Monday, August 18, 2014

I wanna be like you if I ever grow up. 7-25-2014

[This is Dad's handwritten letter sent with mine! MOM]

What’s Gucci?  I thought I would write you a smaller letter and say Yokwe!  I’m going to Lae!  I told Mom everything so read hers!  I hope life is going well as you are happy and looking good as ever!  Are you ready for Hawaii?!  Hope you are ready for the program I’m gonna put you on!  I’m jealous I can’t go with you guys, but I will be there soon as I’m coming home.  According to the transfer it looks like I will be going home before Christmas!  That will be a good present for Mom!  I think the whole fam will be together for the first time.  That will be awesome.  I think that will be a sweet time!
I can’t tell you how excited I am about missionary work right now.  I don’t want it to end.  I wish I had this effect my whole mission.  I took time to get to where I am now.  I wanna share a little about faith with you that President Hamula (Area President) talked with us about.  I enjoyed it and thought that you would like to hear about it.  So first we need to hear a truth from some sort of person who has heard or seen and that gives us a hope for those things and if we have that hope we can act and as/if that thing is true, we will receive that confirming witness.  It’s kind of like a light switch.  We were taught that it will turn on a light.  And we have had cycles and cycles of hope, action, and the confirming witness of that light turning on.  As we continue in that cycle, hope turns to assurance, and that assurance turns in to certainty.  We all are at certainty with the light switches (assuming you’re in a place with electricity!)  It’s so cool that we can do this test for anything.  Insert something false and we will never get that confirming witness, especially with disobedience.  I absolutely loved that training!  Hopefully, you understood and that all made sense.  Hamula said the difference between us and the prophets is that they have had that confirming witness so much to create certainty.  They’ve just cycled around that chart more than us.

I love working hard.  I like getting people to work hard and see their potential.  I wish I could have had such a confirming witness earlier in my mission.  I love being a missionary.  I wish I could do this stuff forever, but may not all the rules! J  I wouldn’t mind swimming and sleeping in!  But, yeah, I have an unusual drive for obedience and hard work right now.  I know that this spark will be what Lae needs for right now. (Sorry for my bad handwriting.)  I’m just pumped and wanna write my thoughts all out before I forget them.  Life is going!  I’m amped for that last five months.  Pulli jerbal then celly Christmas.  Such a blessing that we can all be together.  This Gospel is power and strength.  Keep being awesome.  I’m going to absolutely miss the talks and emails we have shared.  I have loved that experience with you and can’t wait to have those discussions all the time.  Especially the fact that I know some stuff now!  Especially after my outer island, I’m gonna be a wiz at the scriptures.  That’s what all elders say and definitely what President said!  A LOT of reading!  Gonna get all those manuals down!  I love being smart and just knowing a lot of facts.  It’ll be fun studying together and learning together.  I’m really excited to read the scriptures with you guys and actually care about it!  Hope you guys are still going hard.

Anyways, I hope work is well with you and you’re happy.  I hope your trip is absolutely everything you want it to be.  Do every righteous thing us kids want you to and you’ll find so much happiness as we continue to follow you.  You are my absolute role model and I still wanna be like you if I ever grow up. J  You are the man, Richard!  Love that you are my father and that you are so strong.  Strong enough for us kids, especially me, to lean on you.  I love how you pump me up to work and to be better.  I enjoyed writing this letter and I loved my experience writing with you.  You are a great man, Richard!  Your giving me answers and advice has been great!  Thanks!  Love you!
Love, Elder Ingalls 4.0
P.S.  Five months to ping pong!

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