how are we doing? I am getting to email just for a little while today
because it was sunny but now its cloudy and the internet is going to
shut off so I'm writing this is a word document that hopefully i will be
able to copy and paste  with you and you read it. life is going great
about the work out here. It's weird to think about going home some day
but it'll come fast.. I dont really know if i am ready to go home
yet!! I still have so much i would like to get done and accomplish. its
difficult on this little island tht doent have too many people. its
hard to teach anyone out here because they are all so busy making
coconuts for the boat that is hopefully coming soon... idk how that
will work out. i know alot of people are getting on the boat to go to
ebeye andsome people are gettingoff to come here. we will see what
happens. we are really struggling for food out here!! no boats have
came for the last 9 weeks so everyone here is basically out of food
and living solely on the stuff we can get here... fish and ma and a
little bit of rice... so yeah that boat should be coming here in the
next couple of days... its been so delayed because there wasnt any
funding for it to come out here from the government... aha if you
think our government is useless there... youhave no idea until you come
here!!! but its all good no worries. heavenly father wont let hard
working missionaries go hungry! (...or too hungry...) hahaha we are
really cared for out here by the people. they love us so much. still crazy
how when we had a fireside a couple days ago they talked about fasting
and fast offerings for "the people that are poor and dont have food...
like people in africa..." I couldnt believe how much these people
are suffering but they still dont consider themselves poor or in need
of serious help... unreal. [I can see that he is being humbled a lot and
that his mission is really helping him to see his life in a different
perspective! MOM]

im still working hard with these people alot with just strengthening
the members and working with the less actives.. there arent too many
people who havent sided with religions so its difficult to find
investigators and such... thats the thing tho the missionary work is
way different out here... we dont just go from lessons to lessons and
just teach all day. we serve and build and strengthen all people out
here and if we are blessed to have the opportunity to teach them, of
course we do. its cool speaking only marshallese here.. so my english\
is going be a little rusty if im here for the next 3 months then go straight
 home. i think my engish sounds worse on a computer because
im slowly forgetting how to use this thing, i easy mix things up.
my speaking of english is better so dont worry... haha hopefully
you guys dont speak too fast for me that would be a pain... haha
i havent even heard fluent english for like 2 months now... i couldnt
imagine going a solid two years like that... see tanner and logan
probably spoke there language, but also had companions that
may have known english o just some people in general living where
they were taht they could communication with... me.... no
one.... hahah

so right now i am writing this in the dark... its pouring rain out
right now and the ceiling in this little shack is leaking... haha
luckily i have a flash light so i can see the keyboard and a little of
whats going on. haha this room is tiny... not even three people can
sit in here!! haha i took pictures of it so you will see it soon. its
cool typing on a laptop! this one kinda stinks but its all good i dont
mind... at least i will get to tell you a little of what i am doing! i
still am writing letters to you guys on pdays trying to explain the
cool things that i have done out here! im keeping my journal pretty
nicely managed so you will be able to get some stuff out of that... the
free time i have out here is incredible. since the people are so busy
working, we are able to work with them which we usually do
then we chill and read and write and just komaate iien... haha its
good i am getting some serious reading done and making up for wasted
study time... i also am writing essays just for fun... on all sorts of
topics on my mission and anything else that comes to mind.. its going
pretty well and its pretty fun to reflect on things... who knows maybe
i would be able to use some of them in some classes i take some day or
in a talk or just to have general knowledge and practice... the shark
fishing has been awesome!!! i wish the internet here was better so i
could send you guys some pictures and some stuff... but i guess you
guys will see them all in a couple months!!

lets see... what else... basic knowledge.. the island is tiny!!!!!!!
the other side of heaven book which i read in a day... groberg
explains that his "tiny" island was like 14 miles but 3 miles or
something and it had a mountain.... LOL to him... my island is maybe a
mile across the lagoon with like 10 islands on the edges and nothing in
the middle... the islands are long and skinny... maybe about 2-3
football fields and the widest part... i can get from one end to the
other in maybe 25 minutes walking... marshallese speed which is as
slow as humanly possible while still getting some where... there are
probably close to 200 people on the island... i dont know everyone
yet... but everyone here has known me since day one... its hard to not
be shy or intimidated... haha!! there are an average of 65ish members
attending church and maybe half or them are kids.. its all good though
i absolutely love the kids here they are like my best friends! so awesome
and innocent and just dont know much about the world.everything is
going well here. i talked to the assistants and my release date has been
moved along with my whole intake to the 17th of december so start
making the party plans because ill be home for Christmas!

well until next time... i love you a million sharks. take care and see
you soon!!
elder ingalls

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