Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I am keeping a stellar journal - 8-22-2014 (Lae)

yokwe mommy im back in business!! you woud not believe how extremely
difficult it is to email out here... the laptop is always broken
according to the guy thatr uns the little shack that i am and does
the email. so yeah life is good. you wouldnt believe how my english is
sounds... like i think i sound fine but the thing is i get mix up what
language to speak so itjust makes me look like i have no idea what i
am talking about haha but yeah the island here is amazing and i am
learning so much and i cant believe tht i have basically been here for
a one month now!! just like 4 more months to go. i think that i will
be coming home in december i havent heard anything yeet, but at 90
days is when i get my flight plans and that is the craziest thing in
world. so yeah i have caught 5 sharks so far!! none of them are too
big except for one that was over 6 feet long!!! it was so hard trying
to pull taht thing in shore!!! it was like the middle of the night
when we caught it!!

so yeah with not alot of work out here i get a crazy amount of time for reading
... like i am basically finished with the old testament, pounding
through some church manuals and reading a psychology textbook taht i
found in the house!! its been pretty awesome and i have really enjoy
all the time i am getting to do that. there is a ship coming that is
gonna pick up coconuts to make coconut oil and its difficult because
literally everyone on the island is spending there time doing that.
and the diet... basically straight fish and rice and kool aid packings
that you sent to me!! thank you so much for those!!! there are worth
more than gold here!!! i also learned how to make tortillas!!! my
companion doesn't talk much... its difficult because of
the language barrier... again i am so thankful for my experience here it
is really teach me alot of love and patience for these people haha
especially now that im here they think i can do all their callings and
teach all there classes... so it is a good learning opportunity for me
and they are all growing because of it. we have a few investigators
but they are all busy doing the coconut right now so we aren't really
getting anywhere.

im collecting a ton of shells and crafts for you guys!!! there is not
such thing as the nativity in marshallese... sorry... idk what to tell
you aobut that.. maybe i can draw faces witha  sharpie on some shells
or something for you...

i got only a couple months left to just get lost!!! i hope you let me
go grocery shopping when i get home and i can buy the food i would
want to eat. i dont mind fish and i would actually like to eat it, but
i never want rice to eat.... hahaha ever again. well, except in
chipotle :)

i am keeping a stellar journal for you and writing you a letter every
pday that i might be able to mail home, but most likely i will just
bring it home... so yeah... ummm i love out here. im safe. my healthy
body is slowing leaving me  because i have no food to eat... but i
still work out like crazy to fight it!!! enjoy life, enjoy good food,
enjoy cold, enjoy cars, enjoy those stinking jetskis you bought AFTER
I LEAVE!!! its okay, you can buy the boat when i get hom :) love you
so much. take care

love elder ingalls the 4/5

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