Wednesday, October 22, 2014

We eat shark and ramens - 9-12-2014 (Lae)

hey mom!!                 (Unedited)
sounds like you guys are pretty close to me right now in the hawaii!!
thats so cool hopefully you guys are getting a good glimpse of the
island life!! haha hawaii is nothing like this right now here in the
marshalll islands.. its a pretty humbling experience and i know we are
blessing for it. this week has been awesome. i thought you would write
a little bit more to my email but you dont so i dont have much to say
other that to let you know that i am alive and doing well and love the
islands here. crazy to think that i just got like 3 months left and
then im done... kinda ready some days and not ready on alot of days.

news: we are catching alot of sharks and we eat shark and ramens for
alot of meals... a boat came with food so we should be set for food
for awhile... well that is, we shouldnt be starving for awhile... i
know how much you hate this word so you will know how serious i am when
i use it haha pretty good the culture here. i was annoyed when one
meeting that should have taken 20 minutes took 2 and a half hours... i
ask our president why and he said why rush things? do you have
something else you need to do? pretty true cause i didnt... i really
do get an incredible amount of reading and thinking time... sometimes
too much... its a completely different kidna of work than on majuro or
ebeye... this missionary work is really fun but its is really
stressful too because you want people to work harder than they do or
just do anything at all!!! haha its gonna be hard for me to not gain
50 pounds when i get home.. i drank a soda and had some chocolate from
the ship... and idk if i could physically stop myself... haha [I knew that when
Dallin decided to go on a mission that the spiritual side would not be a
challenge for him, but that he would need to learn patience. He is very driven
and works hard for the things that he wants, but there are some things you
just don't get just because you want it bad enough and work hard enough
for it. It's called the Lord's timetable and that is something that only move
 the way He wants it too and we just need to be willing to wait! Dallin is
learning to wait for the things he prays for and to wait for answers to his
prayers. I am excited to see this new Dallin when he comes home! MOM]

catching alot of sharks here... learning tons and tons about the
gospel!!! life is good. i will talk to you later when when the sun is
out!! i hope to see you in a couple of months looking well!!! hopefully
not too stick and bones like... haha i really wanna know if my accent
is there and if i sound funny... haha i havent really spoke english in
weeks so idk.... love you babe write me a longer email next time
telling me whats up

elder ingalls ej yokwe eok

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