Monday, August 18, 2014

im alive

[First email from the small island of Lae. I left it just the way he sent it to me! MOM]

im alive here on lae atoll!! took me forever to get to email!!
i will probably be able to email to you every other
week or so.. just like a paragraph or soo.. sorry i dont really have
that much time to email. i am writing you a lettter every week psaying
all the stuff that i have done. idk when i will be able to send it to
you but youll have a good idea of what i have ben doing here...

so yeah lae atoll is the coolest place in world. it remind me alot of
manypoint camp to be honest!! we live right on the beach. we fish for
our food everyday. the money dad give me really helps i bought alot of
canned meat and such with it. its hard life out here. my companion is
a kiribati elder so he knows how to live like this and really helps me
out. he doesnt know english so i speak with him marshallese only...
its crazy i really havent spoken english at all out here.. if im here
my whole rest of the mission... my english is going to be so bad....
seriously... i spek maybe 95% marshallese all day... and the only
english i hear is some music a member has!! haha

everything is apwesome out here. sorry i am in a huge rush because idk
when the internet is gonna stop working!! haha it took me like 20
minutes to just get to this page!! i hope it sends.

on my way here i flew to kwajalein, then wotho, then ujae and saw the
elders there!! then flew to lae!! it has been legit!! learning alot.
its hard being completely surounded by marshallese people 24/7 but its
good. i have learning alot. im glad to be an eagle scout and use a
little bit of what i learned with that here... i never thought the
knots, of the sailing, or the stuff like that would ever come in handy
but it has.

im happy to be a missionary. i love it here. i have so much time to
read and chat with people. my marshallese is getting preptty good!!
some people here say they want me to translate for conference beause i
sound pretty good with my accent... haha so i guess that is a

i hope everyone is doing alright at home!!! not talking to you guys
sucks... it was a pain having to email every week but now that i
cant... boy do i miss you guys... okay i gotta go. i love you a ton.
you take are and be sure to email back!!! talk to you when i can!!

love your son elder ingalls

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